Alejandro Lucero

Alejandro Lucero

22 Month old Alejandro Lucero suffered through a tragic life, and a brutal and agonizing death.  Alejandro’s excuse for a mother, Adrianna Lucero, 17, broke his back, then left him for 7 horribly long days before he succumbed to his injuries and his little, battered body gave out.  It takes quite a bit of force to break an infant’s back, specifically because their bones are not full formed and hardened yet.

Let me tell you a story about how I learned this.  When my oldest son was just about a year old, he followed me out onto our porch, I didn’t realize he was behind and slid the door shut without looking, catching his fingers in it.  First, let me say, I cried harder than he did.  I took one look at his tiny fingers that seemed to have been flattened and wanted to call 911 before he died from his injuries.  My husband being a little more practical than myself, suggested we drive him to the emergency room ourselves, even though he was sure our son was fine.  When we got to the emergency room, nurses rushed to my side seeing how visibly upset I was, and when they saw my son, there was a collective sigh of relief.  One of the veteran nurses guided me to triage with a comforting smile and listened intently as I explained the horrible tragedy that had just occurred.  When I was done, she explained to me that it is quite difficult to break an infant’s bones as they are still quite soft, but assured me we could do an X-Ray just to be super safe.  I should mention, that half way to the hospital, the only one left crying was me.  My baby boy had found his toys and was babbling happily about the world when we arrived at the hospital.  By the time we got to X-Ray’s and I was placated that my son would survive, he seemed to have forgotten all about his fingers, and by the time we got home, you would never know anything had happened, there wasn’t even a bruise.  If I had slammed my own fingers in the door, they would have surely been broken – but not an infant’s.  Which makes what this monster did to Alejandro even harder to understand.

Adrianna Lucero

Adrianna Lucero

After an autopsy was done, the state medical examiner concluded that the little boy suffered a fatal injury to his spinal cord after his back was apparently bent in an abnormal way.  “The mechanism of the spinal fracture was not likely from a stomp or blow to the child’s back, but was more likely a severe, bending force which bent A.L.’s lumbar spine backward and that would have taken some time to inflict, during which A.L. would have been screaming the entire time,” read the findings.  To make matters even more horrifying, there was evidence of old abuse, including a similar back injury, a fractured rib, bruises and marks on his face.

Adrianna Lucero had called 911 and told dispatchers that her son was not breathing and didn’t have a pulse.  Alejandro was in cardiac arrest when he was flown to Primary Children’s Medical Center, he died about 90 minutes later.

Lucerno said she had been taking him to get a Jell-O cup and a drink when “he got really faint,” charging documents state. She later changed her story and told investigators she took her son to the laundry room and when she turned around her son’s eyes rolled back and he fell to the ground unconscious. Lucero told authorities these occurrences happened in the basement of her boyfriend, Sergio Martinez-Gonzalez’s home while they watched a movie.
Martinez-Gonzalez told police Lucero had taken her son into another room to get Jell-O and when she returned she complained that Alejandro was shaking and white, charging documents state. He said he did not hear or see anything related to the boy’s fatal injuries.

Authorities were a little smarter than this couple thought and charged Lucero as an adult in 3rd District Court with first-degree felony murder in the death of her son.  Martinez-Gonzalez, 26, was arrested for obstruction and was booked on an immigration hold before receiving an additional charge that set his bail at $100,000.00.

Sergio Martinez Gonzalez

Sergio Martinez Gonzalez

Lucero and Martinez-Gonzalez have twins together, who were removed from their care and placed in a foster home.
When Lucero went to trial for her charges, it only took a jury three and a half hours to find her guilty of murdering her toddler son by snapping his spine.  Judge Vernice Trease imposed a sentence of 15 years to life for the first-degree felony murder of Alejandro Lucero, and also sentenced Lucero to 15 years to life for second-degree felony child abuse. The judge ordered that the sentences run concurrently.

There are no clear answers as to why Lucerno murdered her son, but their are some speculations.  Prosecutors insisted Lucero was a stressed-out single mother with three children by the time she was 17 who coldly got rid of the “dispensable” child in her life.  They theorized that the toddler was wrecking Lucero’s chances to fulfill her version of the American dream, which included a family life with Martinez-Gonzalez, as well as a college degree and a shot at gaining financial wealth.

They noted that Lucero had a fiery temper and broke things when in a rage.  Prosecutors also told the jury at the April trial that Lucero repeatedly lied about what had happened to the child to police, paramedics, hospital workers, her sister and her mother.  Defense attorneys, however, painted Lucero as a vulnerable young woman who was physically abused by her lover and who lied to police only to protect him from being deported to his native Mexico because he was here illegally.  Defense attorneys maintained that Martinez-Gonzalez was the person who wanted Alejandro out of the way and this adult male was the person with the physical strength to break Alejandro’s spine.

Adrianna Lucero Receiving Her Sentence

Adrianna Lucero Receiving Her Sentence

No one will ever know the true reason Lucero murdered her son that day, and no one would ever understand it even if they knew.  There is no accidental way to break a toddler’s spine unintentionally.  Lucero got off easy, her punishment gives her a roof over head and three square meals a day, her son’s punishment was to suffer for 22 months of abuse before dying at the hands of his own mother.


Alejandro Lucero - HEAVEN TO HOME



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  1. The younger you are when you have kids the harder it is to see how tiny and vulnerable young children truly are. Its harder to let them be the age they are, instead expecting them to think and behave like you do cos the gap is not very big after all and the parent’s youth makes them so immature and impatient. Parents need to grow up themselves before bringing kids into this world. I was not prepared at 24 let alone 15.
    I didnt catch how long her sentence that was handed down to her but I hope its really, incredibly long, at least until her child bearing days have shrivelled up inside her just like her dried out, blackened prune of a heart, because it makes my heart cry thinking of the pain and torment this beautiful little boy suffered through every day of his short life. I wish I could have been his mum, loved him and made him happy, built him up. His eyes look so sad in the photo. His step dad looks like he abused him too, as his eyes have a horrible expression he looks guilty . children are a blessing and a gift, they don’t ask for much and they want so much to please their parents esp at that age,GOD he deserved so much more. RIP Alejandro. XXX

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