Drake Clayton has been recovered! Thank you to all of those who have followed his case and helped to bring him home safely.  Please read below for the full story.



Drake Clayton

Drake Clayton

Drake Clayton

DOB: September 23, 2001

White Male

Missing August 30, 2007     From: Rockford, IL









Stacy Boyce

Stacy Boyce

Drake Stonewall Boyce-Clayton was abducted by his non-custodial mother, Stacey Boyce. An FBI International Parental Kidnapping warrant was issued for Stacey Boyce on March 5, 2008. Drake also goes by the nickname Drakie and it is believed that Stacey may have taken him to China.

In light of the attention surrounding the case, I dug a little further and found more information on Stacy Boyce.  Stacy Boyce has previously taken (ABDUCTED) another child.  In 2007 an emergency order of protection was filed against Boyce after she refused to return a son she had with another man, to the boy’s father, after a court authorized visitation.  That is very concerning for me, as now we know she has a history of parental abduction before Drake was even taken.

Matthew Clayton

Matthew Clayton

In 2009, Matthew Clayton was awarded custody of Drake.  A Winnebago County Circuit Court found Stacy Boyce in contempt and fined her $1000.00 a day for every day she did not return Drake.  The allegations against Matthew Clayton of being unfit and abusive, have been looked into, and are completely unfounded.  In this case, it appears a lot of people need a scapegoat, and Matthew Clayton is it.  Somebody does need to be held responsible for Drake’s abduction, and all the chaos that surrounds his life now due to it, and that somebody is Stacy Boyce.

In November of 2011, Drake was located and placed into state care until custody could be sorted out.  Not long after, he was reunited with his father.  When speaking with Mr. Clayton, he told me that Drake continues to flourish socially, academically and emotionally since he returned home.  Drake and his father have continued to strengthen their already strong bond since Drake’s return.  Congratulations to the Clayton family.  We wish you nothing but the best in the future!


If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Drake Clayton, please immediately contact The Federal Bureau of Investigation (Chicago, Illinois) at:



The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children at:


 Parental Child Abduction is Child Abuse 05



~ by LTWH on September 10, 2008.

18 Responses to “DRAKE CLAYTON – RECOVERED!”

  1. This child was not abducted. If you look at the case file you will see that his mother, Stacy Boyce had sole custody. If you check the national passport registration you will find that Matthew Clayton signed for the passport. If you look at the case file you will see that Stacy Boyce filed for over 17 orders of protection from Matthew Clayton, reading the bottom of those you will read that Matthew Clayton was restricted from sleeping with the child, as well as consuming drugs and alcohol prior to or during visitation. This man was on probation for a year for domestic violence, and in addition he has a very long court record of DUI’s and substance abuse. Checking his social security work records indicate that he has never held a job. Checking DCFS IL state records show that a report was filed against him and there is an ongoing case against him for child abuse. Where is the justice for this child? Did his father only get get custody and legal action taken against the mother for her failure to appear? Read the court file it clearly indicates this. What is wrong with our court systems and how could this man ever get custody of any child?

    • wow u have no clue! kitty! she didnt even have custody of her other children! I dont think u know how to read! try again!

  2. While we do appreciate your comments, the fact remains that Stacy has disappeared with Drake in an illegal manner. This is unacceptable. The law will take care of her – IF she chose to obey it – and unfortunately she DID NOT. More importantly to this matter – this is about 2 parents that have put their selfishness ABOVE that child. He is being drug through hell, hiding from the law, kept from family and who knows what else. This child should be the center of your attention – and it should be clear that his mother, is not fit to care for him when she is so willing to just up and run with him rather than take a stance, ask for help and fight with the law, not against it.
    Drake needs to be found and placed in a SAFE, loving environment free from the drama his biological family has created surrounding him.

  3. I just heard that Drake is on a flight back to Illinois.

  4. lol Nadine so you are telling me if you had a kid you would want a loser bf that does drugs and has no job to take care of your KID!!! Stacey took the wrong route, but what can you do when you are fighting a spoiled druggy that is supported by his rich parents???? REMEMBER MONEY ALWAYS WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN THE END HE IS GOING TO GET HIS KID AND SCREW HIM UP EVEN MORE

    • she is such a good mom! huh….lmaorofpmp! she didnt even have custody of her own kids!You no so little about nothinng! I think it would be best for U to keep your mouth shut! da! get a lofe and know the facts b4 opening it!

  5. It is sad. This boy has been returned and turned over to his drug addict father.

  6. Matthew Clayton should not be allowed to have custody of children. He’s every bit as messed up as Drake’s mother. He is a user, drug addict and completely unstable and unpredictible.

  7. Hi,
    I was a friend of Stacy’s and Drake while they lived in China. Last I heard from them, they were living with a Chinese teacher, and they were going to Beijing to try to get amnesty somewhere. Honestly, Stacy spoiled Drake way too much and he did have a bit of a behavior problem because he was so spoiled, but that boy had a great life in China. His mom was a bit ignorant about many things, but she was learning to be a better parent, and she did work hard to give him a great environment to live in. Drake was very happy here. His best friends were my twin boys that he often played with. They were in class together too at a very good international school in SHanghai. He was getting a great education here. He was quiet popular with the teachers and kids too. Many people here in Shanghai want to know what has happened to Stacy and Drake. I hope it’s not true that he is back with his dad. I’ll pray everynight for him.

    • I also had the chance to know Stacy and her wonderful son Drake ! And yes all I can say is that Drake was really really really spoiled !!! But so adorable ! And his mum was a great mum ! She was fighting for her son ! And she was right ! Unfortunately I couldn’t help them the way I wanted too and so we took our separate ways ! All I want to say is that they are very good people and that they don’t deserve what happened to them ! I am and will always think about them Drake and Stacy ! Sorry for not helping the way you wanted…

  8. It is unfortunate that people, such as yourself Matt Green, feel that they are above the law. If Drake’s father is as bad as you claim, the court will not allow him custody – REGARDLESS OF MONEY. Stacy took, KIDNAPPED, Drake and that shows just how unstable she herself is.
    And also, Matt Green – you are obviously very uneducated about these subject matters and court proceedings, because a ‘druggy boyfriend’ wouldn’t even have a right to try for custody of my children. AND ABOVE THAT – A GOOD MOTHER WOULD NOT PUT HER CHILDREN IN A SITUATION WITH A DRUGGED OUT BOYFRIEND.
    Use your time and efforts to become educted and help make a difference, not sitting around think you have the world in the plm of your hand nd your judgement is the only clear judgement, as it certainly not. I truly hope you never have a child or have custody of a child.

    • So Nadine, how long have you been friends with Matt Clayton? It’s obvious to me after reading your comments here that you have his back in this whole thing. I knew Stacy very well about 17 years ago and I know that she is a good person, as far as Clayton goes, it doesn’t always go the mothers way even if the father is a drug addled mess like he is. Read some of the news stories that are available on line and if she was so wrong do you really think that INTERPOOL’s red notice list? The courts are blind as to what is right sometimes, it only goes on letter of the law, if Stacey was as afraid for her son’s well being enough to flee the country with him I’m pretty sure there was a good reason for her to feel that way, she left her family here in the united states and went to China, does that seem like something a parent with no good reason to worry would do? I didn’t think so…..

      • LOL – I was just rereading some comments here and almost fell on the floor laugh when I reread your comment Jeff. You knew her well 17 years ago – LMAO – STOYCE BOYCE WOULD HAVE BEEN 15! LOL

  9. Jeff;

    I do not know Mr. Clayton what so ever. What I do know is the law. And the law states that Stacey kidnapped Drake, whether you like that or not does not matter. Do you know how many cases I see where the ‘afraid for the child’ excuse is used? Do you realize there are temporary restraining orders which can be obtained to protect Drake while the matter is resolved legally? Stacey had many other options, again despite what you want to believe.
    The law is the law for a reason.

  10. Yep the law is the law, quite scary sometimes but this is all we got

  11. Nadine- Before you continue to opine on a subject you obviously know very little about, I suggest you learn a little bit about the impact that the Father’s Rights movement is having on our nations children. States are receiving tens of millions of Federal money to promote responsible fatherhood, but it is being used to actually fund the legal cases of abusive fathers. The result: Children are being abused and raped (I’m sick of people using the word incest as it is nothing but rape regardless who commits the crime) and DCFS and our courts are doing nothing to stop the problem. While I’m not advocating in any way for child abduction, perhaps you should know a little about how our courts and goverment works before judging Ms. Boyce.

    • I know quite a lot about the subject – and don’t see any reason for you to be so rude, confrontational and arrogant. The bottom line is that Ms. Boyce ABDUCTED Drake, and that Drake is now home with his father, AS HE SHOULD BE. You obviously know very little about Ms. Boyce’s criminal history and past attempts to abduct her other children, all the while claiming each father abused the child. This woman needs some serious mental health care and needs to be required to suffer her consequence for abductiong Drake.

      Matthew Clayton is not an abusive father, all claims were investigated and were determined to be COMPLETELY unfounded. Mr. Clayton has been nothing but an open book through out the situation, and reaching out to other families are have experienced the same tragedy he has. You should be VERY careful about what your are implying in your comment. Mr. Clayton has endured enough without an ignorant stranger proceeding to imply that he should not have custody of his son.

      Any furher comments you choose to make against the victims in these cases (ie DRAKE AND MATTHEW CLAYTON) will be deleted immediately.

      I would suggest that before you climb up on your soap box, you be very careful that you know exactly what you are talking about in any idividual case.

      The only thing I agree with you on is the use of the word incest. I completely feel the same as you do in the way the wording is used. RAPE IS RAPE. However I want to make this VERY clear:


      • ROCKFORD — A 38-year-old woman accused of kidnapping after she took her son to China against the wishes of the child’s father was recently cleared of criminal charges in the case.

        Stacy M. Boyce had been charged with child abduction in fall 2010 after she had taken the then 6-year-old boy to China Aug. 30, 2007. They were in China for three years where she taught English classes in Shanghai after the former South Beloit resident had separated from ex-husband Matthew Clayton, the boy’s father.

        Clayton won sole custody during Boyce’s absence and pushed for the return of the now 10-year-old boy, defense attorney Brian T. Morgan said.

        Winnebago County court records show Judge Gary Pumilia in late April found Boyce not guilty of kidnapping on a directed verdict. The ruling meant Pumilia found that even if the evidence Winnebago County prosecutors had presented at trial was true, it was not enough to convict Boyce of kidnapping.

        “Case law is clear when it comes to these types of cases,” Morgan said. “Boyce did not kidnap the child.”

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