Lights For Andrew Richardson Flier


Andrew Richardson after his abduction.

Andrew Richardson after his abduction.

Andrew Richardson

Andrew Richardson

Andrew Richardson

Date of Birth: [redacted]

Biracial (Hispanic/White) Male

Height: 2’5”     Weight: 30 lbs

Hair: Light Brown     Eyes: Blue

Missing: August 3, 2007     From: Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Andrew was abducted by his mother, Mariana Farah Saldivar. A felony warrant for custodial interference was issued for Mariana Farah Saldivar on April 8, 2009.

Andrew’s parents divorced in 2006 and shared custody of Andrew.  When his father, Andrew Richardson, went to pick Andrew up from day care on August 9, 2007, he was informed that Andrew was not there and had not been there all week.  It was later determined that Saldivar had fled to Mexico with the assistance of her mother.  Trevor has only had two brief periods of supervised visitation with Andrew since then.  He is still fighting for Andrew’s return in the Mexican courts.


Mariana Farah Saldivar

Mariana Farah Saldivar

Mariana Farah Salvidar

Date of Birth: [redacted]

Hispanic Female

Height: 5’6″     Weight: 130 lbs

Hair: Brown     Eyes: Brown







If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Andrew Richardson, please immediately contact the Milwaukee Police Department at:



The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children at:



Parental Child Abduction is Child Abuse 02


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7 Responses to “ANDREW RICHARDSON – FAMILY ABDUCTION August 3, 2007 – USMCC000210LTWH – UPDATED 06.03.2013”

  1. I am still searching for information on how the picture of Andrew was received after his abduction without leading to his where abouts. But I also Thank God that this beautiful little boys family may have a little more hope and have found a renewed energy to continue in their search for him after seeing this new picture. Never give up hope, we will help bring Andrew back home to you in whatever way we can.

  2. What is the mothers name


    Here is an update written by the grandparents

  4. go visit : and get 1600$ free

  5. poor poor andrew

    • Why? He resides happily and safely in Queretaro Mexico where he was born and has lived for most of his life, cared for by his Mexican mother and maternal grandparents. Andres was born in Mexico and is fact a dual citizen of Mexico as well as the United States and travelled on a Mexican Passport. His father is free to go there to see him as he has done before 3-4 times whenever Trevor requests in Mexican courts.

  6. I am a friend of andrew
    I think he doesnt know this
    And in fact he is save and happy here in México

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