Kelvin’s case has been restricted and since removed from the NCMEC Database.  Thank you to all of those who followed his case.

**** What a restricted case means. ****

A restricted case can mean any one of several things.  It can mean the children have been recovered, or the case has been solved, however it is not press ready at the time.  Classifying it as restricted gives the authorities and professionals time to evaluate the children, without any influence, to determine exactly how they were living and their current needs – do they need any medical treatment, counseling, drug rehab, etc. Also, during the evaluation time the professionals and authorities should be able to determine if any additional charges should be filed against the abductor(s) or anyone else.  A final determination of custody will be made (vast majority enforces orders made after the abduction), and the children will then be returned to their rightful home.  A restricted case can also mean that the case is being updated.  When this is the case, a new poster will be issued for the children and the case will be reclassified.  This generally happens within a day or two.  LTWH’s policy is to wait 7 days before reclassifying a case, therefore we avoid changing the status of a case if an update is all that is happening.  Lastly, a restricted case may mean that the publicity of the case has been ceased.  When this happens, the public is given very little information.

**** Please note that when a case is classified as restricted, we move the case to our recovered archives.****


LF Kelvin Birotte POSTER


Kelvin Birotti

Kelvin Birotti

Kelvin Birotte

Date of Birth: August 29, 2005

Black Male

Height: 2’7”     Weight: 21 lbs

Hair: Brown     Eyes: Brown

Missing: July 18, 2006     From: Richmond, TX

Alias First Name: Kevin





Kelvin was abducted by his non-custodial mother, Hilma Aparecida Caldeira, who is an Olympic Volleyball medalist.  She took Kelvin to Brazil for what was supposed to be a month trip to care for her sick brother.

Kelvin Birotte and Hilma

Kelvin Birotte and Hilma

While she was there, she filed for citizenship and residency for Kelvin, Brazil only requires a child born to a Brazilian parent to be in the country three months for citizenship.  Kelvin`s parents had met in Las Vegas two years prior to his abduction and were still married at the time of the abduction, however were experiencing marital difficulties.  Kelvin`s father was able to see him once in 2007, but has not seen him since.

Kelvin’s father has applied for his return to the United States under the international civil treaty: The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.  DO NOT PICK UP BASED ON THIS INFORMATION.  Brazil has ordered Kelvin`s return to the US, but his mother is currently in hiding while she files an appeal.

Kelvin Birotte Jr. and Sr.

Kelvin Birotte Jr. and Sr.

Kelvin`s father, Kelvin Birotte Sr., has been very active in the effort to have his son returned to him.  He is a chef and was working at Ceaser`s Palace at the time of the abduction, however he quit his job and moved to Houston to be closer to the epicenter of activity in the search for his little boy.  Due to Kelvin`s mother`s status as an Olympian, this story has been extensively covered in the media in Brazil.  Pictures of the family have been posted on all the newspapers and new broadcasts.  One can hope that with this coverage, a citizen will come forward with info as to where Caldeira is hiding Kelvin.


If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Kelvin Birotte, please immediately contact The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children at:






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