Lights For Stefan Barbat-Alexander Flier


Stefan Barbat-Alexander

Stefan Barbat-Alexander

Stefan Barbat-Alexander

Date of Birth: May 16, 2000

Biracial (Black/White) Male

Height: 4’2”     Weight: 50 lbs

Hair: Brown     Eyes: Brown

Missing: July 24, 2008     From: Brooklyn, NY






Stefan Barbat-Alexander

Stefan Barbat-Alexander

Stefan was abducted by his non-custodial mother, Marcela Barbat.  A felony warrant for Kidnapping was issued for Barbat on December 30, 2008.  The two are known to be in Romania.  Stefan’s father, Brandon Alexander Sharwin, has attempted to have three individuals retrieve Stefan and bring him back to the United States.  The three men were able to locate Stefan at his school and were attempting to cross the border into Bulgaria with him.  However, Romanian authorities began a nationwide search and detained and charged the three of them with depriving Stefan of his freedom before they could cross the border.  The three men have not been named.


Marcela Barbat

Marcela Barbat

Marcela Barbat

Date of Birth: October 3, 1972

White Female

Height: 5’6”     Weight: 120 lbs

Hair: Brown     Eyes: Blue

Distinguishing Features: Marcela has pierced Ears

Alias Last Name: Barbat-Alexander





If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Stefan Barbat-Alexander, please immediately contact the FBI (NY) at:



The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children at:



Parental Child Abduction is Child Abuse 04


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29 Responses to “STEFAN BARBAT-ALEXANDER – FAMILY ABDUCTION July 24, 2008 – USMCC000252LTWH – UPDATED 07.31.2013”

  1. I can tell you that though Stefan has been located and his return to the United States ordered,he remains in Romania according to a maternal uncle and isn’t interested in the least in returning to the United States. Living with mother and maternal grandparents in Brasov-Sacele,fluent in Romanian, and excelling in school he strongly believes that he IS already at home in Romania. Since his 15th birthday recently passed he is very much of age to have his desires heard by courts and there’s very little chance he will desire to be uprooted from the place where he has spent half his life.

  2. I can tell you that this is one lucky little boy! The searching father has some major legal and personal issues that call into question his ability to successfully parent a child especially a boy into a decent respectable upstanding adult. Read for yourself the father’s legacy.

    • Thank you for posting this. I always knew it was just a matter of time until people realized what kind of person Sherwy Alexander truly is.

      • Sure the father is so unfit BUT the child willingly got in to a vehicle he thought would take him back to his dad in the United States. Hundreds of police unlike anything that would ever have occurred in America had to search the entire country in order to keep him there and return him forcibly to his mother’s care. If the father was really so bad then one would think the kid would have run to his teacher complaining about some strangers bothering him instead of going with them. Obviously he wanted to leave Romania even though the Romanian authorities claimed he was deprived of his freedom by the 3 individuals. How can an American child be deprived of his freedom in a country he is not even citizen of?

  3. The child did not willingly got into the car, he was carried to the car. Those three individuals should have gone to the proper authorities to tell them that the child was abducted, but instead they decided to break the law and abduct the child themselves, so it is obvious they did not have the proper documents or good intentions. The child is a Romania citizen as well . If he would have been illegally in Romania the police would not have gotten involved or at least they would have let them take the child back to the USA if the abductors had proper documents. But that was not the case clearly. I am sorry about what happened to you, but not all stories are the same, and this is in no way about the color of one’s skin.

  4. Thank you for sharing this information Ms.Barbat as it is not mentioned anywhere online on post about the custody case that the child is bilingual and a dual citizen and Romanian authorities were acting more so in the interests more of the minor child their government is obligated to protect rather than acting against the desires of a foreigner just for the heck of it. If this is an equally Romanian child then the case absolutely belonged to courts to solve rather than any extrajudicial vigilante justice. That’s what the Hague Treaty is for in circumstances when a child belongs legally to two countries. There are at least two sides to every story and is not the place of to non-involved persons to be jury, judge,and executioner of justice. Misinformation and rumors do more harm than good 99% of the time.

    • Exactly my point. I proved my case in a court of law and I don’t have to explain my actions to strangers who know next to nothing about my life . The court already decided so I don’t see the point of this page being still up. My son could become a victim of misinformed ” good doers” as a result of the information on this page.

      • It takes something near an Act of Congress to get these posters removed I am convinced and have experienced personally. Whether a court decision is made,the child in question grows up and demands it removal,or even the parent who initially reported their child lost says the situation is resolved or says the posters are unauthorized. These do folders are impossible to convince as they needlessly exploit children to further some personal agenda. In my case options 1 occurred with no results,so it was finally advised to contact the administrator and inform of impending litigation for the Invasion of Privacy and Child Endangerment. One site dropped the case about two weeks later. A second site modified the case to say it was resolved and closed……while continuing to feature my child’s name and picture and presumed(actual) current country of residence. My child reached her majority a few years ago,reiterated that she isn’t or was ever kidnapped and in danger, demanded the return of her basic privacy rights, and got nowhere. Until someone puts these sites out of business, innocent children will continue to suffer.

      • Sorry for the typo. I wasn’t wearing my glasses. I meant to say “do gooders” not “do folders”. Also for clarity about interlopers manipulating,important information was deliberately left off my child’s online case write up to skew unwanted public opinions towards favoring my ex. It was not mentioned that my child held dual citizenship exiting on the non-American passport, there were not any court orders being enforced at time of alleged abduction to prevent the resettling of my child outside of the United States,and the Hague Treaty denied the request for return twice. I had the legal custody of my child where we resided and she was forbidden by court order to travel from this country in interests of her safety. Though I desperately, like you,wanted to remain silent and focus only on my child’s wellbeing,sites like these disturbed her life, because she constantly feared being dragged back to the United States and intolerable situation. I sympathize with you wholeheartedly and believe sites like these ought to be illegal. It is a shame how busybodies feel free to meddle in the lives in others!

  5. I remember seeing this case a few years ago on the NYS MECC site a few years ago and someone claiming to be an uncle posted saying that Stefan was living happily in Romania with his mother and maternal grandparents “surrounded by affections”, fully acclimated to his surroundings, and had no interests in returning to the United States.And that it because Stefan was basically thrown in to vehicle with strangers which sped off, that ” 400 police from 3 counties were looking for him like something out of a Spy film”. THAT event was the true abduction according to the self-proclaimed Uncle, because otherwise the father knew exactly that the mother had brought Stefan back to her parents home,and no Hague Treaty rulings ordering the boy back to the United States at that time. One can only guess that when his case became restricted a few years ago,it meant that the return to the United States had been formally denied,therefore he was no longer abducted or missing.

  6. Sherwyn Alexander is a sleezeball who is believed to be in the United States illegally, which would definitely make sense of why he hired vigilante commandos to go bring Stefan out of Romania instead of travelling there himself. I met Sherwyn Alexander in Florida a while back and right from the jump he gave me the creeps. He lies more than he breathes,has a criminal record,and preys on women. Although I do not know what prompted the flight of Stefan and his mother to Romania,but you can bet your bottom dollar that Sherwyn Alexander ran them off! I didn’t walk away while he was trying to weasel his way into my life….I RAN!! It is strongly advised that all women and children steer clear of his path and if you don’t believe me do a little internet research to find out why.

  7. The organization that took Stefan from his school, the American Association for Lost Children (AAFLC) is nothing but a scam and that was not the first time that its workers had been arrested abroad. I know from personal experience, because several years ago, I made the grave mistake of hiring them to “rescue” my children. They claim to be a Christian organization who only endeavor to return wrongfully taken children to the United States safely,then do everything except that. Once you get past the obvious fact that taking children out of a foreign country without proper documents is a crime, it is more often than not their barbaric tactics that get them arrested. What they did to Stefan and also my own children is apart of their formula. Stalk the child for a few days,accost them usually at their school,then by any means necessary safety of the child disregarded including bribery or physically dragging a reluctant terrified child get the little one into a vehicle,speed off,and make a break for nearest border into another country doing whatever it takes even physical force to keep the child in the car. No responsibile parent would want their child traumatized like that nor would any responsibile adult observing the scene not intervene by getting the local authorities. It was actually a relief to me although I & my wife hired them,when their workers were located with our children & arrested,after hearing how they’d done it. They say they have connections and resources in foreign countries that allow them to negotiate and recover your child quickly and safely with no harm done,but really have no resources at all,are little more than vigilante mercenaries,and only make things worse. I naively expected they would go to the authorities with the competing US Custody order&sort it out there properly,not grab my children randomly&flee with them without even any of their identification documents like common criminals. There’s a right and wrong way to do everything. If you value your child at all do not hire or donate a dollar to these crooks.

  8. As Stefan’s case is described in the Hague Compliance Reports for 2010, his return to the United States was denied, which would mean he is no longer missing or subject to an international custody battle.

    “During the reporting period, in one case involving
    a child abducted to a country in Central Europe,
    a LBP hired three individuals not known to the
    child to pick the child up from school. These three
    individuals also obtained the child’s U.S. passport
    from the TP’s house and attempted to leave the
    country en route to the United States. Foreign
    law enforcement authorities uncovered the plot
    and responded quickly, detaining the individuals
    at the border and returning the child to the TP’s
    care. Hearings on the LBP’s return application
    under the Convention subsequently took place
    before a court in that country. However, the
    court ultimately declined to order the return of
    the child based on Article 13(b), which provides
    an exception to return of a child when “there is
    a grave risk that his or her return would expose
    the child to physical or psychological harm
    or otherwise place the child in an intolerable
    situation.” In the written decision, the court
    expressed multiple concerns that the child could be
    psychologically harmed if returned, and listed as
    a primary example the LBP’s aggressive attempt
    to circumvent the legal process. The attempted
    extrajudicial return, or “snatch-back,” was
    unsuccessful, as local authorities arrested the LBP
    less than 24 hours later. The LBP was eventually
    deported, and the court denied his application for
    access under the Convention. The Department
    strongly discourages this sort of self-help on the
    part of LBPs, and recommends focusing on the
    child’s health, safety, and welfare.”

    Apparently Romanian authorities did not think a fit and loving parent would hire vigilantes to abduct their child by force(if as the supposed mother above says, he was toted off physically by perfect strangers against his will) and such an irresponsible reckless person that would do that,has no business raising a child whatsoever. Not only is his father, Sherwyn Alexander, a volatile criminal and con man who preys on women, but he evidently does not care one iota about his own son and the boy’s wellbeing either. It is better to have no father than be raised by this guy!

  9. Stefan Barbat is not missing, he never was, and this case is no longer relevant. He has dual nationally in both United States and Romania and is in Romania with his mother legally. They fled a very unhealthy situation in New York and Mrs. Barbat was able to prove her case in a proper court,found to be justified for fleeing with the child, especially after Stefan’s father hired the equivalent to mercenaries to abduct him from his Romanian school back to the United States in 2009. If he had been in Romania illegaly then hundreds of police would not have been immediately searching the whole country to find him, but these people the father hired did not even have possesion of Stefan’s passport, and his mother had documentation proving he was a Romanian citizen. Furthermore if Mrs.Barbat had not had exclusive possession of the boy’s passport and the right to leave the United States to Europe with him then she would have not been permitted to board a airplane with him. His mother had the proper documents to take him to Romania, but there was not any such papers to take him back to the United States. If you visit the website you will see that Stefan is not listed to be missing or abducted. Further proving he is better off in Romania, his father was recently arrested yet again in Florida for only God know what this time and you can verify this on the website. It is very biased that American strangers who do not know anything about the relationship of the boy’s parents automatically assume the worst of his mother, who I might add is a brilliant mother, and insist he should be returned against his will to the United States. No one has ever bothered to ask Mrs. Barbat her side of the story and yet she is villianized. When will you Americans leave Stefan alone to live healthy and happy in life with his maternal family without fear of being torn away from his mother?

    • Although your evidence regarding the child checks out I cannot help but think that you must be a maternal relative of Stefan with at least some biases. He is now a teenager,nearly 16 years old now, and no one is endowed to drag him out of Europe against his will for two sound reasons.

      1. Hague cases for repatriation of a child to the country of habitual residence are automatically closed and no longer relavent after a child’s 16th birthday, so any retrieval orders issued as a result of the left behind parent’s petition are not enforcable.

      2. As a Romanian/European Union citizen Stefan, unlike American children with only US citizenship, has the legal protection of the Convention On The Rights of The Child, which the United States, as everyone knows, refuses to ratify. That means his best interests and needs come first and foremost before the desires of either of his parents, so could never be forced to endure an intolerable situation(if there really was domestic violence or his psychological stability is contingent on remaining with his mother).

      As for the missing child posters, the details are usually inaccurate as well as a child’s name and picture are never removed by sitemasters even if the case is resolved or a child returns to the United States of freewill after turning 18.Instead they remain listed as “restrictd”, “recovered”, or “found safe”. Ideally it is wise to keep one’s mouth shut about matters they know nothing about and reserved any judgement, but bloggers are very self-righteous unfortunately and do not listen to any reasoning that plastering a child’s personal information online for the world to see might be dangerous and harmful. Stefan himself could say he is not missing and demand the poster’s removal, but the request would not be honored. That’s just how this sort of thing works.

      • Ada I think you somehow miss Cornel’s point. The boy’s family wants perfect strangers who know nothing about this situation to quit discussing, finger pointing, meddling,speculating, and weighing in because it is disturbing Stefan’s life. As Cornel pointed out no one has bothered to ask Mrs. Barbat her side of the story and without both sides of the story it is impossible to judge, not that it is ever any business of outsiders to judge in any case mind you, because that’s what courts are for. Only in America do we think it is a good idea to sticking our noses in the affairs of strangers and often do more harm than good. Anyone who wants to “help” Stefan can start by keeping quiet, leaving him alone, and respecting his basic privacy rights.

    • As irrelevant as Stefan’s case might currently be, the notices and posters are not going to be removed until Stefan and his mother return to the United States. The reasons for this is that his mother, regardless of how unfair and unjustified, has a felony arrest warrant against her as a result of not presenting herself and her son to New York courts when Stefan’s father legally challenged her unilateral decision to permanently relocate to Romania in mid 2008. I assume that Stefan’s mother had custody and possession of Stefan when they left to Romania, but the warrant came after custody reverted back to his father in New York by default and cannot be cancelled, because they remain in Romania. Unfortunately in the end and overall these custody cases are almost NEVER about the wellness and best interests of the child. The reasons are rather about punishing the foreign national parent by not playing by the often biased American courts and promoting a harmful mentality that since the United States is the supposed best country on Earth, any kid with an American Passport regardless of dual citizenship should essentially held as prisoner inside of its’ borders, even if that means unlawfully depriving the child of their foreign national parent. I am fairly certain if anyone asked Stefan where he’d like to be he would answer that he wants to be in Romania&wants to be left alone, although he did for some strange reason thought it was a good idea to leave his Romanian school and get into a car(willingly&with his teacher’s permission according to American media) with 3 strangers who wanted to take back to the United States back in January 2009. WTF, Didn’t his mother ever teach him NOT to be taking any rides from strangers?! The hired kidnappers had a copy of the felony arrest warrant with them when they arrived in Romania and since it was not enforced by Romanian authorities, remains active ,and American authorities will continue to insist that Stefan was abducted illegally to Romania and thus remains missing until they can arrest his mother. I cannot imagine how distressed Stefan must be to have his name and pictures plastered across the internet and to know that thanks to his sketchy father, authorities want to arrest his mother.

      • Will you people please STOP supporting this international fugitive from justice!??! If her husband truly was so crazy and unfit then why did she not go to the courts and police in New York City 1st before absconding to Romania?! You people fail to remember that Stefan was taken to Romania by his mother BEFORE she filed for a divorce from his father. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this was done to insure that she would get custody of Stefan and her estranged husband could not take him away from her back to Trinidad. The abduction took place in July during the summer holidays from school, which is very typical and probably under the ruse of going on vacation to see family, she packed as much as would fit in a few suitcase and with Stefan in tow left to begin a well planned brand new life in Romania.Yes Stefan is also a Romanian Citizen by having a Romanian mother, but he was born&raised in New York and was habitually resident in the United States exclusively when his mother took it upon herself to abruptly relocate him to Romania at age 8. Life in New York was all Stefan knew. How does an American born and raised child, who while possessing dual citizenship is not acclimated to life in their non-American parent’s homeland at all&speaks only English, suddenly get enrolled in a local school and gain permanent habitual residency there practically overnight? God only knows how many authorities and judges in corrupt Romania were bribed by Stefan’s mother and her family in order to have him given the status of a permanent lawful habitual resident of Romania so quickly! When Stefan’s father filed the Hague Treaty demanding his immediate repatriation to the United States and tried to get his son out of Romania where the boy was effectively being held as a hostage, corrupt Romanian authorities blew the situation way out of proportion and RETURNED him to the very same mother who had caused all of the drama to begin with. Those who were attempting to enforce a valid custody order were arrested like they were some lawless marauding child stealing gypsies and charged with “Deprivation of Liberty”. Seriously?!?! How was Stefan deprived of his freedom when HE CHOSE of his own free will to get into a car with people who promised to take him back to the United States to his father?! If Stefan did not want to go with these people of his own free will, then why didn’t he scream and resist getting into the car in order to attract the attention of his school’s staff to the fact that he was being forced to go somewhere he did not want to go to? He didn’t scream and resist, because he was not being forced into a car against his will as Romanian authorities insisted had happened. Stefan loved and missed his father, so he got into the car with the Americans to go home, end of story. A nationwide search to find a homesick little boy is beyond ridiculous. Thankfully, according to Hague Compliance Report, Romanian authorities finally realized that Stefan had indeed been illegally abducted to Romania by his mother and ordered his return to the United States after many corrupt judges had recused themselves(most likely due to bribes from the mother’s family) in 2012. If Stefan’s father was really so unfit, then why would his mother’s own homeland decide not to aware custody to her, a citizen? The bad news is that though Brasov courts deemed the return order to “Irrevokable” and even sued a baliff for refusing to enforce it ,ie transfer Stefan from his mother’s possession to his father’s in the court room, Stefan’s mother was able to conceal him in Romania until his 16th birthday when she knew the order would be moot. This is nothing more than a typical case of an Eastern European woman marrying an American and then absconding back to her homeland with the shared child when the marriage is no longer convenient for her, vindictively threatening the father that he will never see his child again. You can bet your very last that if the shoe was and the other foot and this was an Eastern European father who had taken a child way from an African-American mother then the child would have been sent back to the United States very shortly after arriving by local authorities and the father promptly arrested for kidnapping long before the petition expired! I would not be surprised to see this case on one of those BS “Protective Mommy” blogs where women defend stealing their children from the fathers by making unfounded claims of abuse or risk of grave harm. Don’t support this child abusing kidnapper. She STOLE her son from his father, the one parent he desperately needed the most, if he was to grow up to be a decent man. He will figure out what she did soon and hate her for it.

  10. Tim, let me just tell you that you are wrong on all accounts. As I stated before , I feel no urge to prove my actions to total strangers who have nothing better to do than expressing their unwanted opinions on matters that are not relevant anymore.I bet you felt very righteous after you finished your piece. You seem to be an “expert” on human behavior and Eastern Europeans and very opinionated , unfortunately , for you, everything you said here is proved wrong by legal documents . You are free to check them out in the archives of the Brasov Court House. Don’t worry , you don’t have to bribe anybody, all you need is a legal ID and a written request.Oh, and Tim, get a life!

  11. Wow, Tim! Not only have you harshly criticized and judged a woman you do not know about a situation you know nothing about, but you have also insulted the child himself and Romania in general, even playing the race and sexism card as if it matters any. How can you insenuate that Stefan did not have enough common sense at 8 years old to know better than to get into a car with people he does not know and willingly went along with the 3 abductors, because he missed his father&New York!? You argue that he did not resist and attract attention to his forced removal from school grounds, but in that case kindly tell me how his teacher observed this event and rushed to record the car’s details and tag numbers before immediately alerting his mother and calling the police, if he happily went along? It is anyone’s guess how the 3 abductors got Stefan into that car, but it certainly was NOT by his own choice and he was indeed being unlawfully deprived of his liberty by people who could have been human traffickers for all that Romanian authorities knew. Therefore a nationwide search was completely appropriate and those 3 vigilantes/fake ‘good doers’ were not doing anything except illegally STEALING a child from a country where he has citizenship&right of permanent residence. You have no idea what this child and his mother have been through, it is none of your business frankly, and without knowing the whole story I strongly advise that you keep your virtual mouth shut about other people’s private lives and take your trolling elsewhere.

  12. Uhm, Tim. Stefan’s mother as well as Romanian authorities have clearly stated that Stefan is a dual citizen of both the United States and Romania, was not in Romania illegally at any point, and he absolutely did not want to leave his mother in Romania to return to his father in the United States, because he has never been without his mother for more than a few hours since his birth. He did NOT get into the car willingly. The misguided ‘do gooders’ lied to Stefan and said they were relatives of his father who had come to see him and bring him presents. Since at least 1 of the adults was a black Stefan sort of believed they were relatives, but he still did not immediately get into the car. His teacher was present and aware of the simple fact he had been born and raised in the United States and knows Stefan is a mulat, so agreed with the possibility that these people were relatives, but when it was observed that Stefan was being in arms to the car the teacher quickly realized the need to investigate and report these people so copied the car identification before calling police. The Romanian authorities did their jobs very well by closing the borders and launching a nationwide manhunt with HUNDREDS of police.While you insist that the kidnappers were enforcing a valid custody order, their documentation and even the arrest warrant for the mother, did not prove Stefan was in Romania illegally, so they were arrested. One of the participants was a woman, who through these same very questionable actions, stole her own children back from their father in Romania several years earlier hence why they nearly got away with it. Thanks to his father’s reckless actions his mother was indeed awarded his custody in Romania while his father was denied access under the Hague, because clearly someone who is willing to endanger and traumatize their child to that extent, regardless of gender or race, is a grave risk to the child’s wellbeing and has no business raising a child. You strike me as one of those arrogant self-righteous Americans who automatically believe that any other country besides the United States is a backwards hellhole. Well you are very wrong and this lawfully Romanian child has been in Romania for 8 years now doing just fine(I know his family&see him regularly), so get off your high horse already and find something better to do rather than virtually acting as judge,jury, and executioner. Seriously, why are you so interested and opinionated by this case?!? Let it be!

  13. Stefike, őt ismerem. Együtt mi iskolába Brassóban megyünk. Négy Gimnáziumi Fivérek Pápa.

  14. If this woman did nothing wrong and proved her case in court, why is there a felony warrant for international child abduction/unlawful flight on file for her arrest? And why was Stefan’s father granted the right by New York courts to bring Stefan back to his habitual residence in Brooklyn by any means necessary? Though she cannot set foot back in the United States without being arrested, but writes with impunity because she is safely in her homeland, which will take her side regardless of if she was in the right or wrong. As for the claims Romanian authorities would not have gotten involved if Stefan was in the country illegally, legality did not matter and a nationwide search was launched because a Romanian Citizen ie his mother, called the police and told them to start looking for Stefan ASAP because his father was attempting to exercise a custody order. The American individuals were charged with “Deprivation of Liberty”, however mind you that Stefan got into the car of his own freewill and nowhere is it mentioned that he did not want to go see his father. The only “Deprivation of Liberty” that occured is when Stefan was taken to Romania without court permission and retained there in defiance of valid custody orders that his mother knew her country would not dare enforce. I hope this woman sincerely loves her boy and he is happy and safe in Romania, but the fact remains he was never supposed to be there to begin with and his mother is an international fugitive.

    • What Stefan’s mother does regarding her boy is none of the public’s business. I am certain both Stefan and his mother would greatly appreciate having their pictures and personal information removed from the internet, so they can live their lives in peace rather than under the scrutiny of strangers. None of us know the whole story and what went on in this family, as it should be and it is best to mind one’s own business. These independent blogs are not accurate sources for information and it ought to be illegal to plaster a child’s life all over the internet with dubious information. This poster should not even exist let alone have nearly 30 strangers giving unsolicited opinions. Why Stefan’s parents do not insist that his pictures and information be removed from the internet, I do not know, but I do know that no one has the right to exploit him this way.

      • Hi Karolina, apparently “insisting ” is not the right method of taking this sites down. I am open to suggestions because, just like you, I believe these sites endanger more than help these kids.

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