ACACIA PATIENCE BISHOP – Abducted May 25, 2003 – USMCC000140LTWH – UPDATED 05.15.2013


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Acacia Patience Bishop Age Progressed to 11 Years Old

Acacia Patience Bishop Age Progressed to 11 Years Old

Acacia Patience Bishop

Date of Birth: October 19, 2001

White Female

Height: 2’6”       Weight: 35 lbs

Hair: Blonde     Eyes: Blue

Missing: May 25, 2003   From: Salt Lake City, Utah

Distinguishing Features: She has a birthmark on her left abdomen the size of a tennis ball.




Acacia Patience Bishop

Acacia Patience Bishop

Acacia Patience Bishop was abducted by her grandmother, 38 year old Kelley Jean Lodmell, from her great grandparent’s Salt Lake City, Utah home at 6:00 pm on May 25, 2003. On May 25, Acacia Bishop was dropped off at her great-grandmother’s house while her parents were at a friend’s house helping her plan her wedding. Shortly after Adam and Casey Bishop arrived at their friend’s house, they received the news that began their nightmare, and their lives have not been the same since.  Acacia, who was 19-months-old at the time of her abduction, was playing when her grandmother, Kelley Lodmell, walked into the room. Acacia’s great grandmother, Linda Lodmell, was in another room putting away her vacuum cleaner and didn’t see her daughter walk in. By the time she went back to check on Acacia, the infant was gone. Acacia’s family immediately called Salt Lake City, Utah police and they issued an AMBER alert. Kelley Lodmell is bipolar and a known schizophrenic, a disease characterized by hearing non-existent voices and having night terrors, was not taking her medication at the time she abducted Acacia. She had previously taken Acacia another time and had hidden her in a basement of a friend’s apartment. Acacia was found after only ½ an hour of frantic searching by her parents and other family members and no charges were ever filed in that incident against Kelley Lodmell.

After Kelley Lodmell abducted her granddaughter Acacia, the authorities say Lodmell drove Acacia from Salt Lake City, Utah to Idaho Falls, Idaho. Kelley Lodmell and an unidentified man were seen with Acacia checking into the Red Lion Hotel on the morning of May 26th, 2003. They have not been able to locate this man but have released this description: Witnesses say he was in his early 40’s or 50’s, had greying sun bleached hair, hazel coloured eyes and a weathered tan appearance. The man was around 5’6″ with a slender build and smoked Basic brand cigarettes. This man is wanted for questioning, if you have seen this man or have any information regarding his whereabouts or identity, please immediately contact the authorities. A witness later saw Kelley Lodmell and Acacia at the bank of the Snake River with the unknown man near Broadway overpass in Idaho Falls. There has not been a confirmed sighting of Acacia since then.

Snake River

Snake River

On May 26, 2003, Kelley Lodmell went into a hydroelectric plant near Broadway Overpass in Idaho Falls and told employees there that she had dropped her 19-month old granddaughter into Snake River while they were dangling their feet off of the bridge. The plant was immediately shut down so that little Acacia would not be sucked into its powerful turbines. For days, divers searched the murky river, but baby Acacia was never found. On the river bank, there was a pair of baby shoes and a doll. One of Lodmell’s shoes was found on the riverbank as well, while the other was found in the water, but that remains the only evidence ever recovered.

Authorities believe that Acacia drowned in the Snake River on that fateful day and have classified this case as a homicide. They do not feel that Acacia accidentally fell into the river. Lodmell was soaking wet when she ran into the hydroelectric plant for help, and police believe she had intentionally jumped into the water with Acacia in her arms in a failed murder/suicide attempt. She admitted this to the authorities and was arrested and charged with the kidnapping and murder of her baby granddaughter. She also later stated that she believed that Acacia had made it out of the water and was still alive somewhere.

Kelley Jean Lodmell

Kelley Jean Lodmell

Kelley Lodmell has quite an excessive criminal record and a rather sorted past. She has been charged with many offenses including drunk driving, threats with a dangerous weapon and disorderly conduct amongst others. Her most serious offense was aggravated assault for which she served 60 days in prison for shooting a child with a pellet gun.  At the time of Acacia’s abduction, Lodmell was actually on probation for assaulting a police officer with a knife.  She also has been known to have a history of substance abuse. She has occasionally had to live on the street or in her car, and has been known to only to take the medication prescribed to her for her schizophrenia when she is able to pay for it, which is not often.

Adam and Casey Bishop

Adam and Casey Bishop

Adam and Casey Bishop, Acacia’s parents, maintain hope that Kelley Lodmell is lying about their daughter’s presumed death in an effort to conceal Acacia from the rest of the family. They believe that Lodmell passed Acacia over to one of her friends and had plans to find the 19-month old baby girl after her release from prison. Lodmell has reportedly always been very possessive over Acacia. Adam and Casey say that Kelley Lodmell has never displayed suicidal tendencies before and has never indicated that she may harm Acacia. They characterize Lodmell as a habitual liar and claim her confession of murder was a fabrication, and that she had been planning Acacia’s abduction for months. Her previous attempt to abduct Acacia seems to make this theory rather plausible.

Acacia Patience Bishop

Acacia Patience Bishop

Adam and Casey also state that in letters which Kelley Lodmell sent them from jail, she claimed that Acacia was alive and well and being cared for by others. In any of the 3 letters she wrote to Adam and Casey from prison, she never once referred to Acacia in the past tense. Lodmell also wrote in letters that the police “will never get me for murder, because they will never find a body.” Acacia’s parents also point out that shortly before the baby allegedly drowned, Kelly Lodmell purchased diapers and milk for Acacia, which does not fit with Lodmell’s claim that she had planned to murder the baby girl. During a visit Adam and Casey made to Kelley while she was in prison in an attempt to gain more information about their daughter’s abduction, Casey asked her mother point blank if she murdered her baby to which Kelley responded “Think, you know, you’re smarter than that.”. Police had investigated the possibility that Lodmell had given or sold Acacia to another individual, but they could find no evidence to support this theory. However, without the identity of this ‘unknown man’ known, it also could be a possibility that Kelley Lodmell gave Acacia to him before she jumped into the river herself and set her plan into action. Nonetheless, Adam and Casey are convinced that baby Acacia is still alive, and without a body, this could be a very likely possibility, one that keeps the hope alive of finding Acacia alive and well someday.

When Adam and Casey Bishop were asked in an interview if they believed Law Enforcement agencies were doing all they could to aid in the search for Acacia they made many startling claims. Adam Bishop said that they felt the FBI was doing everything in their power to help them locate their daughter and find answers. But his opinion of the local police varied greatly. Adam Bishop said that lead detective in the case, Detective John Cowley, took him to the area of Snake River where Kelley Lodmell allegedly drowned his little girl and told him “Look Adam, whether it is a day, a week, or a month, your daughter’s body is going to pop out of that river and you are just going to have to come to grips with her death.” This same officer asked Jason, Adam’s brother, to take Adam home because he was ‘interfering’ with the case. Adam also claims that the local police force had threatened local business’s to stop offering help to his wife and himself. In one particular case, the company which was kind enough to give the Bishop’s a land line for their 1-800 number to be aimed to was told to stop. The Bishop’s then had to reroute the number, causing the line to be down for more than a week, and losing them who knows how many valuable tips and leads. The Chief of Police in Idaho Falls also personally asked Operation Lookout to take down Acacia’s missing page because it did not directly reflect the police departments views on the case. It seems to me that the police could
have spent a little more time investigating all possible theories, rather than focusing on convincing everyone involved that the one they believed to be correct was the only one which could possibly have happened. The Idaho Falls Police Department seems to have gone to extremes in trying to remove the Bishops from having any involvement in the investigation of their daughter’s disappearance. When Adam called a meeting with the Chief of Police to discuss why he had had the Operation Lookout page taken down, the Chief went behind Adam’s back and instead asked Adam’s brother Jason, an ex-officer, in to discuss the exhaustion of the case. In another instance, Adam’s brother, Josh, had gone through Kelley Lodmell’s car after the police had finished their search and discovered a crack pipe. Detective John Cowley later told Acacia’s great grandmother, Linda Lodmell, that they believed a friend or family member of the Bishops had planted the crack pipe there. I can only hope that the Bishop’s have received apologies for the way in which they were treated by the local officials during the investigation of their daughter’s case.

Adam and Casey Bishop

Adam and Casey Bishop

Kelley Jean Lodmell was tried for kidnapping in a federal court. In January of 2005, a judge acquitted her, ruling that she was insane at the time of her crime. The judge had decided that Kelley Lodmell had been delusional when she abducted Acacia Bishop and believed the baby was in an abusive situation and she had a duty to save her. Lodmell was, however, determined to be a danger to the community, based on her mental illness, past criminal behaviour, history of violence and her past of substance abuse. She was ordered to be committed to a mental health hospital in Fort Worth, Texas for an indefinite amount of time. Kelley Lodmell may be released from the hospital at a later date if psychiatrists determine she is no longer dangerous, but her prognosis is poor as she has repeatedly refused to follow through with treatment programs for her schizophrenia and does not even believe that she is mentally ill. It is very unlikely that Lodmell will ever be released from federal custody, therefore, Idaho prosecutors dropped the murder and kidnapping charges against her. If Kelley Lodmell ever is released from the hospital, she may face the state charges again.

At the time of her disappearance, Acacia Bishop was able to walk, run and say one syllable words. Acacia was a beautiful baby girl with sweet dimples and eyes that twinkle.  She was always smiling and animated, often using her hand gestures as she chattered away.  She was an outgoing little girl and would wave at strangers while saying Hi loudly.  Her mother, Casey, recalls how excited Acacia would get when she heard the tub filling with water for her bath.  She loved to splash and kick like she was swimming all the while giggling.  Acacia loved to dance to any music, often jumping up and down to the beat until she wore herself out and would go lay down on the couch.  She also enjoyed time outside with Casey and Adam, pointing to flowers and saying “OOOO” before bending down to smell them with an innocent smile on her face.

Acacia Patience Bishop Age Progressed to 5 Years Old

Acacia Patience Bishop Age Progressed to 5 Years Old

Although many years have passed since the day Acacia was abducted, her parents remain vigilant and maintain hope that their daughter will someday find her way home.  On the day that would have been Acacia’s first day of Kindergarten, Adam and Casey circulated age progressed photos of how Acacia may look at the age of 5 to as many kindergarten classes as possible, all in the hopes that someone may recognize a new student as being their daughter.

On a personal note, I am absolutely horrified at the misconduct of the local law enforcement officials involved in the initial investigation of Acacia’s disappearance.  The arrogance and complete disregard shown to Adam and Casey is disgusting.  I have never seen law officials act so unprofessionally and insensitively while handling a missing child case.  I strongly believe that those involved in investigating Acacia’s abduction need to be held responsible for their actions.

Detective John Cowley

Detective John Cowley

In January of 2012, Detective John Cowley was recognized as one of Idaho Falls Magazines “50 Ordinary People living extraordinary lives through service to other”.  Apparently he was nominated by Eagle Rock Junior High Vice Principle Shelly Smede.  Here’s a direct quote from Smede that made me throw up a little in my mouth, “Officer Cowley is a father and teacher as well as a law enforcer,” (here’s where I started to see red) “He does whatever he can to create a satisfying conclusion to the investigation.  Officer Cowley leaves our students with hope – hope of more success tomorrow, better choices in the future and safety in their school and home today.”

They almost make it sound like this is a great, compassionate man.  8 ½ years ago, when working the investigation of Acacia, Cowley displayed none of the noble qualities this town has deluded themselves into thinking to be true.  Let’s see, quality number 1 – creating a satisfying conclusion to the investigation, and quality number 2 – giving hope.  Uhhh, yeah, no, not quite.  I would hardly call taking a father to the river his daughter may have been murdered him, and pointing out at the river while saying to the desperate father “Look Adam, whether it is a day, a week, or a month, your daughter’s body is going to pop out of that river and you are just going to have to come to grips with her death.”, and after stating this to Adam, he proceeded to then ask Adam’s brother to take Adam home because he was ‘interfering in the investigation’.  Why would a compassionate, caring man, speak to a father who’s only child has been abducted, in the manner he did, saying the completely insensitive and arrogant things he said.  Sure looks to me like Cowley didn’t give a crap about finding out what actually happened to Acacia.  Combine Cowley’s inappropriate actions, with the Sheriff’s complete disregard for evidence and the bullying he did to the Bishop family, going so far as to take measures to prevent anyone from even trying to find Acacia alive or help her parents in any way, and you have quite an interesting display of “living extraordinary lives through service to others”.  I suppose they never clarified it as good service though ….

My heart goes out to Adam and Casey and the perseverance they have shown in their continued efforts to locate their daughter and uncover the truth about what happened all those years ago.  They will never stop fighting until Acacia is brought home, and we will never waiver in our support of their efforts.


If you have any information regarding the abduction of Acacia Bishop, please immediately contact the Salt Lake City County Sheriff’s Office at:




~ by LTWH on September 10, 2008.

13 Responses to “ACACIA PATIENCE BISHOP – Abducted May 25, 2003 – USMCC000140LTWH – UPDATED 05.15.2013”

  1. This is the best information I have read yet! Thank you for this. I pray Adam and Casey are able to appreciate it. Let me know if I can help market the blog about September 12, after the memorials in order to have even more attention. Bless you. Teraisa

  2. Thank You Teraisa! I was shocked at the more I researched this case at how little I personally felt was done to ever search for Acacia alive. I had read that Adam and Casey had distrubted fliers to a bunch of schools with Acacia’s age enhanced photos the year she was to start kindergarten in hopes of finding her. I truly hope they never stop looking, and I hope that my organization (while VERY new) can help to shed a little more light on this case and encourage others to become involved. It is never too late to bring a child home. If you had any more missing child cases you would like me to feature that you think might be helpful to the families in any way, please contact me at I would appreciate any info and/or insight you may have to offer.
    Take care!!

  3. I have been out of state and across the country (my husband and best friend is/are deploying for the military) for about two months and am rarely here or anywhere. I will do all I can. Please keep up the good work. I will send people here. It does pop up on Google about once a week, this is a GREAT thing for Acacia and your efforts.

    Love from Teraisa

  4. Thank You Teraisa, your kind words and support are very much appreciated and very encouraging. Our goal here is to have people become more away of the children that have been pushed aside and forgotten. It is never too late to bring a child home, and whatever we can do to bring them back into the spotlight, we are going to do. No one should ever give up on a child, and hopefully we as a society can come back to a time when we all looked out for our children.

  5. Teraisa I hope that the day will come when Acacia is found and brought home. Please give Adam and Casey this message~ Never give up hope that your beautiful daughter will be home with you again.

  6. Acacia is my cousin, I know she’s still out there. Thank you so much for this!

  7. Hello everyone. Alayna, I haven’t been able to get in touch with Adam at all and his emails are bouncing. Any news? Anything new about Kelly/Kelley? Which is the correct spelling? Thank you so much. ~Teraisa

    • Teraisa, I am Adam’s sister. If you will email me: iltstt at I will forward your info to Adam to get in touch with you.

  8. My thoughts and prayers go out to Acacia and her family. I pray she is found safe and sound. How is it possible that LE is able to make people shut things down because they differ in opinion. Where do they get off trying to steal a mother and fathers hope! I hope they all lose their jobs!!! Nads, give me something to sign! I’m outraged

  9. Bumping the conversation, too many emails and web addresses have changed, not to mention too much time has gone by without resolution. ❤ Acacia ~Teraisa

  10. If the baby is truthfully still alive and now a teenager(based on birthdate) then offer the grandmother a plea bargain. Order her to produce the child,ie get the supposed carers to drop her off at some public place, and if the girl proves to be Acacia and the grandmother agrees to always take her medications she can go free. The grandmother might be psychologically ill,but clearly she isn’t dumb or she wouldn’t have cunningly waited till the coast was clear to grab the baby and run undetected. Likely the baby is deceased for over a decade,but unless something is done to prove it without a shadow of doubt her parents are unlikely to find closure.

  11. Bumping this so maybe there’ll be new information or a hit on the Google search engine elite. ❤

  12. Memory from Poland

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