Louis Dewayne Mosely

Louis Dewayne Mosely

For the 17 months Louis Dwayne Mosley was here on this Earth, he saw very little joy or love.  The horrific abuse this little boy endured over those 17 months is hard to process.

When Louis was born, he was addicted to opiates (heroin) and was taken into state care.  All reports say his mother, Jamie Oram, did nothing to cooperate with the authorities in an effort to get her son back, landing the beautiful little boy in the foster home of Teyuana Cummings, 32.  Cummings shared the home with her boyfriend, Kysheen Oliver, 19, also known as ‘killer’.  Yeah, that’s never a good sign…. and since when did Child Protective Services start placing vulnerable children in a home where a man known as ‘killer’ lives???

Neighbors have stated they witnessed the psychological abuse against the child on many different occasions.  It would seem Cummings’ preferred method to stop Louis from crying, was to lock him out of the apartment, leaving him sobbing at the door trying to get in, as she screamed at him to not cry.  Cummings and Oliver were able to keep the physical abuse behind closed doors apparently, for just long enough to beat this little boy to death.

Emergency responders and authorities were called to the apartment, it is still unclear as to who made the call, where they found the little boy, unconscious, struggling to breath and covered in deep bruises.  First Responders worked to stabilize Louis and rushed him to a Brooklyn Hospital where he fought to cling to life.

Louis Dewayne Mosely

Louis Dewayne Mosely

Ruth Richman, a hospital spokeswoman, said the hospital had received donations of clothing and stuffed animals for Louis, and telephone calls from people who wanted to sit vigil with the boy or ask how they could help, as soon as his story was released.  “People just called from all over,” she said, “showing their concern and their sadness for this poor little child.”

After doctors examined Louis’ injuries, they surmised that the little boy had endured extensive internal injuries and external injuries at the hands of these monsters.  Doctors were also able to confirm that the atrocious abuse has been occurring for some time now.  Louis laid in a hospital bed, slowly suffering until his final breath, with horrific injuries.  The boy had three broken ribs, a lacerated liver, severe bruising to his buttocks and a crushed spleen.  Little Louis also had tears around his anus which led investigators to believe the little boy had been sodomized.  The injuries may also have been cause by “kicking the little boy as if he were a ball”.  Doctors told authorities the little boy suffered repeated serious blows from an adult, possibly with a metal rod or bat.  Due to his injuries, Louis’ body cavity filled with blood, causing pressure to be put on his lungs and making it hard to breath for him.

Louis was a fighter, and he hung on for eleven days before his little body succumbed to his brutal injuries.  An autopsy confirmed the baby boy died from blunt force trauma and his death was ruled a homicide.

After he passed away, Louis’ heart was given to a one year old baby girl in Baltimore.  While it would always be preferred that Louis would never have died, even in death his spirit has reached out to save a baby girl, giving her a chance he never got.  A chance at life.

Evidence being taken from the home of Louis Dewayne Mosely.

Evidence being taken from the home of Louis Dewayne Mosely.

Investigators taped off the apartment where Louis suffered those fatal blows and removed numerous bags full of evidence.  When investigators interviewed neighbors, Maribel Pejada whom lives right next door to the apartment Louis was residing in, she told investigators she heard Cummings yelling and screaming the night before along with the baby crying.  However, she only speaks Spanish, so she was unable to understand exactly what was being said.

There were two other children also residing in the home at the time of Louis’ murder, a 9 year old foster son and Cummings biological 10 year old daughter.  Both children have been removed and placed in protective custody – but does anyone see the irony that they placed Louis in protective custody with this family to nurture and love him, where he wound up tortured to death?  Are they just moving children from one torture chamber to another now?  Child Protective Services had even made a visit to the home one short month before Louis died and didn’t really look into anything.  There was food in the fridge and the apartment wasn’t that bad, and that’s all they really looked at.

It should also be no surprise that this is not the first time Cummings has been in trouble with the law.  In November 2009, she was charged with assault after getting into a hair-pulling fight with a girlfriend.  She was later caught shoplifting baby clothes from a local Target store, even though she had no babies in her home at the time.  (Really?  Baby clothes?  Whatever happened to electronics?)

According to Cummings, she left the apartment to bring the two older children to school, and when she returned she noticed Louis was having trouble breathing.  She claims to have believed the little boy was having an asthma attack, then he began coughing up blood.  When she went in to check on him again, she found the little boy face down in his own vomit, not breathing.

Kysheen Oliver was charged with second degree assault and, reckless endangerment, endangering the welfare of a child, menacing and harassment.  Is this really happening?  Are these really his charges?  And why the hell is Cummings walking free as if nothing happened?  Where is the justice for Louis?

Louis Dewayne Mosely's Funeral

Louis Dewayne Mosely’s Funeral

The part that completely breaks my heart the most, is Louis’ funeral.  This beautiful baby boy was so vulnerable and alone, that those who attended his funeral had never even met the baby boy.  The service was held at the Oratory Church of St. Bonafice.  Father Lane delivered the sermon that laid Louis to rest, and stated that this is the most difficult funerals he has ever done.  The mourners attending the service included parishioners, passers-by, doctors and city officials.  All came to pay their respects to a life that was taken too soon.  The church was chosen because Louis’ biological mother, Jamie Oram, requested the service to be Catholic.  She attended the funeral, but did not speak.  The church was also chosen because a worker from the foster care agency knocked on Father Lane’s door to ask him to preside over the service.  The agency paid for the burial.  When the service ended, a police escort accompanied the hearse to the cemetery.  It’s devastating when the only people mourning a baby’s death, are those who never knew him.  Louis deserved more than this, he was perfect, and we failed him.  His case only goes to show how we cannot let this happen again.  We need to start taking better care of our children.


Louis Dewayne Mosely - Heaven to Home



~ by LTWH on February 4, 2012.


  1. cps sometimes don take their jobs seriously. the children should be their top priority at all times. ive heard of cases of abuse where cps never visited the home, falsified records and never insisted on actually eyeballing the child in need. they also need to get past the notion that biological families r n always the answer, both of these ppl r wasting oxygen and need to b prosecuted.


  3. THis babies egg donor has nerve to post on here! He wouldnt be missed nor forgotten if you…as his mother…would have stopped getting high while you were pregnant! Maybe…oh i dont know….you should have fought for your child! I hope you can stand to look at yourself…because i would not be able to post about a child i failed! And btw… I raised someone elses 5 children…all born with cocaine in their system….its rough but i wouldnt have had it any other way! So before you holler about what i dont know about….i know way more than you think! I hope that baby haunts you for the rest of your life you selfish pos!

  4. Maria I couldn’t agree with you more. This so called mother, and I don’t believe she deserves to be called mother, has absolutely no rights whatsoever to even associate herself with that beautiful baby boy. She’s basically not taking any responsibility for her part in what happened to Louis, plus she’s hoping to get pity from anyone out there. My heart breaks when I read all the stories similar to this one, as well I make sure I post them on my page. I want people to see these stories and realize what’s really going on in this sick world we live in. People really need to take a moment and see if some child nearby really needs their help, and to actually do something about it. As for the ones who are responsible in causing pain, suffering and death to all the children, these people really need a different and a more harsh type of punishment. In the meantime, I believe Karma takes care of what’s lacking.

  5. Why can’t there be public executions for these monsters? I’ll volunteer to be the executioner, heck I’d pay to be an executioner. I wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep.

  6. Still remembering you Louis here in Ireland on your anniversary.
    God bless you and mind you, there in heaven ox

  7. Killer got a slap on the wrist and according to the jury he didn’t intentionally kill the boy:

  8. Remembering you today on the anniversary of the day you were cruelly taking away. Rest in peace, Tim in Ireland.

  9. Wow. The system will let yet another psycho out into society with more children…

    And in the follow-up article it states:

    ‘Prosecutors “just didn’t prove that it was an intentional act,” she added.

    If they did, Oliver could have faced 25 years behind bars or possibly life.

    Another defense lawyer, Michael Cibella, said they’re disappointed with the conviction, but “glad the jury saw there was never any intent to harm this child.”’

    Yeah f’ing right! !!?

  10. R.I.P sweet boy! You came into this world suffering!..And left this world under pain and abuse.Never shown love or kisses or hugs..There will be a Day of Reckoning for these monsters.Love you baby boy!

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