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Allyson Dalton Age Progressed to 12 Years Old

Allyson Dalton Age Progressed to 12 Years Old

Allyson Dalton

Allyson Dalton

Allyson Dalton

Date of Birth: May 17, 1998

White Female

Height: 1’8”     Weight: 8 lbs

Hair: Brown     Eyes: Blue

Missing: July 27, 1998     From: Strasburg, VA




Allyson was last seen at 7:45AM, July 27, 1998, in the second floor apartment where her mother lived in the 100 block of Charles Street in Strasburg.  At 2:45PM that afternoon Allyson’s mother, Sylena Jo Dalton, was found stabbed to death on a couch inside the apartment, and baby Allyson was gone.  Also missing where some of the baby’s bottles.  It is believed that Sylena’s murderers kidnapped Allyson, and I would like to believe that considering they took her formula, they would not hurt her.  Neighbors say they did not hear any screams or anything indicating a struggle that morning.

Sylena’s murder and Allyson’s abduction shook their family to the very core.  Sylena’s mother, Allyson’s grandmother, Angela Stover, is still waiting for answers 15 years after the murder/abduction, and in a sleepy little town like Strasburg which is near a major interstate, it can be even harder to understand why this happened, let alone who committed the crime.  She, Sylena and Allison all lived together, and were very close.  Angela recalls her daughter growing up in Girl Scouts and participating in high school volleyball and basketball.  Angela was a tiny girl at 5’0” but was a feisty spirit.

Angela was out when the murder/abduction occurred, but was quickly notified by her sister who lived across the street.  Angela rushed home, and was the first family member to see her daughter’s body in the apartment.  Sylena was lying on the sofa, covered up, when she was discovered.  Angela’s mother, Bonnita Smith, says that the crime scene showed that Sylena was probably asleep or nearly asleep when she was fatally stabbed.  The lack of blood splatter leads investigators to believe that she was relaxed and didn’t put up a struggle at the time of her murder.  The night before her death, Sylena had been up trying to calm Allyson who was colicky.

In 2000, Sylena’s mother filed a wrongful death suit against Sylena’s former boyfriend, Daniel E. Pompell.  Sylena’s mother sought $1.5 million in damages and alleged that Pompell had murdered her daughter.  The outcome of the lawsuit is unknown.

Pompell, or anyone for that matter, has never faced criminal charges in connection with Sylena’s murder or Allyson’s disappearance.  Authorities did search Pompell’s home after Sylena’s murder, and they say Pompell has been fully cooperative with the investigation.  Sylena had named Pompell as Allyson’s father and was seeking child support from him at the time of her murder, which raises that suspicion of possible motive.  Pompell was also actually married at the time, so I have to wonder what dynamics played a possible role in this crime surrounding that fact alone.

Sylena’s murder has never been solved nor has the murder weapon ever been located.  Allyson has never been seen or heard from since.  The two very things that weigh heaviest on Angela’s heart.  Along with the devastation of the loss of her daughter and unknown fate of her granddaughter, comes the frustration and anger with the complete lack of progress in the case and the perceived lack of concern regarding the priority of the case with the Virginia State Police.  Angela has stated that she is getting used to being sent home discouraged after meeting with the state police to discuss the status of Sylena and Allyson’s case.  “We’re angry and upset.  We don’t feel they’re working on the case.  They don’t contact me.  I contact them.” shared Angela.  Efforts by media to speak with the department regarding the case have received no response what so ever.  The thing that bothers me about this is that Strasburg Police Chief Tim Sutherly has actually reached out to the state police to offer his department’s assistance in the girls’ case, as they have more investigators not than they did when the murder and abduction occurred.  Sutherly stated “It was my concern that the was just collecting dust on someone’s desk.  I was assured by state police that was not the case, that it was still being actively pursued.  I reiterated my offer of assistance to take any role in the case that was needed.  We have not heard anything since.”  Here is a police chief and police department, ready and willing to aid in the hopeful resolution of the Dalton case, and they are not being allowed to do so, despite the fact that the state police, in my opinion, have shown a complete lack of care or concern over the status of the case.

Since the tragedy occurred 15 years ago, Angela has moved to Stephen City in West Virginia, a move that has brought her some relief from living the high profile life as the “mother of a woman who died a violent death” in Strasburg.  Since the day her daughter was murdered and granddaughter abducted, Angela has lived a life of fear, fear that someone will come after her.  She actually continues to turn down television interviews as she does not want to be seen on camera.  I can’t say that I blame her.  I can’t imagine everyone recognizing me as a result of the most horrific day of my life everywhere I go.  I know there will never be anything anyone can say to take this pain away from Angela, but we can tell her this – Angela, you are not alone, and we will not let your girls be forgotten.  No matter how long it takes, we will be here and we will be demanding answers.


If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Allyson Dalton, please immediately contact the Virginia State Police – Bureau of Criminal Investigations at:



The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children at:




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