Maggie May Trammel

Maggie May Trammel

Maggie May Trammel was 10 days old when her mother, high on meth, placed her in a washing machine and turned it on and let it run for an entire cleansing cycle.  By the time a relative found little Maggie, she had drowned.

Maggie’s great aunt, Rhonda Coshatt, went to the home Fiddler and her two other children, 4 and 3, lived at to offer some help to the new mother.  When she arrived at the house, she found her niece, Maggie’s mother, Lyndsey Fiddler, passed out on the couch.  She heard a clunking noise coming from the washing machine, as if it was unbalanced, and when she went to check what was causing it, she found little Maggie inside.  Rhonda attempted to revive the baby, but it was far too late.

Lyndsey Fiddler

Lyndsey Fiddler

When Fiddler came to and realized what had happened, she proceeded to accuse her aunt of murdering the little girl.  When rescue workers arrived at the home, they were deeply disturbed by what they saw.  Their superiors have stated this case has scarred these people for life.  I can’t imagine living with that image.  The children, 6 and 9, are now living with a relative.  DA Kevin Buchanan indicated that the 15 year sentence was in part intended to ensure her children would be adults by the time their mother was released for murdering their sister, and therefore they would never be in her custody again

Maggie May Trammel

Maggie May Trammel

Fiddler claims to have no recollection of how the newborn ended up in the washing machine.  She was arrested and initially charged with child neglect, and held on $100,000.00 bail.  Fiddler has an extensive criminal record.  Among other things, she has been charged for driving without a license, larceny, assault and battery, and for driving with her young children not strapped into their car seats.  She has also been charged with assault and has a drug charge from when she was 4 months pregnant.

Lyndsey Fiddler

Lyndsey Fiddler

Fiddler tested positive for a plethora of drugs, including methamphetamine, amphetamines, benzodiazepine and opiates.  Recognizing the threat Fiddler’s children were under, her family attempted to intervene by getting her parental rights revoked due to her drug abuse, sadly the courts found a judgment in favor of Fiddler.  Not long after, her daughter would end up dead.

Fiddler’s two other children were removed from her care, but the damage has already been done.  These two children may have not been physically harmed, but they will forever live with the memory and images of their mother killing their baby sister.

Maggie May Trammel

Maggie May Trammel

Fiddler’s charges were upgraded to second-degree manslaughter and child abuse by neglect, and she subsequently pled guilty to the charges.  Washington County District Court Judge Curtis Delapp sentenced Fiddler to 15 years in prison and 15 years on probation.  Many people are outraged with the sentence and believe 15 years in prison is no near enough for the murder of a 10 day old baby girl.

Lyndsey Fiddler

Lyndsey Fiddler

Washington County District Attorney Kevin Buchanan explained the reasons which surrounded their recommendation for sentencing.  The prosecution ran into a few problems, one being the blood sample taken from Fiddler shortly after Maggie was found in the washing machine.  According to Buchanan, there was not enough blood taken to fully test the substances in her blood, meaning they could confirm what was in her system, but could not determine the amount of said substances.  The results of Fiddler’s test made it difficult for Buchanan to fully convince a jury of which woman was responsible for the baby’s death, and this was a chance he was not willing to take.

Rhonda Coshatt

Rhonda Coshatt

The other reason involved Coshatt, when her blood sample was analyzed, they found hydrocodone in her system, however, authorities were able to determine that Coshatt was on prescription medication and has done nothing wrong, and was not impaired in any way when she found Maggie.

Personally, I am sticking to my theory that the punishment should be enduring the exact same treatment which Maggie did.  Since when has being high a reasonable excuse?


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~ by LTWH on February 1, 2012.


  1. She shouldnt receive a death penalty because tht would just end this sorry womans misery…she should sit n prison n rot thinkin each n everyday wht shes done. This goes to show, also, how messed up our judgement n law system is…if the judge wouldve thoroughly listened…this baby girl wouldnt have died…makes me sick

    • iam with you

    • I agree 100% !!

    • You are ABSOLUTELY Right !!!!!, The D.C.F. and the Judges should be Fired for Allowing this to happen…..

    • I totally agree with you…. I have always said… No druggie should Be able to Keep KIDS….They are the dangerous to our society, and themselves

    • I don’t agree. Then tax payers dollars have to ensure that this woman leads a comfortable life.
      All I’m saying: Bullets are five cents. *shrug*

      • I think they should drag her ass out back and put one in the back of her skull and do the world a favor.!!!!!!!!

      • I do not believe in putting someone in prison for life. The only one that suffers is the taxpayers and the criminal gets 3 squares and a bed. I do believe that the ULTIMATE JUDGE will give them what they deserve when they meet Him on the other side so nothing we impose down here on earth can compare. No matter their crime.

      • To refute your specific point…saving tax payer money. The average person is on death row for 178 months. About 15 years. So if this woman was put to death she’d still cost the tax payers about 15 years worth of care. The death penalty doesn’t save money for exactly this reason.

      • death penalty costs more than life in prison!

      • I saw an article once somewhere maybe on yahoo messenger that this black female had a baby with a guy and they had been arguing for some reason and I don’t remember what happened to her for this but she put the baby in the microwave and turned it on

    • 100% She should get the death penalty for sure…That poor baby..I have my 21 day old baby in my arms right know and I am crying…before she dies let her in general pop in jail and let the people in there give her also what she deserves….

      • I agree, if she was THAT messed up she wouldnt have been to turn the washer on. So if she wasnt messed up enough to be unable to to turn the washer on, obviously she knew what she was doing. She is one sick piece of trash who was high on drugs and couldnt handle her baby. I guarentee she knew was she was doing. I have a almost 5 month old son, and at points sure they drive you crazy, but most people have control, she obviously didnt have enough patience because of her getting drugged up with 3 kids. She deserves to be thrown in a washer, seriously. That is one angel that god has gotten, she was so beautiful and didnt even get the chance at life.. 😦

    • I agree and they should have painted that baby girls picture all over the walls so she had to look at her and remember every second what she did to that baby

    • I for one don’t believe in the death penalty however to do something to any little child least of all a precious 10 day old baby!! I would not want to be her Standing before God Almighty on that day. And absolutely she should get the maximum years allowed with no suspended sentences with no chance of parole without a doubt!!!

    • I agree with you Jamie Webb, its disgusting & makes me feel sick to my stomach 😦

    • I think there were plenty of warning signs. When I was a kid we had children’s homes. Nowadays children are left with unsuitable parents too long. I now this will be unpopular but I am going to say. If you did this to a dog you would be banned from having another dog. So I feel there needs to be a national debate on wether we allow totally unsuitable people to keep having children the abuse and murder??

      • Here where I live they try to act like they are sooo good at child protection.. Yet I have seen so many unfit mothers, girls I know, Ive seen them make some really stupid mistakes… POsting on fb all the time about doing drugs etc.. this one girl had social services called on her 3x, she was even blowing weed smoke in her little boys face and thought it was funny.. They investigate usually, but most times they dont even take the child away… Of course when you go there the moms gonna pretend to be a good one, they need to evaluate better… That meth head should NOT have had her kids… You cant think of anything but meth where your addicted…

    • poor baby, hope she rots in hell and i really hope them court judges that went against her family get kicked off the bench they sentenced that wee girl to death too x

      • I agree, her family tried to do thing the right way n get the kids from her thru the court, but the judge didn’t listen n let her keep the kids. That judge needs to be put in check too, this was there fault also n the judge need to be disciplined.

    • i agree with the death penalty part but i feel no druggy should have a child and i think if the circumstances they do that they should be threatened if they do not stop that they do choose drugs over there child and will lose all possible right of that child and should always be getting drug tested because of druggies so many kids are in danger and tbh i have been around or known some druggies in my life and can say as a child not knowing anything about drugs can be very frightening so even if they dont harm them phisically they are still harming them mentally

      • to refraise i agree with death penalty part i agree that there shouldnt be a death penalty because what most people dont get is that its an easy way out and her living in jail everyday for the rest of her life having to remember that no drugs to get her threw nothing to help her forget i say make her suffer the sick cow she must have been out of her face to not even realise what she had done it is sick makes me so angry that anyone could hurt a child let alone there own i could never do that to my son yes he drives me crazy but not even enough to hit him and i do agree with someone who said if we abuse a dog we lose all rights of having a dog and i think the same applies to kids she should be knocked the fuck out and sterilized but even if she where to have another kid she still wouldnt get custody but why let another child into a world where it could end up so messed up by the stories of his/ her mother and i really liked the part about putting the picture in her cell because everytime she looks at that shell know how disgusting she is how cruel she was how seriously sick she really is and how much pain and trauma she has caused to her own family and what a disgrace she was to even have kids in the 1st place i could go on but this makes me sick to my stumach people like that should be locked up for life

    • Death sentence! Why should we pay to keep her fed n wateted in prison and help her rehabilitate her drug problems! She doesnt deserve that luxury of life!

    • That woman should put through the roughest gang that is against child neglect but on the other hand our heavenly father will take care of Maggie May and he’ll make the mother pay for her crime. I leave it in his hands

    • They have industrial sized washing machines. Put the bitch in one and let her see what it’s like!!

    • I belivie she should get the death sentence like she killed the 10 day old baby

    • I agree the system is not protecting the kids enough even if the mother is at fault

    • Yup…let her rot!!

    • Thinking about what she’s done doesn’t mean diddly squat. Eventually she’ll forget. People tend to do that over time. It loses it’s impact over a few months. And if she doesn’t remember doing it then she’s probably convinced she didn’t do it. I say put her sorry butt to death. Let her meet her maker sooner rather than later.

    • I personally think she should get tortured the same way she tortured that poor helpless baby and then be left to rot. The government are as much to blame by allowing this child to even grow inside a woman hooked on meth let alone keep the child.

    • I agree 100 %

    • She was high on meth at the time she will never remember what she did just that she did it. She is pure scum and deserves the same torturing death her poor baby girl did.

    • exactly

  2. I say put the mother in a washing machine to see how she fares, for crying out loud.

  3. all baby killers need to be put to death the same way they kill the kid!!!!

    • I total agree with Star Ford, whatever crime that was done should be done to the person who committed it. We don’t need more hotels for them, they need hard labor and maybe they wont come back….repeatdently. I have always wanted a baby girl, my heart goes out to baby girl which Jesus is rocking her right now. Why don’t cps do their jobs, thay don’t because too many people who do child abuse, know them personly and therefore no action is done. I feel she should have received more punishment without parol. Just my comment….

  4. she needs to be punished for what she done ,the person who will punish her the most will be god , one other note may angel be with Maggie take her under their wings …may angel be with the other children and rest of family..

  5. I so agree they all need to be put to death. That makes me sick to hear stuff like that.. And theres people out here that want babies n cant have them.. so we got dope heads that can have babies n they turn around n kill them i dont feel sorry for them they all should die….

    • Agreed, she should have given her beautiful little angel to someone who couldnt of had a baby, instead of keeping her and doing that,.. she should die.. slowly. Yeah that may sound sick, I watch criminal minds all the time, but people like that deserve it…

  6. if she would have murdered the child six months ago no one would have even blinked an eye……

  7. RIP lil ANGEL. GOD didn’t want you to be raised by a meth head so HE took you to raise HIMSELF.

    • What about the other two kids? Did they deserve six and nine years being raised by a meth head? Where’s the just and fair “God” there?

      • Exactly. It always amazes me that people take comfort in the fact that something lke this was God’s will. You mean.. in order for God to get her back, she had to die in a washing machine? Wow.. God is one sick fuck.

      • I’m afraid “God” doesn’t enter into it here. I’ve never seen a meth head but I’ve read enough about them to know that she could have put the baby in the machine without meaning for her to die. That of course doesn’t excuse her behaviour and she should be punished severely. Those who should be punished most severely of all are the people in authority who saw fit for this cretin to be in charge of anything, let alone children.

    • aww ❤ so true.

    • That’s so true, poor baby she deserved better, I hope the animal who called herself the mother rots in jail. Xxx

  8. everyone blames the dope… it is not the dope that caused her to do this to that baby.. It was her.. I am a recovering addict. I have been clean for 3 years now. I have done all varieties of drugs, including meth. Never did the thought of killing a child cross my mind. This stupid woman decided that she didn’t want the child anymore and it would be easier to kill it than to stop drugs and raise it.. I think that 15 years was far too light of a sentence. The world is so messed up. The laws are backwards. If you get caught with certain drugs, you can get up to 25 years, but if you kill your child, you can get off in 15 years.

  9. so crazy for her to just get 15yrs. and she mudered a child omg !! she needed life without prorole but ya do a little pety crime and ya get years ya murder someone ya get a lighter sentence

  10. I don’t know that much about drugs but I thought meth made you stay awake not pass out I think she needs to be burned til she has no skin on her flesh there are ppl losing infants everyday do to health issues why do ppl insist on killing healthy baby’s

  11. So sad and tragic. Rest with God little May.

  12. I think she should stay in jail for ever an never get out let the ladies in the prison take care of it they don’t like ppl like her

  13. It makes me sad to read these comments. yes, the mother should be punished, but some of you sound like sadists. Particularly disturbing is the person who suggested she be burned until she has no skin left! Don’t you understand that we will never live in a peaceful world until we stop this “eye for an eye” mentality? You are suggesting it was wrong for her to kill the child, which it was, but what makes it right for society to then turn around and kill the mother? Killing is wrong, period.

    • i totally agree, if there were more resources out there for people that are disturbed (more help and support) instead oof judgement and disguts, and actually treat each other as equals , she would have never been high in the first place and this would have never happened. People dont help people like this because they are considered scum unstead of people who have a bad journey of their own. They ‘ll prob grew up in a bad family that did drugs and thats all she knew. People do crazy stuff when they are high, such as car accidents and burning places to the ground, and don’t even have feeling or reculation of what they are doing, but i know for sure she feels the quilt now, just like any other troubled being that has done something dumb when they were intoxicated.

      • More resources??? are you kidding me!! There are rehabs and detox’s popping up everywhere, there are addiction centers, Narcotic’s Anon, Alcoholic’s Anon, Homeless shelters, soup kitchens, mental hospitals, 1-800 get help numbers to call……. what the hell more do you want before these addicts start being held accountable for their actions?? She knew full well what she was doing and decided to take the easy way out, she probably didn’t want the baby from the beginning but was too ignorant to use protection. She obviously didn’t want the two others also because if she had she would have taken better care of them so her family wouldn’t have to call the system to make her care for them!! It’s not the courts fault, it’s not the family’s fault it’s the drug addict’s fault and the dealers fault, and the ones who manufacture and distribute the drugs fault!!
        We don’t need any more resources, we need bigger jails and harsher sentences for these sub-human bottom feeders!!

    • I agree with you sharon, the world has developed the following mentality – “We want to kill people who kill people, because killing people is wrong.”

  14. the punishment should always be the same as what was done to the victims…to all the people who think this is cruel, maybe if these people see that this insanity will not be tolerated they may think before they do these heinous things

  15. i say she deserves the death penalty for taking something so precious life away…R.I.P. LIL MAGGIE MAY…YOU ARE IN A BETTER PLACE…

  16. The woman should a much larger sentence like life with no chance of seeing the out side. There is absolutely no reason for taking a life or hurting a young baby.

  17. i say life with no chance of parole.pics of this poor infant painted on her cell walls and ceiling looking the way it did after going thru a complete wash cycle so she can not forget how this baby looked in the end.make her suffer looking at these.

  18. I would love to get my hands on her! Scummy druggy! What that little darling must have gone through doesn’t bear thinking about. RIP Little one.

  19. the punishment should always be the same as what was done to the victims…to all the people who think this is cruel, maybe if these people see that this insanity will not be tolerated they may think before they do these heinous things they all need to be put to death.

  20. Life with out parole and every now and then throw her in one of the washers at the prison to remind her why she is there.

  21. OMG….there is no excuse….this person that brought life into the world and so carelessly failed should spend her entire life in prison without the possibility of parole. And she must work in the prison laundry … so she can endlessly be reminded of what she did to her child. This is disgusting. I’m so sick and tired of people on drugs killing their kids……help is absolutely everywhere in every city and there is just no excuse.

  22. I am sorry very saddened to read this story today. Our country should start thinking “an eye for an eye”…. she should get what she get what she dished out. What her two other children have to live with, the rest of their lives is deplorable. Other Countries have very strict laws and I think that people will start to “think” about what they are doing and what the consequences will be if caught. Also, the Judge that didn’t listen to the warnings that were given should be disbarred. I hope that he/she loses sleep over this. There is no excuse for killing a child. At least this baby is with Heavenly Father now, she doesn’t have to worry about seeing her mother again, she definately won’t be there.

  23. This is messed up people like this should not have kids like really come people lose their kids over stupid stuff why not take the kids from the people who really need them taken away

  24. I have to interject here for those that do not believe “an eye for an eye” is appropriate or civilized. 8 years ago when I just started getting into this work, and founded this organization, by views on punishments were life in prison, no parole. I hesitated to call for ‘violence’ what I now know is ‘justice’. As my organization grew, and as I grew as a mother with three little boys, I started to see things differently. I started to see that those who call for no violence, or say “an eye for an eye” is barbaric and not right, are the very people that have become complacent about our children suffering, being tortured, starved, raped, beat and after a long painful death filled with terror, they are murdered. To those that want to handle these cases ‘civilly’, how can we be civilized if we are creating situations for these children to be abused and then never requiring them to be held accountable for the horrific crimes they have committed. To these people, I ask this. What if you know this child. What if this is your precious baby that was raped by her father everyday starting the day she was born, destroying her internal organs, crushing her skull when he pushed down on her face while climaxing. If that was your daughter, would you like to see an eye for an eye punishment, or let them live their life it in place where he is fed, has a bed, the ability to watch TV, to visit with their families. Think really hard … is a life sentence equal to your only hours old infant being raped??? And what if it was your 3 month old baby boy who was punched so hard in the face that the blow killed him, all over a spilled beer??? What if it was your 5 year daughter that was starved and beaten and tied to a bed, weigh 12 bounds at her death. When did society stop caring about the disgusting things that happen to children everyday? When did we stop losing our value of children?
    An eye for an eye is the only way we can achieve justice. The moment these monsters harm a child, they no longer have any rights. Keeping them in prison racks up millions of dollars, and is in no way justice. Make it VERY clear, if you harm a child, we will in turn harm you in the exact same way. Overcrowding in prisons would decline, money spent on costs if incarceration an inmate would also decrease, and justice would begin to be done.

    Treat these monsters as they treated their children. Force them to suffer the same fate the forced upon that innocent child. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!



  25. what a stupid fucking cunt what a shame glad to know that meth was more important than paying the fuck attention to her newborn i dont even wanna say what id do to this lady if i ever saw her stupid fucking junk boxing bitch

  26. Death to all those that harm the innocent little children.Why let it be on the tax payers to feed these monsters and keep them in a cozy cell.

  27. bring back the death penalty……an eye for an eye!

  28. I hope she rots in prison, I just wish it were a harsh labour prison where she were put to work in a labour intense field instead of the holiday camps they have now days!

  29. May she find God in her misery that God will deal with her as he sees fit

  30. THIS IS JUST SAD HOW THE FUCK CAN SOMEONE EVER DO THAT TO THERE CHILD HAVE SHE EVER HEARD OF PUTTING HER CHILD IN ANOTHER ROOM N WALKING AWAY for a while like I have 4 kids at a very young age n there my world I don’t c how putting her in jail is gonna help just let her live for free yea sure she wont get to do what she wants but she aint got to go work for what she needs n u can get drugs in prison to so she prolly still high she should b killed for what she did to her child y didn’t her children get taken after the drug charge where was the system then now they wanna take her kids well where im form after u have drugs in ur system or catch a drug charge they take ur children put her ass in a tank of water n let her drown for what she did there is no justice here letting her live for what she is a worthless piece of shit for what she did

    • You mad? I noted your repetitive use of “for what she did” and learn proper grammar, go back to grade 3 lol

  31. some people have to be stop before they can make world to nightmare be alert around you and you people . Better to ask when you are worry about ennything in this world. It can help somebody in the end.

  32. The baby should have been taken off her immediately after birth with the drugs charge already there!

  33. she dosent deserve the death penalty.. too much of an easy way out for her!! she needs thrown in a cell and forgotten about!!

  34. That judge should be fired, that poor child
    I agree with many
    She should rot in jail never allowed to be put up for parole high on drugs or what ever what bloody brang her to put that poor tiny baby in the bloody washing machine in the first place!!

  35. yes she should rot in jail but to be honest I don’t think she would fit into a washing machine and prisons have gone soft they get 3 meals a day tv and no bills to pay. The only thing she won’t get will be the drugs to get high. That poor innocent child drowning like that after you have it growing inside for 9 months then 10 days later you kill her .It’s true druggies should not have children at all and something needs to be set up by the government that if they take drugs they lose all rights

  36. I don’t see how anyone could be so impaired to do such a horrible thing and not know what they are doing. Yes she should suffer the same as Maggie May did! An eye for an eye!!!!!

  37. why pay to keep her in the system when she could possibly marry or have laugh and happiness with others that are serving time. I say get rid of her and dont put the burden on tax payers

  38. drugs or no drugs she took her daughters life she should have life inside without all the things they get in prison tv games consol.give her just bread and water no luxuries . life should mean life not 15yrs. in my eyes she needs a lot of help but i cant condone what she done. that poor wee child and her other children are a lot better off without her.

  39. people like this should not be able to get out of jail, should have to be responsible for what they do, she killed the child and should be give death, the same way. the baby is with God in heaven, I feel sorry for the other children, they shouldn’t be subject to abuse of this nature. a life for a life!

  40. she needs to go to a federal penitentiary !! She needs to be put in a place where she will be treated like hell for what she did , not sitting alone in a cell with out a care in the world. She took a innocent child from this world. She should suffer everyday for the rest of her life. The judge that let her walk away with those kids after the drug change should be fired ! there is no excuse for it. She made a choice to end that life and i don’t care what any judge says, the drugs didn’t MAKE her do, she choose to. I lost faith in our justice system a long time ago, this just makes it so much worse!

  41. I think she should be put in a cement mixer and tossed about until there is no breath left,the coke head little bitch,

  42. i say that she should be put in a big washing machine and put on a full cleaning cycle and let her die the exact same way she did to her daughter i think she should die the same way her daughter did i think this woman is sick if she didnt want her daughter then why didnt she put her up for adoption or let some one foster her you should always cherish what you have got with your child and like i say she should die the same way that her daughter did sick woman she is sick sick

  43. I can see that everyone is as disturbed and angry about this as I am. I have another case that is FAR FAR FAR FAR WORSE. I’ll link the case here, please take a look and leave your comments. This baby girl was brutally murdered and her murderer got off with 77 days in jail.


  44. that is just vile she should be sentaced for life. and should not be aloud any kids ever again

  45. It’s too bad the baby’s voice cant be heard and never will be so why should this woman ever have a chance to get out of prison…………15 years!!! Really!!!

  46. She should be drowned in a septic tank

  47. how messed up. shes should have been in jail already with all the crap she got away with but they had to wait til someone innocent paid for her crimes sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  48. this is just terrible she was on heavy drugs but this is no excuse for this to happen to a innocent child this poor little girl she did not deservethis to happen to her because of her stupid mother this is terrible they should of gave her life in jail not 15 years what is wrong with our court system these days it is not good for Canada believe me

  49. she should be bloody hung with a lift that goes down slowely so it takes months to kill her a very slow and painfull death !!! Crazy woman

  50. I would like to know what her life has been like up to the time she had children. People dealing maybe should be punished more severely, there seems to be a never ending supply of people willing to sell drugs to anyone. I cannot get my head around what she did. It is so unbelievable. She will suffer the rest of her natural life, once she’s in jail long enough to get really clean. I’m sure she will want to kill herself once she comes to terms with what she did. So very sad for the whole family, especially the ones that wanted to take the baby. The Judge sure made a bad judgement, I hope the next time he makes a better decision.

  51. rip little princess Maggie may no baby or child let aloan a person should suffer the way this beautiful girl did its just makes me sick to my stomach for what this mental mother did weather she was meth or not this is no reason or moral for what she did, this is no justice at all she needs to be sterilized so she cant have anymore babies what so ever HOPE SHE ROTS IN HELL FOR THIS that’s all I can say 😦

  52. Bring bk the death penalty

  53. she should be sentenced to a horrible death!!!

  54. there are worse things than death, she should suffer for her crime, let her rot alone in a cell by herself…..not to see the light of day

  55. she needs putting in a room with mothers who have lost children like myself and let us loose on her,it wont cost the tax payer anything then throw her in a skip,she looks like a bloody skip rat,people like that should be sterilized and not allowed have children!!!!!!!!

  56. Se sould be given death sentence if u take a life u sould lose ur life taken an inninosnt chid who never got a chance shes a dirty rottin b…..d the s… Of the earth she will rott in hell

  57. omg absolutely disgusting that poor poor baby and those poor children what sort of life did they lead my heart goes out to those poor children the woman should have recived life not 15 years completely out of order at least her other two children are safe now god bless them x

  58. sick fucking tramp hope she gets wotz cummn 2 her

  59. I agree with the fellow who mentioned five cent bullets… why should she get an opportunity to read, learn, enjoy a meal at our expense. Similar to a rabid dog she should be put down.

  60. wot a sick fucked up piece of shite if that was me to sentance her i wud torture her for the length of time poor maggie may was on the full cycle for then id have her hanged why shud she live wen maggie may has gone due to her drug use id love to have known her i wud do it my self to the sick twat r.i.p maggie may heaven has found its new angel sleep in paradise baby girl xxx

  61. I agree she needs prison time but she needs life in prison not 15 years. Remember a life was taken and she did it. If she was let out in 15 years she would do it again and again.

  62. Prisoners in ny cost 167,000 per yr it was just reported last year which is insane what a scam prison is, this is why so many are filled with drug abusers and dealers and no room left for more serious crimes how insane what it costs to keep a prisoner! It is a huge business and a judge in pennsylvania just got prison for the “kids for cash” scam of imprisoning youthful offenders for very minor crimes and he got paid for each kid! Kids are worthless to politicians they do not vote and by the time they are of age the politician will be out of the game more than likely! These are the prisoners they should keep, murderers, rapists, child rapists, a crime against another is more important and forever damaging than someone being caught with drugs

  63. Dont know how the police can justify allowing this to even happen when that evil bastard was charged with a drug offence at 4 months pregnant. The baby should have been taken from the bedside when she gave birth. The police should be ashamed that this was even able to happen. And that sick fuck should die

  64. lethal injection……..no way out of this one.

  65. God rest your soul precious little angel, u deserved better and god saw u deserved better may you rest in peace, always in everyone’s thoughts sweetheart. Xxx

  66. she needs putting to her death…..do not no how they can get away with givein her 15years it makes me sick…

  67. The justice system failed baby Maggie. Rip little angel.

  68. i believe they should find a washer big enough for her and put her in it. fifteen years is nothing. she will be free to live her life but that poor baby never stood a chance in hell

  69. I just can not understand how sick people can be but this is just horrendous sick twistedand pure evil, give her to the public let them deal with her. I realy hope she gets wwhat she truly deserves

  70. I personally dont think child murderers or abusers should stay in prison wasting taxpayers money when 9 times out of 10 they do not come back out rehabilitated, they will always be a threat to children. When there is clear verdict of guilt we should then hand out capital punishment. This is the only way to clear society of these pesticides that have it in them to harm a child. You can never rehabilitate someone who can hurt or abuse kids the seed is already planted there and no amount of prison time will let their conscience haunt them or change their ways.

  71. sick f**kinfg bitch i hope she rots in hell, if you were even a mother atall you’d have loved and cared for your baby .. hope the thought of what you’ve done haunts and torchers you for the rest of your living days!!! RIP baby maggie such a beautiful little angel ❤ ❤ xxxxx

  72. rest in peace Maggie sweet innocent angel xxxx

  73. ROT away in jail

  74. this turned my stomach, to think anyone could do such an inhumane act on a child is indescribably appalling. I suffered from neglect as a child (beaten, burnt and locked away for extensive amount of hours by my birth mother as well as being sexually assaulted by her partner) and am now a mother myself. I would do anything to keep my girls safe from anything I had to suffer. I love them more than anything they’re my angels. RIP little princess, you’re and angel in the stars and will shine among them like you should of done here ❤ xxx


  76. I’d like to put her in the Middle East were she can’t defend for herself like little Maggie couldn’t — Jail / Prison is NOT ENOUGH punishment!!!

  77. It makes me sick to hear and see things like this happen and our “Authorities” no who these people are and do nothing. we have too many laws in this country and not enough to keep the peace of a civil society. We have become a country of greedy depraved morons that all need to go to hell.

  78. Why blame her any more the the a hole judge that allowed her to keep her child. Thats also the one who should do time…He allowed the killing of Maggie May…

  79. Has anyone ever thought of getting this Mother help while she is in prison, of course not it’s a waist of time that is your way of thinking not mine.
    Do you really think the system cares of course not, just lock them up.
    Will this mother get help from the system not likely.
    That’s like keeping a murder for more than 20 years then decide to execute him. Sad but true. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS HELP IN YOUR PRISON SYSTEM IN THE STATES.
    And here we are in the 21 century and your system is how old.
    Believe it or not the LORD as the last word not you or I.


    • Amen!!
      These people need help more then anyone, they need to be shown the love of our Lord Jesus Christ!
      Locking them up isn’t helping our world any, we need to spread the good news of Jesus and get these people to the light before the end comes and they suffer for eternity!

  80. Completely discusted. That woman should never have been a mother. That poor child. To be brought in this world by the woman who is supposed to love and protect them…only to have their life taken by that same person is appauling. Personally they should take her oug back and shoot her but I must agree with some of the other comments…. Let her rot in jail and let her live with the fact that she killed her baby. That she chose drugs over her child.

  81. She should also be sterilised so she cannot have any more children. What Nadine said was interesting, but it seems hopeless. How can things be changed?

    • Honestly, change will not come easily. I wish there was an overnight cure, but there isn’t. The first thing needed before changes can be made, is to raise awareness about cases such as Maggie’s. For a long time society has swept these things under the rug because they are too difficult to accept as reality. Slowly, this is changing. The more people that read Maggie’s story, the more people that fall in love with this baby girl, the more voices we will have calling for change. There are plenty of issues to address and find more appropriate ways to handle cases. We need to put pressure on our government to overhaul the CPS protocol, and we need to begin holding CPS accountable when they neglectfully fail to save a child’s life. In Marchella Pierce’s case, for the first time in history, two CPS workers who failed to save the little girl and attempted to cover their tracks by forging false reports, have been charged in the little girl’s death. I will attach the link for her case below. This step, is a HUGE step. This is proof that speaking out for these children and advocating for them is working, it is being heard, and we are seeing progress. (As small as it may seem some days) We have taken all the first right steps. We need to keep these horrific cases in the spotlight, until changes are forced to take place. Marchella’s case is horrific, but it is inspiring to see something being done, and people being held accountable for failing to save her life. I call that success! So when you ask how can we change things, I say this. Keep reading these stories, pass them on, share them. The more people that are educated about what is happening, the more powerful we become in advocating for these children. I promise it isn’t hopeless, keep the faith!!


  82. disgusting vile woman she shud stop in prison till the day she dies and that goes for everyone who takes a life

  83. Dirty crack head put at a wall and shot in the head bitch

  84. I think we can all agree that this is an awful tragedy for an innocent child. We can only speculate on what a life of hatred and violence would bring an adult to do such a thing to any child, let alone their own. But I don’t think the state should resort to violence for any reason. If it’s all right for one person, even on behalf of the state, to kill then it’s all right for everyone to kill – and that clearly isn’t right. The state can not condemn murder if it murders.

  85. People like her shouldn’t be allowed to live even if its in jail when that liltte baby isn’t here to grow up and have a good life because she took it away from her because she be selfish rather have her drugs than be a mother makes me sick she needs the death penalty

  86. heart breaking to read ,15 years in prison is not enough she should be left to rot in hell, or be giving some harsh punishment make her suffer……..druggies should be striped of there rights to be parents,they dont deserve children and they defoo dont deserve to be breathing the same air as everybody else…

  87. Day after day, you see and hear about terrible child abuse cases. These people should be sterilised so they NEVER have the chance to destroy another child’s life.

  88. Death sentence is the only way , she should never have been allowed to keep her older children never mind letting her take her new born home for her to murder, what is wrong with the legal systems today, any drugs involved children should be taken away, where are the children’s rights , I hope she gets battered and suffers a long and painful death !!

  89. Let me punch that dam crack head in the fuckin face and piss on it…… Have a good day

  90. an eye for an eye…

  91. Get an industrial size washing machine, stick it on a boil wash and shove her in! See how she endures such pain, then if still alive give her the death penalty!

  92. mother (if thts what you would call her ) should be placed in a giant machine along with razor blades for a full cycle ….

  93. When will governments learn and i mean across the globe, neglect or abuse a child just once and there are no second chances ,they should NEVER be allowed around ANY children again period . If anyone committed fraud and stole from the government they would never again be given any job with a position of trust .As for the sentence people like her should be in prison till death life should mean life .

  94. if u read, she may not had done it on purpose! she has a 6 and 9 year old, no physical or anything fount on them 2 kid’s, what has failed this child is the system, they let her keep a baby wile they knew she was a class A drug Addict, she was done for drug’s wile she was 4 month’s pregnant, hospital’s do blood test’s wile pregnant, so who is to blaime, but this is 1 crime ive seen someone to pay for being on drug’s doing something so bad, but i think the system has failed by letting her have a new baby taking drug’s. she was out of her face, goverment’s need to react with class A drug’s in system with pregnant ppl. who know’s she could bin out of her head and put stuff in the washer. she could not bin and done it on purpose, but this should wake afew people up on class A drug’s, but class A drug’s. ppl wont stop once hooked. so the system needs to do something about it.

    • this is so sad how any1 can do that to a small person shes really sick in the head and should get life for it it duznt mean she can drown no even a two week old child she sick and shouldnt be near them and aye they must have been stupied to let her keep the wee 1 if they had toke wee maggie of her to start with the child would still be here but the point is she was givein a chance to be a mum and blow it for the other 2 as well R.I.P LITTLE MAGGIE XX

  95. This makes me sick, how could and one do that, and 15 years in jail wtf has this world come 2 u get more for selling crack to a flipping crack head, who chooses there way of life these people are sick and the goverment need locking up she should have been killd in a bad way after what she did! 15 years in jail #scumbag judge !

  96. This makes me so sad to read, and the saddest part is that things similar to this are happening all the time all around the world. innocent children are dying everyday because of other people’s selfish decisions. Jesus loves and blesses little children, and those who hurt His children have a very large price to pay when they stand in front of the Lord and try to justify it when they die.
    What else also makes me very sad is the mother in this case, people like her are so lost and caught up in the world of sin. People like her are the people that need love more then anyone else, if only she would have known the love of Jesus Christ in her earlier years, this would’ve never happened. This mother clearly didn’t like herself and that’s probably why she started drug use in the first place.
    stuff like this makes my heart hurt for these people so much, innocent children of God dying and people going to jail all because they are lost in their own sin!!
    This whole nation needs a revival, we need to start crying out to God!!
    We must thank God however that this little baby girl is with Him now and will be for eternity. Praise God.
    We must not pay an eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth. we must bless those who hurt us and pray that they see the light before the darkness overcomes them.
    Stay Blessed, & Pray for the lost people in this world and start spreading the good news about Jesus Christ and His GREAT love, it will change the world!
    ~John 3:16~

  97. Totally disgusting this woman should rot in hell for life and where were the authorities for those kids theve once failed again someone should drown her

  98. I would like to get my hands on this creature.

  99. she should be strung up and shot that’s what she deserves that poor baby

  100. this is awful poor wee baby so innocent could not defend itself against this monster who is meant to be the main person in their life that protects them .. this is so sad .. she does not deserve to live she would not take any responsibility for her actions and showed no remorse .. shes a sick twisted individual and should never get out of prison she should die there and think of how she murdered her own child and ruined the lives of her other 2 children 😦 god bless this wee baby ill light wee candle and say a prayer ❤ 😦

  101. so me one should hold her head under water until she can not take an other breath she is a rotten bitch and should be put to death

  102. Sick bitch, she was fully aware of what she was about to do( taking the drugs) and totally disregarding the fact that her baby would need taking care of, What happened after that was her choice, as a regular drug user she would be fully aware of the affect it would give her, there for she should be charged for murder, Personally i think drug users should have there children removed as soon as they are discovered using . too many children have suffered in the hands of druggies, i bet even now after what has happened, a drug user will still be able to keep her children, so long as they say they will stop using ( a blatant lie) this society is all wrong. I am ashamed to be part of this society that allows such things to happen and will continue to for a long time to come!!

  103. Not something that should ever happen, that is without debate. But two wrongs don’t make a right. This is something that she will have to live with now that she’s going to have to face the reality of getting clean. So no, I don’t think the same thing should be done to her that was done to her baby. It was bad enough that it even happened the once. I hope that her family gets the help they need to lead full lives in despite of this tragedy.

  104. This is SICK——–poor innocent Maggie..beautiful lil doll. May god rest her soul and she be safe. Too think if she lived the abuse and negelct shed have to face as the other two children have had to face all their years .. sad where dcf when you need them she shouldnt have had her other kids,,

  105. she should be scentenced to death horrid #####!!!

  106. She should never be aloud to see day light again she should have the death penalty and she deserves to be in jail for life

  107. The justice system is to blame this could of been stop!!!!!! The DRUG abuse should of been enough to STOP!!! this!!!!! Very sad you need to thank the government for this bull sh*t , you take a life. I think you should have to give up your life not be held in prison wasting tax dollars. A eye for a eye a life for a life bring back capital punishment it might stop a lot of this crap!!!

  108. It’s a tragic case, whether drugs were to blame or not the fact is ‘the mother was in charge’ she failed not only as a parent but as a responsible adult, she chose to take the drugs, perhaps fair enough she didn’t intend on harming her newborn child intentionally but consequently has done regardless all due to her taking a cocktail of hard drug narcotics, although in most thoughts/comments on here ‘an eye for an eye or the death penalty’ should be methods to which she should be dealt under.. the fact remains it’s said that 2 wrongs don’t make a right, sadly where as in this horrific case the damage cannot be undone no matter what then a step in the right direction surely is to take positive action into doing utmost best to try ensure that crimes of this nature are not repeated, I personally think one way to deal with more or less any crime is to make the penalty high if convicted and without a doubt guilty of the said offence, thus sending a hard hitting message that sticks in peoples mind, even more the individuals that commit such crimes, if people are made aware of the extreme punishment they face if caught it’s obvious to me there is bigger chance their conscience been louder and more repetitive telling them ‘not to do it or to rethink the situation’ The (So Called) ‘Justice System’ of today is an absolute shambles, even more of a shambles here in the UK. hence:- I was quite surprised she has got as long as 15 years!! 15 years is very little price to pay for human life… A example should be made of her.. a wake up call to other folk like her that use hard drugs whilst in a trusted parental/guardian position, message to others of the consequences least that way baby Maggie wouldn’t of died as much in vein,. I think to be honest through her actions, ignorance and sheer neglect one thing for sure is she’s committed herself to her very own personal life sentence because I bet there isn’t one day that goes by until she dies she’s not haunted and tortured by guilt for murdering her own child. ❤ Rest In Peace Little Maggie X ❤

  109. leave her alone in a room full of parents that have lost a child let them deal with her or put her in a wash machine long enough to let her feel a little of what that poor babe felt then drag her out and do what ever to her

  110. she should have some sort of treatment 2 keep her in pain after what she did 2 the little girl as a reminder of what she did putting her 2 death is a easy way out she needs 2 suffer

  111. she needs life in prison, with no chance of parole. i would say she deserves the death penalty but making her live the rest of her pathetic life knowing she murdered her 10 day old baby is a lot better of a punishment, death for her would be the easy way out, a way out she clearly doesn’t deserve. then if she lives threw her entire life sentence then should be put in a washing machine and left in there for a whole cleaning cycle like she did to her beautiful baby 10 day old baby

  112. U asked wat sentance should be given my answer was A LIFE FOR A LIFE. Im absolutly disgusted she was only given 15 years


  114. she needs to be put in a room with a load of mothers and let them give her a very slow and painful death nothing more or less

  115. that child should have been brought straight to social services the second she was born and the mothers face should be put in a bason of water to show the bitch wot she put her child true drowned her she hasnt got d recpect to call herself a perent the evil cow

  116. To everyone commenting that she should be forced to live the rest of her life knowing what she did to her daughter, I can’t say I agree with that. The simple truth is, she didn’t care when she murdered her daughter, she won’t ever care about it, the only remorse she will have was that she got caught. Living a long life is not making her suffer, it’s inconveniencing for a short amount of time. She didn’t care then, she doesn’t care now, and she won’t care in the future. Is sentence these monsters to suffer the exact same fate their children did. The EXACT same fate. They want to act like the spawn of evil, then I say treat them as such.

  117. That is disgusting. Why the heck did the court not notice the drug abuse of this woman the first 2 times round? Maybe then that poor child would have stood a chance but still I hope she rots in hell for her crimes. I can understand kids drive you crazy but what is the need in that, you must know yourself that you’re not able to cope and I mean she should have been responsible and got Maggie adopted at birth. I’ve been abused by my mother too as a young child and growing up, my mother didn’t take drugs but she is an alcoholic but no child should have to go through that EVER. no matter what age, it’s just disgusting and vile and it makes me sick.

  118. This is so sad its unreal and i dont think that its right yes she should be in jail yes she should be there for life with no chance of parole. it sadens me that people are blessed with a chance to bring children into the world just to kill them then there others who can not have children and would do anything to have one .She has to live with the guilt for the rest of her life when she cleans up if she cleans up and thats a huge if she will always have in her mind she killed her daughter ………it really is sad

  119. Why on earth are people on drugs etc allowed to be in charge of young children or even be allowed to have kids at all. They should all be sterilized when they start on any on any addiction some one needs to get there finger out and start putting suggestions out there

  120. What is the difference between this (killing a 10 day old baby in a washing machine) and abortion (killing an unborn baby through cutting and tearing it apart in the womb)? People should be equally disgusted! Folks who approve of abortions should be looking stories like this in the same light as their trusty method of murdering babies in utero. “Death penalty” for killing her baby…then why is abortion legal??

  121. Yet I sit here drug free fighting for my son no justice in this world.

  122. I don’t believe it was the meth what made her do it it’s her she is just a sick person who shudnt of had kids I’m on meth have been for a while and have two children who are healthy and happy and I have never once though about or placed my kids in danger she shud be on death row and if they don’t agree with that then life in prison where she will get what she deserves I know ppl say life is 15 years bit life to me wud be she will die in prison the sick cow I hope she rots

  123. So is an industrial sized washing machine being set up for this mother f—-r
    I’ve heard of sick people but lady you really take the cake.

  124. she shouldn’t get 15 years it should be life with out parole and my prayers goes out to the babies family

  125. I think she should get a needle and not with Meth in it unless it is a lethal dose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. Should get death no doubt a life for a life I dnt wanna pay for some scum like that out of my taxes if u dnt want a child or love it then put hr up for adoption there plenty of ppl out there that would love and care for that child id love to meet her my self and bring out my own death sentence for that btch makes me sick

  127. she should rot in jail . she does not deserve to be on the outside or ever near children again

  128. should be slowly killed and suffer the way that poor little girl as been and as 4 the judge ruleing in her faviour wot was he thinking sick bitch

  129. Shouldn’t we be blaming the drug, not the person? Isn’t that how it goes. How many people who have commented here have hit their significant other then blamed it on alcohol.

  130. This is disgusting that poor little beautifull girl makes me feel sick that anyone could do that on drugs or not that’s no excuse she needs punished but not killed as that would be too quick

  131. I would love to see you beaten with a sledge hammer you fucking piece of shit! Hopefully somebody skins you in prison

  132. Unfortunately, as long as humans are humans, this kind of behaviour will not stop. I am deeply shocked at what this woman did to a vulnerable baby!

  133. The courts need to wake the hell up!!! Family members don’t try to take kids away for no reason!!! she would have been alive today if they’d have given custody to them… hope she gets beat every day for the rest of her life, after she gets clean… baby wasn’t drugged when it happened to her!!

  134. This is so sick and twisted . She should be put out on the street so the rest of us can take turns beating her to death. I am a mother of 2 and I cant wrap my head around something so sick. I am deeply saddened and I pray she gets what she deserves and not in the courts system because the courts protect people like her and that is a shame.

  135. she should get the death penalty no question about it

  136. sick woman she should have gotten life without parole or even good time served ! I hope that she will never have children around her again.

  137. omg this is so sad R.I.P little maggie xxx

  138. me and my mate think this is so sick and sad she don’t deserve to live I am a mum to two boys and I wouldn’t dream of doing this to my boys poor baby Maggie I feel so sorry for her I hope her mother rot in hell for this

  139. If she’d killed her baby 11 days earlier it would have been legal and many of the people who are outraged would be defending her “right” to do it.

  140. This is soooo messed up!!! She needs the death penalty or life in prison and that’s it no need to think about it!!! This 15 yrs is complete BS!!!

  141. There si absolutely NO EXCUSE @ All for this insane hateful act! She wasn’t aware of what she was doing? Who cares, she should be placed in awasher & left to die in one! No one, but no one deserves to live after murdering a innocent baby like this,or any other way! this woman,or nmurderer, doesn’t deserve any children @ all! He rday will come, when she dies, & has to face God for what she did& does!

  142. disgusting sentence should have been longer if not death row a life for a life she should be hung from the highest branch

  143. I think the sick women should be in prison for 20 to 30 years then she should be killed sent to hell where she clearly belongs she is sick in the head and i wouldnt give her my simpathy atall and dont think no doctor should help her recover her lose and help with her regret this story brang tears to my eyes!

  144. they should put the mother that done that to her new born daughter in the washer and see if she could drown if not then put her through 2 cycles… that was so curl the baby didn’t deserve to die if she didn’t want her she should have put her up for adoption… and that she is on drugs thats even worse.. i have no respect for someone like that.. they should show her what she done and hopefully that will stick in her head and she thinks about what she done hopefully it haunts her for the rest of her life!!!!

  145. That poor babies face looked like she was in pain, very haunting & disturbing. How can a human being do that to an innocent child, she doesn’t deserve to breath our oxygen. Should do to her what she did to that poor little baby.

  146. May god be with this precious little girl , shes in a better world now watching her loved ones. I as a person ive became closer to my holy father and i am leting him guide me in this world. God has his reasons for many things who knows what would had happen but one thing is for sure he will punish those who kill believe it or not. I do agree, of the bbys mom doing her time for what she did. But come on “eye for an eye” god will do that for us. Like the saying goes “whatever goes around comes around” . When god comes he will be the one to judge us and ask us why did we do what we did and he will decide what to do. she will do her time and her bby will have justice let our god do the rest why should we even have the thought to kill or do what she did to her daughter to her. Makes no sense. Doesnt mater who agrees or not we all have our opinions.

    • Amen!!
      It says that our God is the right judge, meaning He will give RIGHTFUL judgement’s if you do not repent and believe and give your life to Jesus before you die. This woman will never be able to justify her actions to God when she dies so she will suffer for an eternity, like it says GNASHING of the teeth and burning flames. “eye for an eye” is old testament, it is replaced with LOVE people, we need to show this woman the love of Jesus Christ, unconditional. It’s hard but it is the only thing that will forgive these sins and turn her into a new person. I just Pray for this woman and that she find salvation through Christ before her time on earth is done.

      I am so happy to see that there are people out there that share my beliefs and point of view.
      Stay blessed! xo

  147. she should have had the same done to her and watch her suffer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. propa harsh,,,,it makes me sick even thinkin about it,,jails far to easy,,,, that smack head mum shud get punished loads, just dont think jails enuff,,,, put her in a washin machine to see if she likes it,,,,

  149. This just makes you cry to hear something like this happening to a little one that had not chance against her own mother….. I truly think if someone has a baby and the hospital , courts, and so on know this person is on drugs or drinks to much should NOT be able to take this child home…. there should be homes where they have to go live and not able to leave with out child or a worker with them at all times…. after a year or two of NO miss behaving then allowed to get a place of their own with regular visits…… I hate hearing stories as this…. it is heart breaking…. with all the people out there that want to adopt , but these people will not give up their babies because it is a pay check for them 😦 how sad is that…

  150. just reading this sad and twisted story off this so called mother,makes me feel physically sick and disgusted that some one,or should I say some thing could actually do something like this to a poor and defenceless baby,some people would have loved to had this lovely little baby girl,i know I would,i know what this is like to lose a baby girl,we did not too long ago,bring back hanging just specially for cases as sick and disturbed as this,i truly hope that she doesn’t survive her little sentence inside.

  151. “Personally, I am sticking to my theory that the punishment should be enduring the exact same treatment which Maggie did. Since when has being high a reasonable excuse?”

    If that’s how you feel then maybe you should move to a country where Sharia Law is practiced.

    I do agree that her punishment should be much more severe, however. 15 years is not enough; she should be getting at least 25, or even the needle.

  152. How sick can some one be to fetch a poor innocent life into the world and then take their life away in such a cruel manner. If she really did not want the child then she should of done the most sensible thing and either given her up for adoption as soon as she was born or do another unimaginable thing but more humane and have an abortion. There are so many people in this world that are unable to have children that would have loved and cared for that little girl with all their hearts. She should be sterilized and never be allowed to bring another life into this world and should never be allowed to have contact with her 2 living children. I just hope they do eventually manage to get that awful image out of their heads.
    We have waited so long for our little girl to come along and she is the most precious thing to us we could not imagine inflicting any pain on her or allowing her to come to any harm in the arms of others.
    Most mothers and fathers would die for their children before allowing them to come to any harm. This women is not human. While she may say she has no recollection of what she has done due to being high on what ever drugs she has been able to get her hands on she has made that choice to take those drugs and put her self into that position so she has to pay the price for this. However her daughter should not of had to suffer at her hands and I only hope for the little girls sake that she is at peace in heaven being looked after. This women should have been given a life sentence without the chance of parole!!!!!!. Why should she have the possibility of being released and leading a normal life when her daughter did not have that choice and will not be around to celebrate her 16th, 18th, 21st birthday or even walk down the isle to marry the man / women who is the love of her life. There is only a few words for this woman: DISPICABLE , SCUM, VIAL AND NOT FIT TO BE CALLED A MOTHER

  153. Put her in a large washer and run it till she’s dead

  154. she should be drowned just like she did to that poor sweet innocent little baby girl, she doesn’t deserve a bed to sleep in and three meals a day, we pay for that how stupid and ignorant is our government. The chair should be brought back, we have innocent people who need that shelter and food, why waist it on a that so called human she is nothing but a waste of skin and does not deserve to live

  155. That baby didn’t deserve that.She should get life sentence without parole.She deserves to die the same way the baby did. I Hate sick ass people that hurts kids they are just low life’s no good for nothing wanna be’s if you didn’t want the child you shouldn’t had or or just gave her to someone that would have taking her in to a good home YOU NEED TO DIE YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO LIVE

  156. put her to sleep i say we put poor dogs to sleep for less

  157. don’t put her on death row, just shoot the bitch

  158. I definitely do not agree that the punishment should be the same as the crime. Lets look at the bigger picture here. The woman is a drug addict. That itself is a living hell. People with substance abuse are 9times out of ten people who also suffered terrible abuse either in childhood or at some point in their lives. They are already broken damaged people. No, I do not think they should have custody of their children because obviously the abuse is perpetuated through the generations and children either end up dead or damaged. I don’t have the answers on how to fix this, but I guarantee you doing unto the guilty as they have done unto others will not help anyone. Furthermore, our government needs to spend more on the war on drugs and more funding on facilities that help people who are damaged, addicted. There would be less need to spend on incarceration and the legal aspects of such situations. We all need to focus our energy on demanding our government take more action in these matters in order to prevent such tragedy.

  159. This woman should be put in a washing machine for a full cleaning cycle and see how it feels. That poor baby ): it makes me sick seeing people doing this to they’re babies 😐

  160. She deserves to get whatever she gets! A newborn baby deserves to live a life and not be drowned in a washing machine! Drug users should not have children at this rate!! Sickens me its a little babies life and baby that didn’t ask to be made and born but has the right to live until elderly in a happy and safe environment! RIP Baby Girl you were a lovely looking baby x

  161. So u believe in “eye for an eye” do u think god punish the people that killed him? No he did not do anything but he forgave them. So if u want justice ask him, he will do the justice that is necessary even if they have to live because he already knows what is going to happen to that person and the justice that god is going to give her is worse than she did to that baby we do not know how she is going to die but in my opinion is going to really nasty

    • Hate been the one who break this to you but….. God is nothing more than just a fictional character who appeared in the ancient fairy tails bedtime story book AKA ‘The Bible’ ~ To be quite honest I think you sound rather ridiculous the way you refer events from a chuffin story book as if it really did happen 100% for sure over 2000 years ago. What a load of shit pal, One other thing I can say is:- *IF* (Big IF) there is a god then why is he allowing a innocent baby to endure a brutally horrific death from drowning in a bastard washing machine?? or allowing paedophiles to just carry on sexually assaulting young kids. Pfff!!! If that’s the case then God is one seriously fucking sick individual!!!! – – Think about it, Get a grip an ‘Stop Trying To Fill My Head With Fucking Shite!!!!’

  162. life for a life ….

  163. i belive in the death penalty for all child murderers and abusers,children of drug/alcohol addicts should be removed from the parents at birth then maby these poor babies will have a chance of a decent life instead of the scummy life these selfish druggies offer them.poor poor babies.

  164. honestly in my opinion she should be shot or at least get the death penalty.high or not it is no excuse

  165. This woman should be put in jail for the rest of her life or given death sentence the justice system is so not fair I don’t like hearing things like this especailly whe there’s precious lil kids involved. she should be given the same treatment someone should do the same thing with her.

  166. i think the bitch should die the same way her baby did.

  167. kill the bitch, and not the injections either that’s a easy way out put her threw pain killing her ten day old baby never had a chance in the world. why should she live if she killed baby there is others on death row for assaulting a cop this is ten times worse. SHES WALKING AWAY WITH A SLAP ON THE WRIST THIS IS HORRIBLE IF THEY DONT GIVE HER DEATH ROW MAY HER TIME BE HORRIBLE AND MAY SHE BE BEATEN TO WERE ITS JUST CLINGING ONTO HER LIFE AND CANT EVEN NOTICE HER FACE. STUPID BITCH

  168. She shouldn’t life……… idk how anyone can do that toanyone…..there is a lot of parents in the world that can’t have kids ….if u don’t want ur kid / baby then give it up ………. cuz they didn’t ask to be born n its not their fault ……… she should be hung. Or. Locked up for life without having rights at all………… she should have to watch stuff like that over and over n over many times to see what happen to her mind…..theask her how she feels about it ………

  169. This waste of a human being, should be tortored everyday untill it kills her, she should pay for what she has done to the poor baby girl, just because she was on meth does not mean she didn’t know what she was doing, she was obviously that high that she couldn’t be arsed with a screaming baby who needed her love and attention, instead she decided to do that because she couldn’t cope, absolutely f**king sick. I tell ya I wish I knew who she was I’d get a very dark room in the middle of nowhere underground and I’d torture the sick bitch. Its out of order and these child protection units and social workers are supposed to be brilliant and 100% looking out for childre, f**k off they are too busy with trying to take children off people who haven’t got jobs instead of looking at the people that ARE actually harming there children makes me pyshically sick, I don’t care what anyone says this disgusting druggie deserves to endure a slow and painfull death. R.I.P maggie may, such a beautiful little girl, now resting with the angels god bless sweetheart xxxx

  170. she should be sentenced to death, our tax dollars are to good to feed that sorry excuse for a woman

  171. It is so sad to see what kids have to endure.Strange thing is that these misfits of society are having kids one after the other,undeservingly so.This woman is one of so many abusing children and showing no remorse whatsoever.SHOCKING

  172. Being high on drugs is no excuse, i would love just 5 minutes alone with the evil monster, i had a drug problem, that was already on her mind, i dont use my addiction to shift blame, so all those commenting and making excuses for that monster use are no better than her and u should be DISGUSTED with urselves.

  173. This is a disgrace of what humans should be….. She should be put in a washing machine filled with sand ran twice, rinsed, and filled with gas, an lit on fire…. However what would that show our children? sadly as it is, her children will always love her as she is there mother!!!! Therefore most wanting there questions answered, which they will deserve…. Making the mother live through that day over and over when questioned from other children later on, forcing her to give answers creating most painfully from the inside out, hopefully causing a slow aginising death…. Remains being tossed to wild bores with no chance of any respect of a funeral nor a place in the ground in our earth!!!!!! NO DRUGS COULD EVER, CREATE A HUMAN BEING, TO HARM A CHILD THAT ONE SELF CREATES….. This is a dispicable story and should not even be aloud to be broadcasted for the other children to hear, or the talk of a lifetime as they were some kind of wonderful shit that the whole world knows who they are!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  174. this bitch she have to get die, the same way she did to her daughter have to die

  175. life for a life. unthinkable what shes done. how the hell can anyone harm any one never mind an inocent child. no words can describe what she is.

  176. I think people like that should never have children and that being high on something is no excuse

  177. u should be getting life in prison u sick twisted bitch

  178. I would like to put her in a washing machine and let it go through the whole cycle and make her feel wat her innocent baby felt the sick person that she is and her being high is a poor excuse she is a poor excuse of a human being

  179. I believe that the other inmates at her new jail will give her the punishment she deserves. She will have to endure not knowing who will be the one to strike out at her. I hope they make her life hell & I’m sure they will. There is no place in society for people like this and society should do its best to make this known as no one wants to be singled out by society and labelled “Child Killer” or “Child Molester” I know if she were to serve her sentence here in a UK jail she would leave having had some “Facial Alterations” given out by her fellow inmates whenever they got the chance!! I hope that the same happens in the jail where she serves her sentence.

  180. execute the skank

  181. [*] [*] [*] A very sad because a life sentence for her child is not guilty of anything Rest in peace Maggie May the Lord will give you a better [*] [*] [*] 😦 😦

  182. Well death penalty is to easy. She would never endure enough pain that way. You don’t hurt children. They don’t ask to be brought into this world, we choose that. You don’t get the choice after to harm or kill them. Poor baby girl 😦

  183. Death penalty most deffo!!
    Most people’s fear is to die not get three meals a day a warm bed to sleep in shelter and free clothing and all the other luxuries that she will get.. Her sitting there thinking about it isn’t gonna change anything is it so why allow her to have the luxuries she should be sitting there day by day worrying about when her judgment day arrives. Just like that poor baby did when it was struggling for breath! Cos I guarantee as she is taking her last breath that’s when she will most realise what she done and how her baby felt and that will be the last thing she thinks off!! That’s what she deserves

  184. she should not have the right to live! she should be stuffed in a washer herself and left there!

  185. Death penalty needs to be served to vermin like this. Even to call her vermin is an insult to the rats. In my opinion there is nothing that can be done to bring her to justice, if it was my choice she would have the lethal injection, be cremated and then dumped with the rubbish. Just get rid of them so they can’t continue with their evil acts in 15 years time.

  186. all pregnant women should be drug tested. this shouldnt of been allowed to happen. what the hell is wrong with women all we hear about os babies/children dying because of what… sick and twisted people that think this is ok. or too off their faces poor innocent babies. and still nothing os being done. what is it going to take. i think it went too far along time ago.

  187. i cant belive drug has taken over our world this story sicken me to death truth is she had been charge for drugs in pass they should of kept close eye on her

  188. I think she should have to have a hysterectomy. She should never be allowed to have another baby, or be around small children.

  189. She should have to have a hysterectomy!!

  190. 15yrs come on, ppl r put away longer for less our taxes r not there to feed sorry ass ppl….eye for an eye

  191. Put her in the washer…..

  192. I agree with you 100% – even the bible says “an eye for an eye”

  193. Reading this story absolutely breaks my heart!! That poor lil innocent life taken due to ignorance. It amazes me how some ppl are not able to have children and someone like this has 3. Drugs that were listed she was on at time of this precious angels death are serious. Meth cause hallucination, from the lack of proper sleep. And even tho she had a prescription for the other drug they should have made sure they had enough to test for how much was in her system at the time of babys death. What is happening to our justice system? 15 years is not a punishment for this, this ignorant woman (if that is what you want to call her) gets a free ride for the time. I sat an eye for an eye! She should have to look at pictures of this beautiful baby that she murdered. It wasnt an accident!!! This is bullsh*t! Put her in a washer and let it run a full cycle!!! There is NO excuse to harm a child!!! NO EXCUSE!!!

  194. As far as i’m concerned she should get the death sentence !!!!!!! A brutal one !!!!!

  195. this makes me sick. how can someone do something like that to a child especially one they gave birth too 😦 She should get life in prison or sentenced to the death penalty. there is never a reason to harm a child. R.I.P baby girl fly high beautiful ❤

  196. i dont think she should die. not now anyway. wha will she learn if he dies ? she should be punished and behind bars for the rest of her life. how do you thinj other prisoners are going to treat her when they learns she killed a baby? she deserve to suffer in jail and to think about her miserable life for the the ret of her life. 15 years wtf is that

  197. this woman should be put in prison for the rest of her life! 15 years is nothing for what she did to a poor inasint baby! this woman deserves to die in jail and not be allowed any visitors so that she is alone and sad for the rest of her life. how do u think that little baby felt when she did that to her? she should be dround.

  198. The best punishment for a low life like this is to tattoo her forehead putting something like CHILD KILLER on it & releasing her to the public. Letting the public do whatever they want to her & there will be nothing the authorities will/can do to protect her. She wouldn’t last a second when she walked out those doors.

  199. shame on you,your holding your head up your head should be held low for what you’ve done,drugs or no drugs its still not a good enough excuse,you brought that little angel in to this world.and to do that if I was a judge you would get to chair and let you feel the pain you sick evil women,15 years is not enough

  200. I can not believe a so called mother could do such a thing my opion is she should be in jail for life without porol that is just the sickest thing I have ever read about. Only because these things are hard for me to read when I have 2 children of my own can could never amagine the pain of losing them little own losing one. I hope all changes and she is in there for life you don’t desevere to ever walk free.

  201. we have just had two cases in England, case 1 the mother,s analcholic, she starved the baby to death, she has been given a 25 yr sentence, the other beat her baby to death she got life, no chance of parole for 30 yrs, but social workers sais they did,nt see any signs of abuse when they visited, they should also be charged with neglect

  202. I hear what every one is saying, but I have to disagree with most of it. I believe that she should be taken to the largest public space in the city and put in a stockade. Allow the public to beat her within an inch of her life, then doctor her up and do it again and again and again. The only rule is that you can’t kill her. This would allow people to take out their frustration and cost everyone a lot less in taxes. It will also make others stop and think when they see what she has to endure.
    Prison’s are supposed to be a punishment and not like 5 star hotel, but somewhere along the line some idiot got this confused and now if you are in prison you get everything handed to you. If you don’t believe me, just look at Carla Homolka. She got Dental, Medical and an education all compliments of hard working people’s taxes.
    I say let this sick woman pay over and over again.

  203. she is a sick bitch and should get life poor baby .

  204. poor lil baby girl

  205. an i feel so sorry for the family

  206. I don’t believe in the death penalty, however I would give her life meaning life – as in give her the time that poor baby she killed would have had in her life basically until the mother dies. what she did is horrifying I get that kids drive you mad, when they are born they only need a fresh nappy, food, love, cuddles and clothes. not a lot really, the best bit is after sleep deprevation is when they give you the love back that is the best feeling in the world. I hope that the lord above gives little Maggie may all the love that she desserves, and I really hope that the lord above sends the mother as much hell as he can then I hope she rots in hell. RIP MAGGIE MAY XXXX

  207. that is so sad to hear that she rather do drugs then to be a real mother poor baby ill pray for her and god bless her lttle soul. may she rest in peace . now she is in a better place then with that witch. so sorry to hear such tragic . my blessing to the baby . lots of love .

  208. How in the world does one do this to a child, especially their own? Drugs are no excuse for taking an innocent life. Poor baby didn’t have a chance. Her life was over before it began. It’s sad that it sometimes takes the loss of a precious life to bring about awareness. Little Maggie’s life was taken to save her siblings. It’s not fair though. This woman is no mother. She’s a heartless human being driven only by her need to get high. Rest in Peace sweet Maggie May!

  209. She should be hung by her ankles and be starved to death while still getting enough water to survive 2.5 weeks, and if she isnt dead by then, she should be burned alive, and thats a light punishment compared to what she SHOULD get.

  210. hang the skank

  211. OMG that poor little child… and a mother who doesn’t give two cents on what she did to her child……. i hope she gets what the max sentence is for murder… and when the womens jail finds out she killed her child…. she is good as dead …. I HOPE she does wow

  212. Just horrible. Especially for those who to try so very hard to have children and can’t. That will love them and want to provide a good life for them. Then you have people that do not appreciate what they are able to have! Just not fair! I am sorry, but there is no excuse. You took a life !

  213. She should go to jail and never come back out ….

  214. This is truly sick, as a new proud father of a month old boy this hits me in a different kind of way now. How does a person only get 15 years for murdering a human being? If she would have beat someone to death she would probably get life in prison. But she can put a baby (still a human being) in a washer and get less of a penalty!? That’s a big time glitch in the system.

  215. If this woman had that many charges before the child was even born, WHY IN THE HELL WERE ANY OF THE CHILDREN ALLOWED IN HER CARE? Why wasn’t the baby taken from her the moment she gave birth? It should not have come to this, to have two mentally scarred children, and the death of a baby.

  216. It says different ages for the other children.
    “Maggie’s great aunt, Rhonda Coshatt, went to the home Fiddler and her two other children, 4 and 3, lived at to offer some help to the new mother. ”

    ” The children, 6 and 9, are now living with a relative.”

  217. My baby had colic. He cried all the time I did everything to comfort him . he is now 21 and serving for our country and loves it She needs to be punished severely!

  218. they should give her death row for killing her 10 month old baby that baby never even started it’s life yet thanks to that drug headed unfit mother who should be put to death or stuck in a washing machine or 2 bullets in her head that is stupid and then blames her aunt when she comes through really give me a life you crazy *itch she makes me really sick to my tummy hearing what she did to her baby i am sorry for the other 2 kids that there sister was put through that and i am sorry for the Family for the loss of a Family Member who was only 10 days old my prayer go out to you all.

  219. What the hell is wrong with people today. that poor baby girl didn’t deserve to die, i do believe that the mother needs to be put through the same thing that she put that innocent defenseless baby girl was put through. When she dies she will have to be the one to answer to the man upstairs…God bless that baby girl, and the other two children that was there when it happened.


  221. She may have been given a death sentence. It is called jail house justice for harming kids.


  223. OMG Poor Baby 😥 This woman should be given the death sentence. At minimum she should be serving life with No Parole. I can not imagine what those other children were going through in life or at that moment.

  224. I think anyone that abuses their children should immediately have the children taken away and be put on an operating table with no drugs to be sterilized! Maggie May is now resting in the arms of God, but what kind of life will her siblings live (mentally) with what they’ve been through? Poor babies!

  225. I think she should be put in an industrial washing machine on a 90 % wash and be made to suffer like that poor baby girl.

  226. This is just discusting on everyones part the legal system and her the so called mother. 15 years for the life of a 10 day old child please. her sitting a jail cell for that long is nothing she will be out in what 1/3 of her sentence for good behaviour and come out clean and holy. yes she will be clean cause she will have no drugs and this is where she should be kept reminded of what she has done cause her hell is just going to begin with the harsh cold turkey cut off from all the drugs she has in her system but wait i forgot that they will likely give her something to help take the edge off which sshe should not be entitled to make her feel the pain and help remind her everyday what she has lost and has done. Her family in time needs to remind her of the horrible things she has done to all of her children and not forgive her at all and help these kids heal.

  227. the Judge who permitted her to continue have custody should be charged as an accomplice to this homicide, and be removed from any judicial/public office. As also the prosecuting attorneys be also charged for not appealing this wrong decision.

    • that should be exactly whats done… but you know as well as i do nothings going to be done about the judges and attorneys…. the mother deserves to b tortured to death…. theres no way around that… makes me so fucking sick that ppl like this are allowed to have kids…. im only 23.. i have a 18 mth old daughter… nothing like that would ever cross my mind… idc how fucked up anyone is nothing can explain y she did it…. bitch needs to b tortured then thrown into general population in jail and let the inmates have at her… just make sure they all know exactly what happened… gaurentee shed never make it out alive….

  228. I think they should find a washer big enough and put her through a complete wash cycle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  229. shoot the bitch that all she deserves

  230. rott in hell look at her drug ass!!! waste of human flesh.

  231. I dont think any story has caused me such pain as this one and being the child of a mother who retired from DFACS that is saying a lot. These innocent children have no choice and no voice so we have got to do better by them and when I say we I mean the public the court and DFACS… RIP babygirl the pain has finally stopped

  232. put her ass in ass in cement mixer see how she likes it.

  233. she should be havin a death sentence for doing this to this beautiful baby girl omg how people are stupid ! my toghts and prayer are wit the family !

  234. no excuse that o the poor woman was on drugs bullllllshit on her an others ya they say o addictions there so much news an info on drugs that they r bad for u an they still do it leave her with me id show her a slow an painful death eye for an eye tooth for tooth its in the bible r.i.p. little angel

  235. very sad to see what some people will do to a baby or child .They will pay one day for what they have done and it will not be pretty. RIP little baby girl . I would have had you and keep you safe

  236. she should be put inside an industrial washing machine for a full cycle!!!

  237. god bless maggie may .rest in peace child of god . her so called mum should be put in an industrial drier .



  240. RIP Little Maggie May — Anyone can become a mother, the day they give birth, but it takes a hell of a lot more then what She has to be a mom! The exact same thing should be done to her, No, Drugs ARE NOT AN EXCUSE. Yes they may say thats “why it happened”, but SHE CHOSE TO TAKE THE DRUGS! Maggie May did not chose to come into the world, She brought her into this world and should have given her everything she could as she deserved as a new precious innocent soul and sweet baby and if she couldn’t, let someone have her who can!

  241. hope you die you waste of fucking life.

  242. Just let it be 15 years. Not get out of jail early because of over crowding or get out of jail for ‘good behaviour’. I hope and pray the family tries again to get custody of the children in the event she is let loose early. Strip her of whatever ‘parental’ rights she may think she has. On the flip side, I also hope and pray she gets the treatment and help she so desperately needs while in jail. Maybe there would be some hope for her when she does get out.

  243. It should be left in a hole in the desert which it can never escape and left to rot!
    There are people who cant have children of ther own, then theres scum like that who shouldnt be allowed them!

  244. She should be put in a industrial size machine on high temperature and extra rinse cycle

  245. OMG! That poor baby! It sickens me what drugs do to people!

  246. They should bring back the electric chair and use it for horrible people like that … that poor baby, 😦

  247. Someone she sit her in a room flash pics of the child the way she was found for 15 year then drow the bitch slowly

  248. maggie may god bless your little soul . you have wings of an angel now .. and as for the mother put her on a tree tie her down. and let mothers from all over come to assure she receives the same pain she caused this little angel.. as i sit here i couldnt imagine the crys and screams that little baby let out in desperate need of a cry for help.. i hope she has severe withdrawls from the drugs and god helps her remember how that baby got in the washer and make her mentally pay for it and as for the women she is surrounded
    by in prison may they do things to her that only the devil could think of..

  249. Paint a mural of Maggie May’s pictures on the walls of her cell, including at least one of her in her tiny casket. Then give her the longest sentence possible with NO chance of parole so that she has to look at this little angel every day for the rest of her life. Oh, and a good daily beat-down from the other inmates.

  250. “I have been a foster parent for 12yrs and at ties it just blew my mind how the system works.These children have no defense on what happens to them,but when you ask why is the child given back,they always reply with I think it’s safe to put them back in their parents care.Makes me so furious that they wait until something happens so tragically like this,before they step in.Where the hell is their justice??…I totally blame the government for such a tragi,horrific thing to happen to a helpless child.They always come out saying “Were child protection not child pervention.Hello if you get enough reports about someone not able to care for or not willingly to why not step in and DO something?…When it comes to justice we absolutely have none.May you rest in peace sweetheart.God bless you.

  251. She shouldve got the death penalty..

  252. For those that toss around the word’s ( God , Drugs , Alcohol & the phrase my parents treated me that way I hated it but it’s all I know so I abuse my children also ) must agree with all the evil people walking this earth. You may not have used your own hands to kill these innocent people but as you support God you also support the killers. Well one day someone might kill someone in your family & your going to support him or her as you believe God told them to do it. God tells all these priests to rape so since you believe & support this figment from above your just as guilty. The only way you’ll say bring back the Death Penalty is if this strikes you family in some way or Not as I forgot your higher being said kill , kill , kill. I myself believe the saying ( an eye for an eye ) . Maybe the government will not bring back the Death Penalty but it is getting time for parents to Do ONTO OTHERS AS THEY DO TO YOU. In the old days people had the right to protect their loved ones , now one has to obey sloppy courts to dish out flimsy sentences. Just remember your God is paving the golden road for these evil people.

  253. The BITCH should get DEATH PENALITY but that is the systems problem they let people like this get away with it charge them with manslaughter only whats that gonna do. My 10 week old daughter was killed by her father in 1997 he was charged with manslaughter got 2 yrs less a day, served 15 mths got out had 3 yrs probation. now 16 yrs later he has a another child. So what does the system tell you……

  254. Funny how when the perp is a women the feminists are strangely quiet. Now if this was male….

  255. they seriously need to consider bringing back the electric chair! to only be used in extreme cases and when it can be proven the person is being convicted of a crime they have committed. obviously bad things happen and people sometimes make mistakes, for example car accidents and so on, but when intended or a child is involved like this story…I say, a life for a life.

  256. Dirty fucking bitch she doesn’t deserve to live!!! Poor little baby!! I would put you in a pool full of sharks !! Stupid meth head

    • agreed my daughter was 10 weeks old when her father smothered her and she had 9 broken ribs. He was charged with manslaughter got 2 yrs less a day, spent total 15 mths in jail got 3 yrs probation and to be kept on his record for life 16 yrs later had another child.

      • So sorry to hear that Jaime love, your story been another typical example of the failed ‘so called Justice System’ 9 broken ribs!! Pfff!!! the pathetic outcome of his case along with many others just strengthens my theory of the courts and Government systems greatly contributing towards the rapid decline of My country, with the typical deluded outcomes criminals are receiving nowadays I find it hard to even refer to the courts as a Justice System.. The words are meaningless basically, Justice still does exist but.. the righteous outcome is more or less only witnessed in its full glory when ‘non governing bodies intervene and take it upon themselves to deliver true Justice, I hope your ex partner is pretty drunk in town one night and a big bully approaches him and for no reason gets sucker punched in the face with a ‘pre-safety-glass’ Tulip style pint pot!! One propelled at such great velocity it fractures bone on impact just before shattering into hundreds of pieces sending razor sharp glass matter fragments hurtling through the air slicing through skin, flesh, muscle, eyeball tissue and consequently severing the main carotid artery in his neck… a cheap uncalled for unprovoked attack made for no reason on his defenceless self by a bully who knew that he had not a chance in the world to defend himself or even fight back due to been slightly drunk, – Infact.. Scrap that idea, his death would be too sudden and the pain experienced by multiple shards of glass penetrating through the eyelids and into the actual eyeball a few centimetres would be nowhere near enough pain for him.. he deserves torture.. mentally and physically and maybe even death for his actions!! #FACT!! I know ‘Time is a great healer’ (Probably the best one) but.. stuff like that I can only begin to imagine it never goes away, might get a little more bearable.. or perhaps just more used to the actual facts to what has actually happened, all I can say is sorry for your loss Jaime, hope you are ok and coping alright xXx

  257. she is one sick bitch…she deserves the chair.. that bitch needs to take responsibilities for her actions..no baby deserves what she did to that little girl.. how can someone be so cruel to a beautiful little baby.. that mother doesn’t deserve to live to be honest that is my opinion. this story just break my heart into pieces.. R.I.P little Maggie May ❤

  258. I think the should do her just like she done that poor baby .. the baby didnt ask 2 be brought i this world.. she should have just gave it away… she deserves 2 be killed slowly and very painful…

  259. Why don’t we throw this bitch in an over sized washing machine and put her in for a full cycle! this is outrageous that she has 15 years in prison/jail and 15 years probation! I say make it a death sentence with the execution being the over sized washing machine!

  260. this woman is truly going to go to hell but see I must say I am a little more how should I say imaginative when it comes to punishment noooo electric chair that is to quick a death for this woman I think a stretching would be good for her tie her legs to one 18 wheeler and her arms to another and just tare that bitch apart slowly maybe that sounds crazy to some but in this case its called for .

  261. They need to put that bitch in a triple wash stuff her ass in there. What a crazy no good bitch. She needs to die.

  262. Bring back hanging…..a life for a life…

  263. I don’t think she will last in prison once they find out she is a child abuser/killer…

  264. see its times like this i’m glad i’m 2 1/2 years clean I couldn’t amajin doing that I know for a facted even high I could NEVER do that to my preshious baby by the way my drug of choice was crack and I beat it baby that mother should rot

  265. I believe if ANYONE not just dopers should be put to death no apealls no second chance, take a min. and ask yourself what if it was my child that happened to now what
    do you think they should get , if you feel for the mother you are as bad as the one who does this think of the little baby.

  266. We should not have to pay for her to sit in jail and rot. She should get done to her what she did to the child. It is a crying shame that the children services and the judge knew this woman was a drug addict and they allowed her to keep her children, now one is dead the others with family. They should have given them all three to a respectable family member where they would all be safe.

  267. What a sad and terrible story. We are in a sad state of affairs when the courts don’t do what they ought to do in order to keep children safe.

  268. she should be locked up for life if people get locked up for life for killing people so should she she is a disgusting mum i wouldnt even call her a mum

  269. do the same to her she does not deserve to live in jail while everyone is paying for her

  270. I had to read the head line of this story twice because I couldn’t belive what I was reading:( I can’t understand how someone could be so sick minded.. Cruel,and to think that a person that can do that to a poor little baby walk amoung us.. Scary really…some people are saying she should have the death penalty or to be shot in the head that letting her off to easy… But anyhow I don’t want to wade anymore of my time saying what I think should happen to this poor excuse of a human! Baby Maggie is in heaven now with Jesus never to be hurt again.. Hes the best patent a child could have…rest easy little one your in good hands now.

  271. She should be treated worse than what she done to that precious baby, there is no excuse for what she done, they ought to fry her

  272. she should be hangged like there was a 15 yr old in ballarat put her new born in a frezeer and got away with it the law sucks

  273. Sooo disgusting this is! What the hell was she thinking! Takin drugs before your child totally wrong!!!! She should rot in jail.

  274. Hand it back the Lincolnshire high sheriff office . … Hang. All of them the mother and judges alike.

  275. I don’t think she should ever get out of jail

  276. I think social services, courts should have removed the children and put her under secure watch after they found her on drugs at 4 mths pregnant. then taken the baby after birth until the mother was totally off drugs and ok. none of this would have happened if the family had of been listened too. any addiction is bad.

  277. I think people like this should be put in a French style prison. A 6x6x6 foot room with no windows, bed, or toilet, there’s a bucket to go in that might get emptied once every 3 months. Meals are broth and bread. No visitors, no health care, they never leave the cell.

  278. when it comes 2 children I believe the punishment should be the crime, hence put her in washer so she can feel like her little baby. n I hpe that the dcf department n judge that allowed her 2 keep her kids need 2 b fired n never allowed 2 have a respectable job again!!!!

  279. they need to kill her in the same manner somehow, this has made me so sick to my stomach, i cant stop crying thinking about this baby girl, RIP sweetheart

  280. just kill her and get it over with she don’t deserve to live after what she did to a little baby like that

  281. Meth or any other drug caused this person to kill her 10day old child. The person is just a sick cruel person who didn’t deserve children at all. People that blame their actions on meth are just weak people they are looking to put something other than them self at blame. Meth does not cause so take people to kill. Nothing makes people be who they are or make them do what they do but them.

  282. Meth or any other drug caused this person to kill her 10day old child. The person is just a sick cruel person who didn’t deserve children at all. People that blame their actions on meth are just weak people they are looking to put something other than them self at blame. Meth does not cause so take people to kill. Nothing makes people be who they are or make them do what they do but them. 15 yrs is not long enough. They are handing down 18 yrs on meth charges but yet this lady only got 15-years for murder. How does that work. The court system is so screwed up. She should get her life taken. Eye for an eye. Life for a life. How can she live with killing another human much less a helpless child.

  283. That women needs to take a spin in a washer and she how she likes it!!! Poor helpless little baby! What a sick bitch!!!!! I hope you get the shit beat out of you in prison! You don’t stand a chance!!!!!!!!!!!

  284. PUT HER DOWN!

  285. she is a sick woman i think she should be put to death after killing a innocent child

  286. Bring this bitch to my house… I’ll show little Maggie May some justice…

  287. I think that the court system should do the same exact thing that she did to that innocent little baby to her. That baby was innocent and did nothing to deserve what she did to her. To make matters even worse the baby was only 10 days old so the baby had no chance at all. I don’t care if the mother was on drugs or not what is right is right what is wrong is wrong and what she did was just wrong.

  288. I Am Only 19 Years Old And It Is Shit Like This That Makes Me So Mad. I Have Been In And Out Of Foster All Of My Life And Because Of Stories Like ThisTragic One And My Own Story I Have Decided To Become A Social Worker So That Maybe One Day I Can HelpChildren Be Safe And Happy And So ThatParents Like This Cannot Do Things Like This. This Poor Infant Stood No Chance Against Her Mother And Had Soo Much To Love For But Never Got The Chance To Experience The Great Things In Life And That Just Is Not Fair At All.

  289. I say life in maximum prison with no chance of parol and no death penalty cause that wld be letting them off make them live everyday with the memory of what they did and paint pics of the child they killed everywhere so matter where they went what they did they will always see the child they killed the rest of there life

  290. I think she should have the death penalty, put her In the washing machine horrible sick womon should not even be allowed to live.

  291. There’s a reservation in Hell for this woman

  292. this is so sick that the she should stay in there till she rots and not see the outside again that maggie never had a chance at seeing the world ………….

  293. I say put her in the washer machine and see how she likes it !
    Poor little baby ❤
    R.I.P little angel ❤

  294. 15 years is mot long enough she should be banned from any children for the rest of her life incuding her children that will be adults when she is relaesed,she should not get a chance for parole either no time off of her sentence when taking an innocent life like she did.the court could have prevented this but the think that people have the right to do whatever they want when you aarr a pafent that means to grow up no drugs and take care of the precious gifts that God has given you

  295. she should have to go to the doctors and they should yank out her female reproductive organs and feed them to her and then she will never be able to have kids that was a really really beautiful little angel girl so precious god will care for u now and ur mother should rot in hell and burn forever .

  296. What a disgusting excuse for a human bein. She looks really torn up about the situation. More like fienin. F*** tht other b**** too as far as I’m concerned. “Coming over to help a new mother” my ass u pig. She’s a methhead how do u think she doin. I wish I could meet them both.

  297. No she shouldn’t receive the death penalty because that means she would sit on death row for years and years. They should put her ass in a washing machine and turn it on so she can see how it feels. And if that’s not enough to kill her then when the “cleansing cycle” is done she should be drowned. Sorry if that offends anyone but if you do anything to harm a child the same should be done to you. If she didn’t want the baby I’m sure relatives would have taken her or she could have even dropped her off at a local church or fire station, anything!!!

  298. I would of killed her for killing that baby like she did

  299. no cant kill her that be too nice make her endure what her baby girl did then u treat her like u would a rapid animal

  300. I am sick to hear how the system works it is sad…. an nine chances out of ten the reason for the mom wanting to keep the children is the money it makes me sick… there are so many women out there that cant have kids an would have gave the baby the life she deserved an yes im sure someone in the family would have taken the children into better care but again were is the system when needed the mom only wanted those children for the money if she did not have the kids were would she get her money to get her drugs makes me sick….

  301. i think it is wrong when people do that to babys or any other kids for that fact it is sad to to see little kids die because of the parents or a boyfriend or whoever it is that is just soooooooooooooo wrong

  302. kill the fucking bitch. the law should (she should have done, what she did to others) law. aspecially if it is a child.

    • So agree a life for a life…. social services should also be made accountable when they fuck up … receive the same sentences then maybe more kids would be saved.

  303. i feel so bad for little maggie poor little baby i dont know how anyone could do somethin like that especially to a baby sooo sad im soo sorry maggie your gone your in my heart little girl

  304. Family knew the drug problem, DON’T turn your back when their are innocent children their to take care of themselves. They only worry about their self and that is all that matters when it comes to drugs.

  305. I like what you guys tend to be up too. Such clever work aand
    exposure! Keep up the great works guys I’ve added you guys to

  306. They all deserve to sit in a rotten prison and rot to hear things like this just boils my blood for the rest of there lives I have to kids my self and could never even think aabout harming them ❤ my kids some people dondeserve kids they make me sick

  307. We are to soft on these Bastards Put them in jail..Let them rot ..No comforts..

  308. Feed that cunt tae a pack of dogs prisons to good for scum like that

  309. Poor poor children, plz put me in a room for an hour with her she wouldnt no wot hit her, rot in hell scum.

  310. That is so sick she should be chopped up and made 2 feel every last bit of it sick sick bitch,

  311. With so much evil, wrong doing and neglect in this world I find I am ever hardening to what’s going on around me, but this, I have found horrific beyond words and have been moved to tears.

  312. I totaly agree i myself a fighting the court system and are disgusted in the treatment i am reviving. I have produced nearly 100 photo evidence of the injury’s my son sustaines while in the care of his dad. Cigarette burns cooker burns a couple in which my son has bruses all over his face and head yet the court decided that my son should live ther all because me and my other children moved to a have a beter life. I am disgusted and sad end buy the failure of the courts n social work to recognize the safety of our children.


  314. I say a life for a life rip little one fly with the angels xxx

  315. This woman is absolutely vile she should be left to rot in prison for the rest of her sorry pathetic excuse of a life. Legal system is absolutely messed up letting people like her getting to keep her kids and people who dont do nothing to ever hurt their children get them taken away from them for no reason what so ever!!!

  316. Drugs do many things, but come on! That poor little baby!! Authorties should have been keeping an eye, if she was on drugs whilst pregnant the doctors would no so what did they do about it!? also she already has two children in care, yet you let someone unstable as she is to have a nother child knowing what shes like! Made me feel sick and angry!

  317. why does the these people on drugs b aloud to have children system is failing us in every way disgrace .were is social workers an y thy not doing there job ryt

  318. she should be exicuted and not even be alive the sick bitch should be not alive the poor little baby does not deserve this its disturbing hope she roits in hell where the fucking social servies when you need them what sleeping at there jobs and looking at the people that dont really need them wake up you lazy bastards and give ur head a wobble im so mad seeing this its fucking sick

  319. she should not deserve to live they should bring the electric chair bk out for the people who hurt babies, children, and kids and where were the social services when this had happen they should have taken the baby wen she was born knowing she was a full blown drugged up child killer she is I feel so sorry for little Maggie R I P LITTLE GIRL………

  320. These parents need the death sentence…put them out of their misery.

  321. I think anything like this towards yound children or even adults they should then bring death penalty back and have them killed the sick cunts!! Rot in prison you don’t deserve kids you don’t deserve to breathe the same air as everyone else you wrongen! ROT you sick twisted cunt!! You make me feel sick

  322. The thought of a poor innocent child being beaten by there own parent or anyone else is sickening to me. how sick and twisted you would have to be it is sick and vile! Id rather die than see a child come to harm! Something needs to be done to help the poor children who are left in the care of these people who dont even deserve to have children. Many people in the world would love to have a baby to love anf care for but are unable to for various reasons!!!

  323. rip baby girl the angles will take care of you bless you sweetheart.
    you mother deserves tortured xxxx

  324. here my question where the hell was children aid? knowing the mother does drugs well being a are giver for her children.. here’s what gets be children aid is up ur ass when ur young mom/dad and doing everything u can for ur child/children then theres ppl who do drugs and children aid doesn’t give a shit

  325. Put her in industrial washing machine she how she likes it hopefully she survive for an hour then die in total agony waterlogged still to good for her RIP Maggie May and all other little ones who were I’ll treated and battered to dearth or I’ll treated in any way

  326. what kind of a mother does that, poor little maggie, the mother should get life never to be released the sick and twisted piece of scum so sad abuse is never ok, I hope she suffers for what she did

  327. Never get out except in a box

  328. What is the matter with the courts and social services any kind of addict should not be allowed to look after babies and children the fathers and mothers should be castrated so can’t have more babies to inflict their cruelty on personally I would bring back death penalty

  329. This is one of the most discussing things iv ever read. If she didnt want the baby there is plenty of familys out there that would of loved every bone in her body. It fills me with rage. Theres women loosing babys and cant have babys and drugged up waste of spaces like that pop them out no problem. She needs hung!!!

  330. If this woman was a known druggy ahe shouldn’t have been able to keep her children she shoukd have had her wimb took away now they should lwt parents at her throw the cow in a mixer sick sick individual

  331. Anybody who can fulfill an act of such cruelty! I feel must visualize it! Anybody who thinks and actually commits these heartless crimes must get the harshest punishment known! Its just sick!!!!!!!….R.I.P lil angel………its about what this innocent life suffered! Then decide! Godbless to family who loved her,xxx

  332. Sick, sick, sick. What is wrong with people!!!! It make my blood boil to think that humans could do suck a thing. I hope she suffers. What have babies ever done to be treated like this. These children are helpless. And people who think that this is exceptable behaviour should suffer and die!!!!!!!!! My heart goes out to the children, babies and rest of the family’s around the world who have had to suffer and now will have endure the pain and sadness all because one person couldn’t step up to the plate and be a mother or father. Sick sick sick fuckers!!!!!!!!!!

  333. I’m so disturbed and and disgusted that because this lady was high they’re implying there’s nothing they can do because it’s not entirely her fault they say? That’s a bullshit copout that poor little girl Maggie with the only safety she knew was her mother and her skitso of a mother placed her in a fkn washing machine!! Who’s fault is it then because this little girl will never have a chance or beautiful ending in life because of her so called mother. The courts should be ashamed of themselfs.

  334. My be she should be put into the washer on the full cycle and see if she lives kids. Can’t defend themselfs no exsusas she should have been taken because she a junky bitch she should be torcher end like that porridge little girl and she calls herself a mother that’s bullshit if she gets off that just sends a message to every one kill your kid you’ll get off just say the drugs made u do it cop wats comen to u bitch

  335. Oh my god there are no words (fucking junkies she should suffer the same punishment )

  336. I say if you kill some you should get life untill you die and not have a chance of early relise or parole. Like we say an eye for a eye and tooth for a tooth thats its. Or go on death row or be killed there self we could do with these nasty unhuman people anyway

  337. Omg sick pple i hope u rot in hell! Children r blessings ik i have 5 nd i never ever could harm them! I think this chic should have to suffer nd feel pain just like innocent maggie did! Heartless bitch for real doesn’t deserve to live! This innocent baby didn’t ask to b born she spread her legs nd made her nd then thought it was ok to murder one of gods children becuz she couldn’t handle bieng a mom wow what is society coming to nd its even sadder that the other children witnessed this nd have to live with it! Idk how pple can b so cruel! She was a infint that I’m sure didn’t know this was happening it sickens me nd makes me cry for this precious baby! How can someone carry a baby for 9 almost 10 months nd have her in there home for 10 days nd murder her there is absolutly no damn way this baby deserved this she suffered make the mom suffer a eye for an eye is how i c it! Rip Maggie u sweet precious baby who didn’t deserve this ur in my thoughts now may ur mom pay for what she has done nd nd get tormented everyday with thoughts of what she has done to u.

  338. A child of that age can neither defend itself or fight back, the so called mother should be horse whipped, then put into boiling water, if being high on drugs is a way of getting a reduced sentence, then we are all in for a crime spree. Get a grip court judges, if it where you grand child, I bet she would have got the electric chair. R.I.P Maggie.xxx

  339. she should be given the death penalty for what she has done, just shows how screwed our laws are, 15 years is no where near enuff, and she cant say its not her own fault she chose to take the drugs and she chose to do what she did! If she wasnt a low life drug taking swap donkey who shud be shot none of this would have happened and poor lil maggie would still be alive! I hope some one murders her while shes in prison or makes her life hell while she is in there fucking phsyco !

  340. Any judge that doesn’t put this lady away for life and no release is just as sick this bitch should rott in jail or get the chair this is wrong and it makes me sick

  341. Love peoples responses to stuff like this, as though they are perfect. Being quick to judge and being quick to say how she should receive the death penalty blah blah blah. I am not defending anyone here, just want to point out that the woman clearly needs help of some sort. A wise man once told me – we all have mental health issues, just some are more apparent than others.. This case and the responses to this post clearly make that a very true statement. Personally, I think the long list of criminal convictions plus the noted line of drug abuse should have been a sign of someone needing help, not to mention the children needing it as well.

  342. Why would social services even allow her to have the baby if she had drug problems and criminal records ? Bring in the death sentence for her evil cow !

  343. This is what happens when druggies are allowed to have kids an keep them! Vile sick woman I hope she suffers the worst life she can!! She should be tourtered to death!!! Poor little one had her life cut short an there was no one there to defend her!

  344. they should have taken her to a laundrette and popped her on a full cycle to see what her daughter experienced. there is more and more cruelty everyday, all them families that cant have kids to would love to have had this little girl. just kill this cow

  345. There not going to be able to fix what they have done so why is it they are able to live in a comfortable lifestyle in prison? Another innocent child has been brutally discarded. Too little too late in some cases and this is certainly one. These specimens never really suffer as much as the innocent, far from it. Bring back good old punishment and none of these human rights.. especially when they show inhumane sides.

  346. Evil BICTH!!!!!!!!!!!

  347. Eye for an eye !! R.I.P MAGGIE MAY XOXO

  348. damn prisons being to kind to her shes gained a lot of weight

  349. well first you could see that she was a crak head. the other family members should have keep a better eye on her people do crazy things when on drugs
    now I think she should be put to death and others may think. to be honest when they find cookers don’t bring them in kill them on the spot. this might stop it. don’t take me wrong if it was one of my own all I would say is they knew better . .

  350. People who cant look after ther kids or do things like this trying to kill the baby dont deserve to live they should be hanged to death people who dont have kids u should ask them how they feel shes a bitch hang her

  351. The government are a joke, how can they give a ugly sick fuck like her a 15 year sentence!?!?!…. after murdering a human being!!…. you get life for murdering an adult and should be the same killing a kid? Fucking joke, she shud get hung! Or torcherd or tied up in a city centre and let the locals do what the fuck they want… would love to kick the fuck out of her even if shes a women!!

  352. she is a very sick woman to do this to her own child i hope she rots on hell and never has any more children. My heart goes out to little maggie may she rest in peace xx

  353. she should have got life or the death penalty!! she should not be allowed to have a second chance that baby will never get a second chance!!

  354. l cant believe this woman was sane when she did this to poor wee Maggie.R.I.P.


    • The family did all they could do. They tried to have her rights revoked, the court didn’t allow it to happen. At that point, had they taken the kid, they would be put in prison for kidnapping, and the kids would still end up in the care of that woman. Her aunt was obviously doing everything she could within the limits of the law by going over there and making sure the child was being cared for.

  356. I think the person that does the crimes against a child; should die….

  357. shove her in the washing machine. that’s all she deserves. poor children, poor family.

  358. Some people dont deserve kids people who have done smaller crimes than this have been sentenced to longer. That woman stole that little girls life so she shpuld be taken of hers. Only an animal could do this to a child. Rot in hell

  359. This women should be shot this is descusting she should rot in hell what a narsty women

  360. sick bitch


  362. what a sick sick mother she should have got hung or the lethal injection for that the sick and twisted bitch

  363. Should have the same done to her, and the judge who let her have the children

  364. someone should drown this sick bitch , how on earth can a mother do this to her child , i would kill FOR my children not kill them ,

  365. Omg i am discusted hope the twat rots in hell

  366. R.I.P angle maggie x x

  367. i cant believe what this monster done to her baby girl, she will be payed back big time. Sleep in heavenly peace baby girl, godbless her xx

  368. If a dag bit u then u would put it down without a second thought and this is what we should be doing with people who harm children, they cannot be or deserve to be “fixed” o why waste money on prison officers and such like?….put her to sleep and other of her ilk…

  369. She must receive the same treatment. THE DEATH.

  370. Rest in peace little MAGGIE

  371. you don’t want to know what I am thinking or what I would like to do to this woman. OMG sick

  372. They shut be hang

  373. SHE WAS BLACK! 😉

  374. I can’t have kids and would do anything to have a family of my own. She doesn’t realise how lucky she is and this is what she does. Adoption is pretty difficult for me too because of a health problem. The amount of questions you are asked in the adoption process and the way you are analysed is extremely stringent and quite rightly so. But people like this awful woman can have kids when they want to and nobody asks anything. I think anyone who wants kids needs to be assessed for suitability. It would save a lot of children from a ruined life.

  375. This is why I’m fostering a little 14 month old beauty and her older brother, because their mum is a meth addict, thankfully CPS took them away before anything horrific like this happened to them, I love having them, they’re such a joy to have around, their mum is in prison now too.

  376. What some people do is unforgerable. I see things like this and breaks my heart. Sad part is its a lot of ppl who witness these crimes and do nothing about it until its to late for the child… who ever harm a child should be sentence to slowly torture killing.just like they do these kids.. they should be going to a jail where they starb not water not food just enough to let them live the torture .. and get beat each day. Those image of those babies are terrifying…. the law should change for those u harm children and animals.

  377. Give me 5 minutes with her,enough time to get her in a washing machine,sick mother fucker,hope u rot in hell,you monster…………

  378. Hate to say it but that baby has had an escape from a probably horrendous life… shes at peace now, god bless her.. as for the mother, i hope she rots in hell

  379. I dont think she should be killed because thats the easy way out she should just be beaten daily for the rest of her life a 15year sentence is too short she should get life with no parol or early release she should die in prison and have to live everyday get abused by other people for what she done to her baby girl. I would never be able to do that to my baby girl or anyone elses child this women is completely sick and as for getting arrested for taking drugs while 4months pregnant her other kids should of been taken then and little maggie taken the day she was born coz she clearly didnt care or love her children rant over

  380. Her family did try to intervene by trying to get the mothers parental rights revoked because of her drug abuse. Sadley the courts found a judgment in favor of the mother. Not long after, her daughter would end up dead. I blame the courts for not allowing her parental rights to be revoked, the child still may be alive today. Again the system failed another child.

  381. sick bitch!!!!! I hope she gets raped we a metal brush! How can anyone justify 15years. This is disgusting. People like this should b shot. Or left to rot

  382. no words can describe the way i feel about these totally fucked up animals!!!! putting them on death row or shooting them is too easy. LET THE BASTARDS SUFFER AND HAVE DONE TO THEM WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO THEIR VICTIMS!!!

  383. disgusting…..too chocked to comment…..

  384. That poor baby. Those kids should have been taken away when her own family tried to get it done! Her own FAMILY knew she was unfit. Now a child is dead for no reason. She needs to be totured and killed like all child molesters and abusers should be!

  385. no sentence is long enough for someone who hurts or kills a child, but Maggie was clearly let down by the court that ruled in her mothers favour. her siblings should have been removed as soon as she failed a drug test at 4 months pregnant and the baby should have been removed from her mother as soon as she was born.

  386. The hangmans noose

  387. i am a mother of 6 beautiful children and will never understand how someone could be so evil, there are people out there that would give anything to be a mother, then you get a sick evil woman like that a drugged up mother.who doesnt deserve the title mother. she should be hung.

  388. that sick bitch needs put in a big boy at a laundry matt for days

  389. stick the sick bastard in the washing machine on the hottest, then the tumble dryer to give it a taste of what that poor little baby had to go through 😦 if its still breathing hang it!!! grrr reading unbelievable stories like this is sooo disturbing.

  390. Everyone saying that the mother should be kicked and torched etc, u guys are just as bad as she is. U would stoop as low as the woman?? I don’t condone wat she did, it was disgusting but the kids should have been taken away before this happened. The courts new she was a drug addict. Being as violent an nasty as another does not make u better than the ones doing the deed. Ur all disgusting sick people if that’s wat u think

    • Social services as I say, take away the wrong children and ignore the ones who so clearly need to be removed. Its gross negligence on social services behalf more than it is thw mother. Social have a legal obligation to protect children and they fail massivley.

      • Yes social services do take the wrong children and the families with children that should be taken off them get extra Monet, holidays etc they have played a big part in this…TAKE THE RIGHT CHILDREN IN THE BEGINNING…..

  391. R.I.P MAGGIE

  392. Not defending her but the officials at the court office should suspect foul play in the kids point of view. The baby wouldn’t shut up so they put it in the washer. Still she should be in custody of the court because of failing to be a good mother all together.

    • What on earth? ” the baby wouldnt shut up ” babies cant do anything but cry until they get what they want, they are DEPENDING on the parent to figure out what they need because they are incapable of doing it them selves. Any one who harms a baby for the fact “it wouldn’t shut up” should have their mouths sewn shut and hit round the head with a hammer to cause brain damage. Then see how it is when alls they know is their hungry and cant tell anyone so they have to make sounds until you get it right. The human race disgusts me.


  394. wot on earth she been on i mean come on this is a joke she sud be hung in public

  395. Social services seem to miss the children who need them most because they dont want to argue with the troublesome parents. They take away babies from loving homes more often than the negative brutal ones. Its a disgrace and they can be as bad as the abusive parents in my opinion.

  396. She`s probable getting off on her recognition now.And Is`ent it easy FOR her to use selective memory through drugs.Here`
    s hoping KARMA wont remember putting her on a boil cycle in one of those big ole prison industrial washing machines……………

  397. Fuck the laws let people do what they feel is right and take it back and into their own hands. Laws protect no one they only exist to punish. Poor little sweetheart never stood a chance. Junkies should be eradicated not protected!!

  398. I cant believe what I have just read its bloody sickening, so sad, a lovely little Angel taken away from us and is protected in gods arms. Do to the mother what she did to this baby…

  399. FAKE!

  400. Meth is one hell of a drug

  401. At a minimum, court ordered sterilization for anyone who abuses children. My cousin lost his baby girl at 10 days due to genetic abnormalities, and they tried for years afterwards to have more, yet a woman who has no right to be called a mother can ‘pop’ them out without another thought. I am currently guardian of a teenager who was abused by her drug addicted mother and I feel for those children left. They will need many years of ongoing support and counseling to help them deal with this. I truly hope there is a change coming that these situations can be stopped before they can occur.

    • I don’t get this world…we have to take numerous tests to pass a grade, test to drive, and so much more. There really needs to be a requirement for parenthood…I agree!

      I currently work for the Government and am in the middle of getting my BA in Criminal Justice. I was also a Surrogate recently…and finding a special couple was very important to me. Money can’t buy me…you need love, health, and lots more. 🙂

      God bless those children who passed and who were left behind. I pray they are all in better places!

    • what and absolute cunt, excuse my language, surely look at the state of that thing of a mother nhs nurses shoulda taken the baby straight off her, i hope that mess dies a slow painful death. poor poor baby girl, rest in piece. x
      Lee, proud single father

  402. she should have the death penalty stupid bitch never leave meth addicts to hold childeren neither have the privledge to even give birth nor feel them inside them

    sick sick people

    • I feel the same way as you Kaya. They should never be allowed to have any children. If they can not come off drugs then they should never be allowed near them. The misery their kids go through, and most of the benefit money goes on their drugs. Sterilizing them would be a good start. And i also think the punishment should fit the crime. Rest in peace little Maggie.


  403. She has to live with what she has done for the rest of her life. She was high yeah, but she didn’t intentionally do what she done and she will carry that guilt forever. She lives with the heartache she has caused her other kids and family. I think the sentence she was given was fair.

    • Have you lost your mind? Fair?!?! How can you possibly say that. Furthermore how is she left to care for children with her record?

    • The sentence wasnt fair! And she doesnt care thats why she did it in the first place!!!! Wake up!!! Its ppl like you that ruin the world with your bleeding hearts!!!!!

  404. She should be killed slowly, 15 years of probations es a slap on the wrist, for christ sake she murdered her new born child…. look back on her record she has drug charges from when she was pregnanthen she got arrestedor not strapping her kids in a seat belt.. she has a prior record of being a peice of shit mom, then she tested positive for the drugs being in her system. And the jury is saying they don’t have enough to take it to court, I’m dumb as hell and read enough to have her put in prison for two life sentences why does she get off easy when the poor child and other childrenad to suffer like this she killed her daughter imagine what she can try to do to her other kids, people need to think about the kids not if they don’t got enough evdince against her, point blank she was for at home alone with three kids and one of those babies had to die, and still she gets a slap on her wrist. Bullshit

    • I agree with you 100%…that’s one person who should all the pain. In the world and then some. Stupid bitch shouldn’t even have a number on her head. Ugh the disgust. :-C

  405. SOOOOO SAD im crying as we speak, breaks my heart and makes smy blood boil to read about disturbing stories like this one. my heart goes out to lil Maggie. God bless her soul.

  406. just shoot the bastards, why waste our oxygen on them

  407. sad story…what city and state was this in?

  408. Omg what I’ve just red makes my blood boil, she had three kids and had a criminal record as long as your arm, she should never of had those children in her care in the first place nor even been allowed to have a baby and if she did, it to have been taken into care, also not allow a human to take drugs and have a baby in her care, this is neglect to social services yet again this could of been avoided. Yet they are so thick and pick on people who are doing there best, who was in care when they were younger who suffered abuse, who took the wrong road but turned the corner and took the right road as they became an adult and stopped and not drink or smoke and for them to have a baby and it to be taken they only had the baby for a few days in the hospital and not even giving them a chance with the baby at home, where’s the justice in that? God social services make me sick. Most of the time they have their fingers up their behind.:-(

  409. drug addicted women who are very severe should not have children it poses a risk on child as you can see tougher laws for these people n posible sterilization simply not ok you can’t manage self why manage children

  410. She didnt even deserve to live…..this just sooo heartbreaking,

    I icant imagine if this happen to my daughter….

  411. makes you wanna cry, there is so ppl out there who would dearly love a baby, they could love and give everything to. how cruel is life to bless her with kids when other cant have.

  412. i think the electric chair should be bought back if anyone takes a life they should have there taken straight away and it should be painfull theres people out there who cant have babys and would do anything possible to have one my heart goeas out to them then theres paople who have them cant be bothered with them and inflict horrible cruel and painfull injurys so saddened to read this story she deserves to die not fair giving her prison sentance she still gets to live the law is so wrong

  413. how could a mother do that to a 10week old baby ppl like her shouldn’t have kids .r.i.p baby girl

  414. WTF, why on gods earth did she still ave them kids ne way……… which retard didn’t know they were in DANGER!!! good one dicks!!!

  415. im speechless i would have all those children in my home and love them all without a second thought

  416. She should be punished for what she has done. She should be sentenced to death because the baby is 10 days old and that means that she was taking drugs 10 days after having a baby. She needs to be punished big time because I can’t think that if you can’t put your children first than you shouldn’t have them and also why use that drug around your children. I have an 18 day old and she is sick, and all I want is her to be well and this person had a beautiful and healthy child and that is all gone now 😦 poor baby. I send my pray up to that little girl


  418. Innocent people,because of there culture,like GYPSYS,get there children taken away,whil monsters like this are give to many chances ,,a buitifull baby,with a monster for a mother,I’m so lost for words,so angry ,,,,

  419. Thats just plain disgusting! How could anyone do that to 10 day old baby.. On drugs or not..!
    She deserves a death sentence!

  420. Just to think……this could have been prevented if th children were taken away from her beforehand and Maggie May talked as soon as she was born. Drug addicts don’t clean up their from their habits when they become pregnant. The court system is also partially to blame……..

  421. rip little maggie ,,, an outrage that this mother should be allowed to breath,, hope she has the worst of nightmares for the rest of her living days

  422. this is common place to have drug addicts keep there children or get them back. my aunt got a 5 day old boy (foster) because the mother was on meth when she had him her 8th child. the first 7 were born in another county that took all her rights away, thank god. but when she was in labor she drove over an hour to have the baby in my county because they do and did give her visitation. and she was told if she can pass a drug test every month for 6 months she could have him back then after 5 years they said if you can pass 2 drug test you get him. she passed the 2. and 2 months later a neighbor called cops because of the smell from the mothers home, cops found the boy was starving to death living in a home filled with trash, drugs, needles, and animal waste. and the mother was pregnant again passed out drunk.

  423. Heartbreaking. What a vile monster. I cannot believe these people are allowed to live after the things they are capable of. Why should tax payers be forces to house these animals? They should be put out of missery. Society has seriously gone wrong. Evil should be sent back where it belongs…

  424. this makes me want to pull my hair out and scream. there has GOT to be more done in our society to protect little innocent children at the first suspicion of something being wrong in the home!

  425. It makes me cry High or not you know in your heart what is right or wrong throw the book at this mother and take the other children to a safe place before this beast gets high again and hurts more kids

  426. WHY???

  427. She needs to suffer for what she did. She doesn’t even need to be called a woman. She’s a f@#$ing animal. The people in prison with her will make her regret ever being born, I hope. There’s a lot of women who want a baby and can’t have one. She gets this blessing to have a beautiful little girl and does this WTF.

  428. This is awful 15 years isn’t enough. But at least the other two children are in a much safer place now.

  429. Dirty down graded baghead shud b killed just like that poor babyyyy died for no reason at all

  430. It is so sad the world we live in today that people think more about their drugs than their children. I could never imagine putting ANYTHING before my child. There are so many loving people in the world that want kids and cant have them. And my heart goes out to them . And to have evil people who bring children into a world and not think one minute about them or their safety! O.M.G. My children are grown and on their own and not a day goes by that I don’t pray for their safety and well being. God has plans for her and people like her ! And there is no Stop Drop and Roll in Hell !!!

    May The Flames Of Hell Be With Her !!

  431. we should give them the exact same treatment they have done to their children x

  432. Rest in peace baby girl, my heart weeps for you to have a mother like that is unspeakable there is no excuse for what she did . May God wrap you in his loving arms and love you like your mother should have. I a mother of four girls ages 15,10,17 months,5 months can not understand why a mother would ever harm there child our children are a gift from God , it breaks my heart that this baby had to endure so much pain and a horrible death. The mother should have to go through what she put that helpless beautiful baby girl through. I know God has that baby girl now and she is free from the pain, he will be the mothers judge in the end. Its just so horrible how the baby girl had to leave this earth. May God bring peace and understanding to the siblings of this baby girl and may the mother rot in jail.

  433. those poor children moms like that have to anwer to god for what they do and have a lefted behind waits for those bad people who hurt their kids.

  434. This breaks my heart. Knowing there is a very real chance ill never be able to have a biological child but people like this can. I would have gladly taken that baby girl! For all of those saying she didn’t get enough prison time, don’t worry. She most likely wont get through the first year in there. Prisons don’t do well with children related crimes. She will most likely be killed in prison.


  436. Poor baby !!! sick to death hearing about these junkie fucks being aloud to have kids then this happens i hope she gets whats coming to her in jail a slow a nd painful death for this filth junkie cow

  437. There is bad and evil in the world but, an angel would of taken that baby straight to the arms of Jesus and is now not suffering and has been saved form the life the baby could have had of wrong and abusive, drugs rape and all sorts of things! who know BUT in the arms of Jesus will not suffer, will never cry and no the pain and evil of this world anymore… and without doubt will spend eternity in heaven…… we here can make the choice to follow the lord and most refuse and will end up in hell… at least this little soul will be eternally happy with our lord and saviour Jesus Christ xxx I hope these words are taken as comfort and kindness….

  438. When i see stuff like this it hurts me to the core, these people are not human being they are drug riddled animals who deserve all they get and the sentance is disgusting, hope she gets served up in side..no remorse at all for these vile bastards..

  439. poor little one R.I.P and now your safe in the hands of the angles

  440. That is totally a disgrace in Gods eyes!!!!!!! May she get the longest sentence,even the death sentence will do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  441. how heart breaking ther needs to b more done about this lock them up for liife wat eve did these children do to them my god im so gllad it aint me incharge of wat goes on please please do something ?????

  442. How could she be allowed to have a new born baby at home with her when she was a drug addiction it turns my stomach when I read anything like this poor maggie such a short life these people that abuse children should face the death penalty ,

  443. There is a special place in Hell for this bitch. My baby girl is 2 and I would never even think of cause her harm, and God help the person who tries. I feel so heart broken for this poor baby. I read this story a few weeks after my daughter was born and all I could do was sob.

  444. Poor little girl bless her little heart😇😇😇😪😪😪😪😪😇😇😇😇

  445. that poor little girl. there are so many loving caring people that would have loved to taken her.

  446. crying to much to comment

  447. I can not believe it. wtf is wrong with people these days just having babies with no cares in the world. drug addicted mothers neglecting their babies everyday and getting away with it .This really pisses me off. I can’t see why they let her off so easy. she should have been sentenced to suffer like baby Maggie my heart goes out to her and all the other poor children in this world that suffered such death or even abuse. GOD BLESS THEM ALL!!! Rest in peace little one. This really broke my heart.Mother like that don’t ever need children and the courts are to blame too.

  448. This woman will not last long in jail as what she has done will fuck with her mind in a way that no drug in this world ever could. Drugs effect peoples lives, even that of a 10 day old baby. Feeling so sad and outraged that people like this are even allowed to have babies, in third world countries they give them an injection to stop having babies due to their current living environment…… Be at peace little one and may your time in heaven be better than the time you have spent on earth. oxoxoxo

  449. To those who checked the box that states early parole should be lined up and decapitated. …what fucking idiots are you!!!!!

  450. I think ppl like this is sick and I don’t think they need to live . god bless you baby rest in peace

  451. This saddens me beyond belief. I agree with those who say parents need education and licenses before having kids. “How to be a good parent ” classes should be mandatory starting in 8th grade.

  452. 😦 my heart breaks for that poor innocent lil girl 😦 and for her siblings to have to live with that forever is outrageous. …..I sooo hope the mother suffers in jail she deserves every bit of torchure she gets..

    • I think classes for having kids is just a step too far in our Human Rights. I mean seriously, for the majority of people it’s common sense not to put your child in the washing machine, to care for it and if you run into trouble, take it to a doctor. When you have a kid, instinct kicks in in a lot of people, they just get on with it. Punishing the majority because of a few idiots doesn’t mean everyone needs a class.

      • I don’t see it as a punishment for the masses…it could be very good for everyone to have parenting classes…especially with the rise in teen pregnancies in the past few years….and many times…especially when the mother is alone and/or has no one to advise her, common sense doesn’t kick in and she has added stress wondering if she is a bad parent because she doesn’t know.
        This wouldn’t have helped in this case however, as Fiddler chose drugs over her child she wasn’t in her right mind and wouldn’t have made logical choices anyway.

  453. death is to good for her

  454. she should had never had kids thats wrong that poor babe girl x

  455. Social services should start doing there jobs properly, maybe if they had that poor innocent beautiful baby girl who of had a chance of living. That evil fucked up bitch should be castrated. She dnt deserve the right to get parole. I seriously do think that she should get life in prison, and rots in hell.

  456. she should have had her parental rights taken immeditately. no questions asked. parents like her should not have her kids

  457. This bitch should be tortured and then die slowly wtf is wrong with people makes me sick

  458. little angel now up in heaven…we all will becoming stars.. right now you are not alone. there are other there with you now. that keep you safe and make you still feel alive.. dont worry baby. ill b counting starts.. losing sleep.. just so i can pray even harder. .. rip forver and always. now your never going to have to expeirence long term hurt and pain… let the lord serve … you are an angel.. lil baby .. so sweet and young. love always you can call me stephanie/.

  459. In other states she would have gotten the death sentence I believe… But for all of those addicts with a record and a long history of drug abuse, it should be mandatory that they be on long term birth control like Morena or another that cannot be in the control of the addict. This breaks my heart! She should be brought to better justice for killing a 10 day old infant.

  460. This is outrages it gave me goose bumps and tears came to my eyes that little baby girl didn’t deserve what she got merry Christmas little one and R.I.P my heart goes out to u

  461. I cant believe it. I am shocked, My heart aches for the other children. After reading this horrific story even I cant keep the images out of my head. She should get life or death penalty. No doubt about it! That beautiful baby has done nothing to deserve what happened to her. Thats why certain people should not have children yet are blessed with them anyway. I just don’t understand it.

  462. Okay… Question… Why did she have custody of that baby to begin with? They should have taken that kid the second it was born. Maybe today she would still be here. This shit makes me sick. How could you kill a child. Not just your child but any child. People seriously should have a backround check before birth and a piss test too. At your six week check up you should be piss tested again. What is wrong with people these days?

    • I’m dealing with dhs for using prescribed marijuana while pregnant and for these reasons this is why this shit happens, they are too worried about the wrong thing, to be busy doing the right thing. Many of you are uninformed about how the system works but I assure you this is a money market for our precious government. Every time they remove a child the state apply for a fed grant. And after thirty days when they hand the case off to someplace like chathloic charities they apply for another 5000 grant…you wonder why they don’t worry about these kids who really need help, because then they actually provide these troubled kids with counceling and services. I am sure of this. Btw a baby being born with drugs in their system isnt presidence for them to remove a child. I don’t agree with this, I am a medical marijuana participant and they are too worried about mmp patients and parents to be stopping pieces of crap like this woman!!!!!! This world makes me sick and I’ve never been so pissed off I am an American.

  463. the judge who awarded custody to this psychotic woman should be disbarred and held accountable as well for allowing her to maintain custody of these children period.. what’s being done about that??

  464. Recovering meth addict here, I don’t care what drug she was on or what she was under the influence of…that is no excuse. She made the choice to pick up then she made the choice to deal with all consequences of that action, she needs to be stuck in a washing machine for an entire wash cycle but the death penalty will suffice.

  465. Dear God… As painful as this was to read, I can’t imagine being in this family and experiencing this tragic loss. 6 years ago my kitten fell in the washing machine after I neglected to close the lid after putting clothes in to soak. After returning home from work, poor little Tilly had drown. It was one of the worst days of my life. I honestly didn’t think I was ever going to get over my mistake. I can only imagine how this mother will suffer for the rest of her life. I’m sad for her. I’m sad for everyone involved. I am also a recovering meth addict. I’ve been sober for 13 years now. Those 8 years of my meth addicted life were the darkest, and most hopeless of all times. I just wanted to die. I couldn’t stand who I was… and I couldn’t imagine ever getting clean… I couldn’t believe that I was the sole caregiver of my 5 year old son – who was still alive by the grace of God & the protection of his guardian angels. By the grace of God, I was snatched from the gates of hell & brought back to the living.I have no room to judge this wasted junkie of a mother, because that was once me. But for whatever reason, I was spared from this tragedy. My prayers are with this poor family that was ripped apart by the vicious grips of addiction. So sad.

    • well done on your recovery

    • thank you for not bashing and judging her… there is obviously something wrong with her be it the drugs or mental health. this isnt something someone in there right mind would do…. she needed help and because no one got her any help these children suffered, and will for a very long time…there are so many people in this world that need help… if you care so much about the life of a child in the care of someone who has some sort of problem dont just stand there and put them down or expect the state to handle it(there a joke) get them help and do what you can to help them… there obviously ill

  466. OM GOSH what is wrong with people I can’t believe these females carry something so beautiful for 9 months then kill them. I’m sorry Lord but I hope she gets her ass beat in prison everyday more than once a day and her sentence should be life without a possibility of parole. This is awful that poor baby no the more I think she should get the death penalty Maggie had to lose her life now so can her mother.

  467. Oh my god ..a little darling angel gone back to heaven to feel more love and suffer no pain ..you will be safe now up above with all the little angels who will care for you ..godbless x

  468. Breaks my heart,I can’t have kids and would have taking that baby in a hearted….why are these low life dope heads allowed to keep having kids…i will never understand a woman that hurts and kills her kids .DEATH PENALTY IS WHAT SHE NEEDS.i find it funny the laws will protect a woman to have abortions,and not hard nough on these baby killers…but the law will give a marijuana dealer life…okay whatever.

  469. I can not believe she wasnt charged with murder on the 1st degree and was only charged with manslaughter and child neglect!!!! WTF??? She MURDERED a 10 day old baby the SICK F**KIN BITCH!!!!! and she didnt even get charged with the actual crime she commited! Just goes to show that u really can get away with murder!!!!!!!

  470. I have 4 years sober from Meth and I was an addict for over 20 years. You can never get high enough to do this kind of thing. I could never imagine doing anything such as this cold hearted woman. She needs to serve life in prison. PS i have been to prison too and seen many killers in there. LIFE SENTENCE FOR KILLING THIS BEAUTIFUL CHILD!!!!!

  471. It just goes to show how screwed up our custodial court system is she got 15years so when she gets out she can’t get custody of the other 2 means if she got out earlier she actually could get custody of those children my older sons biological mother has been in trouble 9 times for drug and alcohol abuse and I’m still in court twice a year to protect him and I’ve done nothing wrong except be a father in bucks county pa

  472. if i could I would take them all in my arms

  473. Sadly, if she had murdered this beautiful little baby 11 days earlier, there would be crowds of people defending her action and her ‘freedom of choice’. No jail time. No news. People are so fickle.

  474. may God get a hold on these people and peace for the families and childern that are left to be healed from these actions, i myself have lived and overcome many years of abuse, with God, now i am clean and healing at 43 years old, Be blessed and know that you/we are loved

  475. start giving death sentences and the increase in infant and child abuse in all form will at lease decrease. There should be a law in place that new mothers have to endure daily drug testing if this mother was really that much of an addict why didn’t her prenatal or dr know and when the birth happened why did’t the hospital do a drug test?????? The responsibilities lie with many and why didn’t the family notify authorities? There are also laws that the drug dealers are responsible too if those were actually enforced then even they would not sell to mothers. Damn DO something anything NOW!!! ppl get upset about crap that don’t even matter and there are babies being murderd!!!! WOW only in America……..

  476. I just wanted to take a moment to address all of the recovering addicts who have left a comment so far.
    It takes a lot of courage to come forward and acknowledge your addiction, and it takes great strength to maintain a sober life. Congratulations to ALL of you who are now living sober. You are incredible, and we here at Lighting Their Way Home support you in your recovery 100%.

    A few former addicts have mentioned that even when they were high on meth they would never hurt a child. This only bolsters the point, with or without meth, Fiddler had some evil in her, because what she did to Maggie May is pure evil. Being high is never an excuse – if I hear the sentiment “Oh I was high, I didn’t know what I was doing” one more time, someone is getting a punch to the throat. Imagine if a ridiculously intoxicated person were to be pulled over for driving under the influence and they said to the cops – “Hey, I’m sorry, I was drunk, I didn’t know what I was doing.” – think the cop would feel sympathetic – HELL NO! Being high is NEVER an excuse, and I for one am tired of seeing people receive lighter sentences for hurting a child, simply because they were high – “They have an addiction, they are sick, they need help.”. If a drunk driver kills a young woman after slamming into her car, they are charged with MURDER – because they murdered someone. If a mother strung out on meth murders her child – we charge her with second degree manslaughter and child neglect – after allowing her to take a PLEA BARGAIN – WTF IS WRONG WITH SOCIETY???? I have never heard of a drunk driver striking a plea bargain, so why the double standard?

    Not every person who has trouble with addiction should be placed in a group with this monster. There are many people, that for whatever reason developed an addiction. Some of these people find the strength and determination to beat their addiction and spend the rest of their lives sober. These people deserve to have a child should they choose, and who knows – they may just have a bit of an edge when that child hits their teenage years considering the overcame such a battle themselves.
    However, the addicts who just keeping getting pregnant, abusing their children, getting high, getting pregnant, abusing their children getting high … and on and on …. need to be treated accordingly. When the cycle begins, we need to SHUT IT DOWN. Being proactive would sure save the children in this world a lot of pain. I say if someone has ever been convicted of a crime surrounding children in anyway, or have committed murder, attempted murder, or have shown a cycle of being in and out of jail for more than 5 years on lesser charges – STERILIZE them. These people are not the type of people that should be responsible for nurturing and parenting an innocent, precious little baby.
    This is my personal opinion, and it is okay if you don’t agree with me. Everyone one has their right to their own opinion. The one thing I set out to do for Maggie by writing her story, was to engage the public in a discussion surrounding the horrible realities of drug addiction and child abuse, in a public forum. That has been achieved – thank you all for caring enough to take a moment, read Maggie’s story and leave a comment. The best we can honor this perfect little angel’s life, is to fight to save other children from suffering the same fate.


  477. Poor little baby, so cruel! Her mother even has a dodgy name- Fiddler. Surely someone should have stepped in from the start though and helped the mother if they knew she was an addict before she gave birth?! Now the lives of 3 children have been ruined by the neglect of their mother and society.

  478. I can’t stop crying, this is so sad. My sister is in jail for killing my 2 year old niece by feeding her methadone 9 months ago. I think my sister and anyone else who harms children should get the death penalty.

  479. I agree with the ideas that many here seem to share. Being a meth addict is a horrible experience. What some do to themselves destructive even hateful , it seems to me.. I am not a meth user or addict myself, although i do i understand addiction)..


    • I noticed that a few of u say if the family knew why didnr they say anything…..They have but the WONDERFUL (NOT) JUSTICE SYSTEM GAVE HER THE CHIDREN ANYWAY…NOW THAT IS SAD AS WELL. THEY TO SHOULD BE PUT IN PRISION

  480. This is absolutely pathetic. This is the reason people commit these crimes. You panty-waste judges and DA’s give someone like this 15 years ? I mean are you serious ? I can go out here and shoot someone’s mangy dog and do almost that much time ! But you want to put someone in prison for 15 years and let my tax dollars pay for them to be in there when they have no right to be drawing a breath on this earth. Hang her in a tree and let all these other useless excuses for human beings see it and they will straighten up. Matter of fact maybe these judges and DA’s need to be hanging beside her and the other crooked snakes will get their act together too. Ridiculous !



  483. STERILISE HER! Those type of people are not fit to be parents or ever again become one! Take the other kids and give them to people that can teach them the values of life and give them a loving home. Such a shame people like this still get the opportunity to live.

  484. Wow , there isnt any reason for what that women did, no excuse, & for them to try to blame the aunt who found her makes me sick so what she had hydocodone in her system, she could have takin her meds 3 day befor and it would still be in her system so that dont mean shit, the mother u will be in her own hell now no other punishment need.

  485. There is no excuse for this. Not only is the mother, whom I believe should get the death penalty, but I think the judge who allowed her to keep custody of her children should face punishment also. Shame on you. Our judicial system gives children, who have been beaten, abused, neglected back to parents after a few parenting classes, maybe getting a job. This makes me sick. They will keep the kids in the system for a year or longer and give them back. If someone hasn’t gotten their crap together in 6 months time, then they aren’t. Terminate their rights. They have no right to a child who they abused.Give them a death penalty, not a slap on the wrist. We need tougher laws and judges with a backbone.

  486. I would like to see this piece of dirt beaten on a daily basis coz this type of crime is sick, and there is no excuse for it, anyone who hurts an innocent child does not deserve to be classed as human so they need locking up for life with no chance of parole, and treated like the animal she is.

  487. that is so mean that that mother did something to her little girl just 10 weeks old and the little girl is dead feel really sorry for her.i would never ever hurt a child like that. it is just very cruel. R.I.P LITTLE MAGGIE MAY!!!!!!!

  488. the family was turned down by the courts and we have to le them judge the courts should be charged as well for child neglect and attempted murder

  489. what the hell is wrong with her….what the hell is wrong with people drugs are not fucking excuse…. this is just so wrong. Poor baby..

  490. For things like this happening I think that they should Bering the death sentence back….their is no reason for parents to be this way their is no excuse for baby nor kids to be murderd they didn’t ask to be born.,,,l, people discuss me….

  491. She deserve to e murdered too just like she killed her daughter. She doesn’t deserve death pentalty as well.

  492. Are are so sick you are not mom you are a sick bitch

  493. awww get over it.

  494. My question is, why when she was four months pregnant and charged w/ drug charges,was she still able to keep the baby girl when she was born… in my town, when you have your baby at the hospital, they automatically do a drug test, if you are positive for things your not supposed to be, then you don’t leave w/your new baby, pain and simple…. seems like more hospitals need to practice this same policy, a lot more innocent children’s lives would be saved, they are many,many families out there that would love to have a child to care and comfort for life…just a thought

  495. What she did is disgusting and unforgivable. I myself am a father to two beautiful girls, Freya and yevi – 7 and 2 respectively. My children are my life. I don’t know what I would do if any harm came to them, and while I breath and am aware, it never will.
    However, I also have experience of a m

    • Was cut short ….
      I have experience of what giving birth can do to a woman’s hormones ….. A woman wh

      • God damn iphone keyboard….
        …. Of what childbirth can do to women’s hormones .
        Without a new mother having a drug addiction and no support, she can behave irrationally……. In this instance, the fact that this mother was ‘out of it’ and under pressure , surely outweighs the fact that she has a record for shoplifting (I know it’s portrait as more serious but really????). No one should be judged on their previous misdemeanours unless they are freed by the circumstance they are currently in. I may be wrong as I don’t know these people personally, but surely we should feel terrible for this atrocity and also try to understand why???? Why???? Not lick u

  496. We need a license to own a dog or shoot a deer or even catch a fish but they let any idiot raise a human being. Enough said right there

  497. rot in hell you evil nasty excuse for a mother ,,,,, message for person above she should never of had kids in the first place she knew she had a drugs problem y not get help instead of bringing children into a world where they are at risk …………..and as for that judge .that thought it was right that this evil bitch should keep her other children he/she should be sentenced to system is all wrong,,,, life for a life

  498. Maggie’s mother is my cousin. She had a very deep drug addiction and DHS didn’t do their jobs.

    Please remove this blog post.
    I know you don’t have to, but as a member of Maggie’s family I’m asking kindly. Remove the post.

    • The post will not be removed. We are only concerned with the baby girl that was MURDERED – not the monster that was responsible for her death or the other adults who are making excuses for the murder (such as yourself). We are here to seek justice for Maggie May – NOT to appease you. If you don’t want to see it – don’t look.

      • Lyndsey is in prison. What else do you want?
        Maggie’s death was an accident. How is an inflammatory post going to help in this situation?
        Maggie was not abused. There is nothing to spread light on.

  499. no way in hell!!! and thats exactly were she will go!

  500. Any thing(people)that hurt kids need 2 b. B sentence to hang in the streets of the town state it happened in n aloud people n the media to film n air it it’s about time we start putting the childen safety n wefare frist again why should we have pay 4 them free room n board n food n let them live when some didn’t get to n other are left with wounds that won’t heal n i’d say this 2 any media n the

  501. Disgusted by whoever sentenced this lady to 10 years in prison. It was murder. Give her life in prison. Sickening.

    • I feel the family should sue the state. This death could have been prevented if the state did their job when the family was fighting for custody before this murder happened.

  502. Anything(people)that hurts a child should b sentence to hang in the public streets 4 anyone to watch n media to film n air it’s about time we stand up for the childen again not just your own either why should the states give them free food,room n board at a cost to us n they live when kids don’t get to n others are left with wounds that wouldnt heal n id tell my feeling 2 anyone

  503. it so sad that ppl can not handle the drugs they are putting in there bodies. to effect that they have to murder there children, they should either face the same thing they did to thier kids or death sentence!!

  504. This Bitch will be killed in prison by other women that can not see their childern,this is one of the sickest thing i have herd ,THIS IS A NASTY BITCH,WHO DESERVES TO DIE,,JUST LIKE THE BABY DID

  505. Poor little babygirl this breaks my heart … 😦 fucking DUMBASS MOTHER .

  506. I’m deadly bothered on the fact they say they were unable to prove that the mother did anything.
    Let’s me real here at 10 DAY OLD baby didn’t hop in the washer for a good time!!
    The sad part is not only in this case there are MANY cases where mother or fathers kill or harm thier children & only serve a little time and what’s that prove or solve? NOTHING!
    People need to SUFFER for what they do and maybe with a hope

  507. How about the accountability of the judge that didn’t remove the children from that situation. Any judge that allows this type of behavior to go unpunished should also be prosecuted for crimes that occur due to their negligence. It would be safe to say that these type of stories would become less frequent.

  508. This is a truelly sad story what ever sort of mother puts her baby in a washing machine… Just not right! Should get a life sentence, very sick but this woman shouldn’t get the same treat ment as we are then showing others it is oka do to it! Who would put her in the washing machine, surely the person who did would then be just as bad as her?!

  509. Let her fellow inmates know what she did and keep her in the general population. They’ll take care of her and I don’t even think her own family would care what happens toher.

  510. I think while she is prison they tie her tubes so she cant have anymore children

    • No not tie her tubes they should take all of it out so there is never another chance for her to do it again they should do this to all the women and men that do this to children

  511. i think shee shoud get the same as her beutifull daughter i wood love to adopet this littel one so she wood oneday be a bettiful littel person and had some live

  512. So terrible ! Poor maggie only wanting her mother’s love and gets torchered in a washing machine 😦 the mother put drugs first before this beautiful baby girl 😦 the mom has a rude awakening ! She had 3 babies now never again ! Poor baby and two other siblings ♥ god bless the two babies and relatives that are raising them♥ R.i.p angel♡♥

  513. U sick bitch. U should have to go through what ur baby went through and more. I hope/wish u never get out of prision. I hope u get ur ass beat in ther.

  514. And the justice system should b held accountable as well for giving the children back to this HORRIBLE person knowing she had a DRUG PROBLEM….THAT IS JUST PATHEDIC….They should b ashamed of themselves and put in prison right along with her.

  515. How can they leave her kids with her, once they knew she was using. At least the older 2 don’t have to live there anymore. That is one woman, who NEVER should have had kids!!

  516. I am speechless

  517. Why aren’t these Dr physician. Doing anything to stop this from happening, this mom is pregnant has all these test to make sure the mother and baby are healthy during her 9 months, blood urine ect, test are held. To the point this has to be noticed and protective services should be taken this baby from the mom no questions asked. I believe this baby had a chance I’m not pointing fingers here but believe this is recognized by physicians why isn’t this reported and why wasn’t this innocent life given a chance and taken away at birth. I’m am so disgraced by this story and 15yrs sentence are judicial system how the fuck do you sleep at night that scanky bitch should fry to death. Lethal injection chair whatever. I ask make a change this didn’t need to happen.. very sad…

  518. Tourcher that stupid bitch, she does not deserve to enjoy one more day on this planet. Burn her hands and feet and cut her with razor blades then dump bleech on the wounds!!!!!!! Nasty fucked up bitch!

  519. May you rot in prison, you sicken me. As a mother myself I cannot believe there are actually women out there who can do this.

  520. We are so quick to blame the mother. Why did the court not revoke her rights? I know why. There are so many kids in foster care that the state has to pay for. There are no foster homes to put these kids in. Many of the foster homes are just in it for the money from the state. If the family gets custody, they are entitled to money as a foster home until they adopt. Many times the Welfare system does not want the family to have the kids because the parents still have access to the kids. Blame the system that does NOT protect these children.Blame the ones who can become a foster parent but wont. And yes, I think that we should have an old fashion, charge admission to watch the hanging of such individuals as this mother

    • We are quick to blame the mother because she put her 10 day old baby girl in a washing machine, turned the cleansing cycle on, and went to pass out on the couch as her tiny little girl was battered and drowned in a horrific manner. That’s why we are quick to blame the mother.

    • I agree with you. The system is broken. But as we know, nothing changes if nothing changes. Sad.

  521. She should have thought about her kids more and not he drugs. The other 2 kids will always have to live with this and god only knows what else she has put them through before this.

  522. Sometimes I wonder what kind of sick things people can do now a days. This makes me sick to my stomach. Honestly, If you have a drug problem…You should think twice about having kids. Then she tries blaming it on the Aunt. Wow. Sickening

  523. I don’t think the hospital should have rleased that child into the mothers care without her agreeing to mental help and drug abuse counseling and social working that checks up every week. I cant believe they released the baby girl and I cant believe the court put those children in danger like that I think that judge should be help for child neglect as well for leaving them in the mothers care to be killed I hope this woman rots in hell and I hope the judge has nightmares about this for the rest of his life he is one of the reasons y that lil innocent baby is DEAD.

  524. This is a sad thing for the other children but maybe a blessing to little Maggie. We do no know the suffering that may have lay in store in her future. Maybe it was so bad that the lord took her home sooner rather than later. For the state giving back these children and allowing a woman on meth to take home a newborn, well this is a crime too. This is further proof that our child services are broken and need to be reworked. Their methods leave poor children like little Maggie at the hands of their “caretaker/killer” parents or relatives. I have reported my sister for not educating her children. They are 14, 9,8 and have never set foot inside school. They can not read or write. They strive to have food each night. The 14 year old goes out and asks neighbors for food. This is a true story and defacts have this same info and choose not to use it. Let us pray for all the children.

  525. IF ever released, she should have to be put on a NO ADOPTION list and have a D&C so that she can NEVER have children again.. this woman deserves NOTHING.. no freedom, no life, no nothing…she deserves the same death she gave that child.. Throw her in a maxi washer and let her drown..


  527. i,m an Athiest , , , because i don,t believe in a god does not mean i have no compassion, the people who do this or any bad thing to a baby/child are deranged and should be locked away forever, there are some people who do this to a baby/child who are indeed mentally ill , , these people too need locking up and given all the help they can get but as part of their treatment they should be steralised and any kids they have taken away from them, their is so much Evil in the world, most of it we would never know of [for better or for worse] if it was not for the internet , , very sad.

  528. she should be drowned!!

  529. an eye for an eye she doesn’t deserve to live

  530. I cant believe the excuses those people try n use when they commit crimes against baby n children I believe they should get the death penalty because babies n children cant defend themselves

  531. This little baby girl should have not suffered but with the mother being on drugs they should have never let the mother take the precious baby home in the first place.

  532. And yet with all that she did she was aloud to keep her kids. They should have removed the other kids long time ago and took this one the day it was born. People wonder why this happens. The system is believes that kids should not taken from the home but yet try to help the mother or father. Sometimes people are to far gone on those drugs to get them help with out placing them in jail… Sad story..j

  533. What frigging use is that to society, sterilise it and put it to work .

  534. she needs to spend life in prison

  535. Why do they allow a woman with a terrible addiction to be left alone with a baby, even for one day? We should have mandatory classes for at risk moms before they go home from hospital.

  536. Give her the death penalty!

  537. She should of got ton the same as the baby DEATH

  538. She should of gotton the same as the poor baby DEATH if the state did there job maybe this wouldn’t of happened

  539. I don’t think she should ever get out she should get life but she is the one who has to deal with that forever but only God can judge her she should have gave the baby up and the child of God life has been tooken because she wants to get high 15 years would be never enough life want be enough

  540. this sick bitch deserves the death sentence horrible cow not so many years i hope she gets tortured in jail a slow painfull torture see how she likes it bitchhh

  541. she should have at least gotten life although she deserves death!!!! she probably wont last her full sentence in jail tho. someone will kill her!

  542. This breaks my heart Definitely! That baby can’t hop into the washing machine by her self and the mother plead guilty but all they give her is 15 years in pen and 15 years on probation when shes out! REALLY? What is up with that? That poor innocent baby had to suffer so I think she should have to suffer by someone putting her out of her misery! Justice should be served for that innocent baby and her other kids that have to grieve over the loss of there little sister! JUSTICE,JUSTICE,JUSTICE for them innocent sweet adorable babies!

  543. This breaks my heart Definitely! That baby can’t hop into the washing machine by her self and the mother plead guilty but all they give her is 15 years in pen and 15 years on probation when shes out! REALLY? What is up with that? That poor innocent baby had to suffer so I think she should have to suffer by someone putting her out of her misery! Justice should be served for that innocent baby and her other kids that have to grieve over the loss of there little sister! JUSTICE,JUSTICE,JUSTICE for them innocent sweet adorable babies!

  544. That is awfull hope she and they all rot and anyone that could hurt something so little and innocent is sick in their head I will say a prayer


  546. this bitch is sick! she’s guna burn in hell for that shit! I pray for her siblings, & rest in paradise to the lil angel she’s in a better place now.

  547. Utter disgrace. Sick, Sick, Sick. She should be sent to prison for the rest of her life and tortured everyday by the inmates. Hopefully drowned so shr suffers like that poor baby… We live in a messed up world that poor women that had mental health was given a c section and baby taking from her without her consent yet theres people like this having kids to MURDER its disgusting. Druggies should get the chance of motherhood taking from them. The amount of smack heads that have child after child and a taking from them or they get two took off them then fall pregnabt a year later and get to keep them. Something seriously needs done to stop this happening.. People who would love the gift of motherhood and cant have them and dirty evil people like this can…… R.I.P baby girl

  548. as somone just said put her in general population and let the screws turn their backs for a while she will get wot she deserves then the wicked evil bastard

  549. I think this woman should have gotten life in prison with no chance of parole. And if the death sentence was possible she should have gotten the death sentence and she should have had the baby taken away the moment she had her bc she had a drug problem. The system is so messed up they take kids from their parents for rumors but wont take them from a drug addict that was arrested for drugs during the pregnancy . They need to get their crap together

  550. Makes me sick!! I think of my baby girl, at 6 weeks passed away of{SIDS}.And then you have sick cunts like her, who just throw away such a beautiful bundle of Joy.I wish I was in the same jail as her, she’de suffer1000 times worse.And that judge who fucked up by not taking them off her before, I hope it haunts him for the rest of his life,Which is a lot longer than that sweet little girl had. {Fuck him throw him in jail too}.

  551. this is f’en sick. this so called women should have gotten longer for this there is no excuse for this. them kids should have gotten taken out of her care from the get go.

  552. Don’t worry Facebook friends her nasty looking ass ain’t gonna make it out of prison and may God bless that precious little baby that didn’t ask to be born and her sick ass DNA donor will rot in hell !!!!! RIP baby girl !

  553. Munky, you’re as bad as her and need to be sent to keep her company.

  554. This bitch needs to be killed herself wow some people dont need to have kids if they rather be a meth head rip little angel and for the mother rot in hell

  555. No matter how outraged we all are, when she has become clean from all the drug use and reality kicks in high gear, she will to live with what she did and god will deal with her accordingly. Lets face it, are we any better sentencing her to death? The worst punishment is her dealing with it when she is clean and sober :/

    • She’ll always be known as a baby murder all across the united states, there is no escaping reality once you face it.

  556. put her in a WASHING MACHINE on a full load do what she done to that beautiful little girl the nasty bastxrd

  557. God Bless the Little Children that come onto me….

  558. I’ve been struggling to conceive for 9yrs with 2 second trimester losses. A baby girl @ 18wks 6days in 2005 & another loss @ 13wks 4days in 2006. Since then no luck. I homeschool my 11yr old daughter & I know I’m a great mom/wife. Seeing stories like this is so hard for me because I would love to have another lil one. I know several wonderful gals struggling with infertility that would be/are wonderful mothers. I’ll never understand why worthless, crazy baby killers are blessed with beautiful precious children while there are amazing women struggling to have a baby. If makes me sick. She’s lucky I didn’t get to pick her punishment because she wouldn’t be alive right now. RIP beautiful lil baby girl. ♥

  559. your pathetic and that baby did not do anything to deserve that if anyone was to hurt my children I would so make them suffer in pain for it no kid needs a parent that’s gonna hurt them in anyway shape or form

  560. Unfortunatly this happens all the time where judges give horrible drug addicted mothers their kids and then they die. Dcf has no real power it’s up to the judges. That poor baby girl they should build a giant washing machine n stick her in it!

  561. An eye for an eye would leave the whole world blind.

  562. This so called mom should be put in a washer on the longest cycle n left to rot! People who can’t afford to have kids don’t need to. Tired of paying for it. The ones on drugs certainly don’t need kids. There are so many messed up kids. The death penalty is a joke. Oh yeah they have the right to appeal but they should have no rights It should be on the books in all 50 states stating that anyone who kills a child will have done to them what they did to the child and within 30 days be put to death! There is hardly anyone on death row wrongly convicted. Punish them n let em die!

  563. I can not believe that it is possible to by “HIGH ON DRUGS” and do the unthinkable. I am appalled at the 15 yr sentence she received for such a horrible crime. I know of a man that was given a LIFE SENTENCE WITHOUT THE CHANCE OF PAROLE for some drug charges. This woman killed her baby and the government felt ok with 15yrs. So sad.


  565. the poor little angel suffered at the hands of a drug abuser who was supposed to be her mom well they need to put her in a cell throw away the key and let her feed on all the drugs she wants till she dies and goes to hell

  566. I was total shocked to see a little helpless child to be done & treated like that.
    Any human (Animal) should be exposed to same & life in prison.
    This to me one of the most hanest crimes one could do!!!!

    Ps.> very sorry but this story is so sad, it makes me so up set & hurt inside.

  567. sick kill she should be done like she did her baby

  568. there’s a special place in hell I believe for someone that hurts a Child.

  569. Let her die so god can be her judge.

  570. cunt should be hung

  571. Have no pity for child abusers or ppl who don.t know how to treat children. if you think you can’t handle them give them to someone else this way they can have a chance to have a happy life and be loved she did not want Maggie Hope her jail term is hell Put her in the pysch ward and lock her up give her a hysterectomy so she cant have babies Dumb Cunt

  572. put that fucking bitch in a close dryer lock the door and turn it on for 3 hours. then take her

    out and set her on fire

  573. This Mother Should Receive The Death Sentence,ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  574. Taxpayers should pay for a single bullet…to be placed in between this b&%$#@s eyes. No cost and no more concern for her other children.

  575. just remember people because of what she did she will not make it out of prison alive

  576. my prayers go out to the family that is taking care of the other kids and i will keep ur family in my prayers as well for the newborn

  577. This is so disturbing. What is wrong with are system? She should have lost her rights when they tryed to revoke them. This is what happens when the right measures are not taken. 15 yrs is not justice. She will have to face the ultimate judgment in front of god. My prayers for the family of the loss of an angel. She is now with her father in heaven, GOD.

  578. R.I.P little Maggie. your in a better place now!

  579. Reblogged this on heartsee and commented:
    I really believe along with the problems these people have that caused them to abuse their children like Little Maggie, the system failed theses children as well. I believe the sigh was there about the drugs drug abuse and the abuse the children faced each day. The woman was High she dont even remember putting little Maggie in the washer.. She had a record due to drug use. Her kids should have been removed from the home. The courts should have listen to the family’s plead for help. Because the courts turned a deaf ear a child is dead. The woman should do do time that is set by the courts with prole, but most of all the laws that protect innocent children should be changed . We as a society need to stop overlooking abuse of any kind and start betting involved to end domestic violence.

  580. This dumb fucking bitch needs to be put in a large washing machine and then someone turn it on. What a waste of fucking space!!!!!!!!

  581. our system sucks it fails so many but yet helps those that are the ones that do these things she should be punished just like she did that poor baby praying for the baby in heaven she is back iin the lords warm wonderful hands God bless

  582. Simplify the punishment system – TATTOO THE CRIME ON THEIR FACES and turn them loose. Any crime committed against them, EQUAL OR LESSER THAN the one tattooed on their face is not chargeable…
    Let the public fix the problem!

  583. Hell Kill The Baby Killer that’s all I have to say about that

  584. I think they should put her in a washing machine! Ppl like that make me sick.. That poor child didn’t deserve that at all! If you want to be high on method or any other drug then you shouldn’t be a parent!!!

  585. I think that she should get the death penilty.no question about it she makes me sick

  586. this woman needs to get life and the other in mates have a piece of her then stick her in a prison washer and keep her in it until she dies freaking crack head

  587. Death sentence NO jail No ..this sorry ass excuse of a human should be locked in a room where mothers are allowed to enter if they wish on a daily basis and torture the meth head. Make her hurt and feel pain everyday! Jail is easy.. this bitch deserves to rot and feel agony everyday. Some people may say im as bad as her for wanting this kinda justice but how else is justice going to be served ? … as a mother your meant to protect you children from harm. Not introduce harm to then. I would greatly show this lady harm. personaly I would enter a room on a daily basis to mentally and pyhsicaly torture this piece of scum. Jail houses need to change. Jail time is easy time no matter what …

  588. No need for a trial or to waste money clothing and feeding this sorry excuse for a mother. Just stuff her in a washing machine like she did this precious baby.

  589. My heart is breaking im in shock cant stop crying just give them evil savages to a load of mums let them give them what those children suffered im so angry i want to hurt them savgage please God they need executed RIP Angels

  590. Heartwrenching,baby Maggie May put in washing machine,can,t stop thinking of that beautiful baby girl,what I dont understand the aunts story,she heard clamp noises from washing machine,found baby and tried reviving her,omg the state that poor babys body must have been in,to lift her out of machine said she tried to revive her,don,t know of anyone who could that,she would have seen the baby was dead,I know if I had been in her position,I would have being screaming hysterically on phone to police,looking at baby Maggies photos,she was chubby,two hats on warm clean clothes and blanket,she was being cared for and loved,something just eats at me,that the aunt knows more that she is
    saying,that little angel such a beautiful baby,and I don,t feel the mum killed her.R.I.P angel something the scumbag who killed you will never be able to do.

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