Paul and Mark rogers

Paul and Mark rogers

There has been much controversy and emotion surrounding Paul’s case and the details of his abduction.  I can admit that I am one that has fallen in love with this blue eyed boy, and am heartbroken for all that he has went through.  As many of you saw in my last update, I pleaded with Merrie and Mark to stop the social media back and forth.  Since that update, Mark has stepped up to be the bigger person and has continued fighting this battle for Paul.  I want everyone to know that Mark is a loving, caring and compassionate father.  All of us misstep from time to time (me more than most!), however noticing the misstep and correcting it says a great deal about a person’s character, and this is clearly a man of great character.  Mark deserves your support, so please send your thoughts his and Paul’s way.

We will release a new update on the status of Paul’s case as soon as we receive new information.


~ by LTWH on December 14, 2011.

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  1. hey i think i saw this kid last weekend it was my church first assemlby in miami wish i knew, i think he comes on sundays wit his ma.

  2. Dani,
    Have you contacted the numbers listed with this information? I strongly suggest you do if you have not already. It only takes one call, and if you are right, you are making all the difference in Paul’s life.

    If you have any questions or would like me to aid you in contacting the proper authorities, please email me at

    Thank you.

  3. Dear Readers,

    I’ve not yet publicly thanked Nadine and LTWH, and it’s long overdue. Thank you, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart : )

    One of the reasons I made no public comment, is because I wanted to protect my son’s privacy as to the details of his Abduction, but also because I did not want to do anything that might affect the gathering of evidence for the open Police investigation into Paul’s Abduction.

    Law Enforcement is in possession of Electronic IP routing proof, that the report above from “Dani” alleging that Paulie was “seen in Miami” was sent by a relative of the Abductor who lives in Seattle WA, and was simply a deceitful attempt to mislead both the public and Law Enforcement that Paulie was ( … safely visible in a church ??? ) , but also “still in the State of Florida”. This was both extremely calculated to be emotionally manipulative, and also to try to mislead and discourage the involvement of the FBI. It is now know to be a fact, Admitted by the Abductor and documented, that Paulie was in Ft Collins Colorado over 2,100 miles away. More Bluntly, it was a calculated lie. LTWM works with Law Enforcement in these cases so that if an Abductor or Accomplices attempt these type deceptions, the evidence is made available to Police to assist in the rescue of the child.

    So I want today to publicly thank Nadine, and everyone who supports, for their commitment and Advocacy for our Missing Children. Kind, caring and compassionate people like Nadine make all the difference in the world for loved ones of the Missing, sharing missing information and photo’s, and keeping hope alive by supporting the government associated listing agencies like NCMEC and INCMEC. ( National Center for Missing and Endangered Children ) increasing the public visibility of Law Enforcement verified Missing persons cases. LTWH verifies all Missing Person’s cases with Law Enforcement before listing them on their website, yet was maligned and slandered for doing so. LTWH’s courage to stand up to those that do this ( as they have informed is not uncommon ) is commendable and a sign of their true commitment to Missing Children.

    Paul “Paulie” Rogers is my son and until last month when he was located, recovered and rescued from his Abductor ( and her accomplices ) Nationally listed with NCMEC, ( case FA 118314 ) FDLE, Childquest, on the FBI NCIC and many many Missing Child Advocate sites as a non-Custodial Abduction, for more than a year. In reality, Paul has been experiencing being Abducted and hidden under fake names and being taught to fear or lie to police and everyone to hide his real identity.

    He was located in Ann Arbor Michigan on 8/21/12, after a concerned person reported him as Homeless ( and going by the name “Luke Jackson” ) and Paul was immediately TAKEN FROM HIS ABDUCTOR by the police based on the National FBI NCIC listing on him and his Abductor, and placed into protective Custody ( AAPD report 12-36692 ). But inexplicably, I was not immediately contacted despite authorities checking with NCMEC and NCMEC having my cell number on file, having contacted me regarding Paulie’s case frequently.

    A hearing to obtain Court permission to place Paul in CPS Custody was held on 8/22/12, and only afterwards did I learn Paulie was found, by a Facebook message sent to me. Before I even learned Paulie was found, he was placed into CPS Foster care as if he were parentless. I was not given a chance to fly 2,000 miles to a different State, so Paulie could be with his father instead of a Foster home.

    Now I am in Ann Arbor fighting for my son’s rights and what is truly best for him.

    The NCMEC has informed me that it is routine and typical for a non-Custodial Abductor to claim that the other parent “abused” their child, as an excuse for the Abduction. Based only on Allegations that have been thoroughly investigated and closed Unfounded in 3 previous States in the last 3 years, Paulie is now in a Foster home, with no reunification plan presented after nearly 4 weeks. This is a heartbreaking turn of events for Paulie, after all he has already suffered.

    I am doing everything I can to ensure Michigan CPS and Courts receive all of the facts and all of the history and all of the prior Court Orders of Paulie’s ordeal including all of the previous Court findings in 3 States that have gone as high as the Supreme Court of Florida,, and all of the closed “Unfounded” CPS reports due to False Accusations made by his Abductors.

    I pray that the Courts will be swift in recognizing the reality of Paulie’s Abductions and programming, vs the allegations of an Abductor and Accomplices.

    I ask for prayers for Paulie, as this has all been so traumatic and unfair to him.

    Thank you to everyone from every organization and every group and every person who worked and prayed for Paulie to be rescued, you have my enduring heartfelt gratitude. I look forward the day that I can share a new reunion picture like the one from our short lived reunion above, just before Paulie’s latest Abduction 3 days later.

    If interested in further information about Paulie, you can find a great deal of official History of the case of Paulie’s Abductions at his Missing Webpage at

    I would request please that all questions & inquiries be directed to the Admins of Paulie’s Missing page there.


    Mark Brian Rogers
    Paulie’s dad
    “One Day Closer”

  4. Hmm, actually, Paul was reported to Michigan CPS as being a sexually and physically abused child at the hands of his father by a PTSD expert and another mandated reporter, and that is why he was taken into CPS protective custody and placed in foster care. Children are not taken by CPS if their parent is homeless, otherwise their would be no such thing as homeless shelters for families. His mother is guilty of not protecting him well enough from Mark Brian Oger Rogers, a known domestic violence offender, with a well documented police and court history (verify it for yourself through public records like I did) and his father is guilty of abusing him so neither are considered fit parents at this point and Mark is considered dangerous. Paul was first diagnosed with PTSD immediately upon being returned from an extremely traumatic 6 week visitation with Mark Rogers and has continuing treatment since then for the abuse and trauma he experienced by his father.

  5. I believe you concerned Michigan citizen. This man is a con artist and very dangerous. I have researched public records on him and he has a whole bunch of things on there, esp domestic violence. Anyone can search and see the truth for themselves. Do not send this monster money. Let the legal entities handle this. I personally pray that this man never gets his son back!

    • I want to make this VERY clear, neither party involved in this case has EVER solicited money from myself OR my organization. I have no idea where this ridiculous idea came from. Everyone of you who has made a comment to this effect should be ashamed. You clearly do not know what you are talking about, which greatly puts the information you ‘claim’ to have researched into question, for both parties.
      I will also note, that not one single person has addressed this case with a fair and objective look at what is best for PAUL. There has been a lot of mud slinging, and even more accusations made, but NO ONE has sat back and looked at how everything in a whole is affecting the only person that this organization advocates for, PAUL.

  6. Mark did solicit money on his facebook page for Paul, which made many of us start to suspect something was not right. Mark has abused Paul and will not accept his responsibility – he therefore cannot be rehabilitated and should therefore never have contact other than in supervised counseling sessions with Paul being in control since he will continue to reoffend if given the opportunity and is a danger to Paul. The mother did not protect Paul from abuse when she was witness to his abuse of his older son Daniel and knew what he was capable of, so she is to blame as well.

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