Angelo Mendoza Jr.

Angelo Mendoza Jr.

Angelo Mendoza Sr., 34, attacked is 4 year old son, Angelo Mendoza Jr., biting out an eyeball and eating it.

Yes, you read that right.

The little boy was found bloody and naked in his father’s apartment with numerous bites to his hands and his eyes were swollen shut.  Doctor’s said the boy’s left eye and muscle were completely gone, and his right eye was believed to be mutilated beyond repair, however he did gain some sight back in his remaining eye.

Angelo Mendoza Sr.

Angelo Mendoza Sr.

Neighbors say the child’s father, Angelo Vidal Mendoza Sr., clad in boxers and a sweater, was acting a little ‘off’ that day.  At one point during the day, Mendoza Sr. wheeled himself into his front yard and asked neighbor, Ramon Rodriguez, to play with him and pet a dog.  Rodriguez refused, though I can’t imagine why.  Wheel chair bound Mendoza Sr. then got off his wheel chair, drug himself into the back yard and picked up an ax.  By the time Rodriguez made it to the back yard, Mendoza Sr. was butt naked and had chained himself to a tree. He took the ax and began hacking away at his leg. ‘He told me to look into the sun and pray with him. I was kinda scared for a minute,’ said Rodriguez. Somehow, Rodriguez managed to disarm Mendoza Sr., nearly getting bit in the process. After witnessing that horror, neighbors went to Mendoza’s apartment to check on little Angelo.

That is when they found the little boy, bloodied and naked, crying “My daddy bit my eyes and hands.  My daddy ate my eyes out.”

Rodriguez says had he known what the man had done to little Angelo, ‘I would’ve just let him cut his leg off.’  Rodriguez also noted “There was dry blood around his mouth. I didn’t know if it was his own, but I’m pretty sure it was his son’s now.”

Angelo Mendoza Jr.

Angelo Mendoza Jr.

Little Angelo’s mother, Desirae Bermudez, had been to the apartment earlier to deliver a pizza. Her son was screaming, ‘Mommy, mommy, I want to go with you. I’m scared.’ Desirae said she thought to herself, ‘Should I take him or leave him?’ She left him there…thinking he was safe with his father.  I can only imagine the regret and guilt she must now face because of what Mendoza Sr. has done.  Little Angelo was placed in a foster home, and is said to be doing well.

Mendoza Sr. has at least 22 prior criminal court cases, including a no contest plea in April 2006 on misdemeanor willful cruelty to a child, for which he served probation. Not sure how he was awarded full custody of little Angelo.

Angelo Mendoza Sr.

Angelo Mendoza Sr.

Mendoza Sr. was arrested on charges of torture, aggravated mayhem, and cruelty to a child, with his bail set at $1,000,000.00.  In court, Mendoza Sr., plead not guilty by reason of insanity.  He was later found incompetent to stand trial.  The judge in the case ruled that Mendoza Sr. didn’t understand the charges against him and needed additional treatment at a state psychiatric facility.  That means the 34-year-old defendant will likely go to a state hospital until he becomes competent or he has further hearings on whether he can be kept in custody.

The finding by Judge Michael Bush came after a psychologist found in July that Mendoza was not competent. Later a psychiatrist made the same finding.  Mendoza can be sent to a state hospital, typically Patton State Hospital, for up to three years. The hospital staff treats patients in an effort to restore competency.  A finding of mental incompetency means Mendoza cannot understand the nature of the charges against him and he cannot help in his defence.  It is different than being declared insane at the time of the offense. Deputy Public Defender Richard Terry has said in court that Mendoza was unable to communicate with him in June, possibly due to problems with his medication. He takes medication for paralysis — a condition he’s had for several years after he was stabbed in a robbery attempt — and to control seizures.  Mendoza has been examined by Dr. Carol Hendrix, a psychologist, who found that Mendoza is not competent to stand trial unless he regularly gets medication to control seizures and paralysis problems, defence attorney Richard Terry said.

Angelo Mendoza Sr.

Angelo Mendoza Sr.

At first it appeared that Mendoza Sr. was under the influence of a controlled substance, likely PCP, however no PCP was found on him or in the apartment.  Bakersfield police have reported that Mendoza told officers he had stopped taking his prescription medication before the attack on his son. He told police he felt anxious and was seeing things that weren’t there.  Some soften a little when hearing this, I however do not.  Mendoza Sr. at some point made the cognitive decision to cease taking medically prescribed medication to control an illness which he very well knew the symptoms when he stopped taking it.  The withdrawal from the medication may have contributed to his behaviour, but let’s be very clear, IT DOES NOT EXCUSE IT.

Mendoza Sr. was finally found mentally competent to stand trial for eating his son’s eye.  A step in the right direction.  After being found competent, Mendoza Sr. pled GUILTY to all charges against him.  Another step in the right direction.  Time for a trial right?  WRONG – A judge instead found Mendoza Sr. NOT GUILTY BY REASON OF INSANITY.  Ummmm, WHAT??  Even after Mendoza pled guilty, the judge decided he wasn’t guilty.  Is this judge a fricken joke?!  How is he even on the bench?  Angelo Jr. is left permanently disfigured and partially blind for the rest of his life, but the man that gave Angelo Jr. that life sentence is free to live out his life as he wants.  There has been NO justice for Angelo Jr. in this case.  A beautiful baby boy left disfigured and traumatized, and no one has been held accountable for doing this to him.  That judge should be ashamed of himself, he should be disgusted by his complete disregard for a little boy that suffered through a horrific attack.  I know I am disgusted.




~ by LTWH on January 12, 2012.


  1. What happened to the little boy?

  2. why did he do that to his 4 year old son.

  3. what happend to the dad.

  4. oh my god man

  5. Likely he took Bath Salts. That would explain perfectly why he did what he did to his son.

  6. I thought I had read about every disgusting wrong done to a child w/no justice but I was seriously mistaken. This wrong from start to finish.

  7. This is major fuckin wrong!!!!

  8. what kind of asshole would do this to their kid

  9. Anyone who eats their own child’s eyes should be kept away from everyone forever. That’s too crazy, and he’s too potentially dangerous.

    Poor kid.

    • This story is referenced in the Walking Dead! I had no idea until now that it was a true story. Since we don’t have all the details of the case, we can only hope that the appointed judge wasn’t just incompetent or irresponsible. The father isn’t totally free.. he is likely in a mental institution. But also the man’s character and problems might have remained a lifelong mystery to the boy. The change in plea does seem fishy, but I believe that the boy’s own safety and a better understanding are more worthwhile to him than some other possible rulings.

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