Sarah’s case has been restricted and since removed from the NCMEC Database.  Thank you to all of those who followed her case.

**** What a restricted case means. ****

The children have been recovered, or the case has been solved, however it is not press ready at the time.  Classifying it as restricted gives the authorities and professionals time to evaluate the children, without any influence, to determine exactly how they were living and their current needs – do they need any medical treatment, counseling, drug rehab, etc. Also, during the evaluation time the professionals and authorities should be able to determine if any additional charges should be filed against the abductor(s) or anyone else.  A final determination of custody will be made (vast majority enforces orders made after the abduction), and the children will then be returned to their rightful home.

**** Please note that when a case is classified as restricted, we move the case to our recovered archives.****


Sarah Oliveira

Sarah Oliveira

Sarah Oliveira

Sarah Oliveira

Sarah Oliveira

Date of Birth: September 15, 2005

Hispanic Female

Height: 3’0”     Weight: 35 lbs

Hair: Black     Eyes: Brown

Missing: August 11, 2007     From: Norwood, MA


Sarah was abducted by her non-custodial mother, Francisca Luiza Correira de Oliveira.  They may have travelled to California or Brazil.


If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Alan and Sarah Oliveira, please immediately contact the Norwood Police Department at:



The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children at:


 Parental Child Abduction is Child Abuse 04


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