Sky Metalwala - LF POSTER

Sky Metalwala Age Progressed to 5 Years Old

Sky Metalwala Age Progressed to 5 Years Old

Sky Metalwala

Sky Metalwala

Sky Metalwala

Date of Birth: October 2, 2009

White Male

Height: 2’10”     Weight: 28 lbs

Hair: Black     Eyes: Brown

Missing: November 6, 2011     From: Bellevue, WA

Last seen wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, black and aqua blue sweatpants and white socks.


Sky Metalwala

Sky Metalwala

On the morning of November 6, 2011, Julia Biryukova loaded her 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son into her Silver Acura heading to Overlake Hospital Medical Centre.  According to Biryukova, Sky was not feeling well and she was going to have him seen in the emergency room of the hospital.  However they never made it to the hospital.  Biryukova claims that on the way, her car ran out of gas, at which time she took her 4 year old daughter, Maile, to walk to a gas station to get gas, leaving a sleeping Sky alone in an unlocked car on the side of the road.  When she returned an hour later Sky was missing.  Here is where the discrepancies began to add up.  According to police, Biryukova did walk to the Northtowne Chevron Service on Sunday, however she never bought gas there.  Biryukova did not ask anyone for assistance at any point during this time.  After she stopped at the service station, she called a friend whom came and picked her and her daughter up, driving them back to Biryukova’s Acura where they allegedly discovered Sky was missing.

Sky Metalwala and Julia Biryukova

Sky Metalwala and Julia Biryukova

Since reporting Sky missing to authorities, Bellevue Police Maj. Mike Johnson has confirmed that Julia Biryukova will only communicate with police through her criminal attorney, whom she hired immediately after Sky went missing.  Police continue to air their frustration with the lack of cooperation from Biryukova, and have contacted Biryukova’s attorney and requested to have a face to face meeting with the mother.  To date they have not received a response.  There are many discrepancies in Byrukova’s story that police are hoping to clarify with the her.  At this time, it is believed that an arrest for Biryukova is imminent, charging her with child neglect for leaving Sky unattended in a car on the side of the road.  Attorney’s weighing in on the matter believe that it is a strategic move on the authorities part to not arrest Biryukova as of yet, stating that they may be hoping to catch her doing something incriminating which she would not be able to do from a jail cell.

Sky Metalwala

Sky Metalwala

Local authorities took Biryukova’s car for a test drive after having it towed to their headquarters.  What they found is as disturbing as it is shocking.  Police have confirmed that there was indeed enough gas in the car for Biryukova to have reached the hospital in which she claims to have been taking Sky too.  They have also found that there was no mechanical error with the car.  Which leaves a big unanswered question, why would Biryukova leave her young son unattended in a car on the side of the road for no apparent reason?  Another matter police would like to ask Biryukova about is why she had left her purse, wallet and identification at the house.  Without these items police are questioning how Biryukova had planned on having Sky seen at the hospital, or how she intended to purchase gas.  It has also been reported that there is a hospital, The Swedish Medical Centre, only a mile from Biryukova’s home, raising the question of why she did not take Sky to that hospital.

Sky Metalwala

Sky Metalwala

When Biryukova reported Sky missing, authorities had her 4-year old daughter taken into the care of the state CPS.  Metalwala has since seen his daughter and all parties involved are working to have her returned to her father.  Biryukova did not show up for a visitation hearing held and was therefore denied any visitation rights.  At this time, Biryukova has made no attempts to see her daughter.

Police are ruling nothing out, even stating there is a ‘real possibility’ that Sky is no longer alive.  They also have not ruled out the possibility that Sky may be in the care of a friend or family member in an unknown location, possibly even overseas in the Ukraine where her father currently resides.   However, as the days add up, with no sign of Sky, sadly, the chances that he will be found safe are diminishing.  The last confirmed date of anyone besides Biryukova seeing Sky was 2 weeks previous to his disappearance.

On November 14, 2011, police stated that they are keeping an eye on Biryukova in case she attempts to leave the country.  Biryukova emigrated from Russia when she was 12-years old.

Sky and Solomon Metalwala

Sky and Solomon Metalwala

A week previous to Sky’s disappearance, his parents had reached a tentative agreement for visitation after a gruelling 12-hour mediation session.  The Friday before the little boy went missing, Biryukova backed out of the agreement stating that everyone in the mediation session was against her.  The children did not attend the mediation session, and it has now been confirmed that, unknown to Solomon Metalwala, Biryukova had left the children unattended at the home for the entire 12 hour time frame.  According to authorities, Biryukova has admitted to a long history of leaving her children unattended at home for extended periods of time.

This is also not the first time in which Sky was left unattended in a vehicle for nearly an hour. In 2009, when Sky was 3-months old, Biryukova and Metalwala left him alone in their SUV in a Target parking lot in Redmond.  Court records show that he was alone for 55 minutes on a 27-degree day in December before police had the couple paged within the store.  Police cited the parents for reckless endangerment.  The case was dismissed earlier this year, after Biryukova and Metalwala completed a year’s probation, 40 hours of community service and a 10-week parenting class.  Solomon Metalwala has stated that leaving Sky in the vehicle that day was the worst decision in his life.

Sky Metalwala

Sky Metalwala

Sky’s father, Solomon Metalwala says that Biryukova suffers from severe OCD, often going on 10-hour cleaning binges in which she would not even feed the children.  However, a medical doctor has said her diagnosis did not interfere with her ability to care for the children.  Other medical professionals, who have not treated Biryukova, have stated that the woman’s OCD would indeed play a major role in her inability to care for her children.

Not long after Sky’s disappearance was made public, Biryukova did receive a ransom email, which police have determined was a hoax and not a credible lead.

Sky Metalwala

Sky Metalwala

Solomon Metalwala, Sky’s father, has been speaking to the public daily, pleading for the return of his son.  He has also stated that he believes Biryukova knows what has happened to their son.  Authorities have confirmed that Solomon Metalwala has taken not 1, but 2 voluntary polygraph tests. His first test came back inconclusive, so at the request of local authorities, Metalwala and his attorney went to FBI headquarters for a 2nd test.  The results are not being discussed with the public, but authorities have stated that Metalwala is not a person of interest, and has been cooperating and working with authorities in all aspects of the investigation, and submitting to all requests made by the authorities.

A much theorized aspect of this tragic case is the remarkably similarity to an episode of Law and Order SVU which aired the night before Sky’s disappearance.  Solomon Metalwala has stated that Law and Order is Biryukova’s favourite show, never missing an episode.  The episode which police say is ‘strikingly similar in nature’ to Biryukova’s story, centres around a mother who tries to cover up the death of her child by claiming he was taken from her car.  The resemblance in Biryukova’s story and the episode is just too much for anyone to ignore.

At this point in time, very little is known about where baby Sky may be – what is known, is that he needs to be brought home.  Police have made a plea with the public to report any information, no matter how small it may seem, to the authorities.

Sky Metalwala Missing Poster

Sky Metalwala Missing Poster



Sky Metalwala’s mother, Julia Biryukova is now speaking out against Sky’s father, Solomon Metalwala, calling him a Sadistic Muslim Pakistani.  ABC journalist, Neal Karlinsky, has been corresponding with the woman via email.  She has made many allegations within the emails.  In one email she writes ‘My attorney has forbid me from talking about the ongoing investigation.  My husband’s claims are without merit.  Solomon is deceptive.’.

When Solomon Metalwala was presented with the email transcripts, he stated that it sounded like his ex-wife and pointed out that he is not Muslim.

The most recent break in the case came on Saturday when investigators said they found some unidentified items of interest at Watershed Park in Kirkland near where Biryukova left baby Sky unattended in her car on the side of the road.  Police are not sure if the items are related to the case, but have sent them away for analysis.

There is also some controversy over recording’s Biryukova posted on her blog of incidences when the children were going from their mother to the father’s care.  These tapes do not seem to have relevance to the ongoing investigation into the disappearance of Sky.  The recordings can be heard at the following link.


It has come to our attention that a King 5 News report states Julia Biryukova was committed to a West Seattle mental health center last year.  Records from the health center reportedly showed her mental functions on the lower end of the scale and a nurse at the facility admitted that Julia “spent eight hours a day cleaning” and “complaining of suicide”, in order, it is believed, to gain attention.  There is still no sign of Sky.


This past Monday, Solomon Metalwala, father of baby Sky, was awarded custody of his 4 year old daughter, Sky’s sister, Maile.  This coming on the tail of national family court reform organization, Fathers and Families, launching a campaign demanding the court return the little girl to her father.  It is noted that while Solomon Metalwala is very grateful for the effort of outside organizations, he is not involved in any protests and remains focused on what he needs to do in this situation.  Despite the tragic circumstances surrounding this case, it is a relief to hear that this father and daughter will be reunited.  There are still no new leads in Sky’s disappearance.


Solomon Metalwala was reunited with his 4-year old daughter Maile this past Friday, Metalwala’s attorney confirmed.  Solomon and his daughter had been separated for more than a year due to the bitter and volatile custody battle going on between the two parents.

Biryukova still has not spoken with authorities or the media.


If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Sky Metalwala, please immediately contact the Bellevue Police Department at:



The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children at:





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  1. with the mothers car, is it possible to locate a tracer that is like a gps in the motor to find out if it possible to check if the mother could of traveled to Spokane before sky disappeared? with the possibility the daughter was tired an not really aware what was going on and avoiding any help from any one to help her with sky if he was sick? could of the daughter been in the car sleeping when and if she burried sky in a shirt that she got from her in laws a few years before sky dissapeared on Christmas, could there be any evidence on the car that she went to Murphy Thornton Park & Lincoln Heights Reservoir in Spokane? then dumping sky’s clothes off at another place doing everything to throw everyone off track except god?

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