Lights For Avery Blakeley Flier


Avery Blakeley

Avery Blakeley

Avery Blakeley

Date of Birth: December 10, 2006

Biracial (White/Hispanic) Male

Height: 2’8”     Weight: 27 lbs

Hair: Brown     Eyes: Brown

Missing: March 26, 2009     From: Malden, WA

Last Seen Wearing: Gray Sweatpants and a Blue Sweatshirt with Red Sleeves





Avery Blakeley

Avery Blakeley

Avery was last seen playing in his aunt’s yard in Malden, WA at approximately 12:30 p.m. on March 26, 2009.  His mother and aunt were removing items out of the trailer home at the time.  Avery disappeared from the yard and has never been heard from again.  Avery’s mother and aunt searched for 20 minutes for him before calling police.  Authorities stated there was no evidence of foul play in his case and they believe he drowned in Pine Creek, which runs by his aunt’s trailer.  They found one of his slippers on the bank of the creek, but there was no sign of Avery himself.  The response from the community to the search for Avery was instant.  More than 75 volunteers came out to help search for Avery, carefully combing the area near the trailer and Pine Creek.  Authorities also had dive teams and helicopters aiding in the search.  Dive teams were not successful in recovering anything.  At that time the creek was very high with debris filled muddy water.  It would be extremely difficult to find a body in these conditions, however the dive team and volunteers did not give up easily.  The dive teams went out and searched for Avery’s body again after the creek’s water level receded, and conditions improved, but to no avail.

Avery Blakeley

Avery Blakeley

To date Avery’s body has yet to be recovered, and as time goes by, the hope of finding him is diminishing.  Our hearts go out to Avery’s family, friends, and the entire community that was devastated by the loss of this beautiful baby boy.  We will remain vigilant on Avery’s case, with the hope that they will recover his body, giving his family some closure.

Avery remains classified as a missing person as his body has never been located.


If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Avery Blakeley, please immediately contact the Whitman County Sheriff’s Office at:



The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children at:




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