5John and Sonja Kluth had their own reasons for adopting three children.  Most people approach adoption looking to be a parent, to help children and give those less fortunate children a family.  A family where they can experience unconditional love and acceptance.  These were not the reasons for the Kluths.  The Kluths’ three adopted children were forced to endure horrific abuse and torture.

The three children were adopted in Wisconsin allowing the Kluths to collect $1500 per child monthly, which I’m sure plays no small part in why the children were adopted in the first place.  The Kluths also have three adult biological children.  When one of their sons, Bill was located, he revealed that the Kluths were being investigated in the state of Wisconsin, so they fled to Oklahoma.  He stated his parents were just out for the money.  The man shows no sympathy for his parents, stating “They’re going to get what they deserve.”

No one ever reported the abuse, it only came to light when the 15 year old boy ran away and was later found sleeping in a box behind a retail store.  When police came to the scene and approached this little boy, he refused to go home, his terror clearly obvious.  Upon further inspection of the boy, he was found to have a broken hand, scars on his abdomen where he was cut with a knife, scars on his abdomen and back where he was burned with utensils, injuries on his neck where he had been strangled and swelling to his deformed fingers from being smashed repeatedly with a mallet.  The boy was extremely malnourished, and was no bigger than a 10 year old.  Horrified by what they saw and the story this little boy told them of his life, authorities went to the Kluths’ home.

Sonja and John Kluth

Sonja and John Kluth

 Upon investigation of the home, it was found that the 15 year old boy, his 11 year brother and 9 year sister endured daily torture leaving them clinging to life.  The children were forced to sleep in dog crates in the home’s cellar and were forced to go to the bathroom in their crates like animals.  The children were left for long periods of time without food, and when food was brought to them, they boys were forced to eat dog food and the girl forced to eat cat food.  The extremely malnourished and weak children were forced to run laps carrying heavy bricks and were beaten with the buckle end of a belt or a broomstick until the lost consciousness.  It was the 15 year old boy that seemed to get the worst of the torture. The Kluths burned his tongue with heated kitchen utensils, squeezed his tongue and testicles with pliers, smashed his fingers and toes with a mallet and routinely punched and kicked the boy.  He was encouraged to commit suicide.  Sonja Kluth was also fond of choking the children.  The 11 year old boy suffered similar abuse, as did the girl.  The 9 year old girl had an earring ripped from her ear on one occasion, and was bashed in the face with a phone on another occasion.  The Kluths found it amusing to each grab an end of a child and hurl them across the carpets to give them rug burn.  All three of the children were whipped with a horse whip while being told to “take it like a slave”.  The children had their heads banged into doors, walls and countertops.

These three children suffered from such horrific abuse that they will have some permanent physical damage.  Doctors noted that due to malnourishment, the children’s bone growth has been stunted.

When the Kluths were taken into custody and questioned about the abuse and torture, Sonja Kluth admitting to becoming a monster because that kind of discipline was necessary to keep the children under control.  John Kluth said it was a wall of discipline in the home.  The two were each arrested for three counts each of child abuse and neglect.  The case will be going forward to a jury trial.  However, for some reason, the torture these children were forced to endure doesn’t seem to be such a big deal to the courts.  Sonja Kluth was released on a $9,000.00 bail and John Kluth released on a $7,500.00 bail.  I hope the judge and prosecutor’s that allowed this are ashamed at the concern they gave these children.  It takes a nasty, cold hearted person to allow such monsters to go free without even a slap on the wrist.

The Kluth’s were eventually convicted of child abuse and neglect.  Sonja Kluth was sentenced to life in prison, while John Kluth was sentenced to 30 years in prison.  The oldest boy that was tortured by the Kluths found the courage to take the stand and testify, showing jurors his many scars and recounting the nightmare he was forced to live, ensuring that these monsters went to prison.  Personally, I say gave me the meat mallet and leave me alone in a room with these two.  Better yet, let’s charge people $20 for 10 minutes alone with the Kluth’s, and give every penny to the children they tortured.  Nothing can ever be done to obtain justice for these children, but getting these two off the street is a great start.




~ by LTWH on February 3, 2012.


  1. What has become of this case?

    • John and Sonja Kluth’s trial is currently set for May 7, 2012. The trial has been delayed numerous times, but fingers crossed that this new trial date will hold. I will be sure to continue to leave updates as the trial proceedings begin. Time will not erase what these two monsters did to those innocent children, therefor time should nat fade the memory of what these children endured. It’s important to keep cases such as this in the spotlight, it is important to demand justice for EVERY child.
      Thanks for your interest in the case, if you come across anything else you would like additional information on, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

      • Sonja and John Kluth`s trial has been moved to June 11th 2012….. This was done, to make sure that all of the prosecuters major whitnesses would be able to testify… I am very confident that these two very EVIL ANIMALS will finally have to pay for what they did to these 3 beautiful children. I am appaulled at what these children had to go through at the hands of these monsters; I hope no one will ever use the word sick when describing Sonja and John Kluth, that would be giving them an excuse and there is no excuse !!! They need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. My personal opinion….The Death Penalty should apply in this case. I fear the children will never be able to receive enough counseling to recover from horiffic torture they were forced to endure. Sonja was not abused as a child… I know this because as much as I hate using these words…..She`s my oldest sister. God please Bless these children, help them get through this, please help them understand that they did NOTHING wrong ! Sonja and John Kluth are very evil people who took pleasure in hurting them, and help them not to let Sonja and John Kluth win. Please help them go on in life to be very loving and caring adults. I wish I could make all of this go away, But I trulely didn`t know any of this was taking place. I have never been close to my sister Sonja…. I feel very lucky for that, we are two very different type of people, I love my children and grandchildren dearly… AND GOD HELP ANYONE WHO WOULD EVER TRY TO HURT THEM !!!!

  2. This is terrible. I was abused as a child by a drug-addicted father, but never to this extent. I can forgive my father for what he’s done to me but these people don’t deserve to live another second…They violated these children’s rights. This is easily cruel and unusual and the fact that this happened for TWO YEARS is unacceptable. These people need the same punishment TENFOLD! The more I write, the angrier I become at these people. I’m going to leave it at this: they don’t deserve to be free. They deserve the death penalty but they don’t deserve a humane death…

  3. The woman looks pure evil. The man looks like a pathetic prick

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