Lindsey Baum

Lindsey Baum Age Progressed to 14 Years Old

Lindsey Baum Age Progressed to 14 Years Old

Lindsey Baum

Lindsey Baum

Lindsey Baum

Date of Birth: July 7, 1998

White Female

Height: 4’9”     Weight: 80 lbs

Hair: Brown     Eyes: Brown

Missing: June 26, 2009     From: McCleary, WA

Distinguishing Features: Lindsey has a dark brown birthmark on her RIGHT wrist.  She has a scar above her LEFT eye, and has colored fillings in her teeth.


Lindsey Baum

Lindsey Baum

Lindsey was last seen at 9:15PM on June 26, 2009, when she left a friend’s house.  She said she was walking home, a walk which should take about 10 minutes, but was never seen or heard from again.  Lindsey’s curfew was at 10:00PM, when she had not arrived home by 11:00PM, her mother reported her disappearance to the police.  An extensive search was launched, which turned up no indications as to Lindsey’s whereabouts.  The last person to see Lindsey was a neighbor who drove past her on the street when she was about half way home.

The day of Lindsey’s disappearance she had gotten into a fight with her brother, and had been under a large amount of stress over her parents’ recent divorce.  Everyone who knows Lindsey has stated that she would never run away.  Especially considering that she left her money, cell phone, and clothes behind, not to mention she was afraid of the dark and hated to be alone at night, the possibility of a run away quickly ceased being a possibility.  Authorities checked her computer and internet history, but found little of interest and no evidence that anyone Lindsey communicated with online could have been involved in her disappearance.

Lindsey’s father resides in Tennessee, and she had not seen him for a year prior to her disappearance, however the two maintained regular phone contact.  Her father, a member of the Tennessee National Guard, was scheduled to be deployed to Iraq in July 2009.

Melissa Baum

Melissa Baum

Both Lindsey’s mother and the father of the friend Lindsey was last visiting with, offered to take polygraph tests and passed.  As the days passed with no sign of Lindsey, the police investigation turned into a criminal investigation and it is believed she was abducted.

The only lead that police have been able to turn up, is a person of interest, Timothy Hartman.  Hartman had told authorities that he wasn`t in town on the day of Lindsey`s disappearance, however video surveillance was found of him making a purchase at Mike`s Market in McCleary at 9:15PM on the night she vanished.  Authorities searched Hartman`s home and business in October 2011, removing some items.  A search warrant shows some of the items seized were, “apparent finger nail from passenger side of car, ropes and straps, numerous computers and computer storage devices, pink sheet with unknown stains, brown duffel bag with assumed human hair, hand written notes regarding missing child“.  It all sounds pretty damning, however authorities have not arrested Hartman on any charges.  Hartman states he made an honest mistake and really hadn`t remembered where he was on the night in question, and maintains his innocence in Lindsey`s disappearance.

Lindsey Baum

Lindsey Baum

Lindsey is described as an intelligent, talkative and mature young girl.  Unfortunately the circumstances surrounding this little girl`s disappearance remain a mystery.  However her family maintains the hope that Lindsey will be brought home soon.

There is a reward for $35,000.00 for anyone that can provide information leading to Lindsey`s recovery.






UPDATE 04.10.2013

More information I was able to find about Timothy Hartman, and it only gets even more stomach turning.

Timothy Hartman - surveillance video in the convenience store.

Timothy Hartman – surveillance video in the convenience store.

After law enforcement confronted Hartman with the video of himself in a local convenience store, he claims he had made a mistake on his timing of where he was on the night of Lindsey’s disappearance, but maintains that he does not remember ever being in the store.  He had given authorities a ‘certificate’ showing that he had been in a class until 9:00 PM in another town and could not have made it back to McClearly by 9:15 PM.  The FBI squashed this claim quickly after discovering the class was actually over at 8:15 PM, giving Hartman plenty of time to get back to McCleary before the time Lindsey was abducted.

Remember I said it gets worse, well it turns out that Hartman was actually a volunteer firefighter and EMT who drove an ambulance.  He claims to have gone out on a call the night of Lindsey’s disappearance, but none of the counties he worked for have been able to confirm this.  It is speculated by some that being in uniform and driving an ambulance, he may have offered Lindsey a ride home without detection of his motives, being in a position of ‘authority’.  This really make me cringe.  Parents teach their children about ‘safe people’ each and every day, and here at LTWH we encourage and even offer information on how to talk to your children about these matters.  We encourage our children to trust police officers, firemen and EMT’s.  We encourage them to actually approach these people for help.  Having Hartman in a position like this is deplorable, and alarming for parents, and I can also imagine it is very disheartening for those who were Hartman’s superiors and peers within the fire department.  Hartman went on to further state that when he returned to town, the search for Lindsey was already underway and Chief George Crumb of the McCleary Police Department asked him to join in the search.  Chief Crumb doesn’t recall ever having asked Hartman to do this.

Lindsey Baum

Lindsey Baum

If you aren’t disgusted, angry, or creeped out enough yet, then you will be with this next little tidbit.  Hartman joined the search for a while, then went home to sleep.  He stated that he was not able to fall asleep, so he went back to join the search at about 1:00 AM.  He ‘coincidently’ ran into Lindsey’s mother, Melissa, at this time.  He proceeded to drive Melissa out to a local creek where Lindsey sometimes went to play.  (Seriously? He took a missing girl’s mother out to a creek in the middle of the night, all by herself, to look for her daughter???)  It turns out, that this version of Hartman’s account is not exactly correct (surprise, surprise I know).  What actually happened was Hartman showed up in an area near Lindsey’s home around midnight.  Lindsey’s mother noticed him and became suspicious, so she approached him.  He said that he had heard about “that little girl who was missing” on his fire department radio and was looking for her.  He then asked Melissa if she was Lindsey’s mom and when she replied yes, he offered to take her out behind the Simpson door plant to search for Lindsey.  They searched for about an hour then left.

After that night, Hartman never helped search for Lindsey again, and actually became confrontational when asked if he would simply hang a flier in his store.

Now Hartman is whining about the investigation surrounding him, claiming it is ‘ruining his reputation’, yet continues to draw attention to himself and in doing so, is really just spotlighting himself and all the suspicious circumstances surrounding him.  If he is as innocent as he claims to be, then why is he creating a three ringed circus surrounding him … it just is unsettling and only does more to incriminate him in my opinion.

When the authorities brought Hartman in for an interrogation, they administered TWO polygraph examinations on him, the first one he failed, and the second one was inconclusive.

I still have so many unanswered questions surrounding Lindsey’s disappearance, and I am going to continue to gather everything I can.  Maybe some of you could offer some insight into a few things for me…

I would like to know if and when the creek was searched for Lindsey AFTER Hartman brought her mother out there to look.  I would also like to know if the ambulance has a GPS unit in it, which would have in fact recorded exactly where Hartman had gone on the night of Lindsey’s disappearance.  I also do not understand how this search for Lindsey was conducted that night.  Where were the authorities and friends of the family during the time when Hartman appeared and took Melissa to the creek??  Surely they would have not let Melissa go on by herself with this creepy man that just appeared out of no where …. and surely law enforcement would have an organized search set up with volunteers who would be spread out (BUT ACCOUNTED FOR) looking for Lindsey in small groups.  Maybe it’s just me, but the entire situation surrounding this ‘meeting’ really makes me stand up and take notice that something just isn’t quite right here.

The one thing that I know for sure and believe without a doubt, is that Melissa will fight every day until her daughter is brought home.  I can’t imagine ever being in her position, but I can say that the love this woman holds for her daughter is encouraging to keep Lindsey’s story alive and in the spotlight.  We won’t allow Lindsey to be forgotten or fade away, we will fight, alongside Melissa, until Lindsey is brought home.  Melissa – our thoughts are with you and your family.


If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Lindsey Baum, please immediately contact the McCleary Police Department at:



The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children at:



~ by LTWH on March 4, 2013.

12 Responses to “LINDSEY BAUM – ENDANGERED MISSING June 26, 2009 – UPDATED 04.10.2013”

  1. I really wish someone would create an age-progression photo of Lindsey. She was just under 11 when she disappeared. She’d be 14-1/2 now. Think how much a young girl can change between those ages!

  2. there was a Maury show about exploited children that is airing right now that highlights this girl. WHY wasnt the emt arrested? i saw information onthe net : that he had ridiculously incriminating evidence of being the guilty party!

  3. Was the brother of Lindsay questioned? I’ve heard stories about some play house that he has behind there house in the woods. The boy had some irregular behavior when he was out there according to a friend that went out there with him. The friend didn’t like the creepy feelings he got while in the fort. Is there really a fort?

  4. My name is a Akasha Monaghan I live in South Bend Washington and it has been 8 years sends Lindsey went missing. When I get older I am going to be a FBI agent right now I am 12 but my goal right now is to find justice for their family and I’m going to study hard to see if she is dead or alive that desverse at least to know if she still alive or who was that took her. You may not think that I can do this but I’m smart I can cause when I am older I’m going to save people’s life and give family’s justce. If any chance you need to get a hold of me here is my (360)-208-4833

    • Akasha, I feel it is not safe for you to be posting your phone number, please if someone contacts you and asks to meet up please do not go! Tell one of your parents first.

  5. So what happened after hartmans car was searched and they found all of that stuff? Did they just bag it and put it on a shelf or did they run the proper tests. And what did that come back as? And as far as the search went. Why didn’t they say anything about a you house in the woods. And why didn’t they ban Hartman from searching and call him a possible person of interest? A lot of this story has never mad sense. Gone but never forgotten lindsey

  6. Let me create a theory from what I have read, and from my intuition along with a premonition dream…
    When I became interested, I was studying Social and Criminal Justice Online– when this horrific event happened to Lindsey Baum.
    My first approach was to look at the route to which Lindsey may have traveled to get home. Early on while viewing GoogleEarth, I had a sensation near the area and back alley behind Mr. Wilson’s home, but more between the home next door to the north of him and a small driveway between that home and the home north of it next to the open field.
    I had a strong feeling she might have taken the alley cutting through the open field to see if a slumber swim/ overnight swim– that I learned of later, her being invited by the aspired teens she was gravitating to… The evidence is that she earlier at home cleaned up from being at the pool in the daytime, and after she bathed, she had put back on under her clothes the two piece bathing suite. You know how young girls get– aspired to be with their peers. So, maybe she went back to the pool to see if the slumber swim at Mr. Wilson’s home and pool were!/?
    During her walk near the pool, I feel she was abducted! I have other information about the home north of Mr. Wilson being a Meth Home/ where people go to party and get meth– from a visitor who use to have a Thrift Shop on the corner near Tim Hartman. She/Sara said, that her boyfriend/ Thomas I believe– knew that Tim Hartman also is a meth addict, and visits frequently for meth. Tim did not like the two/ Sara and Thomas, and eventually the two were evicted– breeching their rental agreement– as a result of Thomas’s addiction and use on property. I met Sara in town, and she was walking in the direction I was walking here in Eugene, Oregon– just recently a few months ago. She added that she got creepy feelings around Tim Hartman. So, Tim had the EMT Ambulance with him the night of the abduction, and he may have been there where Lindsey was intercepted by Tim. Remember, Mr. Wilson’s niece was the one having the slumber swim, and she lived with her Mom in Elma, WA.. So, maybe Lindsey asked Tim where the girls were for the overnight swim!/? Maybe Tim said that they were in Elma having that slumber swim, and that he was going that way; and maybe he said to Lindsey, you can come with me, and we can stop by your home to ask your mom if it’s OK, luring Lindsey into his EMT Ambulance!/?? This would explain the Run Out of Town, but he can’t remember being at the Shell Gas Station!!/?? Unless he has Multiple Personality Disorder, he remembers… This guy seems to fit the scenario, because he was looking behind him and dropped his keys in a nervous manner at the Shell Station!!/?? So, all the FBI has to do is this; Confirm that in fact that Tim Hartman was at that Meth Home/ His EMT Ambulance is not hard to spot or remember! Also, Tim being an EMT, knows all the meth people– especially rescuing them from an overdose– taking them to the hospital.
    Just a side note, I learned that Tim and his wife had a property and home out of town and secluded out in a country setting. Could this be where he took Lindsey on that Run Out of Town??? It is a theory, but– I have gifts in assembling scenarios… All the rest of my hunches’ take a backseat to this theory with powerful suggestions of time and place/ opportunity for abduction… Now do your job LE and FBI

  7. A song 🎶 for Lindsey and here safe return; May we never give up hope… and may Angels watch over her: For Lindsey:

  8. NoTim Hartman states he does not remember being in the store, even though LE have a taped video of him at around the time of the abduction!
    Could it be possible Tim Hartman did not know, and the reason is he has MPD/ DID!/?
    So, when people say they don’t remember doing something, and they have several occupations of expertize, it seems to fit that it could be buried in multiple personalities or Disassociative Personality Disorder, or Multiple Personality Disorder!
    I actually dated a lady with 3 or More Personalities; 1 was herself/ sweet and charming with all the good vibes, and American Dream; The 2nd was a Russian Spy, speaking fluid Russian and paranoid, even though she spoke broken English, like a professional actor becoming the personality portrayed; and the 3rd was a Punk Rocker and Kick Boxer type, that was very rude and in your face, but I thought for the month and a half that she was putting on a show!
    Her brother, Richard finally talked with me and told me the whole story.
    She had a home in Malibu, a few million in the bank, and he was the car taker of a Trust Fund set up for her.
    In Tim Hartman’s life, he has atleast three unique accusations; Jewelry Maker, Realistate, and a Volunteer Forestry Paramedic Emergency Medical Responder. It is interesting to note that at the Shell Station/ Mike’s Market, that a lady resembling Melissa Baum/ Lindsey Baum’s mother comes up to the counter, and he’s looking over his shoulders and fumbles and drops his keys while checking out his groceries!/?
    Also, I met a lady here in Eugene back in the Fall of 2016 that told me she use to have a Thrift Shop on the Corner of Maple Ave. near 3rd Street Intersection and across the street of Mike’s Market/ Shell Station?
    I asked her if she knew a Tim Hartman or Mr. Wilson, and she did know and interact with Tim Hartman!
    Tim had something to do with their eviction, as she was dating a guy named Thomas who was a Meth-Addict!
    Sara explained that Tim Hartman was a Meth-Addict too, and was buying his drugs when Thomas was buying his; and The Meth dealer lived one house north, next-door to Mr. Wilson’s house, where the girls were visible playing in the pool in bird’s eye view of The Meth House!
    Tim Hartman did not like Thomas according to Sara.
    So, there you have it!
    Tim Hartman had access to an EMT Vehicle, and could have intercepted Lindsey and used chloroform to knock her out or an injection of a knockout tranquilizer in order to sedate hard to handle people in shock as a EMT/!/?
    He was gone out of town from about 9:30 PM till after 1:30 AM the next morning, and makes it a point to join into the search with Lindsey Baum’s Mom/ Melissa Baum!/??
    It was the evening of June 26th when Lindsey was abducted around 9:15 PM/!
    It was that same night that Tim Hartman forgets he was at Mike’s Market and jittery looking over his shoulders and dropping his keys in a nervous manner!
    At that very point in time, an alternate multiple personality could of been in Tim Hartman’s Body and Mind, the Murderous Child Paedophile, a fourth and very dangerous personality that the other personalities hate, but protect for their own survival/!!/??
    This is why his Lie Detector reading changed, and was inconclusive, because it depends on the personality that is present!!
    Many young teens are missing in the Grays Harbor County, including McCleary, WA.!
    I wonder if the 4th Personality is a Serial Mass Murderer and Paedophile??

  9. I had some type-o’s that I reluctantly did not proof read, and my damn smartphone became a smartass phone, so I apologize!
    Also, in my opening, I put No, which should read Note:,
    Car taker should read, Caretaker;
    Accusations should read, Occupations!

    In addition to my type-o’s, I entered during the Fall of 2016, which should read, during the Springtime, my bad, but I could not find an edit button for my post, or already unsure of it’s existence to be able to edit after I post!

  10. Firstly let me say, I could never imagine my life if any of my children went missing. So I really hope your daughter gets found. I accidently came across this story while surfing the net. Don’t lose hope. Just have a question on the FBI site for missing children the video is of a shell station and the vehicle is a white toyota tarado (i think thats the right spelling) 2014 model with sunroof: Is this the car that they think she may of gotten into? If so, the man that with the brown shirt seems like a local as he knew the service attendant. He is also appears to have bought cigarettes/chocolate and has two dog / cat crates on the back of his truck. Have the FBI identified his baseball cap or logo on his shirt yet? Have the checked all wildlife refuges in or around the area? Usually these bad people lure children with animals. Praying for you all.

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