ILIAS BADYS – ENDANGERED MISSING September 26, 2009 – USMCC000418LTWH – UPDATED 05.22.2014


Lights For Ilias Badys Flier


Ilias Badys Age Progressed to 7 Years Old

Ilias Badys Age Progressed to 7 Years Old

Ilias Badys

Ilias Badys

Ilias Badys

Date of Birth: July 27, 2006

White Male of Middle Eastern Descent

Height: 3’4”     Weight: 38 lbs

Hair: Brown     Eyes: Brown

Missing: September 26, 2009     From: Sacramento, CA

Distinguishing Features: Birthmark on the left side of his abdomen.

Alias Name: Elias Matthew Pena


Ilias Badys

Ilias Badys

Ilias went to visit his non-custodial father, Murad Al-Kanouni, in Morocco and was supposed to return on September 26, 2009, but he never did.  Ilias’s mother, Eva Pena, travelled to Morocco and got custody of her son in Moroccan courts, but Ilias and his father went into hiding and his mother was unablt to retrieve him.  The two may be in the company of an adult male and female.




Murad Al-Kanouni

Date of Birth: January 4, 1975

Alternate Spelling of Name:  Mourad El-Kanoun


If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Ilias Badys, please immediately contact the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office at:



The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children at:



Parental Child Abduction is Child Abuse 05


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4 Responses to “ILIAS BADYS – ENDANGERED MISSING September 26, 2009 – USMCC000418LTWH – UPDATED 05.22.2014”

  1. With all due respect, I do understand the terrible pain that you went through during this entire ordeal…but Ilias is with his biological birth mother now…I don’t know or understand all the details, but was told that the father gained custody of Ilias in the Moroccan court and is living freely in the U.S. at present…

    • So the American woman saying he’s missing is NOT his birth mother? Then the boy isn’t missing!

      • Your ignorance is shocking. A mother does not need to be a birth mother to have a missing child. Are you saying that foster parents or adoptive parents have no right to report their child missing because they are not biologically theirs??? Ilias is being concealed from his mother, he HAS been abducted and we ARE working to bring him HOME – you are foolish to say what you have, and you are doing more harm to missing children than good.

  2. Ilias was born in Morocco in Safi and is a Moroccan not United States Citizen. Without too much wordiness,Ilias was taken by his father back to Morocco and reunited with his biological mother during Summer 2009. He is still there,Moroccan courts are well aware,and say no crime is committed. Currently no one except perhaps his father has any legal rights to take him away from his natural mother and out of Morocco. Also currently no police departments in the United States have petitioned for any criminal charges against the father for returning Ilias to Morocco,so his father resides again in the United States, in South Florida I believe.

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