Natalie and Chase DeBlase

Natalie and Chase DeBlase

Natalie and Chase DeBlase unquestionably led a disturbing life, filled with torture and abuse.  Tragically, at the young ages of 4 and 3, these children’s lives were taken from them.

John DeBlase, Natalie and Chase’s father, and Heather Leavell-Keaton, DeBlase’s girlfriend, have been charged with the children’s murders.  It took no time for the two to start pointing fingers at each other, each claiming the other abused and murdered Natalie and Chase.

Leavell-Keaton abused the two young children on a daily basis.  Her weapon of choice – duct tape.  She would duct tape little Natalie’s hands and arms to the side of her body, duct tape her mouth closed with a sock in it and place her in a suitcase, in a cupboard for up to 14 hours.  I can’t imagine the horror that little girl must have felt.  Chase would also have his hands and arms duct taped to the side of his body, and a sock shoved in his mouth with duct tape over it, but rather than being put in a suitcase, he would have a broom stick taped to his back, and was then forced to stand in a corner for hours while the rest of the family went to bed.  DeBlase knew of the torture his children were forced to endure, and did absolutely nothing to stop it.

John DeBlase

John DeBlase

When Leavell-Keaton and DeBlase got tired of doling out the abuse, they decided they wanted less responsibility.  They came to the conclusion that murdering Natalie and Chase was a great way to great rid of that responsibility.  Leavell-Keaton, who suffers from vision loss, allegedly made a jailhouse confession to fellow inmate Roseanna Russell at the Mobile County Jail in Alabama.  Russell was assigned to help Leavell-Keaton because of her blindness, and she began to tell Russell about the case.  She told Russell that she and DeBlase, her common law husband, poisoned the two small children with anti-freeze.  She even stated that they practiced on the family dog before poisoning the children, to see how long it took to kill a living thing.  She claimed they poisoned Natalie first, and after Chase began crying and asking for his sister in front of people, they poisoned him as well.  At a court hearing Leavell-Keaton changed her story and claimed that DeBlase fed rat poison to the children.

Heather Levell Keaton

Heather Levell Keaton

I imagine whether these children were poisoned with anti-freeze or rat poison, it was horrific and painful, and they would show obvious signs of extreme distress before their little bodies gave out.  I would love to see these two monsters fed rat poison and left to die in front of people who have the power to help them, but just won’t.  In one statement, DeBlase claimed he came home to find Natalie bound in duct tape, dead in a suitcase.  He also claimed Leavell-Keaton had become angry with Chase during potty training when he accidently urinated on himself and proceeded to duct tape him to the broom stick as punishment.  DeBlase stated he left his son in that condition with Leavell-Keaton and went to bed, the next morning Chase was dead.  Let me ask you this, because I just can’t believe it – does John DeBlase REALLY believe he is not responsible for his children’s deaths because he didn’t commit the actual physical acts of torture????  He allowed his children to be bound and gagged with duct tape for hours at a time.  I wouldn’t put a piece of scotch tape on my sons, hell, I even have trouble taking a band-aid of them when it’s tugging at their little arm hairs.  How can anyone be so cruel?

Natalie and Chase DeBlase

Natalie and Chase DeBlase

Natalie died on March 4, 2010.  After Natalie’s death, the couple stopped poisoning Chase for a few months, but started right back at it when he was determined to be an inconvenience, and witness to his sister’s murder.  Chase died on June 20, 2010.  DeBlase told investigators they dumped the children’s bodies and covered them with twigs.  Chase’s skeletal remains were found buried near Vancleave, Mississippi, after DeBlase revealed their location to investigators.  Natalie’s remains were discovered three days later near Citronelle, Alabama.

Natalie and Chase DeBlase Remains Located

Natalie and Chase DeBlase Remains Located

Natalie and Chase DeBlase

Natalie and Chase DeBlase

There was no investigation launched into the children’s murders until Leavell-Keaton sought a protective order against DeBlase in Kentucky.  It breaks my heart that there was no one to miss these children in the months following their deaths.  In the filing, she claimed DeBlase ‘may have murdered his children’, and that she feared for her life, and the life of their newborn daughter, because he was abusive.  ‘I am afraid that he is going to do something to harm our daughter because of what he has done to the other children,’ she wrote.

Natalie and Chase DeBlase

Natalie and Chase DeBlase

When DeBlase was originally approached, he claimed his children were kidnapped by masked men on Father’s Day.  He then later claimed Leavell-Keaton tortured and killed the two children.  Leavell-Keaton said DeBlase poisoned the children and recalls them vomiting a black substance before dying.  Police say the couple, together, poisoned the children with anti-freeze.  Acquaintances and neighbours recall Leavell-Kleaton shaking the children and calling them “evil spawn from hell”.  She would also call Natalie a “whore” and “evil brat”.  This is so troubling, because now we have other adults who witnessed this abuse and SAID NOTHING.  What the hell is happening in this world?  When did we begin to turn our heads when we see a child in need?

Natalie and Chase DeBlase

Natalie and Chase DeBlase

John DeBlase and Heather Leavell-Keaton are charged with two counts of felony murder and two counts of corpse abuse each.  Both monsters pled not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect.  After evaluations, both were found to be competent to stand trial.

Heather Leavell-Keaton’s trial date has not been set as of yet, but will be pushed back until after DeBlase’s trial has ended.  A possible trust fund Leavell-Keaton has is becoming the issue that is delaying her trial.  Authorities need to investigate where the trust fund comes from, how much is in it, and what the conditions are.  This is important as it raises the possibility that Leavell-Keaton needs to pay for her own defense lawyer, and that could significantly change the proceedings.

Natalie and Chase DeBlase Memorial Site

Natalie and Chase DeBlase Memorial Site

In December of 2012, a judge reluctantly postponed John DeBlase’s trial yet again.  The new trial date was set for April 1, 2013, however was once again postponed.  John DeBlase’s trial, is scheduled to begin October 31, 2013, with jury selection commencing October 21, 2013.  The defense’s request for a change of venue has been denied and the trial will go forth in Mobile County.  The defense also requested that a gag order be issued, which was also denied by a judge.

The prosecution will be seeking the death penalty in both cases.

October 15, 2013 – Yet another delay has been granted in the DeBlase trial.  The defense submitted a motion to delay the murder trial for another 6 – 8 months on the grounds that a defense team psychologist is dying of cancer and they must find a replacement.  We will keep you updated for as long as it takes to finally get to trial … though I cannot guarantee that you won’t be receiving a pension when that finally happens.


Natalie and Chase DeBlase - Heaven to Home



~ by LTWH on February 1, 2012.


  1. I do not understand the evil of some people. They must have been abused themselves to be able to do it to helpless little children. The death penalty is not enough. They need to be tortured first!

  2. Why didn’t the mother care? wtf was she????

    • She didn’t have any idea where they were and could do nothing about it… She tried calling John everyday. He had custody of them…

  3. Poor little angels. How can you do this to your own flesh and blood!??!?!

  4. My name is Roseanna Russell,and I still wake up in the middle of the night because of what she told me…they are both monsters and should be tourtued and poisoned like. They did. To these angels

  5. I so agree…. ‘I even have trouble taking a band-aid of them when it’s tugging at their little arm hairs. How can anyone be so cruel?’

  6. Thank you for writing this. John is my cousin but he does deserve what he’s getting. He killed his even if he didn’t actually do it. He knew that any of us could have taken them if he didn’t want them or couldn’t take care of them. Thank you for this heart filled article. I just miss them every day. And I can’t see them anymore when I missthem.

    • I am so sorry that your family has had to go through all of this, I can’t imagine. If there is ever anything I or LTWH can do for you all, please don’t hesitate to let us know. You are a part of this family now and we take care of our own.

  7. They both deserve to be tortured slow and then put to death very very slowly they are evil any one who hurts a child is pure EVIL

  8. Any update on this?

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