Karissah has been recovered!  She was located in May of 2009.  Please read below for the full story.  Thank you to all of those who followed her case and helped to bring her home safely.



Karissah Charlene Butler

Karissah Charlene Butler

Karissah Charlene Butler

Karissah Charlene Butler Age Progressed to 4 Years Old

Karissah Charlene Butler Age Progressed to 4 Years Old

DOB: August 25, 2004

White Female

Missing: September 29, 2006     From: Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Distinguishing Features:  Karissah has a scar on her LEFT cheek.




Trina Renee Butler

Trina Renee Butler

Karissah Butler was taken into the care of Florida’s Department of Children and Families Services, after a search warrant was served on the house she shared with her parents, Trina Renee Butler and Stephen Paul Butler.  Within the house, authorities found a fully functioning methamphetamine lab, numerous stolen items including computers and word working tools, methamphetamine, and drug paraphernalia.  Karissah was placed in the care of her maternal grandparents.  Trina was charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of listed essential chemicals.  Stephen was charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of listed essential chemicals, 2 counts of burglary and 2 counts of grand theft.

Stephen Paul Butler

Stephen Paul Butler

Trina and Stephen bonded out of jail, and Trina began taking parenting courses and receiving drug counseling.  After 6 months, Karissah was placed back in Trina’s care, but remained a ward of the state until all criminal charges were sorted out.  Trina quickly fled with Karissah and Stephen to Canada, before their trial began.

The family would remain on the run until May of 2009, when they were located in Santa Rosa Beach with Karissah.  Karissah was once again taken into state custody, and her parents faced new charges of failure to appear, with Trina also being charged with removing her child from the state, organized fraud, theft and forgery.

Trina was sentenced to 7 years in prison and ordered to pay more than $100,000.00 in court costs, fines and restitution.  Stephen was sentenced to 10 years in prison and also ordered to pay more than $100,000.00 in court costs, fines and restitution.


If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Karissah Charlene Butler, please immediately contact the Walton County Sheriff’s Office at:



The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children at:


 Parental Child Abduction is Child Abuse 08



~ by LTWH on September 10, 2008.


  1. On May 20, 2009 Steve and Trina were arrested in Belize, Central America by US Federal agents and local Authority’s. According to another blog, they are in Miami in protective custody. Karissah was taken into custody of the US Embassy and is awaiting a family member to come and pick her up. According to the blog, she will be in the custody of her grandparents. I just want to say, as a friend of their’s, Karrissah is a very loving child and her parents as far as we could tell took very good care of her and everyone enjoyed her beautiful smile. She was always a joy to be around.

  2. So, what’s up since may 22? Karissah has only just recently been removed from the NCMEC website and I can’t imagine the grandparents would have taken their time about getting custody of Karissah.

  3. Sorry, I was in the hospital when she was located and not properly informed. Praise the Lord she is safe.

  4. Is Trina and Stephen both, still in Jail? just a concern friend in Belize! we still think about them.

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