Benjamin Sargent

Benjamin Sargent

5-month-old Benjamin Sargent was dropped off at his parents’ house strapped into his car seat. Eight days later, he was found in the same position. Benjamin died from an infection caused by the feces in his diaper that eventually ate through his skin, resulting from lying in his own waste, which had not been changed or attended to in 8 days.  His ‘parents’, Tracy Hermann and James Sargent, not only neglected to change their infant son, but neglected to feed him as well.  The 5 month old baby boy only weighed 2 lbs. more than what he weighed at birth.

Benjamin Sargent died with his eyes open, fists clenched and strapped into a car seat after eight days without food or water.

Now what could distract two parents so much that they fail to even remove their son from his car seat, let alone forget about him for eight days?  Surely it wasn’t the video games they played throughout the week, and cooking meals for themselves.  And I doubt they played the music that loud for fun, more so to drown out the cries from the baby, starving and sitting in his own waste.

It’s the worst case of child neglect we have seen since the turn of this century, State’s Attorney Kevin Lyons said.  Lyons said the death of Benjamin Sargent had rattled him and went on to say the parents simply left Benjamin in his crib, strapped in the seat, while they played video games, slept and ate.

Tracy Hermann and James Sargent

Tracy Hermann and James Sargent

Police interviewed Sargent, who at first told them he had moved the baby “once or twice,” but later conceded that he might not have moved Benjamin at all during the week.  Hermann’s last contact with her son was the night before police were notified. Then, she allegedly told police she “looked at the baby in the crib and presumed he was sleeping so she said she stuck a bottle between the baby and the side of the car seat so that when he woke up, he could grab it and feed himself,”.  When hearing this in court, Lyons simply stated “In case the court had missed it earlier, Benjamin Sargent was five months old,”, staring directly at Hermann.  Hermann also told police “that Benjamin was not her duty and that it was James’ responsibility.”

The house, Lyons said, was in complete disarray, with clothing everywhere and spoiled food left out. The temperature in the baby’s room was nearly 80 degrees and was also filthy, he said.

Benjamin Sargent

Benjamin Sargent

Tracy D. Hermann, 21, and James E. Sargent, 23, both of 3012 W. Proctor St., were charged with two counts of first-degree murder. Additionally, the charges state the parents’ actions or lack thereof, were “brutal and heinous . . . indicative of wanton cruelty,” factors that could mean they face up to 100 years in prison if convicted.  Lyons also said he might seek the death penalty for the two and has 120 days to make such a decision. State law allows a capital charge if the accused is older than 17 and the victim is younger than 12.
Prosecutors from Lyons’ juvenile division have already begun proceedings to permanently remove Hermann’s 3-year-old daughter from the home. That child was staying with another family member but is now in foster care with Department of Family and Children’s Services.

Saying James Sargent showed a “complete and total lack of remorse” for the death of his son, a Peoria County judge sentenced him to the maximum of 100 years in prison.  Tracy Herman was sentenced to 50 years after she pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the death of her son Benjamin.  She will have to serve her entire sentence.


Benjamin Sargent - HEAVEN TO HOME


~ by LTWH on January 10, 2012.


  1. do unto them as they have done to those

    • They should go thru the same punishment they put this poor beautiful baby thru. …..ughhh the sick scum HOW is there such discusting undescribable ppl out there like that !!!! :@

  2. hang them !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yes give the cruel inhuman bastards the death penalty

      • i agree, but before the death penalty, they should be tied in a chair for 8 days with no food and no water, let them lay in their own shit !!…then hang the bastards…


  3. Get them off this earth, they shouldn’t have rights, evil people. And were the ones paying to keep them in prison, who’s the losers??? they should endure what they have done!!!

    • I think they both should be stranded in a yard, with no way out, and let the public, with whatever they have to hold, torture them to death, so they can feel what its like to be alone & helpless, and know exactly what it feels like to have pain forced upon you, where no1 is gonna help them, they deserve to burn in hell for what they have done to littlw Benjamin. He never asked to be born, he never asked to be neglected, there are people out there who cant have children, maybe if these sick bastards had a heart they could of gave a lucky couple the chance of a family, but NO, they cared more about themselves, you 2 sick, twisted, evil scumbags. I Think I Speak For Everyone When I Say “I Hope You Recieve The Death Penalty A.s.a.p & You Both Burn in Hell, You Sick, Twisted Parasites” ! R.I.P Baby Benjamin, Another Angel To Brighten The Stars, Goodnight Godbless Little Fella xx

      • amen to that x

      • Yes every word u said i agree with n im one of those people who cant have children i would give anything to have such a beautiful child its heartbreaking. I would of given Benjamin the love he deserved not neglect. Death penalty definately n soon rotten evil bastards. Godbless little one xx

  4. Bring the death penalty back to the uk so that ALL child abusers cannot hurt anymore innocent children

  5. That baby should of not suffered like that. They had a choice she should of been on the pill and he could of put a comdom on. There are people out there that are suffering because they can’t have children they should feel ashamed. There got it coming. R.I.P little man xx

  6. Why should the tax payer pay for these pathetic excuses of human beings to stay in prison? They will be released eventually and are free to do this again! Is that what people want?! Another innocent little soul to suffer because of neglective parents! They should suffer the same as what they did to that poor little baby! A life for a life!! Especially since the poor little boy was defenceless and helpless, and the 2 people he relies on most in the world his “mum” and “dad” let him down big time! At least they would deserve it happen to them that poor child did nothing! 😦

  7. Absolutely disgraceful they deserve to hang !!!!

  8. why didn’t they hand the child to social services if they didn’t want him. That poor child could have been with loving people who would have cared for him. HANG THE BASTARDS FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO HIM. R.I.P Benjamin. the angels will look after you xxx

  9. Hang them bring back hanging so all people who hurt children can b hanged or the electric chair

  10. Start by pulling every hair out if their heads, then put each finger nail off 1 by 1. Do the same to the toes!! Chop their hands off to really hit the spot then just let them die a slow and painful death. The as they done to that poor harmless little boy…..

  11. inject those 2 with something that leaves them in a cabbage state but there brains still know whats going on and let them sit in there own shite and starve to death..thats if they are guilty which it looks like they are ????

  12. Put them in a cage no food water or toilet facilities and let them rot.

  13. those parents are nothing but fuckin scum its people like that they dont deserve kids im physically sick how can any parent do that to a child if they didnt want the child im sure someone out there wud have given him a home another young helpless life lost again lets leave the parents to die like that give them a sample of there own medicine

  14. vile bastards how can anybody do that its disgusting. poor little baby r.i.p

  15. so many people cant have children, then you get these scum of the earth people that are blessed with a beautiful little boy and they do this!!!! they need to be given the death penalty and eye for a eye.

  16. How can people neglect their children so badly, he was an innocent little baby who was left at the side to starve and die. Heaven knows how much the poor little boy went through. RIP little angel.

  17. Even death too kind for them, but the death penalty they should get that poor little mite

  18. Slow and painful death in the most horrible way ever

  19. they should be hung why should we pay to keep these fed and watered when they couldnt keep there own son fed or watered

  20. the best kind of justice is guilt try and make them feel how the poor little baby felt the pain and hunger and fever if they ever do feel the true effect felt by the baby that would eat them up slowly anf =d torment thier souls ..if not then lock them up for life death is to good for them

  21. They should not receive the death penalty as this allows them to be free’d let them rot in a prison cell somewhere far away with no hope of ever leaving, don’t allow visitors or any comforts just a cell a with a plank for a bed and a pot to wee in. This makes me sick make them suffer!

    • I agree to let them rot in prison, there they will have Bubba and Bubbette to take care of them real good. I hear most prisoners hate those who hurt children. God have mercy on their souls, God already has Little Benjamin in his loving hands!

  22. Yes would be great to have the same done to these scum bags who hurt there children but no court in this world is going to allow that . No to the death penalty to easy for them keep th in prison in solitary confinement for the rest of there life’s let other in mates get to them every now and then , officers turn a blind eye , hope they rot in hell

  23. My question is why didn’t anyone else notice? If the car was in a garage then i’d understand a little better, but for 8 days you would have thought something must have clicked or they would have used the car at some point during the 8 days.

    • The Little Fella, was handed to them in his car seat, he wasn’t in the car , he was inside the house with them, whilst they cooked and eat, played games and music so he couldn’t be heard crying, RIP little fella x

  24. disgusting….sick to the core if they don’t get the worst they can get then what is this world coming to the pain and suffering that 5mth old little boy must have gone through a life for a life

  25. I say stop testing on animals n use child abusers, pedophiles, rapists, murders and stop filling our prison’s with them it allows them to get away with it.. torture them I say put them in a vulnerable position like their victims… disgusting people like these make me so angry there’s no words for it

  26. these people should never b able to have children ever gain they should b punished in the same was as they punished those poor children also instead of doing tests on defenceless animals use these people n peadophiles for ALL testing andhow did no 1 see the baby in the car for 8 days i am sure i would have that poor baby must have been crying its eyesout bless it

  27. i very much agree with u it maddens me i would gladley torture people like this

  28. let them out & into the city centre, with theyr names & pics of their beaten babies…… & just watch what the public do to them.

  29. they need hanging…. absolutely horrific way to die, poor soul. They are both, obviously looking at their pictures, not right in the head and shouldn’t be having kids in the first place. Something to be said for sterilising people who want to have sex but in NO WAY should have children.

  30. Poor baby rest in peace xxx so many people cant have children and would of loved this little boy unconditionally. So tiny they rely on us x the parents should face death . The little girl will hopefully be found a loving family x something needs to be done in child protection so sad


  32. Death sentence should be used in these cases why should goverment funding keep them in prison in a life of luxury and protected when people who are good die of starvation and cold get rid of scum

  33. Sick ….they should be put down like the dogs they are …..

  34. Burn them alive

  35. i say strap em up till they die wiv out food water ect same as they made this poor kids suffer

  36. Burn them tied to a stake like they did in the olden days ….

  37. Do to them what they did to baby Benjamin!! RIP BABY BENJAMIN XX

  38. Poor little Benjamin .His parents are disgusting . Make it so they can NEVER have more children .Give the daughter a loving home , never to see her parents again .I think daughter needs a lot of love and cuddles .Hope the inmates in prison beat them up , and give them a HARD time . R.I.P. LITTLE MAN . XX

  39. They should get put in jail & be have them be beaten half 2 death then let them die without any food or water…. Let them feel the pain they put there baby felt….. R.I.P. little angel of god… Fly with the angels little one…. xxxooo

  40. Vile horrible beings should be tortured and starved like that poor little baby was, what is wrong with people that they would do that to a defenceless baby??? they are obviously very sick and dangerous people and should be locked up for life with no parole and tortured on a daily basis – end of

  41. Sick bastards r.i.p likkle man

  42. absolutely disgusting they should be given exactly the same treatment

  43. As a father of a little 12 month old this story mad me madder than hell but also deeply saddened and upset me. Poor little tot, you did’nt deserve to end up with these vermin as ‘parents’ and you did’nt deserve to die in such a way. I’m in tears typing this. God rest your little soul xxx

  44. I think they should be put through the exact same as that poor child! Strap them to a seat so they can’t get out an leave them to rot in their own shit with out food or water! Absolute disgrace they should not be aloud to breathe a day longer!

  45. This fucking made me sick how can people treat kids and even babys like this they sould fucking get life and that judge should not give 50 years it should be 100 years if I ever see some1 do that to their kid I swear I will kill them !SICK CUNTS

  46. they deseve to be tortured they dont deserve children awfull world we in now

  47. They are insane and and they need to be sentenced for life either in prison or psychiatric institution.Poor angel may his soul rest in peace😢❤️

  48. Death penalty!!!!!, it was there job to protect that little boy and he died hungry, scared,alone and probably in agony. they should suffer the same fate, locked in a small cell, no food or water a slow and painful death as they inflicted on him. Monsters!!!!!

  49. Poor little guy, that made me cry. Stick them in a room full of parents, once there severely injured strap them in to a seat don’t feed them let them suffer as poor Benjamin

  50. This is so sad..how can any parent do something like that…what a beautiful little boy…how cruel some people can be is unbelievable…expecially his own parents…rest in peace little 1…hope his parent get what they deserve.

  51. Strap them in a car lock it an leave them to die then they will know what poor little Benjamin went through. R.I.P. Little one your with the Angels now. XXX

  52. I feel that these people, you cannot call them parents, should face the death penalty and if not that then the sentence they have received should not be in segregation but in the main populous of the prison system and let them take their chances. They can at least fight back Benjamin could not and they abused him and neglected him until he died a lonely and painful death. RIP little one you are now in the arms of a loving father, and no longer in pain.

  53. Leave them die in agony like the way they let their beautiful son died scum of the earth or just let the public deal with them.xr.i.p benjamin Sargent .

  54. no words can describe how i am feeling poor little mite … in the bible it says “do unto others as they do unto you ” SCUM of the earth people who do this to poor defenceless children 😦 😦 😦

  55. My heartbreaks I am a mother of four and could not even comprehend treating my children in such a way .. Am speechless , this world has become so cruel ~ when we cant protect our children I wonder how much further down to the depths of hell we can fall ~ I hope the Angels wrap all these poor lambs within there wings ~ They have been called home for a reason but there purpose is bigger than what it was on earth.. R.I.P Little ones you remain forever in my thoughts an in my heart …

  56. absolutely disgusted, my poor, much wanted baby bot died 5 months ago from being too premature which caused the ventilated air he was given to force its way into the sack around his tiny heart resulting in him not having a chance of survival, and people do this to innocent babies, im heart broken my baby died, and they literally neglected this poor beautiful boy to death, how can people like this even be human, they should be hung sick bast***s!!!!!!!!!!!! id give anything to hold my baby Cael one last time, much love to the little angel xxxxxx

  57. there just sick people if thay cant look after there children thay shouldnt have any coz there are people out there how would love to have kids that cant have them,,

  58. thay need to have the sametreatment but a 1000 times worse let me at them

  59. its totally beyond my comprehension how anyone can hurt a child .. these people will burn in hell and hopefully be given a dailoy beating in jail !!

  60. Treat the bastards the same way stick them in a chair tied up and leave them to die anyone who hurts a child should be treated the same way what is wrong with these people and the courts that do not do justice for children that are starved, abused and killed life should mean life. To do harm to a young child is unbelievable what is happening in this day and age when robbery gets a longer sentance in prison than killing a child its absolutely disgusting and I cant get my head around it can you ?

  61. I say we strap them in a chair, put them in room and forget about them for 8 days..there is no way they deserve to live this life…life is a gift..one in wich they do not deserve. I will never understand how anyone could do harm to such a sweet, helpless little infant…or child of any age for that matter…this fully breaks my heart. RIP sweet little Benjamin.

  62. words fail me.its uncomprehendable to think they have done this ..evil…unhuman..they should never be released.rip sweet baby it was not your faultxx

  63. 8 days tied in a seat, no food water or toilet

  64. This has made me cry. Just feel for the poor little children who suffer at the hands of their so called parents. They don’t ask to be born. But when they are born its the parents role and honor to care, love and nurture the children, not to make them unhappy,sad or full of pain. People that abuse children in anyway should be punished in the worst possible way and treated how they made the child feel. Then they should face the death penalty as its a waste of tax payers money to keep them safe in prisons. They have no human rights when they treat children or people in that disgusting way . People like that make me angry and sick.

  65. we need to make sure these sick bastards suffer !

  66. This is disgusting how could people do something so cruel to babies especially there own these 2 should get treated they way they treated that little boy not just thrown in a cell where they can play x-box and have 2/3 meals a day they don’t deserve to walk among this earth!!

  67. They make me sick they should rot in hell

  68. There should be killed or made to suff a pain full deaths.

  69. Every child treated like this should get the justice they deserve, don’t waste state monies on keeping these cruel “people” alive.death sentence only.

  70. awful, how can these people be allowed to have children ?? sick

  71. sick bastardssssssssss arghhhh

  72. very sad situation how the hell did they live day by day knowing the baby sat in that seat with no care and attention wicked people I have four children and can not see how u could subject your own child to that they deserve to suffer the way that poor child did god will judge u

  73. Leave them in jail with no food or water, zero attention until dead!

  74. People, think for a second. Our society can hardly do to the criminals what they did to the children. We need to stay civilised and approach punishment in a mature manner. We can hardly go about beating up and starving criminals, unlike these criminals we are humane, so lets stay that way so we can better focus on protecting the innocent.

    • Of course it won’t happen but people are just expressing their disgust and starting that in an ideal world people like this (and I mean thus is a rare case of fucked up) should be made to suffer. REALLY suffer

    • I don’t agree with you on this. How can we call ourselves civilized while we allow these monsters to rape, torture and murder our innocent and vulnerable children? How can we say that we are achieving justice when all that happens is these people are sent to a place where they will always have a bed and 3 meals a day – on the taxpayers dime to boot – while their victims were forced to suffer such grotesque abuse and horrific pain. If you think this world is better off showing mercy to these animals – then you are no better than they are. What’s humane about letting a man who rapes is 6 week old daughter causing such severe internal trauma that she died being allowed to spend some time in prison then be released to walk free – how is that humane???

  75. Should be the same punishment as that for first degree murder, with no chance for parole as they cannot be allowed the chance to intergrate with normal society.

  76. r.i.p little baby im sitting here crying :,0( its sick what they done to this child they should be rottong in hell not in prison they are scum

  77. Put nappies (diapers) on them with chastity belts on them so they can’t take them off. Strap them into a chair that they can’t get out of. Put food and water just out of reach. Sit and eat gormet meals in front of them with a fan that wafts the smell over to them. And blare music so loud that it will burst their ear drums. It’s exactly what they deserve. And if they aren’t dead in the 8 days it took for this poor baby to die. Give them a nasty injury and pour dirt over it so they die painfully of an infection. Disgusting people do not deserve to have children. They should have gone from the court room to the gallows/electric chair/lethal injection room. Not one more day do they deserve on this planet unless they are in agonising pain. I also hope they have no protection in prison and all the violent criminals are told about what they did. Let them sort it out.

  78. I noticed that there is so far 607 votes for suspended sentence with chance of parole. That’s 607 cunts just as fucked up as the fuckers that let this poor little child die in such an evil way. The death penalty is far too good for them, they deserve no less than what they did to the poor boy. RIP lil dude

  79. I think its a god damn disgrace for people like them to be called ‘parents’, i mean what made them do this to a beautiful little boy, it should be him alive n them to get sentenced life in prison (until there dead) no patrole at all n them tortured until they cant take no more n begging to be killed!!!! Rest in peace little man, at least your safe and with the angels now

  80. Where do i start, broke my heart seeing those pictures so cruel bring bk hanging prison to good

  81. Prison for the rest of their lives.

  82. Death sentence! Most deffenatly …. Why are we all paying for evil scum to go to prison??? kill them make the world a better place.

  83. They need killing then chopping up then put in a meat slicer then atch brick n then sink the bastards

  84. I can’t believe some idiot has voted that those who do this sick horrible crimes to innocent babies should have a chance to get out !!!!!!! Wtf ? They should have done to them what they did but a thousand times worse.

  85. I can’t stop the floods of tears I have 3 girl one only a month older the pain that little Benjamin suffered May u rest in price little man if I could have took your pain I would have his parents if u can call them that should suffer the pain he went through and more and sent to hell far away from u in heaven little angel I wish I had not have seen this so upsetting x

  86. There must be some thing really wrong with them that’s really upset me they deserve to rot in jail. RIP little Benjamin xxxx

  87. Poor little boy their should not be allowed to have the chance to have anymore children put them in a room full of mums and dads see what happens

  88. this is so so sad what is wrong with those people i hope the rot in jail r.i.p. little angel..

  89. I read this & words fail me… I cannot understand how people can be so evil to a tiny defenceless baby!!!! Don’t hang em.. Send them to prison , put them in a cell , no clothes , no heating, no food, no water , sleep on a cold concrete floor , & make them suffer for what they’ve done !!!! & they will SUFFER.. In the worst possible way…. But that will never happen coz you will all ways get some human rights idiot saying “you can’t treat them like that” it’s again human right!!! WHAT ABOUT BENJAMIN ‘S HUMAN RIGHTS!!!!!!!!

  90. Perhaps we should take a page out of Sharia law and castrate them and cut off their hands, so they can never do such a thing again.

  91. I am crying as I write this and feel sick to the pit of my stomach. The pair of evil bastards should be thrown to a pack of wolves. That’s after being strapped in a seat and being starved for 8 days…………. God bless you little one, fly with the angels sweetheart x

  92. Don’t waste precious tax money keeping them alive or in court. Just take that old electric chair out. Strap them to it for 8 days. No food, no water, no toilet. Then switch that chair on and roast them.

  93. They should be killed they are disgusting don’t deserve to be a life the low life scum kill them they deserve it and make it painful to deserve everything they get if I ever could meet them there would be no holding me back disgusting people

  94. they both should have went to the front of the line for the death penalty illinois is getting to lenient if its a clear cut case should be no appeals strait to the chair id pay the electric bill for both

  95. In such a case, the only punishment would be to lock up the couple separately unfed and left dirty to death! Same as they have done to their innocent angel.

  96. Think parents who neglect or abuse there child want the same thing doing to them, a child doesn’t asked to be born so parents who really want children should have them and parents who don’t want them shouldn’t cos it always leads to this. I had a child 5 n half years ago who died after 8 hours old he died from neglect from the hospital they failed to get mason out in time n in a result he died from starvation to the brain, I have two children now but miss mason everyday. So this abuse n neglect should stop its so unfair no child deserve this.

  97. The bastard appealed his sentence.. Thankfully his appeal was not upheld..

    Click to access 3091052_R23.pdf

  98. I can’t believe someone would do this to a sweet and innocent child. And what is also disturbing is that 642 people think these low life’s deserve a suspended sentence with a chance at early parole!! Eye for an eye!!!!!!

  99. Bless you sweet little Ben, R I P. Now you are in heaven with the angels that will watch over you and keep you safe, they will never leave your side. The parents of this poor baby boy should be put to the worst death and left with no food and water. How can anyone be so curl to that sweet little angel my heart is broken. Why not let another family raise that little baby boy. He is safe now with our Lord. I hope that both parents burn in hell for what they did to sweet little Benjamin…

  100. i dont think they should get sentenced to endure the exact same crimes he/she committed against a child as some like these people would only have to go without food for 8 days!

  101. i cant even believe this its just so devastatingly tragic…I am absolutely horrified and sick to my stomach….There should be strict tests before anyone is allowed to bring a child into this world….Children are the most precious things alive…Another angel in heaven.xxxxx

  102. Do to them what they do to children.

  103. This is nasty they deserve to die without food or water no bathroom n with there eyes open n hands clenched to the prison bars

  104. The cheapest & best solution I think..Would be to strap them in a car, so they can’t move their arms or legs, leave them a bottle of something to drink, that’s within arms length, but, they can’t reach cause their arms are strapped down..And then let them waste away & hopefully they die a slow miserable death..

  105. People like that shouldnt be allowed to breed. What is this world coming to?? Id feed them to the lions. Bastards!!!

  106. They need to be in prison the rest of their lives or take them off this earth. No mercy.

  107. They have to die asap!

  108. They have to die asap! locked in a cell Rotting in their own shit

  109. Don’t let them out of jail let them be In there for life

  110. This is sick and that b**ch and pos excuse for a dad need the same damn punishment with straight jacket on the they starv to death how could u forget about a 5 month old baby are u kidding me this made me sick to my stomach to even think they are gonna sit in jail b warm with a place to lay there head and food and water they should b locked in a cold cement room in the dark with nothing

  111. Vengeance is mine sayeth The Lord. To do to them what they did to these poor babies is to lower yourself to their level and this making you no better than them and just as evil. Two wrongs do not make a right. They need to live so they can be haunted by thoughts of what they did. Dying is just too easy for them. Lock them up so they cannot harm another child.

  112. This story makes me so sad…A beautiful baby dies because two sorry piece of crap people were too damn lazy to change a couple of diapers and feed that poor baby…Hell you can sit on your ass and still feed your baby all you have to do is fix a bottle and changing a diaper is even easier then feeding….what the hell is wrong with these people???

  113. This truly has shocked me. Poor Benjamin! Just when you think people can’t get any more disturbed some scum bag does something like this. At least you’re away from them and at peace now Benjamin. They deserve to be strapped in a car seat for a week too. Let them shit theirselves and not have anything to eat. Horrible. I am truly disgusted.

  114. This pisses me off, there are people out there who can’t even have children and would do anything to have a child and then there’s this scum who get blessed with a child and treat them worse than vermin. Absolutely disgusting no child deserves to be treated like that if you feel like you can’t cope with a child there’s people out there that will care and love the child better then anyone ever could. Scum.

  115. Put them into general population with the father and mothers who are unable to see then children they love and miss

  116. Someone once said you should be granted a licence to have children to prove you are responsible enough. they were scoffed and ridiculed.
    This sad case only fuels that argument.
    The death penalty is too good and quick for these irresponsible so-called adults.
    Strap them into a chair for 8 days and see what they are like, if still alive or not in any discomfort leave it till they are. Then plug it in and fry fry them….
    At least the sentences with
    out parole are adequate and I doubt the penal system will allow them much luxury of complete isolation, so prisoners will administer their justice. I doubt either will survive in prison for long, either murdered or suicide will see their eventual ultimate demise.

  117. why do people like this have children I have a 3 year old little girl and cannot imagine anything happening to her she is my life they should rot for what they have done the poor innocent Benjamin had his whole life a head of him snatched away by to cruel pathetic wastes of space sweet dreams little one

  118. I think they should do time. Doesn’t look like a lot of people who have commented believe in mercy. How’s about everyone who has lied had their tongues cut off and when u were a child and stole that piece of candy guess you should have had your had cut off. Does anyone think maybe there’s an enemy at work with these two that caused them to do this to the poor child. I for one do.

    • Probably drugs looking at them, we are not just talking of a bit of candy or the lie because we were late home.
      We are talking of a defenceless 5 month old innocent baby who was totally dependent on these two so-called adults who were so out of it they couldn’t even look after themselves.
      Did they show mercy or remorse NO!
      Let them rot a slow painful death like Benjamin suffered.

  119. They should never be let out ever again lock them up and throw away the keys no food or water for days on end let them see what that poor baby went threw the pain and suffering thats just plain out cruel and low as you can get they don’t deserve any thing

  120. R.i.p Little one sleep well with the angels buy your side x

  121. r.i.p little man hope u get the best bed in heaven xx them monsters need to be tourcherd in prision not get death sentence death is to good for them but years of beating and tourchring and solitery confiment is ok for them i hope they rot in hell

  122. bring back the noose hang the bastards

  123. that is a shame that a little angel had to die like that. the parents should be made to suffer the same way, he didn’t ask to be born, but he was. if they didn’t want him they could’ve put him up for adoption so someone who couldn’t have a baby would have a chance of raising with much love unlike his birth parents who apparently doesn’t know how to love at all.

  124. Please put them in a car tie them down no food no water.. and let them use the bathroom on them self.. God please make them suffer like that poor sweet baby did.. I would loved to had that baby and loved it.. this is so sick,, I can’t think about nothing else, But that poor poor sweet baby… My heart is so broke please god please make these people pay for what they have done…

  125. I wish I could be there judge and jury to execute their punishment myself. It would be more horrible than anything they put these babies through. This makes me so angry.

  126. Bring back stoning tie them to a post and let children throw rocks at them tell they day it could take days but it would be worth it

  127. Let them starv n lay n there pee and shit then let them die poor baby thats sad they need to be dead

  128. I cant believe people would do such a thing!!!

  129. God Bless that Precious Baby!!

  130. rest easy baby boy ur safe now

  131. These USELESS PIECES OF SHIT deserve the DEATH penalty and nothing less!!!

  132. Read the bible an eye for a. eye.

  133. Strap them in a seat tight when they get a numb feeling no food no water no bathroom no sun light send in the rats and roaches and spiders lock the door keep the temp at around 90 degrees. Rest in peace lil Ben you are free and better off i wish you could have been with better parents that would love you and I am sorry you had to go through so much pain at that age you will be in my prayers

  134. 1 how the hell did the baby live to be 5 months old? Was he living with another family member 2? If he was why did that family member take him back to his parents. That poor little angel is In a much better place can you imagine what his life would have been like if he had to endure conditions like that his entire life. Honestly they should give people test before they are allowed to have children. If they don’t pass the baby automatically goes up for adoption!

  135. How can some of these people be called “parents” It makes no sense at all! Nothing pisses me off more than people who dont take care of their kid. They didnt ask to be born, when I see this stuff on the news it just sets me off. And people wonder why Im FOR the death penalty!!!

  136. death penalty isnt enough.. put them in diapers,,dont feed them dont let them change it strap them the same way that poor bab was and let them rot just like that helpless baby

  137. Rest In Peace sweet Angel. ❤

  138. Beautiful Angels in Heaven and the Guilty should be forever in Hell.


  140. I’m horrified ! Sooooooo many people want babies and are literally waiting to pay top dollar for a new baby. If you didn’t want to Care for your child why didn’t you have (father forgive me ) an abortion. Or better give the child up for adoption !!!!!!!!!! Why oh why did u put this child through all this pain !!! You will be dealt with God !!! I’m not going to place judgment on you but your creator will !! Oh hell ill place judgment you scumbag pieces of low life excuses of parents !

  141. Considering they already have them in custody I definitely believe they should get the death penalty. Now those sick assholes would have never had the chance to get arrested if that was my child. I would gladly sit in prison the rest of my life for killing those sick pieces of shit, if someone did something to my child. That poor poor baby! It just breaks my heart & I almost want to wake mine up just to hug her. Love what you have because so many can’t!

  142. I think they should face the death penalty.

  143. I have the words but I’m not going to say anything,because I would go ballistic!!!!

  144. some people down prisoners but the are people that care about the children and elders and those inmates will give them worst then what they gave that li baby and instead of killing them they need to give it to them for the whole 50-100 yr sentence if they didn’t want the baby they could have dropped him off at a church hospital know they wanted him in the house so they could get their free money , rent an free food every month oh I just want to go cry so fucken sad

  145. it still shocks and boggles my mind the way humanity has turned this generation into…people are so lazy they don’t care about anyone or anything…even human life…a child the greatest gift God can bestow on a person is not expected to fill ones heart with love and caring but some people are so indifferent that they don’t even notice a baby lying in their own waste dying of starvation….what kind of evil world do we really live in…look at the pictures of these innocent babies, none of them deserve to be bruised and battered by the ones who are supposed to protect them, my heart is filled with sorrow for them all but the mama lion in me wants to rip these assholes to shreds and rid the world of the monsters who had no business being on earth. God help us all….bless you poor babies at least God has you now

  146. How could sum 1 do this 2 a poor inocent baby my children r my life if they didnt want the baby they should of gave him up at the hospital or took him 2 the firestation instead of letting this little guy suffer the way he did the is no excuse in this world 4 that this is just f*cked up may u rest in peace benjamin may u fly with the angels heaven gained another precious angel

  147. This is absolutly discustin I feel sick to read this knowin I have a 15 week old baby my self I cant belive someone could be so sick to such harmless child they should be killed there lifes taken for doing this but to me thats the easy was out for tuem so good to no they wull suffer in jail till they rot in hell! Thanks s made me so angry

  148. they knowingly and willingly murdered that baby. But they did it in the most inhumane way they watched and allowed that innocent baby to starve to death and sit in agony as his own feces ate through his body. They are monsters and do not deserve to continue life, make them pay for what they did to that baby my God they could have given it to someone called someone hell took that baby and dropped it off at a hospital , fire station. It breaks my heart to see and read this kind of stuff ..

  149. Die you prices of trash both your parents should’ve aboded you

  150. These are sorry excuses for people. Anyone who can do this to any child, let alone their own, needs to be shot to death. Why? how? could anyone do something like this? what the hell is going on with the world that things like this is happening everywhere? If they did not want a child they could of use birth control, if they had a child n then decided they didn’t want it, they have the safe haven law. They could have gave this child up no questions asked and he could be still here smiling?!@?!?!?!? Nothing less than death should be giving to such sickening people, a slow painful death!

  151. I have no idea how someone could do that to a child period! Another thing I can’t believe is 720 people said they should get x amount of years and no suspended sentence and possible earlier parole! Are you kidding what did they give the children? You obviously didn’t read what I just read. What if that was your child? They should kill these people and be done with it! Go ahead and say I’m judging then I don’t care because that’s exactly what I’m doing for these kids because they didn’t allow them to defend there self! Sorry mother f@#$@#s

  152. public hanging…. period!

    • Public hanging is a very good idea!

    • Actually, lets strap them to something and let them starve and go without water until they die. It’s just freaking senseless!


    • People like this should feel the same pain their baby went though….strap them to a chair & make them sit in the middle of a pub where they can not only smell the food, but be taunted by the patrons of the pub…for daaaays until they expire. EYE FOR AN EYE. Until we bring back punishment like that, crime won’t be deterred. Most criminals don’t fear prison. Make them fear the painful punishment from public flogging & ridicule and make them fear death. My heart breaks for all the children who have suffered…Our good Lord called them home so they would know what love felt like, but in some cases, the suffering seems so long and too great and makes me question, “Why Lord?” 😦

  153. Can not even understand,I tresured both my children and I still do today now I have two grandchildren they are treasured even more.

  154. I would be more than happy to punish these kinds of people…..just saying

  155. it is so sad how people treat their kids like this. People if you don’t want the child their are plenty of people in the world that want children that can not bare their own. Put them up for adoption instead of
    abusing/neglecting them and not taking care of them until they die that is just sick.

  156. They should not be given the chance to have life in prison with 3 meals a day and medical care and people to take care of them.

    • you are right sheri, if they go to prision they will have food, showers tv, and a bed to sleep in. I think they need to be put in a house and strapped in and left till they die a long suffering death….

  157. These people need to be hung from a tree for the whole world to see! Freaking sick people! But NO, let’s put them in jail and feed them 3 meals and give them a toilet to use. And make everyone pay for them! Very dumb! We have death penalty for a reason! For people like this! If u can’t use death penalty to defend our country’s children then what good is it to have???
    Think our government would save our country A LOT of money and hassle if we just got rid of them sickos!! We would have a prettier country, and u wouldn’t have to worry about them anymore cuz once u harm or kill a child your done!! U shouldn’t get a second chance to do it again!! There is no COMING BACK FROM THAT!!! Fry them all!!!!

    • I agree with you Ashley. These people don’t deserve to breathe the same air as you, me or any child! And they should immediately be put to death, not jailed for years awaiting the inevitable. Just do it and get it over with. The death penalty is too easy for them. I think they should have to suffer the same way that poor baby did. No food for 8 days and sit in their own shit! That is the most horrible thing I have read in quite some time. If they are going to have babies and not want them, just leave them at the hospital and let someone have them that will love and cherish them, otherwise just don’t have kids. I am just so disgusted with this. I read two other cases last night on fb of child abuse and death. WTF is wrong with these people?

      • U are right Sheila that is what I said …..make the sorry excuses for parents pay for what they did….make them stand neck deep in shit! No food or water for eight days ….then after that if they ain’t dead shoot them point blank…..that goes for any person (well can’t call them people) animals….

    • No second chances when it comes to kids. I think its stiff but fair.

  158. First of I dont understand how people could do this or neglect a child in any case. This pisses me off to no end. They dont deserve to do jail time. They need to be publicly hung as an example to other low life pieces of s?#t like this. I think the public should be allowed to take it upon themselves to do justice when they see these things happening. Everyday I see parents that have babies for nithing more than a check from our tax dollars. So if we are in essence taking care of their children ( which most of the time the parents spend it on themselves) shouldnt we have the right to protect the child as well. Im sorry to vent this just burnt me up. And to the parents, enjoy eternity burning in hell!!!

  159. They should be lock in a seat with no food and water or bathroom to go to for 30 days !!!!!



  161. It is incredible, not just as a parent, but as a human being to read things like this done to a innocent child who can not take care of himself, let alone why do they even get pregnant not one but two times?? Why don’t they give the child away?? When does the attachment breaks?? So sad!!

  162. no reason for it. I would have taken that beautiful baby into my family and loved and cherished him! I pray that the little one felt God with him during those 8 days.

  163. sick, sick sick human beings!!! These people should not ever be allowed to be part of our society ever again!!!!!! An eye for an eye is how I see it! Cannot describe how this makes me feel!!!HORRIBLE!!

  164. I do not believe these sick f******s deserve life in prison. They do not deserve to live out their lives with food, water and health care in a prison. They deserve exactly what they provided this poor baby. They deserve the death penalty !!!!! How any mother can watch her baby starve and ignore their cry for help is sickening! I hope they get what they truly deserve

  165. My vote for punishment is a bullet is cheaper than us tax payers to support them in prison.

  166. I couldn’t imagine doing that to my daughter I Love her with all my heart. I just think some people need to be born sterile

  167. A bullet is cheaper but it is also quick. I vote the same slow death they made Benjamin endure. No actually I think they should have the same torture in the blistering hot sun! There is no punishment hard enough for these heartless animals.

  168. Death by the same action that they commented,fore that is the only ture justice.

  169. I’m not religious in no form..But god spead..God rest that baby boy’s soul..Thank the good lord in heaven that baby boy didn’t have to be raised in a home with soul less heart less creature’s that are not parent’s..They did a hateful heinous heinous crime the two of them should suffer as they made the innocent child.

  170. this absolutely disqusts me.. how can anyone do such cruel things to an innocent child? they, by all means, deserve to be tortured, locked up for life or left in a car the same way their poor child was! I hope that the state takes proper measures and punishes them in an inhumane way! I wish their other child well and hope that he/she has the best life possible! it looks to me she will be better off without either parent. god, may you let Benjamin rest in peace.

  171. they should be sent to the death penalty or pit through what that innocent baby went through

  172. Poor Baby. ThIs Is Sickening.

  173. Scrap them to chair do them the same way they did the child

  174. It is so sad that an innocent baby has to suffer this way. Why ??? If you don’t want to take care of your child give it up to someone who will. There are so many women out there who can not have children that I am sure would have gratefully taken this child off the parents hands.

  175. hanging is too good for them, they need to endure the same evil things they have done to the child, this goes for everyone that abuses a child especially in this way. strap these so called parents in a seat with their hands tied and then put them in a room for the eight days and forget them then see what shape they are in after the eight days. i would like to know who dropped the baby off in the car seat as it said at the start and in eight days where was the nurses that come and the social services and neighbours, surely they saw something or is it a case of not getting involved? where was help though? i cant believe there was none.
    this world has become so evil, we are destroying our very lives.

  176. Hopefully they will keep them separate from opposite sex community in jail and not allow visit between the two of them so that they never breed again.

  177. omfg i can not believe someone would do this to a child…. That poor baby those people should die and suffer just like that poor baby boy had to WHAT THE HELL IS THIS WORLD COMING TOO I WISH I COULD GET MY HAND ON THEM…RRRRR REST IN PEACE BENJAMIN YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TO BE HURT OR SUFFER YOU ARE A ANGEL KNOW BUDDY FLY HIGH THIS MAKES ME SO SICK TO MY STOMACH…

  178. The two parents should get done to them what they did to this 5 month old baby!! And then be put to death!!!

  179. I saw an eye for an eye, they should have to die the way they let their son die. I think that is only fitting, specially since they have no remorse.

  180. I think they should have the same done to them as to what they did to that poor innocent baby boy.

  181. Who dropped him off there and did that person speak with either of the parents?

  182. die parents the same way strap them down no food no water no out for diaper changes until you die let the people do it

  183. Jesus please return soon to remove the righteous from this horrible cruel place, there is so many sick people in this world and it makes me want to vomit,I hate having to breath the same air as these kind of people, I do know your punishment is wayyyy more severe than mankind could ever inflict, its called a burning hell which is for eternity,may you punish these two and others like them and give them what they deserve.

  184. let them die very slowly as the little angel did put them in a hot room on very uncomfortable chairs tied up no food water bathroom breaks no nothing untill they are dead. I have no use for people if you can call them that who abuse children or adults .or anyone. They need to be eliminated.

  185. Eye for an eye tooth for tooth THESE PEOPLE, if you can call them that, are useless to this society LET THEM FEEL THE SAME PAIN this poor baby felt before dieing, are u kidding me letting them sit in a cell w food,water,etc etc is not only selfish its just plain WRONG

  186. Plain and simple they should be treated the same way no food water or anything until they die

  187. I wouldn’t waste my tax dollars to take them to trial to convict or send them to prison to eat and sleep for the rest of their lives?? 8 days then strap them in…. and turn on the heat!!!

  188. No bodies perfect, things like this happen sometimes. It’s not the parents fault. I think the sentencing was not correct, they should have gotten far less time.

    • I hope this was some type of a “joke” comment..if not, are you completely screwed in the head?!?! You’re just as stupid as the two parents.. Let these murderers rot in hell.

  189. Truthfully i believe they should have to look at a room of these babys face and let it eat at them, let them see all photos even after photos of what the child look like, let it haunt them for the rest of their days, let them see how it feels to sit in a soil diaper for 8 days with no food, no water as they sit there and all they can see is the crime photos and photos of the child. (like wall paper) , hand cuff so they can’t move,,,

  190. there is no punishment that fits this type of crime. this is pure evil. the only thing is that their punishment should be long, painful beyond belief and never end.

  191. OMG! Lets put them in solitary confinement for the rest of there life so they can think about what they did! But lets only give them one meal a day and wake them up every time they sleep so they have 24hours a day to think about what they did! I would say the death penalty but that is the easy way out! I think they should get to think about there actions for the rest of there life!

  192. These people r pathedic and need to burn on hell for what they did….who on their right mind would ever do that to a baby….and how can these people call themselves real parents…..if they didn’t want the baby they should of gave him to a family member not just forget bout him and let him suffer….how pathedic….I know its mean to say but I hope god brings his hand down a pond them and sends them to hell

  193. Really they should make a mockery of them they killed a human a baby in fact DEATH ROW and ill do it if no eles has the balls I hear this stuff all the time, and more than once I heard people walking out with a slap. No this should stop now anyone who kills get killed just my opinion. Our justice system sucks and I hate it with all my heart. Why is it so hard for people to get justice in the US really? I think there just as sick in the head as those who are out there doing these crimes.

  194. That is some bs that beautiful child should never been put threw that how could a parent watch there child suffer like that I hope some one starves there punk asses strap them down and leave there shit and piss on them …… ppl like that erk my damn nerves

  195. I am a 28 year old male who would give anything to someday experience the joy of fatherhood no matter the circumstances, whether it may be unexpected, or totally planned, whether I’m flat broke or totally prepared. A child’s love is that of the purest form its not affected by the chlothes you wear, the car you drive or the color of your skin, your worth is decided by how you treat that child, and your love and support you show bo matter whats going on in your life, because in my eyes from the moment any child is concieved that child should become that parents # 1 priority and love of their life! And that’s not up for discussion I will sign off as judge, jury , and executioner. I must apologize because this is gonna be a speech and after reading that article I found it hard to read the aforementioned with the tears welling up in my eyes, so angry, so disgusted and not even just at the waste of skin parents but at society, Facebook and most of all our justice system and here’s why 5 years ago I was walking through a Walmart in ontario and I witnessed a small child roughly 5 maybe 6 start crying while his father was talking on the phone, so I asked the young lad what was wrong after 15 or 20 minutes of this and his father shrugging it off apparently whoever was on the other end of the phone was more important than his son, anyway when I asked, he said he had to go peemy response was of okay so I tapped his father on the shoulder and told him to which he responded “hey buddy maybe you should mind your own business” so I turned away and did.. Never will so that again as I watched that child tug on his fathers sleeve after 30 minutes of begging to use the washroom his father layed the hardest backhand on him I had ever seen knocking him out, upon hitting the floor the child finally was able to use the facilities in his pants to which his father replied with something I can’t remember at this point because I was already over top of him lacing him with shots one after the other to his face, in the end it took 7 employees to pull me off of him but no one except him was hurt, when I went up on trial for the assault the only thing I asked was if the child had seen what i did to his father and the judge replied no why and I said no child deserved to have anything like that ever brought anywhere near they’re lives. The judge smiled and said I agree however what you have done is a crime and I must punish u in the manner seen fit by the courts . I received 2 yrs + a day… This is the story after all that while inside one of our lovely tax payer ran facilities I met up with a man who was convicted of the rape and murder of his 7 year old son, the same man I apparently so brutally beat one afternoon in a Walmart aisle.. Serving 5 years !! That’s it it makes me sick, let me just say that that’s what’s wrong with our system my protection of a child which I ended up not doing at all was worth a almost the same amount of time as the defiling and murder!! Wow!!! That’s sick !!! I know I’m right !! In closing I must say that that man didn’t last more than a year and he got not even close to what was deserved!! And furthermore to save that child’s life I would have finished that mans life in that Walmart and gladly served my 7 year sentence the court would so “award” me for my murder that my high priced lawyer would talk down to manslaughter under extenuating circumstances, caused by years of blah blah blah!!!! I’m seriously hoping you understand what I’m trying to say here and B.T.W. this whole story was B.S. but honestly that’s what’s wrong with our system and it makes me sick!!!!!!!!

  196. They should be taken outside infront of everyone and Shot in the Head…..period no if and but about it NO EXCUSE…

  197. anybody that would do any child like that should be shot and hung. they dont deserve to live


  199. Prison is way too good! They should be forced to die the exact same way as this poor baby boy did! This just breaks my heart. There are so many people that will take children with no questions asked and care for them with love and kindness like they are one of their own.

  200. Any body that hurts a child should be stoned to death or even torchard until they die just like them little babes

  201. That’s f..cked up!! Makes me soo sick! Being i have 2 beautiful baby girls, could not imagine how these sick people do it!! And don’t blame it on mental situations that’s bullshit! I thank god everyday for my 2 blessing!! And id love to hit the electric chair or lethal injection button myself if someone ever hurt my babies! They need to burn and suffer like those innocence babies! Jail is bullshit, my beliefs are to be done to you what u have done to innocence! They know no better thier innocence, but your supposed to!! It’s not the baby’s fault they got brought into this world and situation! And then to be so helpless to not be able to tell someone or do anything to get away from sickass people like that!! It hurts my heart to even think about it!! And to imagine all the mothers that are out there wanting and crying their selfs to sleep because they can’t have kids, do u knw how grateful a woman or family would be to be able to give any abused child or any child for that matter,thats not wanted or loved, a chance of life!! No, they’d rather see babies suffer than give them life, freakin sickening!!! I hope they rot and burn in HELL!!!! That’s what they deserve!!! NO PITTY HERE,OTHER THAN FOR THE CHILDREN, SO SAD!!

  202. This wow like I’m speech less this pisses me but also I cryed reading this!! How how how can you just leave/forget ur 5 month old like that!! They need to die in prison let them serve there time until they die!! Do the same thing to them like they did to there baby!! Let them starve!! Ehhhh I’m so pissed!! I just don’t get how u can just forget and not care???

  203. this breaks my heart…. I can not imagine what this poor baby was thinking and feeling during those eight days of hell… I sincerely wish the death penalty was their punishment. He’s an angel, in Heaven with Jesus, and they will have to answer for their heinous acts. She should be forced to have a total hysterectomy and he should be sterilized as well, so on the off chance that they WOULD get out of prison, neither would ever be able to reproduce again. I feel so terrible for the little girl in this situation too. Was she being taken care of or was it just the baby that they tortured? Rest in Heaven, sweet baby…

  204. They need to be strapped to a chair, starved, and left to die from an infection caused by their own feces. Maybe then they will realize the severity of the actions. I hope god judges them accordingly and shows no mercy.

  205. Just hang them, simple as that. What would God do?

  206. this is so sad how can a parent do this to their own child i wouldnt have the guts to do this to a baby its not the childs fault.. That poor baby was innocent he didnt ask to be born he wanted someone to love him and care for him its pretty sad he was brought in the world for a reason these parents shouldnt deserve anything they need the death penalty for making this poor child suffer and the parents need to be taught what their baby boy felt like when he was suffering for his life so please let his parents suffer the way this baby did and see how they like it this baby deserves justice R.I.P. lil man u will be missed

  207. What I don’t understand is there is a million people all over the US that would have taken that baby and taken care of him . If they would have walked up my house and said they couldn’t care for the baby I would have taken him ! I have three children myself , and the thought of any of them suffering kills me … I hope these two pieces of crap have to sit in their own feces in jail . Eye for an eye and this world would be a better place !

  208. I hate child abusers. But I’m willing to bet money these people didn’t want a child to begin with, yet religious nuts insist that EVERYBODY needs to be popping out babies left and right. I have one child that is quite enough for me, I’m now single, but leave to church people to tell me OFTEN how much I need more kids. But this is HORRENDOUS. ONE CALL to DCFS from the parents would have resulted in someone coming to take the child from them and ridding them of the responsibility of him, and these dimwits were too evil to even pick up a phone to call.

    • This has absolutely nothing to do with religion! This is about two damn fucking adults who horribly mistreated and blatantly neglected a defenseless child! YOU choose how many kids you want because at the end of the day, YOU have to care for it! Those people, if you can call them that, are the worst, most despicable, low lifes and no amount of prison time will be enough. They are the scum of the Earth!

  209. The Death Sentence is too easy. I say strap them to a chair and just forget about them. At least then they suffer and realize what they did to the baby.

  210. Man that is fucked up!! my daughter is 7 months old still won’t hold the bottle!! OMG WTF!!! I am sitting here crying with my 7 month old in my arms….I went and got her out of bed!! RIP BENJAMIN!!!!!!!! ❤

  211. Are you serious?!?!? I have one son and can’t have anymore children. But this bitch can have as many as humanly possible. That’s is so unfair. Both of them should be sterelized.

  212. Let them rott in prison for the rest of their life’s.No Parole

    • Prison is too good for them. Strap them into chairs, no food, no water, no bathroom facilities. Let them die such a horrible death. Why should the taxpayers have to support these two animals? I’m sorry, animals is not the word – animals take care of their young.

  213. An eye for an eye. That child had absolutely no choice but to come into this world and that’s how he was treated! My heart aches for what that child went through for his short 5 months, he’s in a better place now, thank the lord! The parents, they need to rot in their own shit and starve to death just as their helpless child did. There should never be a lethal humane death for people such as this!

  214. I must say I admire you for what you did for that little boy. Too often children are pushed away or mistreated. I read these stories with my four month old daughter in my lap & my three sons in bed. These stories wrenched at my heart because too often as a teacher I’ve seen this but also just doing my day to day activities with my family. I would never dream of treating a child like this and no one better ever dream of treating one of my babies like this either. I know someday these folks, too, will be judged but I’m so thankful it isn’t by me. They wouldn’t get anything just from me. My reaction or judgment would likely be quite unjust like they’re actions toward the babies. I feel sick and it makes me not want to lay my baby down for fear someone may happen in her sleep. I can’t imagine drowning her out. When she cries it breaks my heart. I can’t imagine her wailing from lack of food or changing for hours let alone days. I’m glad to hear there are still folks willing to stand up for children regardless of the consequences. Thank you

  215. this is awful. i have never heard of such an awful thing. you know that baby was there. how can you jsut forget about it. and play games. when you have a bbay lif eisnt a game any more. they deserve to die both od them. that is sooo awful. AWFUL SICK FUCKNIG PEOPLE. HOW IS YOUR BABY NOT YOUR FUCKING RESPONSIBILITY.

  216. They should have to serve there time in prison with total niglect just like they put upon that poor innocent child, and then face death penalty. Waste of fucking air. Bless that little baby’s soul

  217. I have a baby girl, who was born almost a full month early (at 5lbs 6oz). I woke up, on my own, to feed and change her every two hours. I wouldn’t even let her father have visitation till she was almost 6 months old. I cant even stand having her in a wet diaper, let alone a dirty one, for more than a few minutes (she’s now 2). She always has a bowl of food within her reach, usually crackers/ cereal and some sort of berries, and a sippy cup of water or milk… She freaks when she’s out of food or drink.

    I can’t believe that these… people… would “forget” about there child. There is no reason to not feed and care for an infant. If they didn’t want the baby boy, there are places to take them. Even a broken system is better than suffering and death.

    I think that every person who hurts a child, should suffer the same fate.

  218. There is just no punishment severe enough to fit this crime. Maybe sterilization without the aid of anesthesia, a quarter of an ounce of flesh at a time…this turns my stomach.

  219. Yeah, I was absolutely disgusted, mortified and enraged by this story when I first read about it back in 2008. I have to say, that reading it again after becoming a mother, it makes me want to cause serious harm to the two of them all over again. To think they just sat there, living, playing their games, and doing their drugs while the baby screamed for someone to love and care for him. At what point does an addiction cause you to become so self-centered that you’d allow a child to die before having to do something like feed it? Just kill them already, they’ve sucked up far more air and tax-payer money than they’re worth already. WHAT’S TAKING SO LONG?

  220. Sick psychos! They deserve to be strap to a chair and go through what that innocent baby suffered! You SICK…SICK BITCH! Rot in hell you pieces of shit!

  221. I think ANYBODY who purposely abuses children should get death. No questions asked

  222. I think both parents do not deserve to live them selfish horibble monsters make me sick I hope they get beat everyday in jail…,

  223. It saddens me to think there are women in this world that would do something so brutal to there own flesh and blood. My babies are my life I love. When they are helpless infants your suppose to love and nurture them not abuse them and kill them. All I can say is karma will not let that woman go …and I hope it finds her infinity times infinity.


  225. They need to wall paper thier jail cells with the autopsy photos of this poor innocent angel so they have to look at what they did for the rest of thier lives. Disgusting pigs five minutes just five minutes alone with them is all I need..rip sweet baby..


  227. Are u kidding me? Only 50 years..I could never hurt a soul but these people do not deserve to be alive. I cant believe there are such animals that walk on this earth. I have a young son and reading this made me so sick and upset that I’m in tears. If you dont want children or cant take care of them let someone who can or better yet dont get pregnant! These vicious people are lucky I’m not the one who decides what happens to them after committing such crimes against children. God Bless that baby boy </3

  228. You have got to have pure hatred and lack of compassion to be able to ignore a hungry child! A baby is a blessing, no matter the circumstances of his/her creation! Good does not allow you a child just so you can abuse him/her and neglect him/her! What kind of mentality did these idiots have to think that those poor, unfortunate baby could take care of himself! 5 months old people! Not to mention he wasn’t his first child….that poor little girl will never see her baby brother again! I say that couple needs to fry…seriously! Their minds are already gone, what’s the point in keeping them?

  229. Even if they had to be strapped down and not given food or water for a week they would live. I think they should be given a death penalty of being put in solitary confinement and strapped to a chair for the rest of there life with no food or water. So they can truly feel the same pain as that small baby boy!!!!!!!!!!! That should be what they do. The baby was put to death so penalty should be equal. Jail is not good enough, a week without food is not good enough.

  230. My heart aches babfly as i read this article. i have a two week old son named Benjamin. my maternal instinct is already so strong. i just wonder how a mother could do this to her own child. my consolation is that God will give these parents what they deserve.

  231. My gosh, Thank God! How do these people live with them selves? I can only pray for the children and pray god will do justice. I could not sleep !! Arl

  232. Put these sick, abusive bastards behind bars for life! No food, no drinks, and no place to go to the bathroom, and no change of clothes! Nothing….let’s count down the days till their deaths!! .. they need to SUFFER SUFFER SUFFER. It’s a horrible crime and what’s worse is…there’s a lot more sick jerks out there that do not get caught!! Lets all keep our eyes and ears open even if we only save one baby….its a win. I love my children both more than anything in the world!

  233. These sick worthless bastards need shot ! that baby didn’t deserve that ! you dumb son of a bitche’s ! you need help ! i hope they starve you guys let you sit in your own fesies and strap you down you sick fuks , i have a 3 yr old that i couldn’t imagine this happening too any little baby or child infant toddlar whatever ! you deserve to rot in jail #SelfishBitch’s

  234. They need takin out and tortured to death ! slowly and slower day by day till there death 🙂

  235. God will judge them. I wonder why you are not outraged at abortion. if you saw what they do to the unborn it would make you puck.

  236. This breaks my heart. I can’t imagine what that precious little baby went through being left alone, suffering and scared. They are not human. How could they do something so horrible like this? If they didn’t want to take care of this innocent child, they should have given him up for adoption. There are so many people out there that have so much love to give that would have loved him the way that he deserved to be loved and nurtured. I don’t think they deserve the death penalty. That would be an easy way out for them. They need to suffer for what they have done. They deserve to rot in prison. Let them loose with the other inmates. I’m sure that they will give them the kind of justice that they deserve.

    • Just like I said and thought as well, even (most) they think this stuff is wrong. I’m sure they will have a very hard time is prison.

  237. look people this is so sick there are families out here like myself tht cant have any kids tht would love to have them. and then there are scumbags out here spitting them out and kill them

  238. Well one thing is for sure if they do go to prison, the rest of the prisoners are going to have fun with them. A lot of prisoners (not the other murderers) will definitely cause them some misery of their own to them, they may be in jail themselves but they still have enough morals and humanity to know this shouldn’t happen to a child.

  239. This is sick to hear .I will say this they need to just go ahead and seek the death penalty for these 2 low life individuials .Get them out of the system and NOT let us keep them up the rest of their pathatic lives

  240. ppl say oh they were on drugs so what they didnt 4get 2 feed themselves or 2 get a drink or use the toilet n they didnt 4get that baby they CHOSE NOT 2 DO ANYTHING i cant imagine what the baby went thru 4 those 8 hellish days but hes ok now hes gettin all the love and care he needs n wants i dont worry about the parents being in jail long cuz as soon as the other inmates know what theyve done they WILL BE DEALT WITH AND WILL GET EVERYTHING THEY DESERVE I HAVE TOTAL FAITH IN PRISON JUSTICE

  241. well its nice to hear justice was served… he got 100 years and she got 50 sounds like they’ll both be spending the rest of there lives in prison and maybe they can sit in their own feces… and im sure she wont wont make it out of the pen after her 50 years that will make her 71 and some of those bitches will fuck her up for whats she’s done both these cold hearted bitches deserve this nice long death sentence.

  242. I believe eye for an eye. So let those two losers starve to death and take out their toilet, or put them into diapers and don’ change them. Then they can see how it feels like they did to their son. I hope they both get the death penalty!

  243. I can’t believe someone would do this to a baby. They need to sit and waste away to nothing and I agree with some of the above comments when they say they shouldn’t get food or anything. If you don’t want to take care of kids then you should not have them or give them up for adoption so someone who does what kids can give them a nice home. They deserve to sit every bit of their sentence and whether she pled guilty she should have still gotten 100 years

  244. Omg!!! This breaks my heart……That innocent baby suffered at the hands of these two low life pond scum maggots!!! Jail is way to good for these monsters!! They do not deserve to live !! Let’s do to them what they did to this angel. And then just shoot the both of these two monsters!!! This sweet baby is sitting on the lap of Jesus along with all the other innocent angels that were abused.

  245. If these people are sterilized them future children would be saved this treatment!

  246. Reblogged this on Ink & Earth and commented:
    It’s funny how there is such an outrage about this, but when the same thing happened here in Newton about 5 years ago and no one cared. 11 month old Dominic Xavier in Newton, IA was left in his crib to “sweat out a cold” for several days, no food water or diaper changes. Furthermore he was left in a room that was being heated to approximately 100° to “help” him get better. He was found dead on his first birthday, in his crib. Police reporters said it was one of the worst things they had ever had to see or smell. Their apartment was a mess, full ashtrays and dishes and trash. Both mother and father said it was the other’s responsibility to take care of the baby. They got sentenced to 10 years prison for neglect. I don’t know about the mother, but the father got out after 3 years. And again, no one cared here.

  247. They need to either be tortured same way or be put to death in a very slow, very painful way! I have 2 daughters, one which has passed away, and one who is 9months! I would give a limb to have my daughter back, or give that baby a good home! If anyone ever touches my baby daughter now I will kill them myself! Poor baby Ben, made ne sick reading this story!

  248. OMG! I hate to see things like that! What a couple of losers. I totally believe in karma. That poor baby.

  249. I am balling my eyes that a baby had to suffer so badly in pain and to be left alone to die. Hope these parents get everything coming to them And I hope they get the same treatment if not worse. How hard is to be a good mother and father ?? Really people lime this don’t need kids let alone to live.have so much to say but not going to do nothing.

  250. This is do sick…I believe the punishment should be the same no bathroom no food..
    I font think my hard earn money should pay a jail to keep them alive…death penalty should take place in the8 days….maybe parents epuld think twice….sitting in jail ain’t justice….

  251. They should be slowly starved to death with a diaper strapped to them so their feces can eat their skin too. They should be executed after being released into gen. population for a time… What was the outcome? Did they just get a little time to be served at 30% b/c of overpopulation or the death penalty?

  252. I say these dirty bastards should rot in prison letting them die would just be the easy way out. I think they should sit in prison and their offences be public so all the other harder criminals can beat them to a pulp every day of their sorry sad excuse of a life. Fuck these 2. Let em rot!

  253. they both should die this poor baby did

  254. This disgusts me to the fullest . How dare these demond for what they did. My heart cries for this child soooooooo deeply and i am sooooo sorry to that poor baby for the pain he suffered because his sperm and egg donors are evil peices of shit!!!!! Ooooh how i wish i could hurt them for the pain they caused to that beautiful baby boy. I would have given anything to have that child and take care of him . Sooooo many people dont deserve to even have kids and it makes me sick. I wish this child didnt have to suffer like this.my hheart aches for this precious little babh

  255. They need to be treated just like they treated the baby like Heather said let them starve don’t feed them let them sit there for 8 days then execute them they don’t deserve to live.

  256. i think they should live in there cell in feces and starve them just when there about to die bring them back so the process can start all over again they should live how there son lived:(

  257. If they didn’t want the child they should have put it up for adoption there’s several couples that would love to have a child . And would take better care of that poor child. Parents who do this should be put away for life without patrol and have to deal with the sacrifices they deserve. Unreal !

  258. I feel they should die the same way they killed that poor baby. Why would someone let them live with 3 meals a day, tv, a phone to talk to people on the outside and a bed where they can actually lay without being strapped in to sit in their own feces? There are so many people who try and try to have a baby who would love them and care for them. This was the cruelest thing a person could ever possibly do in their life time. Make them suffer 8 days like they did to Benjamin. Dont let them die from a shot that will just make them go to sleep and not wake up. Either way, jail or death penalty is to good for both of them.. This sickens me.

  259. What is wrong with these people. No compation can’t think to spell. No dang love

  260. I Believe these parents if thats what you wanna call them should be strapped down just like their son for days to be starved and sit in their own shit until they die from it.

  261. Capital punishment should be the result of this tragic crime. He was an innocent baby who could not fend for himself. As a mother of 3 I would give my own life for their’s. Knowing that there are people out their who could do this to someone so innocent I honestly cannot comprehend it. This is utterly tragic.

  262. Anyone who mistreats a child without a doubt should be shot publically, no questions ask.

  263. I would only hope that these 2 so called parents rot in hell for not caring for this precious life.

  264. Is there honestly any justice that would make anyone happy? I doubt it. Nothing will ever bring this precious baby back nor undo the horrific suffering this little boy went through. What could possibly be done to them that could ever be done to them that would equal what they did to him. He was a tiny infant, not an adult. I can think of a dozen painful things but would it equal what they did? Never.

  265. i hope they die in prison they don,t need to get out at all.

  266. Knowing how the justice system operates anymore, these two idiots will get a smack on the hand and be back out on the streets. In that case I believe they both should be fixed not to be able to have any more children or animals for that matter. Very sad that humans are capable of having no feelings.

  267. Death, within 30 days of sentencing. Bring back the arenas. I would pay to watch them torn apart by hungry animals.

  268. In the end these two worthless wastes of life should be treated the same strapped to a chair not fed for 8 days and nights and shit on themselves excuse my language until they lay rot only to think about what they did to a harmless and defenseless newborn that was their own. I mean I play videogames but not to the point where my children become second If I had any thats not the cause because these people just did not care at all. Again they should be not only sentenced but treated the way they had treated Benjamin Sargent may he rest in peace his little soul.

  269. There is no place in the World for monster’s such as these two, that poor baby. To think that tax payers are going to pay to keep such scum alive is horrid.

  270. Give those non human bastards to me I week save the government some money and get justice for the baby

  271. People that abuse their kids should b locked in an abandoned warehouse and burned alive!!

  272. Wow that is so stupid i love babys and kids i get along with them Perfect but who would do that its so stupid video games are getting bad theses days


  274. They should get the exact same thing they did to that sweet baby. People like that make me sick. you lay down and have them take care of them grow the hell up. And if you don’t want them give them to someone who does. Hell my door is open as i am sure many others would be too give that baby a real life and family. Makes me sick my heart aches for this child i cant imagine being in his little shoes and going through that horrible death. I am crying still. RIP BABY BENJAMIN

  275. eye for an eye life for a life they need to be strapped down with out food or water. doesnt matter how hart they cry or beg they should be left there to die like the baby had to do selfish people

  276. they deserve to die the way their baby did that makes me so mad and sick to my stomach how could anyone do anything bad to a defenceless child they are a blessing i have 3 kids and at 5 months old i couldent put my kids down i wanted to feed them and play with them and hold them close to my heart a babys laugh is the best sound in the world to hear i wanna cry every time i see a story like this

  277. I knew I shouldn’t have read this. It sent a horrible feeling of rage through every vein in my body. It makes me sick to my core that people can be so unbelievably sick and cruel. If justice isn’t served here on Earth, you better believe it will be on judgement day. God bless his little baby soul.

  278. I agree with Amy, the process should be repeated and repeated for the rest of their lives..starve them to almost death then bring them back then do it again and Again

  279. How psyched out would you have to be to let a baby cry from being wet or hungry. Lord have mercy on them because they are complete inhuman humans with no sense of morality or compassion for a beautiful little baby boy. There are hundreds of people that would give everything they have for that little boy. I just can’t fathom how this girl and boy could be so inhuman. And where had the baby been – the story said it was brought back! Why would the court system let these animals even be allowed to take care of a small child? Put them in a torture chamber and let them die a slow agonizing death. RIP Baby Benjamin..

  280. If you don’t won’t your baby PLACE don’t beat your baby I well love to have him or her ….. It herts to see there face like that so place don’t beat them

  281. Can I ask why 885 people chose “X number of years with suspended sentences and a chance of early parole” fuck these “parents” and those who chose that answer! These two people should get nothing but what tey gave out. Little 21 year old bitch saying it’s not her responsibility? U don’t want a fucking kid? Keep you legs shut you filthy skank!

  282. thats so sad people like that should be killed by death sentence.

  283. wow…you leave you baby in a car? and let him die.. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? its common sense to feed, change and take care of the babe.. yet you leave him in the car? are you fucking crazy? you need to rot in hell you irrelevant bastards. there is something seriously wrong with both of you.. he did not deserve that.. and you do not deserve to have a child and kill him.. wow.

    • and im fucking 14 and im seeing this? wow…have some respect and common sense

    • You need to read the article again, honey. He wasn’t left in the car, he was in his carseat. And you should really watch your language, you are only 14 after all.

      • Fully support you Stephanie! Read the article sweetheart – and if I can give you one tip on a life lesson – being rude and aggressive is not the way to get others to engage with what you are trying to say. Try being civil and respectful and you will find that people will be so much more willing to discuss matters with you, rather than ignore you.

  284. I am a former foster parent of 40 kids , mother of 3 biological children, stepmother to 5, have a total group of 19 granchildren, and 2 great grands. SHAME ON THAT COUPLE. There are plenty of people wanting to adopt a baby…They deserve the same penalty they gave their son.

  285. there sorry ass fck they should be left the same way till they both fcken die sorry ass ppl

  286. I SAY NO,NO NO 2 PRISON ;; STRAP THE 2 IN A CAR WITH NO FOOD , WATER , CLOSE THE WINDOWS ,, 5 months SHOULD DO IT ;; & 4 all the sympathy people ; TRY IF FOR 8 DAYS & then tell us how ya feel

  287. An eye for an eye! Kill them son of a bitches the same horrible death!

  288. this is sad that those sorry excuse for suposed to parents could let this happen to that beautiful baby i hope they get everything they deserve plus more

  289. Oh, my God.. This is horrible. No child should have to suffer like this.


  291. They should rot in prison.they should light there prison on fire and let them die.and let them feel like cute little Benjamin did.sick people in this world.there f*** ass holes I hate people like that 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  292. these people should starve to death and be killed,and the women should be fixed to not have anymore kids ,the mans balls should be cut off so he cant produce any more kids also,people like this needs to be sent to the death penalty

  293. They should be brutaly beat in Prison! I hate them! They don’t even look like they care! Why are they still alive? They should be on death row! HANG THEM!

  294. some people should be sterilized!! prison is too good for them – how about a dark dungeon with a diaper on and no food!!

  295. put to death the way they killed their son

  296. I voted max sentence allowed,not parole. If something happens to them while in prison, so be it….in the real world nobody can do what we all would want to do to them..They should both have life sentences,no parole ever!!

  297. Just fucking kill them….

  298. Strap them in a restraint chair with their hands in cuffs for eight days. On the seventh day, set a plate of food next to them. That poor baby. The smirk on the mother’s face in her mugshot made me want to throw my phone against the wall. And don’t worry, their crimes WILL common knowlege in prison, my husband is a correctional officer and says that inmates all know what eachother are in for. These rotten animals have a rough road ahead of them.

  299. Instead of leaving them to die in a diaper for 8 days, they should confine them both to a strapped chair in diapers with no food or water until they die

  300. I makes me sick to think that the parents could do such a thing to their child.. I hope they get what they deserve… The people who do such crimes as child abuse don’t get the punishment they deserve, I think the court system should make it harder and tougher for these child abuser’s. These evil, no good, lowlife parents of this poor child should have the worst sentence they could possibly get for committing this crime. They should suffer, in the worst possible way, suffer in the way they caused their child to suffer..

  301. what is wrong w people hurting these poor innocent kids??? they need a special place for them in prison where they get the treatment they gave these babies

    • I agree, I think we should have been doing that all along. You starve a baby, leave him or her in the car seat, in the same diaper while they scream for help, for eight days, you should have to spend the same amount of time in that situation until you die….

  302. This is why I believe in an eye for an eye. That being said someone please tell me that these two ignorant pieces of shit get sentenced to life and while in prison fellow inmates take turns beating the living shit of them. People make me sick.

    • My mom was in jail for probation violation and she said that that is EXACTLY what the other inmates do to child abusers. She also said the guards stand there and watch them do it. Sad that the only ones who have the right idea are the ones locked up.


  304. Prison and the death penalty are too good for these scum… Strap them in a seat and leave them locked in to die slow and painfully.

  305. Dont send them to prison… they get 3 hots n a cott there!!! Strap their a**es down where they cant move until they die of starvation n infections from sitting in their own feces:( Sick people in this world:( RIP Lil Benjamin

  306. we have learned much in the art of torture…it is literally a science to exactly what causes the most physical, mental, and emotional pain and how much the physical body can endure. I feel that this is the exact kind of punishment to fit these (for a lack of better word) “people”.



  309. They both should be forced to endure 8 days locked in car seats in their car with no food, no water, no way to defecate except in their own filthy pants, then sent to Texas for lethal injection. Prison is too good for these two monsters!

  310. the people that believe these to should have a chance at suspended sentences and early parole are fucking morons and a complete and utter waste of fucking space they do this to a chile they should face the same death or worse, if you dont want the child give the child away dont kill him because you are heartless bastards, the child did nothing to deserve this cruelty these two should be sentenced to death in front of a firing squad or in the yakuza way the death by 1000 cuts let them have a slow painful death and let them think while they are bleeding out by these 1000 cuts of what they did rest in peice benjamin and rot in hell to the parents

  311. these 2 “parents” need to get the maximum punishment for their actions. I don’t think that 100 or 50 yrs is enough! they should serve their sentences and then receive the death penalty. No baby deserves to be treated like this, no child for that matter….u poor poor baby….well at least ur in the arms of an angel and not in the arms of those monsters! they need their asses kicked as well….well while they spend the rest of their lives in prison they each can be opened wide by bubba and bertha then as they get tired of being beaten every day they will realize the damage that they did to that innocent poor child….R.I,P baby boy

  312. Hey truthfully if i lived nexted door to ppls like that and i had a bad feeling and someone or a baby needed my help truthfully i would have eather peeked through the window and if the baby was starving i would have called CSB on the fuckers or i would have taken the baby to a safe place changed his or her dipper fed him or her and wiped his or her tears away then i would have callen CSB on the fuckers and if CSB would allow me to take care of the lil bundle of joy and adoped him so he would never again feel hungrey or sad or unloved !!!! as a mother of a 5 month baby girl once i read this and saw the baby boys pics it broke my heart so bad that i cried !!!! can someone please tell me WHY ! WHY ! the hell do parents do this to there babys there subposted to be loved and make them smile and protect them NOT ! make them starve or cry or harm them or treat them like there trash or nothing or make them feel unloved man im still crying !!!! man ur subpost to make them feel like ur baby is the light of ur life

  313. Hey truthfully if i lived nexted door to ppls like that and i had a bad feeling and someone or a baby needed my help truthfully i would have eather peeked through the window and if the baby was starving i would have called CSB on the fuckers or i would have taken the baby to a safe place changed his dipper fed him and wiped his tears away then i would have callen CSB on the fuckers and if CSB would allow me to take care of the lil bundle of joy and adoped him so he would never again feel hungrey or sad or unloved !!!! as a mother of a 5 month baby girl once i read this and saw the baby boys pics it broke my heart so bad that i cried !!!! can someone please tell me WHY ! WHY ! the hell do parents do this to there babys there subposted to be loved and make them smile and protect them NOT ! make them starve or cry or harm them or treat them like there trash or nothing or make them feel unloved man im still crying !!!! man ur subpost to make them feel like ur baby is the light of ur life

  314. The parents should get the death penalty. Y have kids and u can’t take care of them Wat a low life.

  315. I wish these 2 heartless people would get the death penalty! give your life for taking one! that’s how it should be ex specially when it comes to children and infants it outrageous me:(

  316. i agree they should get the death penalty and burn in HELL !!!! I hope hope once they get the death penalty they will kill them so slowly like to the monsters it will feel like they have been slowly being torchred and dying for years then they can have the 2 seats in hell waiting for them right next to the devil and what those monsters did the devil will perally torcher them him self !!!! so yeah im betting and hopping they will get the death penalty . I BET THAT THE MONSTERS THOUGHT IT WAS WORTH IT WELL HEY THERE GONNA GET THERE IN HELL I HOPE THEY DIE AND ROT IN HELL !!!!

    • They need to go to hell and you need to go back to school. The comments on this page almost give me less hope for this society than the crime depicted in the story above.

  317. unbelievable I mean Wow this is so
    disturbing as a mother I think WTF is going on in this
    world are these people human?

  318. I think that they should be starved and have to shit and piss in their pants for 8 days to see what they out that poor helpless baby through who did not ask to be brought into this world its so sad how people like that are even allowed to have kids….

  319. This makes me sick!! An innocent child died cause of incompetent parents. Adoption is always an option if you can’t care for a child, and it’s the responsible thing to do in that situation. So you let a beautiful baby die because you are idiots??? As a mother of 2 healthy and striving daughters I would NEVER let a child die cause I couldn’t take care of it. Plus these scumbags look like they can’t provide for that beautiful baby they let DIE. Rot in hell Benjamin’s parents.

  320. Children cannot defend themselves and in this case he couldn’t talk or walk.any punnishment they get according to the law will not measure up to what this child endured.they need beat to death.

  321. Agree with you Kate….They should be made to suffer like that poor baby suffered…..Put them in a straight jacket for 1 MONTH with no water or food – in a room with no windows and turn the heat up to eighty degrees…and no human contact for the rest of their miserable lives

    • It’s not possible to live a month without water and food. So either you kill them or you put them away, but you can’t do both.

  322. this makes me sick………i truly believe with all my heart and soul that both of them should be made to endure the exact suffering they allowed their baby to feel…… side by side in straight jackets, a diaper, a car seat put into a crib like crate, in an 80 degree room with music blaring and a picture of Benjamin in front of them for eight days……………

  323. Babys are Gifts from God. Blessings! This should never enter the mind of a parent! Sick!!!!!!!

  324. RIP sweet baby Benjamin. It’s sad that you are better off in death than you were in life. You will never have to be hurt or abused ever again. May the people who made you rot in hell!

  325. My heart is so heavy! That baby did not deserve to die! Those people have the coldest hearts, and I hope they get what they gave! I just wish somebodyyyy could have saved him before it was too late. I wish I could have saved him! R.I.p. Baby benjamin, they’ll get theirs! ❤

  326. death put them in the electric chair pull the handle an walk away, but starve them first and let them sit in their own waste.. eye for an eye

  327. The families of these people need to be charged as well. Whoever had tracys 3 year old daughter had to know that the baby was not in safe hands and should hAve contacted authorities. This crime could have been prevented if the families of these two pieces of shit would have spoken up. There needs to be a law that demands families to speak out against these unfit parents. These families knew that baby was being neglected, they should not be ignored in court.

  328. This story has absolutely rattled me. As a father of 2 boys and a baby on the way I’m stunned at the cruelty that these worthless POS showed to that beautiful little boy. The only way that I can see that 100 years and 50 years is a fair sentence is if that two are forced to lay in their on excrement and go without food and water for days at a time. They need put down like a rabid dog. They are sorry sacks of sh!+!

  329. Prison is too good for these 2 ignorant asses!!!!

  330. I hate to hear of these crimes I can’t let my baby who is 10 months in a soiled diaper for 8 minutes let alone 8 days .I believe these parents should die the same death there baby did……

  331. The parents should be made to suffer like they did that beautiful baby boy.and the mother saying he was not her responsibility bull.she should have gotten 100 years also.

  332. the same pain and torture the child had 2 endure that way when the pain that they cant handle will show what the child felt when there life or even innocence is stolen by someone who thinks its there right.

  333. All I know is that God has a special place in Hell for people like this. Who would ever think to do this to an innocent and helpless child like this. It breaks my heart when I do research on child abuse cases, I but couldn’t imagine doing this or having it done to my son. The nerve of some people.

  334. Death penalty for sure. Pour battery acid on their ass’ and let me know how it felt for his skin to be eatn through by his poop. Then pour it down their throats. As a mother I’m appalled that anybody could do that to a child. Especially their own. No mom should ever say they aren’t responsible for their own flesh and blood. It’s sad to think of how terrible this baby’s suffering was. May he rest in peace, and have a beautiful life with The Lord. He’s safe now. God bless him. 😦

  335. Strap their asses in a chair, give them a bottle of milk, and let them sit in a sound proof room with loud music and the smell of food cooking for 8 days with nothing to eat, no change of clothes or bathroom breakers..


  337. This literally made my heart hurt and break out in tears. I have four children one of who is just now 6 months old. Has been sick her entire life. She see’s a hematoligist (blood doctor) and Gastroentanoligist (intestines and digestive doctor) a neuroligist (nerve doctor) and dermatoligist (skin doctor) every month more than an hour away from my house. She even is facing a diagnosis of Leukemia. I could NEVER IMAGINE my life without her or hurting her in any way. I hope these worthless wastes of humans are killed in prison. RIP LITTLE ANGEL!

  338. What I think and or feel is not important. What was allowed to happened to this child is beyond anything that I can even imagine. What I do know in my heart is that we all will be asked to be accountable for our decisions in the end. What excuse could they possibly give for what they have done? May God be merciful that day.!

  339. why did they do that to a baby that is wrong they should get the same thing & see if they like it & if someone dose that to a baby someone should do the same to them k

  340. This makes you wish you were psychic and could see this all before it happens so you can save these lil babies! Its so sad!

  341. I feel they should be strapped in a seat and made to endure the samething but only worse

  342. How can you eat, drink, sleep, walk around, stretch out, go to the bathroom, shower while you little one is crying in pain. WTF is wrong with people. I hope they die a horrible painful death.

  343. why didnt they give the baby away????? Ill tell you why because withhim there would be a loss of foodstamps medicaid welfare money etc !! I believe in the deathpenalty and I dont mean 20 years from now but as soon as possible, we have enough monsters using oxygen that is needed for decent people. hopefully the monsters will be in the general population at jail to allow for some justice to be used on them both, If I had a daughter or son that would do such monstrous acts to my grandbaby I would pay someone first to beat them then disown them completely

  344. anyone that can do this to a hild needs prison for life. no parole notthing i say the chair

  345. There is NO EXCUSE for this type of behavior, Period! And if what was said about them playing video games, eating and sleeping is true, then along with them spending 100 yrs, and 50 yrs in prison (which is cutting them more of a break, than I would have.) They should NEVER be allowed to see, much less play another game of ANY type. Except maybe “how do I change my diaper in a straight jacket”?

  346. they need to strapped in a chair left for as long as it takes them to die..the people who committed this crime are not human ..they are filth,scum ,low life ..puke on the bottom of someone shoes…die in hell ….

  347. They both should get death penalty. They kill a baby of 5 month!!

  348. If you don’t want to be bothered with a baby why not give it to someone whom is looking to adopt a baby?! That boy could have had a full life. He could have been anything and they took that away from him. I don’t want the death penalty, that is way too easy. Let them rott!!

  349. I do believe they should be put to death, I don’t give a crap who people think they are you never treat a child that way. They didn’t ask for the parents they got. Children deserve a hell of a lot better than people that abuse them. I don’t see how anyone could be so heartless.

  350. These people can go to heaven… Think about it.

  351. These people should never be allowed to have children again-they should be locked up for life since we can’t give them the same treatment that they gave to their son.

  352. These sick ass fucks need to die and burn in hell ..poor baby boy

  353. Just terrible. They both should have to sit in there shit for as long as it takes them to die

  354. One of the saddest things I have ever read.

  355. Rot in Hell. You both are pathetic excuses for human beings. How you were blessed with a baby in beyond me. I have ZERO tolerance for child and animal abuse.

  356. So sick that poor baby suffered a died like that he did not ask to be brought into this world and it takes sick ass people to do that to that baby these sick ass people deserve to die in the same way that baby did and go to hell because thats what that poor baby had to go through in his final days was hell

  357. may they be tormented and tortured thru there actions; I hope they burn in hell

  358. Wow that made me sick to my stomach! Video games?!?! I’m willing to bet it was drugs not games!! Totally unbelievable and very very uncalled for!!! The two of them are most likely getting tortured in jail!!

    • I hope so……… I think they should die the way they killed their son. But you know they have “rights”. It is sad that we have to treat them as human beings because they are anything but. Wild animals treat their children better.

  359. They will get theirs in prison….Inmates do not like child abusers

  360. I hope the prosecutor seeks the death penalty, you have to be seriously psychopathic to torture an infant like that, so sad how that poor baby suffered.

  361. There is no word for the way I feel. I would love to meet these people and spit in there face. They deserve a million times plus what they did to there baby. There seriously needs to be a law on who can have kids. How many kids have to die before something gets done.

  362. I can not imagine neglecting my babies. They r 12, 8, and 6 now but no matter their age, I just cant imagine. I remember how bad i felt if i didnt smell a messy diaper right away when they were babies, or say i had just changed them and they soiled them self immediatly after and it took a few mins before i knew so that i could change them. I can not imagine just leaving them there for 3 hours without a change and feeding, let alone, 8 days of no care. This breaks my heart to pieces. Its sad to say but true, poor baby is in a better place now but its a shame that there wasnt a responsible family member who could have cared for the baby so that this wouldnt have happened. Their description of living conditions in the home, a family member or friend should have stepped in right there. We cant dwell on the what if’s but, its kind of hard not to think of them. Rest peacefully sweet baby boy, burn in hell mom n dad

  363. that poor, poor child…they should do the exact same thing to the parents…strap them in to a car seat, don’t feed them and let them sit in their own piss and shit until they die!!!!!!!!!

  364. They should be put to death poor poor baby the people that are ment to care for him how could they :@

  365. People like this should be sterilized so can never have kids again.

    • I so agree… the so call parents should spend their time in jail as well as being sterilized so they can never ever have another child…. It makes me wonder why God allowed people like this to have children when there are so many wanting a child and for some cruel twist of fate can’t ? 😦

  366. You can’t tell me that no one was aware of the disgusting neglect this sweet little angel was enduring! The parents need to die a painful death, starved and chained to a concrete chair and I have a feeling other family members need to be sentenced as well!

  367. I think this should be tried in Texas.

  368. This is a horrendous case for sure but this type of behaviour happens a lot more than people realize. It seems the percentage of people walking around without a conscience increases daily. I feel like most others do, that they should be left to die in the same manner as their child was but the truth is it wouldn’t make a positive difference; not to them as it would teach them nothing, not to me as it wouldn’t quash my anger and not to their son as it’s too late for him. It would give the general public the perception of victory and justice but unfortunately, such a punishment would weigh heavily on the minds of those with any real humanity left and effectively work the rest into a frenzied state of hunger for vengeance.

    • Well said. You make some very great and valid points. What do you think would be the best attempt at justice we could make for these children? I ask with complete respect, and I really would like your input. I would like to share your comment on our FB page for LTWH, would that be alright?

  369. i have lots a lil one due to SIDS so i dont see how people can be so rude crude and crule if u not going to take care of the baby give it to someone who cant have one

  370. That’s the most sorry thing I have ever heard they need to be beaten really bad every day they are in prison

  371. they will rot in hell for this

  372. Both the “parents” don’t ever deserve to be parents again. They both deserve to get throne in a deep dark hole to live out the rest of there days, no food, no water. DISGUSTING!!!!!!

  373. The government should make it a law that any woman that abuses their children they will have their womb remove and for men they will have a vasectomy. And on top of that they are to do the maximum time in prison without the possibility of parole.

  374. I am shocked, disgusted and hope these people rot in hell. How could they do that?

  375. i agree their punishment should fit their crime. i’m not sure about hell i think people who do things so awful should receive justice while they are alive.

  376. Im sorry for the baby because there are so many people who would of taken him in a heartbeat. I think they need to let me be the punisher, i think they need to be skinned like the deer, rolled in pickled salt nd laid in their own speciese nd starved to death, resesitate the bartards nd let all the gaurds nd prisones dry fuck them until there bad enough that the jail fell in them nd if u think im bad about saying this think about what that baby went threw nd felt

  377. All I can say is these sick fucks will rot in hell…I have 2 children and cant even fathom either of them going through something as horrific as this poor baby:(RIP little man

  378. u can do a lot of bad stuff but win you fuck with a kid that’s fuck’t up so they shoud they guy shoud get his balls cut off and but fuckt and they girl she shoud have no food are water tell that bitch die

  379. Prison is to good for them. Why should they live? Best punishment to treat them as they did with Angel Benjmin. Why should they have food and water and a toliet. Put them in solitary no food no water, no Nothing, maybe if they get hungry enough they can eat their own fecess. they deserve no better then what they did, they deserve Worse.!

  380. This is what our society has come to, “parent” getting to live, eat, breath, study, socialize all on the tax payers dime. A five month old baby was left to die strapped into a car seat while these waste of human space played video games. They should both be strapped to a chair and left until dead. I hope they are both violated in the worst of ways in prison and I hope thier lives are short and miserable.

  381. How would they like it if someone did that to them

  382. I don’t have words to say how awful I feel right now. Sadly they won’t get half what they deserve.

  383. The very second I seen this I went into tears with cold chills all over my body. I have a 2 1/2 year old son and a 1 month old daughter. They are mine and their father’s pride and joy! These people, because you cannot call them parents are worthless, lazy, cold hearted POS!!! That woman was not a true mother. A real mother cares, nurtures, and provides in every single way they can for their children. And as far as the father goes, feeling no remorse or pain for what he done to his only son is shocking. Why have children if your going to do heartless things like this? It was not the child’s idea to be brought into the world it was the POS so called parents choice. I’m a true believer in my God and I know there is the Devil as well. That precious baby boy Benjamin is in Heaven because God needed another angel in his kingdom. As for her and him they will go straight to Hell! No questions asked. That’s exactly where they belong to burn for ALL ETERNITY!!!! RIP Baby Benjamin you are truly in a better place<3

  384. Make them sit in their shit without food, no water, no nothing, until their last breath in 100 degree weather. Don’t waste the tax payers money for them to be in prison for 20 years

  385. all these abusive fucks need to be killed for this i would never beat my kid like this a spanking if need but ill say this if one of my freinds did this and i found out they would be 6 ft under no lie its not right

  386. I’m so disgusted with these kinds of .people. there must be something we as Americans can stop this horrible child abuse. I cry for every child out there. please help me find a way to the government to have an idea to stop this. there’s gotta be some way of help.

  387. I agree make them sit in their shit without food, no water, no nothing, until their last breath in 100 degree weather. Don’t waste the tax payers money for them to be in prison for 20 years

  388. This is so sad.. Poor excuse for parenting. They should be left in jail without food. Just throw the key away. They are just a waste of space on this earth.. They should never be allowed to be around anyone that is human.

  389. They need to rot in hell. This is the sadness thing I’ve read. They should go through what that little boy went through. Breaks my heart

  390. maybe someone ought to strap them in a bed for 8 days no food or water and dont unstrap them for the eight days either and let them sit in their feces. So gross and uncalled for. Lets make sure they get some nice smelling food and poor a glass of pop and let them smell it and see it but cant get to it. Some people just need casterated and hysterectomy cause they dont deserve kids.


  392. So many ask how can this be?? Because society has been duped into believing that life holds no intrinsic value. If the mother had Benjamin killed 5 months and one day prior to finding him in his car seat, that would have been considered ” choice ” or ” reproductive health “. Life holds no value ….. unless deemed so by someone else. If it’s inconvenient, it’s disposable. Adoption is the option!

  393. Tie the bastards up in a chair & let them sit in their feces,then put them in jail (isolated cell) for the rest of their damn lives-& even that is too damn good for them. Dear God in Heaven what a horrible,horrible thing!!1

  394. The fact that it happened a few years ago isn’t the issue. It’s the fact that it happened AT ALL! years passing doesn’t lesson the brutality of the incident.

  395. I hope these “parents” rott in hell. Rest in peace sweet baby boy, I would have been more then happy to take this baby boy and care for him and love him as my own amongst millions of other REAL parents would do as well I’m sure. Rott in hell!

  396. This saddens me so much. It is not fair that couples who yearn to have children can’t and to see this happen to a child whose parents do not deserve him. I can’t help but cry for this angel. now he is in a better place where he will be taken cared of.

  397. These people need to be tortured and die slowly and painfully like the poor little boy😢😢😢😢😢

  398. Look at the smirk on that low life cunts face excuse my language but this is disgusting and in prison well shit happens

  399. Oh how I wish I could beat those people up and show how hurt that baby was. He was fucking innocent. That baby did not deserver to die what so ever. R.I.P. Benjamin.

  400. This makes me so so sad. i do everything to make sure my son is happy healthy and well looked after. having kids is the biggest blessing on earth and then you get some people that do things like this. may they never have joy in there lifes again.

  401. These two need to burn. How could someone even do this to an innocent baby. They are completely ignorant/cruel/evil and I pray they are beaten repeatedly everyday and feel 100x more pain for all the pain they have caused that little boy until they are dead and even after death. The death penalty shouldn’t even be a thought for these two, but when there dead there free. They need to suffer!! I’d keep them alive to rot in prison with the constant reminder of what they have done.

    • That’s what I say ..let them suffe..that baby didn’t get any decisions so they shouldn’t either..let them sit in shit for awhile!!

    • I so agree on that… They need to be beaten until they wish to die but keep them alive and then beat them again… Have them eat their own feces and ugh just makes me so angry that people are doing these awful things to babies/kids… Heart breaking…

    • what they should do is tie these people inside a car so they can’t escape for8 days with no water or food see how long they can go

    • I say put them in a restraint chair for 8 days straight and let them sitin there own filt and sit some food right out of there reach and see how it makes them feel. Oh n dont forget to look in on them since they did claim to do that to the poor boy….may he rest in peice…..as for the parents I hope they get 100 times what he felt in those 8 days

    • I totally agree I look at my son and daughter and would kill anyone who would have bad intentions towards them. I will never understand how people harm children

  402. These two are not human beings and therefore should be put to death for this cold blooded murder of THEIR 5 month old baby boy .Even animals take better care of their young . How in the world did their 3yr old daughter survive ??..
    No Prison Time Immediately Put To DEATH ..

    • I also wondered how their 3 year old survived…
      Strap the birth vessel and sperm doner to chairs…
      leave them until they die, put food close by maybe but I wouldnt bother.

  403. i like the idea of the death penalty but they deserve to be miserable for a long life beaten and raped everyday in prison and not allowed to eat and should be strapped sitting up like they did to the child only time they get up is to be raped or beaten they should have to sit in their own shit and piss and let them feel the pain of it eating away at their flesh they are what horrow movies are made of we thought dahmer was bad he’s a saint compared to them I wish them death and suffering for eternity.


  404. so sick a mother is supposed to protect her baby not starve him to death!

  405. i am sickened!! by what i just read, how did they manage to have a 3 year old as well, i hope they rot in hell!!!

  406. This saddens me so much. How can two people forget about thier son, thier own child? Its disgusting!!!! I cannot fathom how that woman no that witch (she doesnt deserve to be called a mother let alone human being) could let that poor baby suffer alone like that. A mother is supposed to love, protect and cherish thier children not strap them up and expect them to feed and change themselves. Fucking hell i am so outraged by this. A child should never have to die like that especially at such a young age, its disrespectful. I wish for nothing but the worst for these two fucktards. I hope they get strapped up in an uncomfortable hard chair and left in a jail cell to sit and starve in thier own shit, letting it eat away at thier flesh!- Its the right thing to do.
    Poor baby Benjamin, may your precious innocent soul Rest in peace and love! You are in a better place now, no more hurting for you, just alot of love and cuddles and happiness♡

  407. this is absoluelty horrible. it makes me sick when i hear of someone hurting a little innocent baby or letting them suffer. i just dont see how anyone could do something like that to someone who cant help themselves. they are cowards and should rot in hell for eternity. NO DEATH PENALTY, that is just too easy for them. let them suffer. RIP little benjamin!

  408. These 2 so called parents need to be put in a adult diaper, strapped to a seat and left til they die. They don’t deserve to live in prison and eat everyday and be allowed to use the bathroom. We as tax payers, really don’t want to feed them for the rest of they’re lives. I believe when a child and/or BABY is abused, how ever they were abused, the parents should receive the exact same treatment. This makes me sick, so many people would have loved to take care of this baby. These parents need to be put to death.

  409. Don’t allow either of them to make another child….never let them feel satisfied at mealtime again….don’t give them soap to wash their behinds….and only a hole in the floor to relieve their bladder and bowels… Then make them listen to a baby cry “everyday for the rest of their lives”
    Send them to that Sherriff in Arizona for their prison stay!

  410. That’s awful… 😥 I have a 3 year old right now, and I’m pregnant with my second. The thought that there is people out there that actually do this to their children makes me sick to my stomach. They deserve everything they’re going to get. Cases like these makes me wish I was in the old days or in a different country because they would get done exactly what was done to that poor baby. Ever seen that facebook post where there are men tied to a pole and rats are eating away at their genitalia? It says they were child molesters. Best post. Describes exactly how I feel in this situation. Strap them to a chair and let them rot.

  411. A 5 month old baby can’t grasp and find its bottle on their own. So even if he was awake and hungry he couldn’t get the bottle to feed him self. These two shouldsuffer just as their son has to his ddeath. I pray for all babies that this has happened to. No baby should suffer they are innocent and deserve a chance at life. 😦 😦

  412. They should have to suffer like that precious defenseless baby. Put them in a cell handcuffed and just let them sit. No food, no water. Let them sit in their own waste until they eventually fade away. Then God will handle them.

  413. I think this is sad i had a 5month old son die from simular situation left in a car seat for father day weekend no food milk or water or changed and abused her died from blunt force trauma to the head it crushed me especially when i see this shit and they ony gave the bitch Shirley Wilson 6Years in jail

  414. so many people in world want children and cant have them… asshole like these get blessed with a beautiful son and then starve him to death.. what a shame…. we know who will not be standing at the pearly gate ….huh…burn in hell bitches!!!!

  415. If someone has a child that they do not want, please, please take that child to the hospital or fire department and leave him or her there. There is always a set of parents waiting to love, nurture and care for that child. There is nothing in this world that hurts more, than to see a child abused or hurt in any way. The story of little Benjamin breaks my heart.

  416. This is evil at its purest, also an example at how selfish a lot of society has become. I could beat them until all my knuckles were broken. So fuckin sick its Unbelievable. This will haunt me

  417. All abusers need to die. They have no use on this earth. Rest In Peace all the children who were murdered.

  418. Why should we as tax payers have to pay their way thru prison, get rid of them now, what good are these animals, more like beasts, maybe devils advocates. Hell I don’t think the devil himself is even this sick. No the justice system will prolong this and carry on for however long they want, how can someone defend people like this and go home feeling like they did a great thing today? I am enraged because people like this, and many other sick individulas get way to many chances and then this happens!!!! Repeat offenders for heinous crimes get little time and then released because of good behavior and then repeat the act again! What? The courts wonder why, duh figure it out, get rid of all scum for good, I could think of many different ways then wasting OUR money and time….

  419. Put them into the general population of the prison…need I say more

  420. the motherfuckers need to die in there shit and piss and need someone to beat them to death and hope they dont die a beat them some more

  421. These people make me sick! How can you just sit there and listen to your own child cry and scream bc your not feeding changing or caring for him. That poor baby was probably wondering why no one was there to help him. Just SICK those piece of shits if your too lazy to take care of your child then go take your child to social services dont let your baby just sit there and die wtf is wrong with people these days!!!! R.I.P little sweet baby your in gods hands now.

  422. They should be strapped in the electric chair 8 days without any food, water or toilet before the switch is pulled. Send them to Texas, our state WILL give them Justice!

  423. Thank you for sharing this story, as difficult as it is to read. It goes on everywhere, everyday. Often, people suspect, but fail to notify anyone, for a multitude of reasons. But, please, if you think something’s wrong, do something to find out more, tell someone, ask questions…. help save these little angels who can’t save themselves! ❤

  424. What stupid heartless person could do that to any child let alone their own?!That baby was beautiful. RIH Benjamin

  425. KILLL them NOW…hopefully someone on prison does it first because I’m sure theyll get life and taxpayers will support them…this is bullshit..Why is there not a death penalty that can go in effect immediately !!!!!!

  426. This makes me sick!!! People like me want a baby and people like this scrum are blessed with one and do this! If they didn’t want the baby- put him up for adoption! I hope these two murderers rott in hell!

  427. They need to be sent to the worst prison they have like Istanbul or some fucked up country somewhere that dont treat them as humane as the prisons here.. with hot meals and showers and get beat…

  428. Strap them down and leave them to die as long as it takes. Let them see how that poor sweet baby felt. This just makes me sick.

  429. I’m wondering how the baby lived so long in the first place, and why at that point they gave zero fucks..? And who dropped the baby off!! If the baby was only two pounds heavier than what is was when it was born, the person who dropped it off to them, should’ve known some type of neglect was going on. This is horrible, and I think they should be strapped down and subjected to endure what they made their baby to endure.

  430. I hope these two get what they deserve. No excuse for this bullshit.

  431. Love your children mother’s and father’s. It’s not an easy task to parent but there is help out there from truly good people. Dont be afraid to reach out when your overwhelmed! Yah protect our precious babies…

  432. I honestly cant believe this… you let this happen to your own baby and feel no remorse at all.. blows my mind. This helpless little baby suffered and starved.. they tortured him. I never felt so bad about something in my life.. this baby deserved to be loved more than anything in the world.. and instesd you neglected him and left him to die, I hope something real terrible happens to both of them.

  433. My god as I sit here reading this in tears I don’t understand what the fuck is wrong with ppl with all the options u have in this world y y did u do this to a innocent baby never mind baby any innocent child today u don’t have to keep them u should rot in the same hell u made ur baby go through and I don’t mean kill u because that is going to b to human for the likes of yous but if I was the one taking care u I would give u a slice of bread and drop of water until u scream for someone to kill u

  434. Strap there ass in a seat and put a depends on them and don’t feed or give them fucking water. Let them suffer the way they made this poor baby suffered. Sorry Excuse For Human Beings!

  435. So sad it just breaks my heart to do these children like that

  436. Kids having kids…..8 days!!!! I am sure nobody starved them for 8 days….just sad and they glorify that Teen Mom show like its cute!!!! Its not

  437. This is sickening!! Our laws are soooo messed up, it disgusts me! The way it works is you can report child abuse/neglect… but they dont do a damn thing about it until they have “proof” and they are too “busy” to send anyone out to check on the child or children… then you go to court with all your emergency room visits and the judge says… I dont want to see that you’re too “overprotective”. Hmmm ya hello thats my baby!! I am sure if anyone did call to report child abuse or neglect on these two inhumane pieces of crap people no one would have checked anyway I have gone through it and seen it happen… leaving a 5 yr old little girl in a meth house, kids who dont have shoes or a toothbrush, dont go to school, eat raw ramen noodles for every meal…you report it and no one shows up… our system is screwed up! Someone has to die or be seriously hurt before they do anything, then what?! No amount of “im sorrys” can bring them back…. complete bs! May that sweet boy forever rest in peace, thankfully he is away from those terrible people and in heaven with our loving Father. ♡

  438. Let them rot in prison! Matter of fact starve them to death so they can know how it feels to not eat not to mention not wash for days!! That’s just pure stupidity. How do you not have love for your own child? That’s very pathetic yet ignorant!! That child , Benjamin Sargent did not ask to be brought into this world. And I’m pretty dang sure if they treated him like that nine times out of ten they treated the daughter the same exact way. I hate to see things like this. It breaks my heart 💔😪 RIP Benjamin 👼

  439. No, you know what? I’m not against the death penalty… but in this case it would be a GIFT for them to get the death penalty. I want to see them rot for the rest of their lives in a tiny cell, surely getting beaten by other inmates over the capacity of this crime, mulling over what they did until they die in that hell hole rotten and alone. That, to me as a citizen, is better than death revenge. They have to live out the rest of their lives in hell on earth. Sweet satisfaction.

  440. I hope they die the same way Yur fuckin horrible

  441. I don’t think there is a punishment bad enough to give them. No 5month old child should have to go through such heinous and brutual act as they put him through. I think need to be done like they did that little baby, and the serve life in prison with no chance of parole, and finished off with the death penalty. It takes a heartless person to be able to do something that mean.

  442. They should HAVE to be strapped In seats themselves and be starved with no water whatsoever , BUT not to the point of death..
    Every few days they should be given an IV
    that will just barely keep them conscious and able to FEEL the PAIN and MISERY they put that baby through … Until the infection takes them to HELL ……..

  443. I believe they shuldnt get prison time!!!! not even put on death row!!! y shuld we have to pay for there stay??? the baby didn’t have a choice!!! they don’t deserve to have a choice!!!! slowly electrocute them for 8 days!!!!!!!! then wit a slow death!!!!! so they feel wat there child felt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KILL EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE THE GUY WHO KILLED A COP IN TEXAS! TAKE NO REMORSE ON THERE CRIME!!!!!!!

  444. Motherfuckers need to be strapped in a chair to where they cant move at all and sit in they’re own filth and go thru tne same hell tnat poor child did. Poor sweet baby….just makes me wanna break down and cry for him. Both these assholes need to rot ……..not be killed….just rot in theyre own filth.

  445. i feel this is a disgrace to know there are parents who would do such a crime of neglect and i would say abuse to a precious newborn baby. The reason why i say neglect is because they would not even change his diaper, how cruel is that! I think these two parents should get the death penalty for this crime!

  446. This is beyond anything I could describe or imagine. I thought I was a forgiving woman, until this!! Seriously would like to know what drugs or if these two murderers were on any drugs? Or are they both just that heartless, insane, and obsessed with video games?

  447. Please let the public see ,when they pay for there crime ,so they can see what will happen to them ,if this Monsters ,think of doing something like this

  448. fry those mother fuckers! why are people like these even parents? i mean im sure they knew how shitty they would be, should have gave him up for adoption.

  449. omg. poor baby. so sad. RIP little angel

  450. I would cut them 1000 times with a razor and then pour acid in the wounds and then i woukd pore honey all over them and lay them in a feild all tied up . And then i woukd take a big wet shit in there mouth

  451. God this makes me sick to my stomach these two need to be left in a 80 degree small space strapped down starving let them shit and piss all over there self till they die these people are so sick let them rot in prison

    • I completly agree. If it were legal to give these parents the same treatment and death penalty that they cruely forced on this helpless baby i would absolutly love to be the one to do it and i wouldnt feel an ounce of pitty for them. There are no words suitible enough to describe the hate that i have for these demon possesed low lifes. I have a 6 month old boy that resembles in appearance to Benjamin… i have wept over this.. it is sinister. I would have took this baby in and loved him. No child deserves anything less than true love from a good mother. His hands clenched into fists.. this baby was tortured and tracey.. james.. you two deserve the same. Not a good thing btw to be going to prison for. The other inmates i imagine will be after you. You 2 deserve everything youve got coming to you. My God.. my heart goes out to you baby Benjamin God bless your little soul.. I love you.

      • they should put a picture of their dead child in their cell and let them have to look at that the entire time they are in prison! you two make me sick!! you perverted and sick lowlife scum!

  452. this poor baby boy but he is on angels wings now….this should haunt those worthless people for the remainder of their lives there is none and I mean no excuse at all for any reason if they didn’t want that baby why couldn’t they get off their lazy asses and take that child to the hospital, police or church, or call the police to come and get him …period lord knows what the three year daughter went thru…………

  453. rip little angel, justice will be served to those 2 monsters called your parents, they deserved to be tortured, and treated just as how they treated the baby

  454. lock them in a room together and forget about them for a few weeks.

  455. The only solace that I get is knowing that this little boy is in a better place now, and These two will meet their maker one day and have to atone for what they have done, the fact that they were even blessed to be able to have a child in the first place is more than some people ever get, and then to take that blessing and abuse, and neglect it is just astonishing. I believe that they should get the maximum penalty that they can, NO ONE could go 8 days without realizing what they are doing is wrong, and not just 1 but 2 people at that, to be so heartless and cold to your own flesh and blood just makes me sick to my stomach, knowing all the things wrong in this world you would never think someone could do such a hanus thing to their own child.

  456. this is unbelievable ……..perhaps the death sentence is appropriate……..it will serve as a warning to other people who don’t care about thier kids

  457. This is just horrible!

  458. What is wrong with these people. If you don’t want the responsibility of another human life then do something to prevent it from happening. We humans are not blessed with children to push away or forget about!!! If you cant love someone more than yourself then don’t have children. They are not punching bags let alone some toy you can set on a shelf and forget about!!!!

  459. These parents should be sentenced to the maximum punishiment allowed by the law and also be left alone in a cell tied to theirs beds and not fed or let to use the bathroom so they have to stay in their own filth, without food or water until they are on the brink of death and then live so they can serve the rest of their lives in prison. rotten bastards. then maybe they will see some of the suffering that poor innocent little boy had to do. they wont even feel half of what that child went through because they are full grown adults.

  460. they ought to hang both of them I will even supply the rope

  461. my prayers for the rest of the family who will now be missing this angel. and thanking od his big sister is now out of this situation.

  462. This is messed up my prayers go out to the baby

  463. a mandatory death sentence should be the punishment for child abusers…in a public place they should be tortured first the same way they tortured an innocent, helpless child…all before they burn in hell…I pray to GOD…these innocent children are taken in spirit long before they suffer at the hands of savages

    • i was thinking the same thing god help these poor children around the world i wish there was something i could do to help prevent this

  464. If I had access to land, I would build a pig farm and buy those type of hogs on the movie “Hannibal” and then people like these can be placed in the pens!

  465. I’m at a lost for words,it’s very sad.were these people on drugs,did they even love this child

  466. when are we going to change our laws and protect our children in this country! first offense and the child should be removed from these evil people . If these people don’t want their children why don’t they just drop them off at a shelter or call someone to get them and just leave them alone . Before taking a child home from the hospital the parents should have to watch a video that shows them how to deal with a crying baby , and to have a safe person to call in times of need.

  467. I am disgusted at all of these humans that torture these innocent children that in NO shape, way or forum asked to be born; yet they get treated like the dirt those disgusting people walk on! They are innocent, loving babies that know NO WRONG and do NOTHING WRONG!! These people deserve to get MAXIMUM PUNISHMENT allowed by law and tortured as they did that poor angel. Yet that still is not enough, they have no conscience. I am so disturbed at what people do to ALL these poor innocent babies/children!

    R.I.P. and fly high all you beautiful and handsome Angels. ❤

  468. Leave them without food and let them soil themselves with no toilet in a very small room for at least 2 weeks and keep the 50 and 100 years sentence with no parole

  469. who does that. things like this just make me wanna stop fighting with my brothers & hug them for a while. I love you Marcello , brycen ,& all my 80somethinn’ cousins.

  470. I hope they have a slow a very painful death! Two sorry pieces of shit! Their daddy shoulda shot them on the wall!!

  471. I feel that their punishment should be the same as they done to the children. Death penalty would be to quick and easy for them. If they beat the child they should be beat to death. If they starved the child they should be starved. Let them be put on a shelf and forgot about. No chilD deserves to be treated that way. If they got pregnant and didn’t want the bundle if joy. Alot of people would adopt. You hear of people every day who can’t have children. Give the children a chance to find love and happiness. They deserve that right also.

  472. these 2 sick cruel hearted sad so called evil demented animals deserve to be left in a dark room with No food, No water and NO TV.,.NO LIGHT..NO COMMUNICATION WITH THE WORLD..AND NO PLACE TO GO TO THE FACLITITES.. FOR AT LEAST 6 MONTHS. OH Yes and nothing to read.
    and for the baby very cruel act. The little one will be better off in heaven anyone who leaves a baby alone in their own filth is inhumane

  473. Why would u have a kid and not take care of them?? Please from a person that can not have a child give them up for adoption there is so many people that would love nothing more then to give them a loving home!!! Please consider that when u think of hurting/killing a baby!!!

  474. they need to be buried alive,hung till dead,put in the alectric chair,and so much more…

  475. I think they should be should have to be placed in a car seat with a diaper on. While not being able to move then made to eat pudding and ex lax and have to listen to a recording of a baby screaming over and over again. For atleast 50 years straight

  476. So many people want a baby to love and hold tight and never let go so why hurt such a wonderful gift God has given you when there are people out there willing to do anything to have a baby.

  477. This makes me sick to the stomach. What that couple did to that little baby was horrible. They should be tortured the same way. Be strapped in a chair 8 days with no food or water and no way to use the bathroom. And maybe they will know how it feels. They deserve cruel punishment. They were monsters and did not deserve to have children. This poor baby. But he is now in heaven. And justice will be served to those monters of parents.

  478. They should have to suffer the same fate in the same way as that poor baby. He didn’t chose to have pieces of sh** for parents people like that should be sterilized.

  479. At least put them away so that they cant breed with anyone else. I would prefer to flip the switch on both of them. Sorry, I believe in capital punishment in certain cases…and this one is No. 1 on the list.

  480. I must say that the death penalty would have been appropriate for these two. How incredibly sad that that poor baby boy had to endure such suffering. So many loving couples would have been thankful to care for and love that baby; his death was horrendous and so very unnecessary. May he rest in the arms of Jesus.

  481. I would love to say the death penalty but that’s not even enough. Then they get out of thinking about what they’ve done to that poor little baby I’d rather them have life in prison. I think they deserve to have the same exact thing they did to that baby happen to them except make it worse. Torture them then make them have life in prison.

  482. These two pieces of garbage should be tortured in the same manner,but only by an audience laughing at them while they are begging for food and to use the bathroom

  483. Ugh my heart hurts so bad they could of taking the baby to the fire house or a hospital rip sweet baby you have escaped these messed up cruel world a became an angel we love you

  484. All of the above & sterilization just in case someone believes they could be rehabilitated!

  485. I have no feeling for people that does these things .the needs to get the same treatment that was given to the baby

  486. They need the death penalty. Plain and simple- why should our hard earned tax dollars go to feed, cloth, shelter these poor excuses of human trash? People that harm/rape/kill babies and children are simply the lowest of the low. Men go to jail- dogs get put down- and they are clearly no less than dogs.

  487. If it were legal to give these parents the same treatment and death penalty that they cruely forced on this helpless baby i would absolutly love to be the one to do it and i wouldnt feel an ounce of pitty for them. There are no words suitible enough to describe the hate that i have for these demon possesed low lifes. I have a 6 month old boy that resembles in appearance to Benjamin… i have wept over this.. it is sinister. I would have took this baby in and loved him. No child deserves anything less than true love from a good mother. His hands clenched into fists.. this baby was tortured and tracey.. james.. you two deserve the same. Not a good thing btw to be going to prison for. The other inmates i imagine will be after you. You 2 deserve everything youve got coming to you. My God.. my heart goes out to you baby Benjamin God bless your little soul.. I love you.

  488. These people deserve to die!!!!! Period!!!!!

  489. Truly, truly breaks my heart. The parents look pure evil. They were pure evil. I often consider what the perpetrators life may have been like to cause them to act in such atrocious ways. Well, right now I think of them NOT! I only think of that precious baby who they left like that. Breaks my heart and makes me want to holla. As an advocate and a free done fighter for such victims, this makes me want to holla…
    My heart is broken.
    I know this precious sweet baby is resting well with the angels. Finally free of his vicious attackers.
    I just wrote a story on childhood abuse on my blog.. as always, I’m just sick over this!

  490. They should go tree exactly what he went threw that’s bs they better not ever let them out they may do it to someone else rip baby boy your in a better place I’m sorry you got left with cruel people

  491. People like this make me SICK!!!

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    This is so sad and horrible! I’m so glad this baby is NOW IN PEACE. R.I.P. Little Benjamin.

  493. Let them die slowly don’t give them food or water,sling them ina room with nothing,when they are nearly dead give them the lethal injection.What nasty bloody bastards poor baby it made me cry this what is a matter withj people.

  494. The question is will this poor child get justice? As I have seen in the past, no one care once the story ends! The American justice system is so corrupt that they will neglect to hear, listen or even understand the real effect of this. Another case swiped under the rug! Be proud you stupid Americans!

  495. These parents make me sick hope they rot in jail

  496. As much as I condemn the behaviour of the parents towards the poor little guy, as much as I feel hate for them to actually neglect and forget about their own child (it’s such great irony that the child’s their own blood and soul, created by them and yet they can forget about his existence and not bother to care for his basic needs)… As much as I wish for them to go through exactly what the poor little kid has gone through… I just can’t. It is inhumane and undeserving of any human to go through such torture, being in hunger and stench, sitting in their own poo for 8 days straight. Yet, it is a guilt that they two will have to bear for the rest of their lives, if they even felt guilty of their actions in the first place.

    To an extent, I kind of doubt they feel guilty. Even though the female pleaded guilty, she could have done so to save herself from greater punishment and public condemnation. Yet again, if she felt her conscience, she wouldn’t have done so in the first place. The fact that she claims to have visited the baby’s room bringing him his bottle of milk and placing it beside him just a day before the Police came, that really tells a lot. Really. After 6-7 days and just one bottle of milk, to think a 5 month old baby in extreme hunger can even pick that bottle up with his weak arms?

    While it may be only a few black sheep out there, it really does show what the world has become of. And I know there are many out there, who pinpoints and are able to correct and point out other’s wrongdoings, yet unable to see themselves and reflect. I’m just really grateful the little one is finally in a better place, where he will receive all of God’s love and care, something which this place can’t provide him.

  497. These two should get the death penalty!!! Our government needs to have stricter laws for our children they have no rights they are at the mercy of an adult to care for them feed them and love them. But there’s no guarantee of that. What kind of people are we raising today so cold so sad.

  498. They need to sterilize both if them..to ensure safety of any future children!!!

  499. This breaks my heart I wish I could have helped these children .people that choose to hurt children deserve life in prison

  500. this is not cool i feel bad for that baby and for the family. they should have put them in a room and let them die with no food or water!!!!!!!!!!!

  501. It anger’s me to NO end to see this stuff done to innocent babies and children. I say INSTANT DEATH penalty to these people. WHY should they sit in prison and get fed and clean clothe’s to war on other people’s tax dollar’s?????

    • why should they be given the gratitude of instant death, these two need to be in prisoned for the remainder of their life on earth till the very day they go to hell. I think a justified consequence would be to throw their bodies in a jail cell with no toilet and lock them to a seat with a grown up diaper on and make them starve to death. And whatever comes first that kills them so be it. Perhaps the prison could drowned out their plea of help with a sound proof room. I say put em in a cell to rot and let their souls be abolished for that is what they deserve. I think that there are so many other avenues to not wanting the responsibility of caring for a child that this is just uncalled for and they have to be the spawn of the devil himself, for so many possibilities that are available to parents with children they do not want is present this is just an act of intentional murder to the future of our whole world and we are the idiots that are allowing this to continue, our children depend on us to ensure that they are taken care of weather it be by the parents or not and we need to make this an example that WE WILL NOT PUT UP WITH THIS NO MORE. Unless we change the consequences there are going to be more devil spawns and more crimes upon our children true consequences are needed. If we just throw them in jail and give them an easy death they will feel lucky and privileged, and they will not have to feel sorrow for their actions, perhaps we should put a picture of Sargent in front of them till they die of the cruel behavior they inflicted should have to endure themselves so they can better understand what this pour innocent being of god had to go through, May god punish these devil spawns for their cruelty upon one of his creations.

      • Completely agree

      • Completely agree with you. Prison to easy. An eye for an eye. Not sure why god blessed them with such a gift when others are begging for one and can’t have any. RIP little one!

      • completely agree

      • I so totally agree.

      • they wouldn’t be given the gratitude of instant death.. do you know when people are on death row they sometimes sit there for 20 years, going through the appeal process & so forth? i believe they should get the death penalty.. they can sit in that jail for years while they make their appeals & know that their life is no longer in their hands, but in the peoples hands & at the end of it their going to die on someone else’s terms just like what they put that poor little angel through & I’m sorry but i do NOT want me tax dollars going to feed these motherfuckers, or clothe them, bath them, etc. FUCK THAT. I say death penalty, why should they get the blessings of waking up to see another day?? Although I’m sure they’ll get what they deserve in prison, they should get what they deserve in prison then get that nice little needle gently put right into their arm

    • That’s so true the should the same or worst way that they killed those poor babies they are evil!

    • That’s so true the should the same or worst way that they killed those poor babies they are evil!!

    • I agree with you death penalty !!!!

    • This is the most painful and heartbreaking thing i have heard!! My daughter just turned 5 months old yesterday and she is the biggest joy and blessing of my life i couldn’t imagine life without her. thers cruel assholes deserve to be tortured over and over for the rest of their. miserable lives. this story has me outraged and sick to my stomach. i would hav been honored to take this amgel into my home and raise him as mine with the love and comfort he deserved. I’m so angry at the horrible so called parents. this beautiful baby boy didnt hav the chance to learn love and family. i wish more than anything that i could wrap my warm loving arms around him and hug him and tell him i love him. this just upsets me soooo much. ## in tears …

      • Me too. I literally can’t stop crying. My son just turned 6 months old and I can’t imagine being without him. These people deserve to be tortured for a long time.

  502. This is so sad .poor little angel if they didn’t want him someone would of loved to have him and take care if him.The two need the death sentence to let a baby who can’t defend for him self lay and starve to death .He suffered because of two dumb ass people .You could of called the police or someone to come get the poor baby .rest I. Peace sweet baby boy.

  503. I could not stand to hear my children cry when they were little. It was all I could bear to teach them to wait a few minutes to tend to them. I will never forget this story’s description of the babies’ fists balled up and crying till the end. I truly do not understand how any human being can listen to any other living human being upset and not react. May God not hear their pleas when they are in need. At least the three year old is better off now somewhere else. Who knows what that child has endured.

  504. Can unwanted children be dropped off ? Say a church A police station A somewhere. Seems to ME to be the humane thing to do People that no longer want their pet. Find other options. Sick humans are making sick discussing choices with what it feel is Gods greatest gift to them

  505. Im so outraged. Im speechless as far as prison . Leave them to rot in solitairey confinement or better yet stick them in general population and let the prisoners take care of them even the hardest criminals are parents and no one likes a child abuser of any kind enjoy ur stay n prison may u both get exactly what you have comeing to you

  506. This is unbelievable!!! Discussting so hard to believe that anyone could do this to a precious little one. Death penalty , they do not deserve to live. Rot in Hell.

  507. This is hearbreaking, what a beautiful baby. I am sure someone would have loved to take care of this beautiful precious little boy,

    • This is outrageous , this woman is his mother, is that correct, If so, she carried him for nine months, how could she do that to a beautiful little, helpless baby,. Where were family members, friends, etc, no one checked on this baby, who found the baby. What does she mean “it was not her duty, she is his mother

  508. I don’t understand how or why this could happen. I have 2 sisters that couldn’t have children and they tried to adopt. Then people like this just let there beautiful baby boy die. My heart is breaking. I wish I could save all the children who need a safe and loving home.

    The death penalty is what these two need. But that still wouldn’t be justice for this little man.
    RIP little Benjamin.

  509. This makes me sick to my stomach. Again this is the reason people should be screened before having kids. When will this finally stop. Drug addicts, people who think welfare is their job, and children who have babies.. None of which deserve to have children.

  510. Makes me sick. What the hell is wrong with people !!! There are many people out there that cannot have children and would of love this baby, all they had to do was give him up at a hospital , police station or fire station. No need for what they did. Same should be done to them !!

  511. This makes me sick, so sick I could vomit. I can’t imagine what would possess them to leave this poor infant to die. This poor baby is now an angel and these people never deserved him. RIP Baby Benjamin. Death Sentence PLEASE.

  512. Way would a parent do this and to a baby. That is sad and rong. They should get life whith out prole

  513. why were they just home playing video games? were they on welfare? they need to be castrated .They should be put in the same position as they left that poor baby to die in their own filth..I think children today should be taught how precious life is and to learn compassion,I have thought of nothing but this story all day.I am heartsick…

  514. I am just rattled to my core by this. I would love to go curb stomp this bitch. Its not even funny. I had 3 kids with my fiance by the time I was 22 nothing made me happier than seeing their cute little baby face first thing in the morning. They let that poor child suffer. Pure evil.

    • It really is pure evil. I hate that anyone who does drugs or is just a plain loser and doesn’t love or take care of these babies are even allowed to have them. I too was young when I had mine and their needs always come first. Kids are not q novelty or a toy or a way to get free money… Makes me so sick.

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  515. people who treat a child this way should have the same done to them

  516. Oh my god this is so evil !! they deserve the same punishment poor baby those monsters who abuse children should go trough the same hell , they do not deserve a chance to defend themselves because those poor innocent children didn’t have anybody to protect them so why is the law trying to decide what’s best for them ??? Lock them up and trow the key away never look back . Let them rot in hell !!!!! Rest in peace baby Benjamin…

  517. These people are devils pure evil how can anyone with a heart do this to a baby I wouldn’t wana stand before King Jesus knowing I did something like this it makes me scared to just think about it but that’s what will happen on judgement day they pure evil all devils belong in hell to burn forever with satan RIP to that baby no more crying no more pain your in Gods hand now

  518. This really upsets me stupid people. I want to hunt them down, that poor baby can’t even inmagine the pain and suffered. I can’t even see how they could even ignore gots cry for help THEY NEED HUNG!!!!!! forget the trial just an old fashion hanging from a horse and birried somewhere were no one could give them respect simple as that

  519. Piece of shit, the both of you, your judgment will come in the end by our lord Jesus, How did you sleep so well in a hot bed and fill your belly. absolutely sickening, torture for that angel I am so angry at you waste of life. God bless his baby and may he be in heaven with the other angels. I rebuke you devil in the name of Jesus.

  520. This is horrid!!! There is adoption if they didn’t care about him. These parents need to be strapped to a seat with no food water or a toilet. Hope they rot!!

  521. Prison would be the easy way out for these monsters! 3 hot meals a warm bed to sleep in, Cable TV, medical & dental care, visitation. Screw that! God will judge them, I hope and pray that these evil monsters are sent straight to hell and spend eternity burning. How could they be so cruel and heartless, it hurts my heart to think of this precious baby and what the other child must have gone through. I do sincerely hope that while in prison that the inmates that are parents and dont get to see their children have a
    special beat down on these killers. I hope everyday they are beaten to a bloody pulp. So sad, so terribly sad.

  522. Put them to death the same way they sentenced their son to death. No mercy for child abusers. Ever. Show these creatures what will happen if they reproduce and neglect/hurt/kill their children. It’s the only way. 50/100 years is to forgiving. Death to those disgusting things.

  523. I think they should both die the way Benjamin died…..strapped to a chair, lay in there own filth, and starve to death!!! This just makes me sick, poor little Benjamin. I hope these mother effers get what they deserve in prison!!!

  524. why give them life? give them what they gave the baby death!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone who does this is sick, someone will kill her when she gets to prision.

  525. Sorry people who abuse thier own child or neglect their one child to any point and up to death desirve the most harsh penalty we have in this country which is the death penalty, don’t get me wrong there is a difference between discipline and abuse, neglect is just laziness or just pure hate for a child, a peice of you, how sick and twisted can people be and how long are we going to have to keep hearing reports like this makes me sick, I have four children of my own yes they can be a handful at times but I don’t know how a person can do what they do, when I saw them I could never imagine hurting them they are a part of me and the love of my life and I couldn’t imagine hurting her, sorry there is no room on this planet for someone who could do these this to a child to me you desirve to be put to death and not by lethal injection that’s too good for scum the like you, it needs to be painful so you know what it was like and the way your child had to live someone who loved from the moment they seen you looked up to you and still loved you after you hurt them thing need to change

  526. I am beyond outraged.. My heart aches and my stomach turns from even trying to comprehend who could do this to any precious baby never mind their own..he was 5 months..they knew the responsibility of having a baby and if they didn’t want it all they had to do was be honest with someone..anyone who could help them give him up for adoption..they decided to torture him..allowed him to be scared and alone and emotionally and physically go threw pain..what that poor innocent soul was thinking..my god he deserved so much more..I can only be at peace knowing he is safe in Jesus’ arms and that they no matter what they endure on earth as punishment they will one day meet our maker and given the final judgment into the pits of hell..if I had one wish it would be that all babies and children were loved and treated with all that they are worth..so sad some are subjected to such evil..things need to change..laws need to protect..enough is enough

  527. Dear Lord, please bless and take into your arms this innocent infant child!!! He did not deserve to be left alone for 2 hours – never mind 8 days!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t care what kind of punishment these (if we can even call them) human beings get; I just hope that they suffer the guilt and realization of what they did every single day until they take their last breath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  528. I agree!

  529. This is a heinous crime on humanity. These people need to be locked away and tortured for the rest of their sorry worthless lives. They do not deserve to be able to sleep eat or drink anything ever again. They need to be strapped in a chair for what remains of their lives and have to urinate and deficate upon themselves until their skin starts rotting away and they die. Honestly these things (because they are not people) deserve a much more heinous death than what that child went through but hey I would be happy with the same. I know you should never judge a person that is Gods duty but man when it comes to a child being a mother of 4 I would kill to protect my child and I know my husband would do the same. I can not see how they could let that child go through that. I know I couldn’t.


  531. Every single one of these ANIMALS
    \ that do harm to ANY child whether they are their own or others should be SHOT AND KILLED ON THE SPOT!!! No jail time!

  532. When my second was born’ when I brought him home the 3th day I got up and noticed he wasent crying to be fed or diaper change I went in there and he was blue, I immedialy called Dr, and too him in’ the problem was they didn’t get all the mucus out’ now he’s gonna be 31in April, to my baby boy I love u mom

  533. Of course the Death Penalty..!!!

  534. They both will rot in hell for this they did not care how this poor baby felt we know he is in heaven. Brings tears to my eyes to think sick people like them who could be so sick and cruel to a beautiful baby. You will pay for this and answer to God on day and you both will burn in hell forever!

  535. I cried when I read this…So Sad. May justice be done.. God Bless this baby..

  536. I think they should get the same punishment the death penalty tie them down and let them starve

  537. I literally cannot even fathom how this happens. Having my own son this same age, it pains me so much to think of what this baby went through. There are so many people who would have taken this little guy and loved him the way he deserved to be loved. How such cruelness exists in people is just beyond me. I hope for nothing more than peace for this angel and the direct opposite for these two monsters.

  538. I think their cell mates may kill them first. You hear many cases of prisoners killing people in jail for harming children. Hopefully these prisoners will do something to these idiot and cruel parents and will serve justice on Benjimans behalf.

  539. I agree that what ever the person does to the child is the same punishment they should get even if it means death if that’s what happened to the child then that’s what they deserve.What happened to poor little Benjamin is wrong in so many way. I know one day these people will have to stand in front of God and be accountable but they should first have to be punished for there crimes here also.

  540. Give them the death penalty this is cruel i have a child myself an shes 17 month an would not not leave my child with anyone accept my mother i cant stand how parents can do such a thing to this 5month old boy to me they can rott in hell an i hope to god THEY GET THE DEATH PENALTY babys shouldnt have parents like this it breaks my heart seeing things like this everytime i see these thngs i hold my baby girl close to me an tell her every day tht i love her an tht im greatly happy tht sje changed my life. Mommy loves you bunches baby girl always an forever xox <3<3<3

  541. There are so many crazy people out there today because the whole world is a bunch of pussies. Pardon my language but its true. Crime was not that bad way back when, when you would get hung, stoned, or burned to death in front of the whole town. But now a days even the lowest piece of shit on earth has “rights”!! F-THAT!!! Thieves should have fingers cut off, murderers should get stoned, rapist should be chained and lashed, baby and child killers should be burned at the stake, and all this needs to be done in the middle of town and on live t.v to set an example to every one els!!!

  542. These two DEMON spawns can ROT IN HELL!! I have a good feeling that there is a SPECIAL HOTTER than usual place for these two ignorant, self centered low lifes.


  544. I believe these horrid people should feel every bit of what that innocent poor baby felt. How could you neglect a child like this. My heart aches for what happened to that little boy. I feel they should receive the same punishment that he felt, and then not just that but when they are week and ill they should burn. Tax money shouldn’t be spent on those scumbags sitting in jail for life. They’d get fed, showered, a place to sleep, they deserve NONE of that. They deserve to starve to rot in their own filth, to not have a place to lay their selfish heads.

  545. They should have to be thrown in solitary confinement until they die from starvation and they should be given a diaper to wear that they have to piss and shit in. This makes me sick there are people in this world who would die to have a child…

  546. Why keep giving lengthy sentences to animals like this? they have gone from doing nothing with their lives other than playing “video” games, to sitting in jail getting three meals a day, TV, internet access, this isn’t punishment for their crimes, and lets be realistic, no one is going to live through a 100 year sentence, so why keep them alive at the expense of the taxpayer, it is costing around $350 a day or more for each of them to sit in prison, and 100 years he will die behind bars, spare the tax payer the money and hang them. Maybe at the point of a death sentence this would serve as a warning or deterant to all the other neglectful parents out there, before rather than after another child dies from neglect or a vicious beating.

  547. Slime like these need to be eradicated
    And my 9 is ready and willing
    Right to the head
    With no remorse

  548. I have officially lost my faith in humanity. I couldn’t imagine putting any of my kids through this and just don’t understand how anyone could. This is disgraceful.

  549. All I can say is.. that is so sick and wrong.. I cried and still cry for you beautiful bebe.. where r your heros, the cops, CPS.. why do you let this happen why? I couldn’t imagine doing this to any child.. I love kids.. they are a blessing from god.. cherish them love them.. protect them.. you are all they have.. and you failed him.. you sick twisted people.. you will get what you deserve in the end.. god will be there for you little prince and for all of the other bebes out there.. I am sorry.. I wish I could save u all..

  550. they need to sit and rot in jail so they can think ab what they did the whole time there in their God bless the baby let him rest in paradise

  551. Cant beleive any1 could hurt these poor inercent baby’s makes me ill i have 4 baby’s and makes me sick 2 think any1 could hurt them i do really pray 2 god they suffer a long and painful death cause if i ever meet them i would kill em my self disgusting dirty scummy fuck ups

  552. Wow all these comments about how to punish them and yet millions of kids are murdered legally here (called abortion – murder) and many care less…. its just a fetus.

  553. Not only this crime but others as well should be punish the same way the victims endure them.

  554. Not only this crime but others as well should be punish the same way the victims endure them.

  555. Collect all these mf’s even the ones in prison and go dump them like the trash they are in the middle of the ocean and save all the taxpayers money

  556. horrifying,,,,,,,,put them both in room ,lock it and starve them to death,,,,

  557. Make them starve in their cell with no restroom access. Till they die and see how many days they last.

  558. I’m sorry but this is the most fd up thing I have ever heard in my life they should strap the “parents” to chairs and make them endure the same punishment till they die… you worthless, heartless, piece of garbage!

  559. I’ve become really numb inside, and I’ve gotten real good at hiding my emotions by the hour but thare must be some message im spoesed to decode or Understand, but its really killing me inside” why me why must I be burdened with reminders on thee hour and in sleep, dreams, thought and picture images burnt into my minds eyes. It will eventually lead to my grave if i can’t figure out what this all means! (BABY-
    BENJAMIN) //// im crying for You! And I was there in Dream and in Spirit. And I was holding your little hand trying to comfort and praying,and Begging God’ let me switch places with this little Guy’ Bellowing out loud saying / “Im asking in behalf of Little Baby Benjamin because thare’s no one els on behalf of this Wonderful little Creation, so I asked God to Intervene, God said if thare’s Prayer and Merit that the Heavens would open up and Gods healing hand would ease the suffering of one of his Children, but there was no ancer so I swear it with my Hart and spirit i will not leave your side till year pain has subsided. I promise I will not let you be forgotten! So you will live in me and in my Hart and dreams. So with this being said, So in Dream ; I hope to see you not in death as you were then but to see you in Life!!!!!!! I will not desert you my Little Brother!!! By
    Cory Lee
    Schimmelman P.S I wrote the most touching cont.. Rock Song ive ever had the pleaser of writing, with what I felt was baby B’s touching voice/ the song title is called/ forBejaman preformed and sang by Cory Lee” Dedicated to Little Baby Benjaman

  560. I’m honestly left with no words, i have never read anything as horrifying as the cases on this site. it saddens me to think that people could treat children this way, they are beautiful little gifts who deserve to be loved and cared for. These parents make me sick to my stomach and they NEED and DESERVE to get the death penalty for what they did to this beautiful baby boy i hope they rot in hell and the devil himself tortures them. R.I.P Baby Benjamin may you be shown all the love you deserved in heaven and hopefully these sick twisted people get everything they deserve for putting you through everything you did.

  561. This had to b the worst story I have ever read. I shed tears for the baby and I hope the parents get what’s coming to them. Breaks my heart to think of the misery that baby endured before his death. Such a shame. I never knew these ppl but I think of baby Benjamin often.

  562. Dying like jesus..To live with jesus, satan blinds there minds 2 cor 4:4…

  563. go to hell you fuck wits

  564. Was this Peoria Illinois? I’m shocked the state did anything my ex Austin Sinclair Garcia almost killed my daughter March 5th last year and the state has done nothing in fact he was giggling with the judge December 17th while I had to force them to serve him the order of protection because they “couldn’t find him” in their own courthouse! And I’m STILL told they will “let me know when they find him to press charges”!! It makes me sick but I’m glad these monsters were brought to justice at least!

  565. We shouldn’t lower ourselves to their level and do to them what they inflicted on that poor baby. However they do not deserve to live in prison with food and water, a roof over their head and tax payers money being spent on keeping them there.
    They deserve the lethal injection.
    If it’s good enough for an animal who has hurt a human it’s good enough for humans who should know better.

  566. How kind and responsible these folks were to think to leave a bottle beside the baby! Let’s leave their food and drink teasingly close, but just out of reach and see how they like it!

  567. What I don’t understand is why when Grammy dropped him off if she had any incling they would neglect him why she wouldn’t take him out of his cloths and car seat and place him in crib or at least sit and tell parents that she would be by to check on him soon again to make sure he was okay.why she didn’t sit with dear father(worthless) and feed baby to show him how you are supposed to care for a baby in the absence of someone who will….mother should have taken him out when she left I’m sure she could smell him….what the hell .there’s a million reasons not to turn your back on your child like this but nothing in hindsight can help cuz this little man is gone forever…but truly why why why….these people must have shown signs before hand of neglect why would dear old gramm even leave him there??? As far as I’m concerned she was the only one capable of taking care of him where in her care he didn’t die….and I blame her because even if you are sick and tiard of taking care of someone else’s baby she was not blind knew what was going on and just left that child to die ..the only responsible person in his life failed him and that’s a shame ..even if she hated and resented every minute caring for him hed still be alive….

  568. They should be forced to suffer the same fate as they perpetrated on the little 5 month old baby. In my opinion there isn’t a worst kind of person sick beyond belief. The purest kind of moron every born. Soak them both in gas and light them on fire. Even that would be to kind. There is a very special place in HELL for people that do these things to Defenseless little children.

  569. Coming from a woman who could not have a child of her own, The story is absolutely and utterly evil. And I say yes to the parents of poor little Benjamin…” The Bible clearly states better to never be born into harm a child“
    So at the end of both of your hopefully miserable lives… know this… HELL is COMING FOR YOU.

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