Liam has been recovered!  Thank you to all of those who followed his case and helped to bring him home safely.



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Liam McCarty After His Abduction In 2010

Liam Gabriele McCarty After His Abduction In 2010

Liam Gabriele McCarty

Date of Birth: July 22, 2001

White Male

Height: 3’5”     Weight: 45 lbs

Hair: Blonde     Eyes: Blue

Missing: March 6, 2007     From: New York, NY



Liam Gabriele McCarty After His Abduction in 2009

Liam Gabriele McCarty After His Abduction in 2009

Liam was abducted by his non-custodial mother, Manuela Antonelli.  On March 6, 2007, Liam and Antonelli flew out of John F. Kennedy Airport to Rome, Italy, where Antonelli is from.  Liam’s father, Michael McCarty, is primary custodial parent and didn’t give his consent for the trip.  An FBI warrant for Parental Kidnapping was issued for Antonelli on April 16, 2007.

Antonelly was diagnosed with several severe personality disorders.  Michael stated his wife suffered from depression and anxiety attacks as well, and she took Liam back and forth between the United States and Italy several times during their marriage.  He was concerned that Antonelli might abduct Liam, so he filed for divorce.  In the summer of 2006, Antonelli accused Michael of sexually abusing their son.  The courts determined that her allegations were baseless and that Antonelli was trying to alienate Michael from Liam.  The issued an order prohibiting Antonelli from removing Liam from the country, and Michael filed for full custody.  Antonelli abducted Liam before the issue was decided, but the courts later granted custody to Michael.

Liam Gabriele McCarty

Liam Gabriele McCarty

Michael has tried to arrange for his son’s return to the United States through diplomatic means, but the Italian courts have thus far refused to assist him.  Antonelli repeated the sex abuse allegations to Italian authorities and they conducted their own investigation before exonerating Michael.  Italian authorities determined that Antonelli was not a fit parent and Liam was taken from her and placed in an orphanage.  Michael was allowed supervised visitation with him, but wasn’t allowed to take him back to the United States.  Months later, Liam was ordered to be moved to a different orphanage where he would have no contact with his mother, or his mother’s family.  The day before the move however, Liam was abducted again.  His current whereabouts are unknown, but he may be with his mother in Italy or elsewhere in Europe.

Liam was born in Italy and has dual citizenship in Italy and the United States.  Michael claims he spent over $150,000.00 on legal fees and travel expenses in his effort to have his son returned to him.

UPDATE 02.02.2013

Liam Gabriele McCarty

Liam Gabriele McCarty

In late January of 2011, Liam was located and placed with his maternal uncle.  Antonelli was arrested and is currently awaiting trial.  Michael is still petitioning the Italian courts to have Liam returned to him in the United States, in the meantime, little Liam is being bounced between orphanages, shelters and foster care in Italy, all the while being denied a father that loves his son and desperately wants to bring his little boy home.

Liam`s case has been restricted through the NCMEC Database, however Liam remains in Italy.  Until Liam is brought home, we will continue to follow his case and help raise awareness of the tragedy that this child is being forced to live.

Liam`s father has created a website to raise awareness and distribute up to date information regarding his son`s abduction.  Please click on the link below to take a look.


Manuela Antonelli

Manuela Antonelli

Manuela Antonelli

Date of Birth: June 4, 1962

White Female

Height: 5’7”     Weight: 150 lbs

Hair: Auburn     Eyes: Green








If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Liam Gabriele McCarty, please immediately contact the New York City Police Department at:



The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children at:


Parental Child Abduction is Child Abuse 04


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  1. Is Liam bach in the US with his dad??

  2. This is why my ancestors left Italy 300 years ago. Italy is beautiful, but the people are not? They have corrupt, backward laws and thinking.

  3. I hope that Americans will seriously consider boycotting this country with inconsistent and archaic laws. If the McCarty case was the only one of this type, it would be one thing, but it isn’t – by a long shot. The people in Italy are wonderful but their judicial system is idiotic, at best. Apparently – they have no use for the well being of this child. They would like to have Amanda Knox back to face trial again, but wouldn’t even make their own citizen – with warrants in her country and with INTERPOL – obey the law, thus endangering this man’s child. Shame on the Italian government for not giving this child to the father who was given custody for a reason, for not paying for his counseling, for not reimbursing all fees incurred by the father, and for not apologizing all the way to the courthouse to change their ridiculous methods. I was, for 13 years a radio talk host. I heard many horrors such as this, but at least the courts appeared to care about the child’s well being – yet, the Italian courts bounce this child around like a basketball, in and out of orphanages, and back with his criminal mother – until they get caught, instead of giving him to a loving father who has sacrificed a decade of his life trying to protect his son. Again – shame on the Italian government for allowing this to happen to this poor child. Truly. You should be ashamed.

  4. Does anyone knows what is the update on Liam’s case?

  5. So is Liam “recovered” and living with his dad in the U.S. or not???

  6. I think of this child often and I wish we would get an update. I get that Italy has been keeping an eye on the father’s internet activities especially when they involve any critical thoughts on the Italian government.. This post alludes to the recovery and return of Liam though. Is he back home in the US with his dad or not? I would have thought if he was there would have been more press surrounding the events that brought him home…I hope he is home with his father though. He deserves to be with a loving family not kept prisoner in a orphanage.

  7. No , il bambino non è residente negli Stati Uniti , perché i tribunali italiani non avrebbe mai concedere la custodia del bambino al padre dopo questo dramma . Il giudice ha sentito da tutto il senso nelle sue stanze il bambino di rigetto di una visita con il padre con urla torturati . Il bambino desidera fortemente essere con la madre . Il bambino è nato in Italia e ha vissuto per soli 2 anni negli Stati Uniti . Il padre ha abbandonato la moglie incinta e non ha pagato alcun mantenimento dei figli . Il bambino vive felicemente e sicuro a Roma con la madre . Il padre ha molto generosi diritti di visita di custodia .
    Saluti, padre italiano di bambini con doppia cittadinanza , Italia e Stati Uniti .No,the child is not residing in the United States, because Italian courts would NEVER grant the child custody to the father after this drama. The judge has heard from all the way in his chambers the child rejecting a visit with the father with tortured screams. The child strongly desires to be with the mother. The child is born in Italy and has lived for only 2 years in the United States. The father abandoned his pregnant wife and did not pay any Child Maintenance. The child is living happily and safely in Rome with his mother. The father has very generous visitation rights though.

    Regards, An Italian father of children with dual nationality, Italy and United States.

  8. Here in Italy,he wants to be called Leo or Gabriele(Gabri),by the way.
    He was “reabducted” by his mother, because he was miserable in the previous orphanage and so begged his mother to save him from that situation. He wanted to go with his mother,just the same as he wants to be with his mother now at age 14 ,no longer a little child. He is old enough to make his own decisions and have those opinions respected in courts, therefore could return to the United States if he desires. Of course he does not desire this however, because he was born in Rome Italy rather than New York City United States,and has only ever lived outside of Italy for around 2 1/2 years. He is 100% Italian and only went to the United States, because his mother selflessly took him to New York so that her child could grow up with a father around. Obviously things did not work out well enough though,so the mother,within her and Leo’s rights as Italian Citizens,sought the protection of Italian courts,because it seemed very much as if she was going to lose her child. Not to mention that again Leo was far more concerned with not being separated from his mother rather than his father. He excitedly told his father that he was going home to Italy soon,before leaving New York,so it is not as if his father did not know mother and child were back in Rome. It was only after the father brought a petition against the mother in Italian courts creating an extremely complex situation that would take much time to sort out,was Leo torn from his mother’s arms and placed in an orphanage. Italian courts did not seize him,because there was any real harm being done by the mother,if that were the case then he would have been taken away a long time ago after being born and prior to leaving for New York. He was in orphanage because Italian courts wanted him in a neutral setting while they sorted the matter out. As previously mentioned Leo suffered much in the orphanage and begged his mother to save him,so when Italian courts took him away again, he went to the maternal uncle,who volunteered to take Leo home,that he did not have to suffer again in orphanage. It is very easy to see on the American TV program how happy,healthy, and well groomed Leo was while visiting his father under the care of the maternal uncle who does spare expenses to raise the boy. He was longing for his mother and angry with his father,but he was doing well in Italy. He is still doing well in Italy and has finally been reunited with his mother.

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