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Michael Dunahee KTHA 2014

Caitlin, Crystal and Bruce Dunahee

Caitlin, Crystal and Bruce Dunahee

It has been 23 years since Michael Wayne Dunahee disappeared from the Blanshard Elementary Playground in Victoria, BC, and there is still hope that Michael will one day be found, and brought home to the family that has spent every day of the last 23 years searching for their son.  Michael’s memory and legacy still remain very much alive, and his story is helping others who find themselves in similar situations.  Crystal Dunahee, with the support of her family, husband Bruce, and daughter Caitlin, is currently the president of both Child Find BC and Child Find Canada, working every day in the hopes of preventing another child from being taken like Michael, to prevent another family from being thrown into a nightmare that never seems to end.  The Dunahees have remained very active in their efforts to keep Michael’s case in the spotlight, and every year they hold a fundraiser in Michael’s name to raise funds for Child Find BC.

Michael Dunahee Keep The Hope Alive 1997 T-Shirts designed by a then 6 year old, Caitlin

Michael Dunahee Keep The Hope Alive 1997 T-Shirts designed by a then 6 year old, Caitlin

This year is no different, and the 22nd annual Michael Wayne Dunahee Keep The Hope Alive Event is scheduled for the weekend of March 28th, 2014.  If you can make the event, I urge you take that opportunity.  Take the moment to stop and show support for not only the Dunahees, but for other families across our country that are searching for a child stolen, desperate every day to find answers.

The 22nd Annual Michael Wayne Dunahee Keep The Hope Alive event begins on Friday, March 28, 2014 with the Pre Run Dance.  The Pre Run Dance is an event for those over 18 and will be showcasing the musical talents of two new bands, “Harris Gilmore & The Mojos” and “Consenting Adults”.  The dance will be held at the Archie Browning Arena at 1151 Esquimalt Road.  Tickets are only $10.00 and the show starts at 8:00PM.  Tickets can be (and are recommended to be) purchased in advance at the Donair Shop on 1243 Esquimalt Road on Tuesday from 11:00AM – 7:00PM, and Wednesday to Saturday between 11:00AM and 8:00PM.  Tickets can also be purchased at Victoria Bead Town Designs on 1317 Broad Street on Monday to Saturday between 10:00AM and 5:00PM, and Sunday between 12:00PM and 5:00PM.

Michael Wayne Dunahee

Michael Wayne Dunahee

You may be able to purchase tickets at the doors starting at 8:00PM if the event is not already sold out.

The main event, the Family Fun Run/Walk, will be held on Sunday, March 30th, 2014, starting at 10:00AM from the Esquimalt Rec Centre at 527 Fraser Street.  The route the run will take is wheelchair, stroller and pet friendly, so bring the entire family!

Those supporting and attending the event can register at:


Entry fees are $15.00 for children and $20.00 for adults.  Family and corporate rates are also available.  Online registration closes at midnight on March 28th, 2014.

Included with each registration is a free Keep The Hope Alive T-Shirt or Tank.  Additional shirts can be ordered through the registration process.  T-Shirts for the Family Fun Run can be picked up on Saturday, March 29th, 2014 from 10:00AM to 12:00PM at the Esquimalt Rec Centre.

For more information, you can check out the event posted on FaceBook at:


Michael and Bruce Dunahee

Michael and Bruce Dunahee


Michael Wayne Dunahee - Age Progressed to 26 Years Old

Michael Wayne Dunahee – Age Progressed to 26 Years Old

Michael Wayne Dunahee

Michael Wayne Dunahee

Michael Wayne Dunahee

Date of Birth: May 12, 1986

White Male

Missing: March 24, 1991        From: Victoria, BC.






Michael, Caitlin, Crystal and Bruce Dunahee - The last family photo ever taken with Michael.

Michael, Caitlin, Crystal and Bruce Dunahee – The last family photo ever taken with Michael.

On March 24, 1991, Michael Wayne Dunahee disappeared from a playground in Blanshard Park, Victoria, BC.  His family was visiting the park to attend a flag football game Michael’s Mom, Crystal Dunahee, was playing in.  Michael asked his father, Bruce Dunahee, if he could go play on the playground about 100 meters from the ball field.  Bruce agreed and reminded his son to not wander away from the playground or leave with any other children.  Bruce took Michael’s 16 month old sister, Caitlin, to the ball field.  5 minutes later Bruce checked up on Michael, only to find that his little boy was missing and the playground empty.  The police were called immediately, but after one of the longest and most extensive searches in Canadian history, there was no sign of Michael at all.  Law enforcement received over 11, 000 tips.  A reward of $100,000.00 was offered for any information leading to the recovery of Michael.

Caitlin, Crystal and Bruce Dunahee

Caitlin, Crystal and Bruce Dunahee

Authorities quickly ruled out Michael’s family as suspects in the little boy’s disappearance.  As the days passed without any sign of Michael, his family was faced with the reality that this beautiful little boy may never come home.  However, through the nightmare, they refused to give up on the hope that Michael one day may be found, with a powerful reminder in their home where Michael’s room remains the same, and piled with wrapped Christmas and birthday presents, ready for him to come home.

Michael and Bruce Dunahee

Michael and Bruce Dunahee

In 2006, several news stations broke the story of a young man, living in the interior of BC, who looked like the age enhancement photos done of Michael, breathing new life into Michael’s case and again putting it in the spotlight.  The young man was the same age that Michael would be and was first brought to BC in 1991.  Hope was renewed, but not for long.  DNA testing was done on the young man, determining that he was not Michael Dunahee.

Michael Wayne Dunahee

Michael Wayne Dunahee

Michael’s disappearance was surrounded by theory and speculation, all of which was unfounded.  The most sensitive theory which turned up, was the theory that Michael was abducted by a satanic cult.  There were groups of people that stated it was no coincedence that Michael was abducted when he was, on Palm Sunday, 7 days before Easter, and 7 streets away from Easter Street, and stating that Victoria was the satanic capital of the world.

Michelle Remembers

Michelle Remembers

Only adding to this ridiculous theory, was the connection these groups then tried to make to Michelle Smith.  Lawrence Pazdor had published a book in 1980, called “Michelle Remembers”, a story about Michelle Smith, his wife, who had claimed to have been given to a satanic cult in Victoria by her mother, as a personal sacrafice to be ritualized for years and prepared for the “Feast of the Beast”.  “Feast of the Beast” is a ritual in satanic cults which occurs every 28 years.  During this time the cult will groom a virgin bride to be offered to satan on the day of the ceremony.  Michelle claimed that she was kept in a dirt cage and tortured for years before the cult gave her back to her mother and told her mother to come back when she could offer a dutiful son.  While there are some that do believe this to be a real life story, it has been proven to be a work of fiction.  Many ‘facts’ within the book have been proven to be untrue and even impossible, and many more remain highly questionable.

Michael and Caitlin Dunahee

Michael and Caitlin Dunahee

The book is nothing more than a good read, and does not have any influence in the disappearance of Michael.  When a child vanishes with no evidence as in Michael’s case, there are groups that feel the need to find a more sensational reason behind an abduction. The links between Michael’s abductions and satanic cults are just not factually proven to be there. I know it is hard to accept that someone can steal a child away from their loving family so easily and so quickly, but this does happen. There are very sick and disturbed people in the world we live in that do harm children every day. For Michael, we need to be sure that no lead is goes uninvestigated, but it is also the RCMP’s job to be sure that no time is wasted on leads that are based on nothing more than speculation.

Crystal and Bruce Dunahee

Crystal and Bruce Dunahee

When a case becomes as well known as Michael’s has become, people are desperate to see it end well, which can often lead to a great number of ‘sightings’ of a young man they are hoping is Michael.  Common sense can be pushed aside and even the craziest ideas can begin to look valid.

When a young man dubbed as ‘Forest Boy’ showed up in Germany claiming to have spent the last 5 years completely out of touch with civilization, many people began to believe the boy was Michael Dunahee.  With the details of his past completely unclear in the beginning of his case, it was easy for people to tie Michael and he together.

'Forest Boy' - Robin Van Helsum

‘Forest Boy’ – Robin Van Helsum

The boy, first known only as ‘Ray’, appeared on the steps of the Berlin City Hall in Germany claiming that he had lived in the wilderness for 5 years with his father, Ryan, after his mother, Doreen, passed away in a car accident.  ‘Ray’ claimed that his father had passed away unexpectedly and he had buried his father in the forest before following instructions to head north using a compass and a map.  The young man claimed that it had taken him a week to get to Berlin.  ‘Ray’ was very evasive about details of his past, and he baffled law enforcement when he refused to allow his photo to be circulated in media outlets in hopes of finding any remaining family of the boys.  ‘Ray’ actually made statements that he had no interest in finding any family.

Michael, Crystal and Bruce Dunahee

Michael, Crystal and Bruce Dunahee

The more law enforcement investigated ‘Ray’s’ story, the more they began to believe that the entire thing was a hoax.  When police searched for records of Doreen’s death, they found no female by the name of Doreen having passed away in the last 11 years in a car accident.  ‘Ray’ claimed not to remember details from his past, however when assessed by medical doctors, they found no sign of amnesia, or physical or emotional trauma.  The doctors did however find that ‘Ray’ was in perfect health.  ‘Ray’ was intelligent and coherent, clean, well dressed, well spoken, and calm.  This is the biggest red flag of all for me.  A child living in the wilderness with no contact with civilization surely would have at least one cavity or display some symptoms of a lifestyle conducive of living in the wilderness for 5 years, yet ‘Ray’ had none of these.  Police attempted to locate the grave in which ‘Ray’ claimed to have buried his father, but found absolutely no signs of any grave.

Michael, Crystal and Bruce Dunahee

Michael, Crystal and Bruce Dunahee

When investigators examined the tent and other supplies ‘Ray’ was carrying with him, they were quickly able to determine that nothing showed the signs of 5 years worth of wear and tear.  In fact, the tent and supplies appeared to be fairly new.  It did not take much time to identify ‘Ray’, who was actually Dutch boy, Robin Van Helsum, who had disappeared a mere 5 days from Gornau, Germany, before showing up in Berlin.  Those who knew Robin have stated that he left his home due to ‘personal problems’ and to ‘start a new life’.  Robin’s stepmother was able to identify him and dispute every single thing that Robin had claimed.  Authorities had stated that Robin may face a substantial legal bill for all of the hours police wasted investigating his claims.  This tale was nothing more than a hoax, and has absolutely nothing to do with Michael’s disappearance.

Michael and Caitlin Dunahee

Michael and Caitlin Dunahee

In early 2009, another lead again renewed the investigation into Michael’s disappearance.  Police were called to the Milwaukee home of Vernon Seitz, to do a welfare check after a concerned citizen called stating that he had not been to work at his barber shop in weeks.  It was later reported that the last day in which Seitz was seen, he had actually confided to his psychiatrist, Victoria Fetter, that he had killed two children over 40 years ago.

Caitlin, Crystal and Bruce Dunahee

Caitlin, Crystal and Bruce Dunahee

He said he had been kidnapped himself from a zoo on June 19, 1959, and was then forced to kill a 14 year old boy while his abductors killed another 13 year old boy in front of him.  However, no such crimes were ever reported by Seitz or his family, and no children were missing in the area at that time who fit Seitz`s description.  Seitz had confessed to the murders to his therapist while on his death bed.  Authorities were granted a search warrant and headed to Seitz’s home.  When they arrived, they found that Seitz had passed away from a coronary condition in his home in his bed.  What they found all throughout Seitz`s apartment was horrifying.  His home was filled with countless drawings, VHS tapes and paintings of little boys, either naked or being sexually tortured or both.  Amongst all this, and even more horrifying, were the numerous maps they found of desolated areas and parks.  There was a road map of Illinois with 2 locations circled.

Michael Wayne Dunahee

Michael Wayne Dunahee

They also came across 2 children’s shoes, one being a size of 2 ½, another being a size 3 ½, both containing DNA.  They found books on cannibalism, a small round bone with the marrow sucked out, brown, blonde and black patches of human hair, rings and necklaces, bondage straps and chains hanging from the rafters of the home, handcuffs, a box full of negatives and a .38 caliber gun.  There were newspaper clippings of missing children, and they even found photos and posters of missing children.

There was one child in which Seitz seemed particularly obsessed with, 11 year old Jacob Wetterling.  Authorities found video footage of Jacob before he went missing, maps of Jacob’s hometown, and many posters and laminated photos of Jacob.  They also discovered a map of Millstream Park, which was near the spot where Jacob was abducted.

Jacob Wetterling

Jacob Wetterling

Michael Wayne Dunahee

Michael Wayne Dunahee

Jacob was with his brother Trevor, and friend, Aaron, riding their bikes to a local video store at 9:00 PM on October 12, 1989.  On the way back home, a masked man suddenly emerged from the wooded area with a gun and forced all of the boys to the ground.  He then told Trevor to run and not look back, and then told Aaron to do the same.  Aaron did look back however in time to see the man dragging Jacob into the woods.  Jacob was never seen or heard from again.  During the search for Jacob, his mother met a man offering to help in the search for her son.  This man was Vernon Seitz.  Seitz told Jacob’s mother that he was a psychic who was also abducted as a child and who offered families of missing children his services.  Jacob’s mom declined the help, but records show that Seitz remained in the area for 2 weeks after this encounter.

Michael Wayne Dunahee

Michael Wayne Dunahee

Another child whose information and laminated photos were discovered was Michael Dunahee.  With everything that was found in Seitz’s home, it sure points to a disturbed, evil, monster that was preying on children for years without ever being noticed.  Michael’s mother, Crystal, has stated that the name Vernon Seitz is familiar with her, but cannot say if he ever contacted the Dunahee family.  Did Seitz abduct and murder Michael, we may never know.  With Seitz being deceased, all the questions that are furthered raised regarding his involvement with Michael’s disappearance will remain unanswered.

Michael’s case is one that is known throughout the world.  This little boy drew in millions of people, hoping and praying for his safe return.  For years Michael’s case remained in the spotlight all over the media.  When a child goes missing, garnering the attention that they deserve can at times be difficult thing to do.  The families of these children advocate as best as they can to have their children’s case reach as many people as possible.

Crystal and Bruce Dunahee

Crystal and Bruce Dunahee

Crystal and Bruce Dunahee were no exception to this rule.  From the very began they have fought to bring attention to Michael’s disappearance, effectively gaining the attention they so needed, and 23 years later they remain devoted to not only finding their son, but helping other families who are living the same nightmare as they are.  They have built a legacy for Michael that is unquestionably a powerful movement in bringing attention to missing child cases, and a legacy which keeps Michael’s memory very much alive each and every day.

Crystal Dunahee

Crystal Dunahee

Crystal went on to serve as the president of Child Find British Columbia, and publicly supported and promoted the Amber Alert program being introduced into Canada.  To date, the community from which Michael disappeared, hosts an annual event called the “Michael Dunahee Keep The Hope Alive Fund Run” to raise money for Child Find.

We may never know what happened to Michael Dunahee that March day in 1991.  What we do know, however, is that we will never give up on the hope that Michael will one day be found safe and reunited with his family.

Michael, Caitlin and Bruce Dunahee

Michael, Caitlin and Bruce Dunahee

Until that day comes, the Dunahee family has created many opportunities for citizens to get involved in supporting the programs helping missing children and their families in Michael’s name.  Michael’s light shines on, and the comfort and renewed hope he has brought to so many, is incredible and inspiring, and very telling of just how special this little man is.  The courage and strength with which the Dunahee family have shown over the past 23 years is overwhelming.  Our thoughts are always with the Dunahee family, and I am sure that wherever Michael may be now, he is smiling and so very proud of his family for all they have done in the wake of such a tragedy.

Michael and Caitlin Dunahee

Michael and Caitlin Dunahee


If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Michael Wayne Dunahee, please contact the Victoria Police Department immediately.
L.E.A. – Victoria Police Dept.
Contact – Det. Don Bland
Telephone Number – (250)995-7258


~ by LTWH on September 7, 2008.


  1. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog.

    Tim Ramsey

    • how can you enjoy reading about somebody thats missing! wow! thats soooooo RUDE ! HOW DARE YOU !

    • I have put a pic of Michael on my yearbook lets all do our best to reunite Michael with his family. If you think this is you and can not call the police for help PLEASE look on my yearbook and leave a post or comment. For you and your mom Crystal. Lets all be alert and REUNITE MICHAEL AND HIS FAMILY.

      • The pic bside my comment i did not see it till it was posted i clicked on the purple pic on the left of my first post but my putor will not let me change it.

  2. Thanks Tim – I hope you continue to enjoy our site and if there is any suggestions you have for us, please let us know!!

  3. I remember when this happened. I was living in the apartment building right beside the park. I remember wondering what was going on when the park was blocked off. When I heard what had happened, I wished I had been watching the playground and could help. This is so sad, and I hope this can be laid to rest for the sake of the family. Whether he’s with us or not. I wish the best for the family. I hope someone, someday does the right thing and comes forward with the information required to give some peace to this family and your own guilty concience.

    • awwww really thats crazy 😦 well its alright everything will turn out to be ok dont worry smile:D

      • I realize your comment was 10yrs ago but how can you say everything will be okay? It will never be ok! Even if by some chance (and I truly hope there is) that he’s still alive, the most anyone can hope for is that he was raised by someone who possibly lost a child and suffered a mental break, saw him and saw their own child. I live and grew up on vancouver island, not far from Michael (I’m 2 yrs younger) and my mother admits to this very day, his kidnapping changed her as a parent, and we didnt even know the family. I cant imagine what the dunahees have lived through, and I hope they know how many people locally and far away talk about him, and how we all hope they’ll get the answers they so desperately need and want.

    • This child’s abduction has haunted me for years because my son was the same age and also because my son was a blue eyed , blonde haired little boy. I have always had my eyes peeled for this child whenever I have been camping wih my family or traveling. This case also made me become such a cautious parent even if I was inconvenient to never take my eyes off of my children .I hope and pray that some day Michael’s disappearance is solved .My heart aches for his parents always wondering and worrying aot their son.

  4. I have never forgotten the story of Michael Wayne Dunahee.
    I pray that one day his family may receive closure and peace of mind .

  5. Patricia – I could not agree more, it is never too late for closure.

  6. I cannot believe someone would do this to a 4 year old. Even though it was many, many years ago, I believe he is alive and trying to get home. I will pray for you tonight, Michael. Stay safe. And please come back.

  7. Is there any possibility his disappearance had anything to do with the Reena Virk case? That was possibly related to gangs, and maybe ‘abduction’ was also part of gang initiation. Just a thought.

    • oh wow that would be sooooo soooo sooo crazy !

    • Not a chance. Michael was 4 years old. Reena Virk was bullied, beaten to death, tortured and left for dead.

    • No. Reena virk was killed by her peers. It was not gang related, nor an abduction & happened years later than michaels abduction.

  8. Did the family contact Sylvia Brown?

    • Good god…I hope not. These so-called “psychics” are pure PSYCHO! Total BS cold-readers who prey on grieving families!!!

  9. I think of Michael often … he is the same age as my youngest son Dennison, who also had blue eyes and blonde hair … Michael looked so very similar to my nephew Christopher … and he disappeared from a park my sister always took my nephew Ryan to … who was also 4 years old at the time.

    My eldest son was missing for a year … a family abduction, but it was such a painful ordeal to endure. I do have an idea of the pain and loss the family has endured, but my own loss was resolved within the year … for the Dunahee family … it is a loss that unfortunately has never been resolved. My thoughts remain as always, with the family I have never met … but care so deeply for. Michael is missed … but more importantly, he is remembered … perhaps that is what will return him home, to where he belongs.


  10. Today when I opened my bank statement, I saw the “Child Find’ photo of Michael on the back. I googled his name and read the story of his abduction for the first time.

    I just wanted to say that maybe someday, someone will recognize that face as a young man they know or have seen. Always pay attention ,people, to the missing children photos before tossing out the envelope.

    My prayers are with Michael and his family.

  11. I was born the same year as Michael and I will never forget this story as my parents kept telling me to be safe and be careful who i
    I go with or talk to. I jist cried reading this article as I cant imagine what the Dunahee family has gone through. I disagree laying this story to rest as if it were my child I would not stop searching til I found him. To lay it to rest would be like forgetting him. Just how I feel. My thoughts and prayers go to the Dunahee family that he will some day come home.


  12. I turned to open my mail today and I saw the picture of Michael and immediately felt overwhelmed with shock and sadness. Flashbacks of the stories and news reports from that time came flooding back. I think it was a terrible time for everyone … especially for those of us with young children. I didn’t know the family however I felt their panic and grief tremendously.

    Now that I see Michael as a grown man I think of everything that terrible person took away from not just his family but from Michael and everyone he could of met.

    In many ways it was good to see Michael again … because I am hoping anyone who would think of hurting someone would stop for a minute and consider what they are doing and see that the person they may hurt is and deserves a life also.

  13. I came across a book titled “unstolen” which was insired by events that took Michael. I was complied to google Michaels name and read more of this very sad story. The ordeal that Michaels family have gone through and still doing is way too much to take on board. Although I live in Sydney Aust the book and your blog have made me so much more aware of keeping our eyes open all the time for things that just may not seem right. May you be blessed with an answer soon. And more importantly that your daughter is not forgotten in all of this.

  14. these satanic cults do exist in victoria, I used to live with a couple that were involved. They are very sneaky and go to great extents to hide what they do. They are also known to go after young children like that. It is also of interest that michael was the name of the angel that threw satan out of heaven. That must be hard for the family not knowing what ever happened to him.

  15. Over the years i wondered day in and day out what happened to Micheal. I found his abduction very disturbing and hard to deal with some days. With a child of my own i watched him so closely after he was able to walk and wanted to play outside .My simpathy goes to his family and hope one day the closer they need will be given to them. I hope micheal comes home safe to his family.

  16. oh dear, how unfortuneate…..

  17. When I was first Married April 27th, 1991 I moved into an apartment on 35 Evans Avenue, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Not the greatest part of town but rent was cheap.
    There was a little boy that was always being pushed on a stroller by an older couple. The child was not in distress but didn’t seem to fit the picture. Just sat quietly in the stroller. The man always was purchasing beer and they walked silently with the child. They kept to themselves. This child sort of looked like Michael but it has been a long time since, I have always kept it in the back of my mind. Something didn’t seem right with this couple in their late 50’s early 60’s always having a child but showing no affection. My landlord Edie made a comment a couple of years ago when I ran into her “she said somethings was not right with them”. I don’t know if there have ever been leads to Halifax? I would love for him to be found. Such an adorable child.

  18. I remember watching the news when he missing…I was completely obsessed with watching the morning and the evening news. I was 14 years old. I cried and prayed to God every night that He would please bring this little boy home to his Mum safely and that nothing bad had happened to him. When I was 17 I had my own son, and ended up being paranoid because of what happened to this family. I didn’t trust him with anyone, and NEVER took my eyes off of him. I still think of Micheal Dunahee and whenever I’m at Walmart, or anywhere that displays the missing persons…I always look for his poster : (
    He and his family are always in my prayers…and no matter where he is, I know that God is watching over him.
    Love to all.

    I pray that one day soon, he will come home. ❤ God bless

    Nehemiah 8:10
    Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.

  19. Hello,

    I was watching the news today about that girl who was abducted and found her parents. This made me think about Michael. I was remembering the bctv news coverage and there was this elderly man in new jersey who looked after a gas station/corner store who gave a description of a black man whom he said had Michael. When I look back and remember the news cast from bctv I can’t help thinking that the elderly man gave a description of himself only as a black man.

    I don’t know if this will help, but the news today had me thinking of this for the rest of the day. I have very good intuition.

    God be with you and your family……I pray you find your son some day…..

  20. I was 10 when Michael went missing and I remember the news reports and I believe Michael is alive and will be found one day. Hopefully that day will be soon.

  21. I was only 12 when Michael was taken but can remember that horrible day very well! my heart breaks EVERY day for his family and ALL families that have to go through something so horrible as the abduction of a child. It is absolutly true that Michael will never be forgotten!!! In fact i show my own 3 children his photo and have read the story to them. i wish his family the best of luck and my eyes are always open hoping i may see him one day, you are a very strong and loving family and i will do anything i can to try and reunite the Dunahee family with their son! I am terribly sorry for the family has to go through this and even more sorry Michael has had to go through this and will be praying for his safe return! to all those that will read my comment PLEASE KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN FOR THIS NOW MAN AND TOGETHER WE WILL BRING HIM HOME!

  22. I lived in Campbell River at the time that Michael was taken from that park in Victoria. I still see posters once and awhile and think that I hope he is found safe…..It is so sad his family has had to go through this. I pray that Michael is safe and will return home to his family soon.

  23. I was living in Victoria when this tragedy happened. I often reflect on Michael’s
    disappearance and the courage and hope Michael’s parents had to create to go
    on living
    I don’t know if I could ever have walked that path, and often think of Michael at this
    time of year. He is 15 and 17 years younger than my 2 children, but I never give
    up the dream of a miracle, that he could be returned to his loving parents.
    I pray that someday, somewhere, someone will recognize him at 22 and contact the
    right persons.
    Now I am in Campbell River, a senior in retirement; God bless all those on this vigil!
    May our hearts remain open to a positive ending to this terrible and heart-wrenching

    Carol in CR

  24. I was surfing the internet and googled March 1991 Victoria. I noted that the AVI was founded in March 1991 from a photo on their website. Their original office was along Blanshard although quite a bit away from the park where Michael Dunahee disappeared. I don’t mean to be mean spirited but this was what the search brought up.

    Further, I also noted when I did a googlemap search of the Blanshard playground along King Street that the BCSS is on the same street as the park where Michael disappeared.The BCSS was founded in the 80s. Again, not to be mean spirited but it just came up.

    I guess the police must’ve exhausted every lead. I do feel sorry for Michael and his family. I hope everything will be resolved one way or the other.

  25. Whoever is catholic out there, please let’s pray to God, Virgin Mary and the Angels to help us find an answer about Michael. For God nothing is impossible. A miracle can happen. If many of us pray and Michael is with us in this world God can make him realize and remeber what happened to him and how much his parents love him. But if someone else knows what happened to him, let’s ask God to please get into his subconscious and have some remorse from not letting Michael’s parents know what happened to little Michael.
    Last, there are people that are clairvoyant, why not to get their help in cases like these.
    Michael I never met you but I feel lots of love for you like many many people do too. Let’s hope our world gets better with nicer people.
    Why humans want to hurt their own race? I don’t understand.

  26. I was just a child when this happened, a few years older than Michael, and on many occasions during my adult life I remember wondering if Michael had ever been found. I recently saw one of the old posters on a truck….the ones that used to be on every news broadcast and all over Vancouver, BC. I don’t usually remember such details from my childhood, but the fact that I remembered this story gave me so much admiration for Michael’s parents and the RCMP. The amount of work that went into this investigation really does show the extensive effort and hope instilled by all that were involved. This story is engrained in my mind and probably many others my age and I have faith that one day we will find MIchael.

  27. I saw an Oprah show in April of a young boy named Clayton abused, bound and kept in a closet by his father. The boy now 19, had eerily the same coloring as the Dunahees. His childhood picture also looks similar. While watching I kept thinking is that Micheal Dunahee, but nothing jived. Not the age, or story. His aunt finally got custody. The mother was never involved, apparently left the boy with the dad. What if the boy was actually older than what he was told. Why did they keep him in the closet and not the step daughter? Intuitively I wondered could this be Micheal? What if this boys life was a lie and everyone was keeping the secret?….Because he is in the news again I couldn’t help but wonder? This young man was such a gentle spirit considering what he went through. His childhood photo was never shown when he was first rescued because he was under age!

    His father and step mother got only a few years in jail. I wonder if there was ever a DNA test to see if that was actually the mans child. He would have got life if he kidnapped that child. Would also explain why they were so abusive. I’m probably way out in left field about this, but what if I wasn’t?

  28. I have so much to say!!! I have spent many years thinking of you !!! and many nights
    dreaming of my own boys in the same picture!!! I wanna help in any way i can !! i am from Vancouver but now live in Calgary ! I still have all the get-go that is needed to look for your son as well as so many other missing kids !!! Please let me help in any way I can promise I only have what i feel in my heart to guide me !! That is a true guide and will do all that needs to bring these kids home!!
    All the love for a mother!!! Tamara

  29. Please go look at MSN videos. There was a boy who appeared in Germany saying he was living in the forest for 5 years. He really looks like a grown-up Michael Dunahee. I almost called the police but I’m not sure….But please take a look, if you think so too; post it. I moved into that neighborhood the day it happened and still remember that tragic day. But I still see small children in that area playing by themselves or with other small kids so please, be careful and let’s not have this happen again.

    • I had the same reaction as you, and I too have contemplated calling the police, but have not done so. My husband, who was 23yrs old when we met, looked about 16 for many years, so it is possible!

  30. The day Michael disappeared I heard that a Brown Van might be involved in his disappearance. The next day I went to the Drug store at 67th. & Oak St. in South Vancouver, BC.. I parked in the small lot at the north end of the shopping centre. I noticed a dark brown Ford Fairlane station wagon parked in the driveway. I had to pass behind the vehicle to get to the store and noticed the driver was acting a little agitated as I got closer and really watching me in his mirrors I also noticed a small boy. who looked like the missing Michael penned up in the back of the vehicle, all the seats in the back were down and he was crawling around in the enclosed area. When I got within about 10 feet the driver started the vehicle and moved it ahead, all the while watching me.. I pretended not to notice anything unusual but did glance at his plate and attempt to memorize it. Once I was passed the driver stopped creeping ahead. I looked for a phone but did not see one,. In the store I asked the owner if I could use his phone to call the police and explained about the boy, I was told no. As I returned to my vehicle the driver watched me all the way and even started his vehicle and put it in gear again. On my way home I heard on the news the brown van had been ruled out as a suspect vehicle. I forgot the plate number and wished i’d had someway to write it down. I did try Emailing the police in Victoria and told them what I’d seen but never heard anything as I had forgotten the plate and it was not much for them to go on. I worked 15 years as a Security Guard and it was just a situation which triggered my internal alarms…

  31. hopefully ond day Micheal will learn who he really is and come home

  32. I have contacted a child find organization and they are contacting the authorities in Berlin and Ottawa. I hope this brings Michael home. Wow, that would be so amazing after all this time! I’m so glad I was surfing videos! Wish the Dunahees the best.

  33. To Brian reinhardt: Can you rmember what the driver looked like? Tall dude white dude, heavyset black dude? If you go off by yourself someplace and think on it you might be suprised what you come up with. Hang in there!!

  34. If I could throw out the general remark to anyone that saw or thinks he saw Michael please got to the internet and start researching. You would be very surprised and pleased with the info and help you might receive from this. Newspaper Archives have a lot of info concerning the day of the abduction. Blessings to all of you!

  35. I am still waiting to hear about the boy in Berlin whose Dad died in the forest. I am surprised no one has contacted me yet. I hope something comes from this, I just wish someone would let me know if he could be Michael or not. His nose looked quite different so I’m not sure. But I really did think something would be done about this, it’s been over a month now. So if someone could let me know, as I am still hoping it could be Michael. The authorities have all of my info.

  36. Debi V: You are probably going to have to feel around on that one. If you mean Berlin in Germany then go and look on the internet and look to German newspapers, again you would be surprised what you can find on your own. Get something together then create a little impact on the websites.

  37. Go to “Forest Boy” if anyone is interested?

  38. I was born in 84 and I remember the missing poster for michael. When anyone mentions anything about missing children I always think of Michael. My heart goes out to his parents – what a tough ordeal to go through. Stay strong. I hope one day Michael comes home.


  39. I wonder how much attention was given to the school itself. Yes, it was a Sunday when he went missing, but that doesn’t mean no one is working at or had access to the school.

    It’s not beyond thinking that he may never have left the school at all.

  40. Perhaps was hidden in the basement boiler room? How about the lone man that was mowing his lawn two blocks over, was he questioned?

  41. Brian Reinhardt: was anybody mowing the school lawn?

  42. To Anybody: I have never been there but I understand Victoria has certain areas of town that are not the Koolest! Maybe the west side of town she be reevaluated?

  43. Wow knowing someone in my family is missing makes me sad 😥 and i found this out not that long ago and i’m 12 but mom did now want me to know till i looked up my last name

  44. hello every body, firstly i would like to say that i am happy to see that michael is still thought of, secondly i was there that day when he went missing i was at school 3 blocks away and was part of the search, now i live in australia and would like to get any information about michael so i can put the word out down here cause you will never know where he is at the moment, all for i know he COULD be here but no one knows or don’t know that this happend,you will have my email when i finish this and post so please send me any and ALL information please thanks,

    and never give up for we will find michael some day and bring him back to his family.

  45. This boy should have never been unattended to play by himself: Even to see young boys aged 5-16 years old should be watched. Sounds kinda fishy on the parents’ part.

  46. For Rita Quaw: How fishy is fishy?

  47. For Tannim: What makes you think he will found?

    • i hope he is found, cause there is nothing worse then NOT knowing what happen to your child. and that my friend is just wrong thats why i hope he is found, never give up never serender the hope in finding you lost or stolen child. you must always keep up hope that someday you child is found safe and alive,. that is my hope for ALL childern that go missing.

  48. Rita – do you actually believe that a 16 year old boy should be supervised? Dear good god, you must not have children at all.

  49. For Lorraine Merriam Hilman: comment of 10/4/2011 What makes you think Michael is still with us?

  50. Has anyone come forward to claim a connection btw the Dunahee case and that of Casey Rose Bohun? She was 3 when abducted from the Delta area of Vancouver. I am saddened to see that no one has created a site or facebook page to help in that search. The similarities in the cases are striking.

    • Similarities? Really? Let’s see. One on Vancouver Island, one on the mainland. One BOY taken(?) from a school playground, one GIRL(?) taken from the steps of her house. The girl’s mother later committed suicide, and when that happened they spoke to the boyfriend who lived with her when Casey went missing and that brought up some new questions. He lives in Asia and hasn’t been forthcoming since.

      No relation at all. Casey was almost certainly a family related case. Michael is much more likely to have been a stranger abduction.

      • I am going to have to agree with Geoffrey here … there really isn’t anything similiar enough to think the cases are related.

  51. Not sure why I thought of Michael now and stumbled upon this site, but I remember when Michael was taken. I was 11 at the time and I remember hearing all about it. I visited my Aunt in Victoria shortly after Michael’s disappearance. I have come to know that this life is only a short time on earth and we will one day see all our loved ones again and I firmly believe that you will see Michael again and although you will have so many questions, none of them will matter because you will be with Michael forever. Praying for your continued strength and I pray that you find the peace you are in need of.

  52. While scrolling through certain articles on the net about Michael Dunahee. I happend to come across a posting that might be of some interest or not to whom ever? Anyway this anonymous person is stating he was melested along with others, by a man named Gregory Allan Steele. Apparently this man lived two blocks from the area, where Michael was last seen. Also drove a vehicle matching the description of that reported. You can find this by putting the accused name down in google.

  53. If you want to help parents of missing children, raise money for child find

  54. I’m trying to sign up to your rss feed for the blog posts and must have subscribed to some sort of comments feed. I would like to unsubscribe from the comments and simply have your blog posts, if that is possible. Thanks a lot.

  55. I know this may sound a little far fetched but is it possible to contact a psychic in this case. There are many psychics that have helped solve many cases and police investigations. Perhaps something would come of it that could help. My Love and Prayers to all of Michael’s family and friends ♥

  56. Ok, let’s be respectful here.
    I understand that the inclusion of psychics in missing child cases is controversial to say the least. There are a thousand different angles and positions that can be taken regarding the topic, and to say one way is right and another is wrong, is just very obtuse.
    If you do believe in psychics, that doesn’t always mean that you would recommend they work on missing child cases, determining whether a psychic is ‘legit’ or not even if you are a believer can be very difficult to do. Karen – I totally understand the what do we really have to lose idea … especially since it has been so long since Michael disappeared and all leads in the case have essentially been exhausted as is.
    Edocol – I always understand the questioning of the levity of using a psychic, and the belief that these people are only preying on the victim’s family by offering a false hope in an effort to make a name for themself.
    There are just so many things to be factored into a decision like this. Many people believe that the inclusion of a psychic early on in a case can acutally hinder authorities ability to follow credible leads and find the child. It can be distracting and create a drama that takes the focus off finding the child. Many people believe that there are proven cases where psychics have been able to assisst the family with gaining information that can bring closure to the nightmare they are facing after losing a child. There is just so much out there that can be used to prove and validate either opinion on whether to use a psychic or not.

    Ultimately I think that the decision is one that should be left to the family, and the family alone. It is such a personal belief, and there is no one besides the victim’s loved ones who can decide whether they believe it will help or not. It is a personal decision, but regardless of the family’s beliefs, I think we can all respect that they know best what they need in this time of trial and tribulation. And I think we can all agree that whatever means a family uses to help assisst in the case, is one to be respected. The last thing anyone needs during times like these, is people questioning their personal beliefs. We don’t have to agree with them, but we do need to maintain the respect and support for them.

    • Edocol, your comment has been unapproved due to the nature of your attacking other members on this site regarding their rights and beliefs. Mature comments only

    • Psychics can hurt family by giving them false hope or false despair. Shawn Hornbeck and Marx Barnes were both declared dead by psychics, but both are alive and well to this day.

  57. Heya i am for the primary time here. I found this board
    and I to find It really useful & it helped me out much.
    I am hoping to provide one thing back and aid others like you helped

  58. I know someone who looks as if he could be Michael in the downtown eastside of vancouver. He is blond haired and shows all the symptons of stockholm syndrome. His much older girlfriend has a hold on him but she shuns him much of the time. His girlfriend is a psychopath that has him twisting in the wind. He is severely psychologically damaged and cannot survive for long without coming back to her. He is called Jason and his girlfriend is a native woman Betty who lives at 16 east hastings street #303.
    I will try to get some pictures of the young man to post later.

  59. Hi Crystal

    I am very sorry to hear about your son Michael and unfortunately this is happening or there are more attempts to situations like this. I encourage you and your friends and family to look at the website http://www.legalshieldassociate.com/lsheepwash .
    First click on Canada top right corner. Then to the right of the people on the beach clickbon ,”Introduction to Legal Shield”. There are business briefings in Victoria to help educate people. Let me know what intriges you most. Look forward to your response of any questions or concerns you might have.

  60. My sister in law and Bro made me take the picsi sent online off.

  61. I pray that Michael is still alive today and he will come home I just moved to Victoria in 1991 when Michael was taken I want to send a extra prayer to the family

  62. I think of Michael often. I actually remember him. My daughter Chantel used to go to the same day home Michael was at. I pray and hope
    One day Chrystal and Bruce find out what happened. I have lived through the loss of a child. Unfortunately my daughter Chantel died in a car crash 18 years ago.

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