Darisabel Leanna Baez

Darisabel Leanna Baez

Police and ambulance personnel responded to a home on a 911 call for an unresponsive 2-year-old child. What they saw when they got there, was a horrific sight of child abuse.  So horrific that police and emergency personnel had a stress debriefing to deal with a helpless child being so brutally beaten.  What they found was a beautiful little girl, lying on the floor lifeless, with some of the most horrific injuries one can imagine.

Darisabel Baez had been beaten for hours with a cord and video game controller by her mother’s boyfriend, screaming the entire time for her mother to help, only to have her mother ignore her cries.  Why did this mother ignore the dying cries of this child, well she was afraid she would be hit too.  As a mother, it would take a thousand bullets through my heart before I would let a monster like that come near my children.  What kind of mother lets her child be fatally beaten just to avoid the possibility of being hit by that monster.  If I was the mother of this beautiful little girl, I assure you, the police and emergency responders would by responding to a call of an unresponsive grown man, not a child.

Harve Johnson

Harve Johnson

Neida Baez

Neida Baez

Now we ask the same basic question we always do – what did this little girl do to deserve endless hours of torture.  Well, this little girl had the nerve to wake her mother and her mother’s boyfriend up at 5:00 in the morning when she woke up.  As a mother, I personally expect my children to wake me up when they get up on the odd time when I’m not already making waffles for breakfast.  I have been doing things all backwards I suppose.  Instead of making this baby girl breakfast, Harve Johnson ordered her to stand in the corner.  When her mother, Neida Baez, and the sad excuse of a man Johnson woke up at noon, Darisabel was still standing in the corner.

Darisabel Leanna Baez

Darisabel Leanna Baez

This just wasn’t enough for Johnson and he was still angry at the little girl, so he ‘swatted her on the butt’ and the girl’s diaper fell apart, feces and bits of diaper soiled Darisabel’s clothing and the floor.  Baez says she then cleaned up both her daughter and the mess on the floor.  After she was done cleaning, she alleges that was when Johnson grabbed the little girl from her and brought her into another room.  Baez says, and I quote “He was hitting her … she was crying, I told him … she didn’t deserve it. He told me to mind my business and go into the other room.”  And you know what this mother, and I use that title loosely, did, well she went right back into the living room.  From the living room she could actually hear the sound of the controller whip through the air and hit her daughter, who continued to cry and plead for her mother to help her.  Eventually the little girl became silent, her little body just gave up.  At that point Johnson put Darisabel in the bathtub to try and revive her, but she remained unresponsive.  Johnson then brought Darisabel out to her mother and the two began CPR.  At one point Darisabel began to cough up blood, then stopped breathing altogether.  This was about the time when Baez and Johnson decided a call to 911 might be in order.

Darisabel Leanna Baez

Darisabel Leanna Baez

When responders arrived on the scene, Johnson was standing around casually, texting nonchalantly as though nothing was going on.  One police woman recalls her shock at the sight of the baby girl and remembers performing mouth to mouth on Darisabel to breathe some life back into her.  As she did so, she could taste the baby girl’s blood in her mouth.  A direct quote from a first responder, “When I first saw Darisabel, it was literally like hitting me with a sledge hammer.”  “Her bruises, covering her body in different states of healing, looked like camouflage on Darisabel.”

The girl was brought to the Hershey Medical Center and placed in the critical care unit where she remained in a vegetative state on life support with multiple injuries, the most dire being injuries to her brain.  Darisabel’s wounds were widespread and severe, including visible bruises, marks and lacerations to her head, back and body, as well as injuries to the brain, chest, heart, liver, neck, extremities and vagina, with the amount of beating being so extensive, it was indicative of torture.  She never regained any kind of consciousness and died from her injuries.  No one can imagine the anguish and agony this little girl experienced in the final moments of her short life.

Darisabel Leanna Baez

Darisabel Leanna Baez

Even more horrific and disturbing, is that Neida Baez admitted that she knew her boyfriend had been beating her daughter for MONTHS.  For months!  And not once did this woman lift so much as a finger to protect her daughter.  The sad truth remains, that this little girl’s death was preventable – if only her mother had kept her safe as any other mother would.  Before Darisabel was pronounced dead, one first responder and his wife had decided that if Darisabel pulled through, they would foster the baby girl and adopt her, anything to keep her safe and away from the monsters that so callously beat Darisabel beyond recognition.

When Johnson went to trial, he would stuff tissues in his ears, place his fingers in his ears and lay his head down on the table, too much of a coward to even listen to what he had done, or look anyone in the eye.  As first responders testified, veteran police officers were unable to hold back their tears.  After hearing the case at trial, jurors took 95 minutes to decide Harve L. Johnson should die for fatally beating 2-year-old Darisabel Baez, in what they also decided was a case of torture.  It was about five minutes longer than they took to convict him of first-degree murder.  The six-man, six-woman jury rejected an impassioned plea by defense attorney Ari Weitzman to spare Johnson’s life, and also rejected the argument that Johnson’s own horrendous childhood should be taken into consideration when deciding his fate.  Jurors unanimously agreed Johnson should die for his crime.

Darisabel Leanna Baez

Darisabel Leanna Baez

Police officers who initially responded to Darisabel’s home on the day she was beaten — as well as county workers and a York Hospital trauma nurse who photographed Darisabel’s injuries, crowded the courtroom for Johnson’s guilty verdict. Many returned to hear his punishment.  They cried and hugged. Nurse Patti O’Brien later said that while police and emergency responders regularly witness heartbreaking tragedies, Darisabel’s case left an indelible mark on all of them.

Prosecutor Tim Barker acknowledged “it’s a very difficult thing” to ask a jury to impose the “ultimate sentence.”, “But we had to do that, because that’s what justice required,” he said. “Darisabel still died a torturous death … that’s forever a loss to society.”

Darisabel Leanna Baez's Grave

Darisabel Leanna Baez’s Grave

Harve Johnson will sit on death row and wait for his sentence to be carried out. Unfortunately, his life will end much more humanely than his victim’s did. Instead of hours and hours of vicious beatings by a bully and a coward, Harve will just go to sleep and never wake up. No matter how hard I try, I can never talk myself into believing that’s justice. I do believe this is the best justice a civilized society can give, however, and that I can live with.

Baez plead guilty to third-degree murder for failing to intervene while Johnson was beating her daughter to death, and will only serve a sentence of 10 years.

Johnson’s official execution date is September 10, 2013.

Darisabel Leanna Baez

Darisabel Leanna Baez

Not surprisingly, Johnson has filed for a stay of execution in the York County Common Pleas Court.  It may be years before Johnson runs out of appeals as the process is only just beginning and all avenues remain open to him at this point.  Along with the request for an emergency stay of execution, a motion for a post-conviction review of his trial and death sentence has been filed.  No alleged trial errors have been disclosed.


A documentary has been released by the first responders to the scene where Darisabel was beaten to death.  The video breaks your heart, and will remind you of the hero’s these police officers and paramedics truly are.  Please take a minute to view it below.  It will change how you see child abuse.



darisabel leanna baez - HEAVEN TO HOME



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  1. I have no words to express the sadness I feel. All I can picture is that baby girl, crying and screaming for her mommy. I walk through a burning house, and flying bullets to rescue my child. I would do anything to protect my baby. I would kill, no matter the punishment, if a man ( or woman) laid a hand and beat my child. This story makes me cry. The only solace I can find is that, the piece of shit called a man, is sentenced to death. However, it will be humane. He will get a nice last meal, and it will be just like falling asleep as he dies. I can only hope and pray that the prisoners find out what he did, and take justice into their own hands. As for the mother, the person who brought that beautiful girl in to the world, I wish, she would be sentenced to death, but that never will happen. I hope she is sterile and can never bring a child in this world. She does have the right and privilege to be called a mother. I hope her fellow prisoners take justice into their own hands as well.
    Wish I could just spit in her face, and tell her, how useless she is!

  2. the mfs need someone to beat them to death and hope they wouldnt die and then beat them some more let sob go hungry and have to live in there shit and piss until it rot them away the motherfuckers im sorry about my french but thats how i feel

  3. Words cannot express how heartbroken I am for this child. These terrible human beings need the death penalty. It isn’t enough to have them locked up. Benjamin was neglected for days and while these people are in jail they still get to eat and still have a roof over their heads.
    These terrible things happen every day, all around the world. People get locked up but during that time they make friends, they get fed and bathed, they get pampered compared to the treatment Benjamin got. It’s time for this world to make a change. They took an innocent life and their pathetic ones need to be taken as well.

  4. This people are monsters,and cowards they need to be out away and throw awaythe key.

  5. The “Mother” is a coward and to me should serve a much longer sentence because SHE should of protected her child at all costs!

  6. I have read several child abuse cases and it seems it’s always the boyfriend. I think the mother should have received the death penalty as well. This poor baby. What was going through her mind when she was begging for her mothers help, for 45 minutes, while being beat to death? What was going through the mother’s mind as she heard her child being beat (or watching) and begging for her to stop the scum? This is so heartbreaking. I’ve never really thought about the responders, doctors, nurses… The video opened my eyes as to how many people child abuse touches… not just the family, but the ones involved in trying to save the child’s life. I pray for each one of them… Darisabel Leanna Baez, RIP baby girl. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I know God chose a special place in heaven just for you. You are now safe and no one can ever hurt you again.

  7. Mommy must keep that all important piece of dick around at any costs as usual. The lows some women will go to just to keep a old no good BUM in their lives is ridiculous! Mommy’s penis told her him beating her baby was “none of my business and to go in the other room.”?! Seriously?! This coward is beating YOUR baby like a damn dog in YOUR house and it’s not your business?! As my own mother said to her alcoholic husband, “Touch one of MY babies that I carried for 9 months and spent hours to bring into this world and you’re gonna have to KILL ME!!!” Dick was just that to her dick and worth nowhere near as much as the lives of her children. This sorry pos masquerading as a mother valued a man, a no good BUM at that, over her defenseless baby and for that there is no excuse. Better be glad I wasn’t the judge because I would’ve taken her out back and gave her a good old fashioned azz kicking!

    • et d res toi, espece de con on peut battre un chien ? ON PEUT BATTRE A MORT UN MORCEAU DE MERDE CHE TU ES

  8. How does a little 2 year old baby stand in the corner for six hours without collapsing or falling back asleep?! If somehow she managed to then that should have been enough punishment to cover 4 or 5 instances of being a bad baby at least! Of course the baby was NOT bad just for wanting to eat. As a mother I have been woke up many times by hungry babies. I got them some juice and crackers or something then we went back to sleep for a while. Sure I wasn’t always happy about having to leave my warm bed temporarily at 5 in the morning,but I wasn’t going to haul off and beat my baby to alleviate my annoyment,because at the very least I feared jail enough to keep my temper in check. That being said I’ve got no sympathy for the mother who let the mess go down then tried to act innocent. Your baby cried for you and you did NOTHING to stand up for her,NO simply telling him she was innocent does NOT count. At the bare minimum you could have dialed up 911 BEFORE she loss consciousness,so that maybe she could have been saved! I hope that baby’s gorgeous blue eyes haunt you every night in your sleep for eternity!

    • How does she remain always in the corner for several hours? It’s very easy if a scary man with a booming voice tells you, “If I wake up and you’re not standing there or if you speak I will spank you!” Though I hate to reminisce about it now as an adult I often found myself punished like this by my father from a very young age. He would take me for a weekend visit to his hotel room and if I did anything to annoy him I spent hours in the corner forbidden to eat drink or sleep under the constant threat of spanking. Sadistic bastard even use to taunt me by saying,”Your legs are shaking. Are you tired? Well if you were a good girl and didn’t make Daddy angry with you then you would be in bed right now!” Woe on to me if I dared to cry! Little Darisabel was routinely abused and though quite young had already figured out how to keep herself out of worse trouble.

      • And your mother still made you go with him?

      • My mother was quite frankly a moron…Her inaction and naivety facilitated my father’s flight back to France&subsequently Israel with 4 year old me in tow. I did not like to go with him to the point of holding on to any stationary object screaming at the top of my lungs and she had been told to STOP permitting him to take me anywhere out of her supervision,but she was much more interested in keeping him happy even if I was harmed as a result. I know I know. What a loving mother I had! I’m all grown up now,yet REFUSE to return to the United States or have anything to do with her,because she’s solely to blame for what happened and had no concern for the suffering her selfish actions caused. I’m well versed in selfish man crazy mothers since I survived one.

      • Mothers like yours and Darisabel’s make me angry beyond words…..

  9. Tears stream down my face. In this baby I see myself. My mother was married to her husband before I even turned 1 and he was supposed to raise me as his own with me even calling him Daddy. My mother,a teen mom like Darisabel’s mother, was looking for love in all the WRONG places. Her supposed Prince Charming abused me physically,psychologically,and eventually sexually starting from the time I was barely walking. My mother did NOTHING to help me or either of my younger half siblings though like Darisabel’s mother she knew her man was crazy because he also beat her. Much more time was spent arguing and cussing about whether or not to take any of us hospital and who was going to take the blame than actually seeking treatment! My stepfather was a big man,almost six and a half feet tall,and his abuse left many many physical signs,yet my mother always claimed ignorance. My younger sister at age 6 was rendered unconscious after being slammed on the tile bathroom floor for getting scared and crying while my stepfather was berating her for wetting the bed,though my mother had already woken up to take care of the problem by placing a towel on the damp spot and changing the linens. There was excuse my French NO WAY IN HELL my mother could have not heard the sickening thud of my sister’s small body impacting the ground or the blood curdling scream. Yet she did NOTHING and the child remained unconscious barely breathing on the bathroom floor overnight while my mother&stepfather returned to bed and threatened the rest of us children to stay OUT of that bathroom “if you know what’s f—ing good for you!”. My mother would ultimately abandon me when I was barely 12 finally freeing me of that deranged lunatic ,but the trauma caused by her man and her betrayal will haunt me for eternity….I am most likely what little Darisabel would have become if she had survived: broken and lonely unable to trust anyone.

  10. Bitch ass niggaz always beating on babies. Try picking on someone your own size, and see what happens to you

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