Bastien Champenois

Bastien Champenois

A man in France has been accused of killing his 3-year-old son by putting him in a running washing machine.

Police say 33-year-old Christophe Champenois stripped his son, Bastien, naked, placed him in the family’s washing machine and then turned on the cold cycle. Why? Because he was punishing the boy for putting a classmate’s drawing in the toilet at nursery school.

After a few minutes in the wash, his mother, Charlene, pulled out Bastien’s cold, limp body and ran to a neighbor for help, claiming he had fallen down the stairs. The boy’s mother tried performing CPR but unfortunately it was too late, and Bastien died from head injuries, only minutes after he was taken out of the washing machine.

Champenois says he is innocent and that they boy really did fall down the stairs, but investigators say the injuries the boy suffered were consistent with being tossed around in a washing machine, not a fall. Authorities were shocked when Bastien’s five-year-old sister said this wasn’t the first time he’d been placed in the washing machine as punishment.  Other neighbors came forward and told reporters that the boy had also been locked inside a cabinet for hours at a time and was even left on a window sill for hours wrapped in a blanket. It’s not know if any reports of these incidences were made to the police, but it looks highly unlikely that it was.

Christophe Champenois

Christophe Champenois

Champenois was arrested and charged with his son’s murder while the boy’s mother was charged with failing to prevent a crime and failing to assist a person in danger. Their remaining six children have been taken into care.

While I have been able to find little in regards to the progression of this case, and what I have found has been a little difficult for me to decipher …. This is what I have been able to find.  It would appear now that Bastien’s father, Christophe, has stated that it was actually Bastien’s mother, Charlene who placed the little boy in a running washing machine, leading to his death.  It is being revealed that the parents initially stated Bastien had drowned in a small bath tub after being left unattended.  The evidence does not co-oberate that statement, as Bastien’s little body bore injuries that would only have been created after been placed in a running washing machine.  The investigation continues as authorities are working to determine the exact sequence events that led to the little boy’s murder.  Charlene’s mother has made statements saying her daughter attempted to stop Christophe from placing Bastien in the washing machine, when he pushed her, knocking her unconscious.  Yeah – that is the biggest load of crap I have EVER heard, for more than one reason.  If that statement is correct, then why did Charlene initially claim Bastien had fallen down the stairs, then changing her story to say that the baby boy had drowned accidentally.  Also, why was there no visible evidence of a struggle between the parents, either in the home or on Charlene herself.  I fall causing someone to lose conscious is going to leave a mark.

Bastien Champenois

Bastien Champenois

It is also coming to light that Christophe did not want Bastien, and Charlene hid her pregnancy from him.  The family has also been investigated by social services in the past for abuse allegations.  Once the couple was called into Bastien’s nursery school regarding bruises found on the little boy.  Both parents claimed the child had fallen accidently and was bruised from that fall.  It also would appear that Christophe has been charged with domestic violence against Charlene in the past.

The general feeling I am receiving from what facts I have uncovered surrounding the horrific death of this beautiful little boy paint a tragic picture of a life unappreciated.  It would appear that both of Bastien’s parents played a role in his murder, whether by action or inaction, and both have played these same roles in the past in regards to the suspected abuse the little boy suffered.  Neither party deserves an iota of sympathy in this case.  As a parent – it is your duty to protect your children from harm, and both Bastien’s parents failed to do so, on numerous occasions.  Both need to answer for the loss the world suffered, when this beautiful, innocent baby boy lost his life at the hands of those who were supposed to be protecting it.


Bastien Champenois - Heaven to Home


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