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Jarkeius Adside Age Progressed to 11 Years Old

Jarkeius Adside Age Progressed to 11 Years Old

Jarkeius Adside

Jarkeius Adside

Jarkeius Adside

Date of Birth: September 30, 2001

Black Male

Height: 2’0”     Weight: 30 lbs

Hair: Black (In Cornrows)    Eyes: Brown

Missing: October 18, 2001     From: Miami, FL

Nickname: Kisha and Keery

Last Seen Wearing: A diaper, and a red, white and blue Tommy Hilfiger shirt.

Medical Condition:  Jarkeius may have been injured during his abduction and may be in need of medical attention.


Jarkeius’s parents were both in jail in October 2001, and he was being looked after by a babysitter, Gwendolyn Brown.  Brown told police that Jarkeius was abducted by three unidentified men during an early morning robbery of her home in Miami, Florida.  The robbery, she said, took place while she was walking her teenage daughter to the bus stop.  Upon returning home, Brown was confronted by the three armed suspects and she and her live-in boyfriend, Jeffrey Cochran, were bound with duct tape while the abductors demanded money.  Brown and Cochran later heard a single gunshot.  When they were able to free themselves, the house had been ransacked and Jarkeius and several items were missing.  The baby has never been seen again.

All three of the suspects are considered armed and dangerous.  A blood stained mattress and blood soaked sheets were found in the home after Jarkeius’s abduction.  There was blood stains in other areas of the house as well, and the blood does belong to the little boy.  Authorities believe he may have been severely injured, or killed.

Investigators have publicly expressed scepticism of Brown and Cochran’s accounts.  They did not call police for two hours after Jarkeius’s abduction, they have stated it took that long to free themselves.  Several grams of cocaine were found in the residence after Jarkeius’s alleged abduction and they were both arrested on drug charges.  Cochran has an extensive criminal history.  Jarkeius’s mother has stated that she believes Brown and Cochran, and also stated that her son was alive and well and was being taken care of by someone.

Abductor Sketch #1

Abductor Sketch #1

Abductor Sketch #2

Abductor Sketch #2

Abductor Sketch #3

Abductor Sketch #3

Jarkeius’s abductors have never been identified.





If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Jarkeius Adside, please immediately contact the Miami-Dade Police Department at:



The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children at:





~ by LTWH on February 1, 2013.

2 Responses to “JARKEIUS ADSIDE – NON-FAMILY ABDUCTION October 18, 2001 – USMCC000437LTWH – UPDATED 09.20.2013”

  1. His abductors weren’t ever identified, because he was never abducted.

  2. This is some bullshit! That so called babysitter and her killed that baby! What kind of halfway decent mother believes a half cocked story with more holes than a net and doesn’t immediately get suspicious? Most women would demand the people either produce her baby or be prepared to kill her in order to not get seriously injured or killed themselves. This baby is dead and the babysitter got away with murder with the mama’s blessing!

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