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These are not questions parents like to ask themselves.  They are not things we as parents want to think about. They fill us with a fear and dread so overwhelming, we find it hard to breathe. Unfortunately, these are questions we NEED to ask.  By asking ourselves these simple questions, we can make the difference in a missing child’s life.




A child goes missing every 40 seconds, over 2,100 per day…

In excess of 800,000 children are reported missing each year…

Another 500,000 go missing without ever being reported…

Of those children reported missing, over 350,000 are the victims of parental abduction…


As a mother, I know that if one of my sons went missing, I would hope that other parents would stand united with me in an effort to bring my son home. I tell myself, if I hope others would do this for me, I NEED to do this for others. It is time that society took a stand and work together to bring our missing children home. Before you ask yourself, what can I do – ask yourself – WHAT WOULD I HOPE OTHERS WOULD DO? You will find your answer, what you would hope others would do – is what you CAN do.  Please join us at Lighting Their Way Home to help parents who have lost a child in a effort to bring them home.


Lighting Their Way Home’s major objective is to raise awareness. We want as many people as possible to look at these children’s faces, and remember their stories. DON’T ALLOW THEM TO BE FORGOTTEN. All it takes is one person in the right place, at the right time, armed with the right INFORMATION to save a child’s life. We can help arm you with the right information. We are not asking you for money, we are only asking you to take a little time to read the information on these cases, and to PASS IT ON. That is all.


Lighting Their Way Home is an organization dedicated to giving a voice to children who would otherwise go unheard.  All too often our children become victims, and our children do not have the ability to speak out against their attackers and demand justice be served.  We are the voice of these children.

Our organization was formed by a group of ladies that were outraged at the amount of children that are hurt and/or disappear everyday and are never found or never have justice served.  We have had enough of society accepting excuses from neglectful parents.  We have had enough of people forgetting these missing children as soon as a new sensational case comes up, no child should be forgotten.  We have had enough of children being allowed to remain in situations which are dangerous.  We think it is time to defend these children and say loudly for all to hear ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  Please join us in our fight for and on behalf of these children.

Our organization has many campaigns to help shed more light on these children.  We would also like to raise awareness about systems such as AMBER ALERTS, safe surrender programs, search and rescue volunteer organizations etc.  We want to get information out there for all to see so that there can be a better understanding of what can and needs to be done when these tragic situations occur.  Many people often ask themselves, what can I do?  The answer is plenty.  Whether it be joining an email campaign asking a search and rescue organization to become involved in a case, to actually volunteering to help search for a missing child, or simply by turning your porch light on at night to light a child’s way home.  No effort is too small, and this is where the difference is made. 

We also provide an open forum to discuss hot topics that our close to our hearts such as safe surrender.  We want to hear your opinions and your suggestions on how we can work to make a difference so that less and less children have to suffer horrible fates.  If there is a topic that we have not created a post for, please email us.  We want to hear from you.

We will be continuously covering cases of children that have gone missing or have been victimized.  Our organization intends to follow these cases through until the bitter end, doing all that we can do to help these children. We will promote email campaigns where we email search and rescue groups, news stations etc. asking them to get involved and raise the awareness of this child’s plight.  We will promote our flier campaigns and provide all of our members with the necessary information and links if they would like to participate.  We will also be discussing how these cases affect us.  We are all human, and this is not only an organization that will make a difference, but it is an organization that allows people from all over the world to connect and share a common goal.  If you have a case of a missing or victimized child that you would like us to work on, please email us with all of the details and information regarding the case and we will open a file for it.  We will do whatever we can and whatever it takes to find these children.

Our largest campaign by far is our ‘Lights For…’ campaign.  This campaign is one that will be used for every missing child case.  Whenever we have an open missing child case, we will ask that everyone join us in our ‘Lights For…’ campaign by turning on their porch lights or lighting a candle in their window from 7:30PM until midnight each evening to help light the child’s way home.  The more lights that are on and the more candles that are lit, the brighter the path there is to follow for that child and the more awareness we are bringing to the situation.  It is something simple that EVERYONE can do for EVERY CHILD.  ‘Lights For..’ is a small gesture, that will make a big difference, so please, turn on your porch light and burn your candles.  Let’s make sure we keep these children in the light and let’s bring them home.