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Isabella Saileanu Age Progressed to 14 Years Old

Isabella Saileanu Age Progressed to 14 Years Old

Isabella Saileanu

Isabella Saileanu

Isabella Saileanu

Date of Birth: October 16, 1998

White Female

Height: 3’0”     Weight: 25 lbs

Hair: Light Brown     Eyes: Hazel

Missing: September 18, 2001     From: Morgan Hill, CA


Isabella was abducted by her non-custodial father, Radu Saileanu.  They are believed to be in Romania.


Radu Saileanu

Radu Saileanu

Radu Saileanu

Date of Birth: March 30, 1970

White Male

Height: 5’9”     Weight: 185 lbs

Hair: Brown     Eyes: Brown

Nickname: Rob





If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Isabella Saileanu, please immediately contact the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office at:



The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children at:



Parental Child Abduction is Child Abuse 08

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  1. This is a lie!
    Isabella was never kidnapped.
    Her mother knows her whereabouts, and has refused to come see her for the last 13 years.

    • Welcome to the club! I had 4 children with my American ex. She abruptly took the two younger ones back to America with her 2000. The older children remained under my custody in Russia, but she reported them missing! They aren’t kidnapped and my ex has not once returned to Russia in 14 years since she left to visit the children, yet she claims they were stolen. She knows EXACTLY where the children are and willingly does NOT visit then claims they were abducted? Americans are strange creatures when it comes to child custody!

    • Please tell me Mr.Saileanu why there is a felony warrant on file for the arrest of Isabella’s father for international kidnapping, if the girl was not kidnapped? Why would her mother go to Romania to see Isabella when by court order the child is supposed to residing with her in Texas, Romania will not enforce the court order, and as a result the child has been in Eastern Europe for years with gossiping paternal relatives who have probably taught her to hate her own mother? While you repeatedly accuse Isabella’s mother of abandoning her, from what I understand of the situation there is a younger daughter, that the paternal family deliberately left with the mother in the United States and have not cared to know this younger daughter. Really, if Isabella’s mother is such a sorry excuse for a mother, why leave a baby in her care and custody? Sorry but all of the evidence points to a conclusion that the paternal family are a bunch of shifty vindictive criminals who stole a child, a young toddller, from her mother and have conspired to conceal and keep her in Eastern Europe for the past 15 years. That is indeed called kidnapping in most civilized nations, especially where a mother is concerned, unless there are very extenhuating circumstances and living with its’ American mother would place the child at risk for grave harm. You have not given any reasons why Isabella could not have been allowed to grow up in the United States, no concerns reported to California authorities prior to the departure to Romania, therefore Isabella is indeed kidnapped and there is not any justification for that.

      • There is no felony warrant on isabella’s father. You’re making things up!
        bunch of shifty vindictive criminals?
        Look to your own family! Look to a faithless woman, Tammy Renee, faithless to her husband and to her own daughter, whom SHE ABANDONED on THE ADVICE OF HER OWN, DISGUSTING FATHER.
        Tammy Renee has repeatedly suggested to more than one person the “one partent-one daughter” solution.
        Now the time has come for her to pay! She will have to face her own daughter. Oh, how i wish i could be there!

  2. I also have been falsely accused of abduction. Went from California back home to Sweden with my 2 year old daughter in 1996. The International Courts ruled her residence as Sweden and granted my ex visitation. My ex has flat out refused to come to Sweden to see our child, yet insists I “stole” her. Parental “abductions” are rarely as portrayed.

  3. I AM a child who was falsely claimed missing for over a decade though such a thing could NOT be possible since my mother was legally married to her husband for 5 years prior to my birth. Wedlock override any claims of her lover and my removal from United States to Argentina as baby where her husband is citizen was 100% legal. My parents repeatedly threaten to sue because my mother’s former lover is racist and crazy and not even United States Citizen. I am with my mother and happy and call her husband Papá but I am missing even after I become a grown man and say NO.Makes no sense! American Courts are ridiculous. I am a dual German/Argentine Citizen who has lived 21 of 22 years in Argentina! Who gave United States jurisdicción of the whole Earth?!

  4. I feel so sorry for this mother and her emotionally manipulated daughter!I don’t know if this helps at all but I will give this site the same information I gave another site. The above commenter ‘Cristian Saileanu’ has authored a book about this case and I have read it. Though supposedly written from the viewpoint of the now teenager reminiscing back to when she was a little toddler girl living in California it is filled with swears,very mature concepts,and bitterness no little child could ever dream up. The girl’s mother is painted as a philandering floozie who is overcontrolled by her American Nationalist family who mastermind the end of the girl’s parents marriage and openly favors the little girl’s younger sister. It talks of Adultery,secret paternity tests,and how much little Isabella desperately needed her father because her mother didn’t give a damn while simultaneously admitting albeit downplaying the father was a temperamental control freak whose Romanian family constantly reprimanded and were very possesive of the children. They call the woman everything EXCEPT a child of God and even cut her off from her children by relegating her to the first floor of the marital home whilst retaining the children upstairs strongly discouraging them from visiting their mother. It ends with the girl going off to Romania with her father specifically to Sibiu while the mother is in Texas with the younger child and years latementing to her grandfather about how much she misses her sister and will return to the United States at her majority to meet her sister yet has no interest in her mother. Very bitter people have raised this girl and if I was her mother I would have RUN as fast as I could AWAY from this marriage without looking back and my children in tow! The father’s family ought to be ashamed of themselI don’t know if this helps at all but I will give this site the same information I gave another site. The above commenter ‘Cristian Saileanu’ has authored a book about this case and I have read it. Though supposedly written from the viewpoint of the now teenager reminiscing back to when she was a little toddler girl living in California it is filled with swears,very mature concepts,and bitterness no little child could ever dream up. The girl’s mother is painted as a philandering floozie who is overcontrolled by her American Nationalist family who mastermind the end of the girl’s parents marriage and openly favors the little girl’s younger sister. It talks of Adultery,secret paternity tests,and how much little Isabella desperately needed her father because her mother didn’t give a damn while simultaneously admitting albeit downplaying the father was a temperamental control freak whose Romanian family constantly reprimanded and were very possesive of the children. They call the woman everything EXCEPT a child of God and even cut her off from her children by relegating her to the first floor of the marital home whilst retaining the children upstairs strongly discouraging them from visiting their mother. It ends with the girl going off to Romania with her father specifically to Sibiu while the mother is in Texas with the younger child and years later latementing to her paternal grandfather about missing her sister and says she will return to the United States to see the sister on her 18th birthday yet wants nothing to do with her mother. The father’s family ought to be ashamed of themselves for exploiting this child. If I were her mother I would have RUN rather than walked AWAY from this marriage without looking back and my little ones in tow! Very bitter people have raised this girl.The book is called A Separation.

  5. If this child was never kidnapped as “Cristian Saileanu” insists then why won’t the daddy return her to the United States to her mother? She’s a US Citizen with no business in Eastern Europe of all places and I don’t blame her mother one bit for not going there!

  6. Return the girl? What the heck do you think she is, a package?????
    The girl has 4 (four) brothers and sisters, is perfectly adapted, speaks three languages, and ADORES HER FAMILY… The mother was invited REPEATEDLY TO SEE HER DAUGHTER but she refused!

    • It’s nice to hear the child is doing well, but what American woman in her right mind would travel to Eastern Europe? I’m sure it’s a decent and safe enough place for locals,but single American female travelers. If you look at international custody cases in general, if the American parent is a woman, she usually doesn’t go off to strange lands and instead just waits in the country she has the most rights in and knows well, for someone to bring her child to her. There are exceptions of course as with all things, but in general American mothers stay put and instead do everything possible to make the situation most convenient for them.

      • Though I do not condone taking a child out of the United States to a foreign country away from its’ mother then dangling the kid like a carrot in the least, I can confirm your analysis Merikh. I have worked as a paralegal specializing in these sort of cases for years, and when my clients are American mothers rather than fathers, regardless of their race or wealth, they have a sort of entitled mentality. Even if the US Embassy can manage to find their child(ren) abroad, do a health and welfare check,and arrange communication they are reluctant to put in a lot of effort to see their children. I have had many women whose exs are somewhat decent,aren’t on the lam hiding,and generally acknowledge the importance of mothers, but they don’t see their children, because they don’t want to get off their behinds to so little as obtain a valid US Passport to take advantage of their good fortune. On the otherhand I have had mothers with the same sort of good fortune who DO actually travel abroad to see their children then screw up any chances of further contact by attempting to flee with the child or they hire organizations to do the same. It is VERY DIFFICULT to advise and assist American mothers using the legal measures in place to access and/or gain residency of their children, because they feel that they are automatically entitled to Sole Custody and a miracle should be performed to return their children to the United States under their total control virtually overnight. It doesn’t work that way though. Other countries have laws as well and if one marries someone who is from a foreign country or has parents that immigrated from and are nationals of a foreign country, then the resulting children are almost always defacto dual citizens. Therefore the sorts of arrangements and miracles that American mothers expect are next to impossible. I am not saying that American women deserve to be deprived of their children, but they are the most difficult to work with to resolve international custody disputes. Obviously I do not know the details of this case, but if I had to guess I would say that the girl is a dual citizen of the United States and Romania, her parents’ relationship ended, she ended up with her father in Romania as a small child, quickly settled in, and Romanian authorities decided not to send her back to the United States due to tender age at arrival and length of time in the country. Her mother wants her to be returned to the United States though, American authorities have agreed with her mother ruling that she absolutely must be returned, and since she remains in Romania in defiance of that court order then she is technically “missing”. It isn’t rocket science folks.

    • @Cristian Saileanu, YES, return the child to her mother in the United States, because the child should be residing in the United States, where courts awarded her mother custody. Her mother may be aware of her general whereabouts, but that does not negate the legally proven fact that she is being retained outside of the United States and her father has a felony warrant out for his arrest for keeping her in Romania against court orders. There is nothing that could possibly justify the father’s actions to remove a toddler from her mother in the country of her birth and then hold the child out of reach for 15 years. The child does not have a dual citizenship and was born in the United States, therefore her father has no legal grounds to insist that she reside in Romania and is in Romania legally. While you are bad mouthing and gossiping about the child’s American mother to strangers( only God knows what malicious negative messages you have gossiped to the child herself over all of these years!) on the internet accusing the mother of abandonment, you clearly communicate that the father has completely replaced the mother in the child’s life with his new wife and has been playing Happy Home in Romania for the past 15 years with the child. The child does not have 4 brothers and sisters, she has 4 HALF siblings and has been brainwashed and manipulated to believe that her father’s current woman is her mother. You harp about the American real mother not coming to visit Isabella in Romania for 15 years, but why in the Hell would any sane American woman want to go to the miserable white ghetto that is Eastern Europe and play by the rules of the same anti-American clan that conspired to steal and retain her daughter to begin with, while she holds custody but cannot take her child home?! What are you people, some friggin GYPSIES to think child stealing and punishing a mother for divorce by withholding her child is acceptable justified behavior?! It is a fact that you gypsies will steal anything not locked up, nailed to the floor, or on fire including children from mothers!I would not endanger and put myself at a disadvantage by going to Eastern Europe either. I would be hiring people to get my child OUT of that godsaken country away from those thieving gypsies relatives!

      • you reinforce the notion of the agressive US woman, mentally limited and secure in her “right” to ask for anything, no matter how ridiculous that is!
        1. You have no idea of the case. To educate you, I’ll tell you that before moving to Romania in 2001, the Saileanus had sold their house and their furniture, and bought plane tickets for Bucharest! We are still holding on tto those tickets!!!!!
        Radu, my son, had the prevision of going to a notary and getting a signed and NOTARIZED permission from Tammy Renee to leave the country. Tammy Renee swore she would join them in Romania in two weeks. She than vanished with the younger daughter…
        2. You don’t care about the child, just of the whim of the mother.
        3. You have no idea what is the situation in E. Europe…

      • Cristian Saileanu, you ought to be ashamed of yourself, have no right to complain about criticism, and certainly do NOT behave like a concerned grandparent or even a responsible adult! Rather than continuously slander Isabela’s mother online and glorify yourselves as saviors, your family should have worked the situation out privately and civilly with Isabela’s mother. Your actions do not bely anything except a very xenophobic and misogynistic view of American women, which makes me question why your son chose to make one the mother of his children? This poor woman did not stand a chance from day 1 and you make it blatantly clear by your accusations and statements that your family never had any intentions to allow Isabela’s mother any parenting time or to allow Isabela to return to the country of her birth and 1st citizenship. You repeatedly reiterate that Isabela’s mother “abandoned” her daughter, however your reasoning is very flawed and again xenophobic. As you have presented the situation in multiple forumns, Isabela’s American English speaking mother (very wisely) refused to travel to Romania with her Romanian husband where she would have been trapped with 2 babies in a hostile country with no means to support herself. You also present this situation in an e-book of yours’ “A Separation”.
        What woman in her right mind, regardless of race or nationality, would do this? Probably the only reason Isabela’s mother was able to keep one of her daughters is because you could not persuade her to part with an attached and likely still nursing infant for even a moment! Your comments are always extremely biased and irrational, not to mention the fact you are exploiting your two grandchildren for financial gain. If you were really as concerned as you claimed to be then you would not have engaged in this tacky forum shopping and cyberwar of slander. If anything, you would have taken the matter up with courts in California or Texas or perhaps set up a counter website presenting JUST THE FACTS as I have seen done in many cases at the most extreme. Your chosen method of public vengeance is an act of harm against not only Isabela but also her younger sister, who from what I hear is alive and well, living with their shared mother and stepfather in Delaware. Every cruel and slanderous word harms the children more.

      • As a European man with dual national US Citizen children, though my children are mulats, I know very well that former communism Eastern Europe is not a secure place for the children of an American mother. A wise American mother would never agree or want her children to live and grow in Eastern Europe, because she knows she is not welcome and the environment is less than the United States, so the only reason an Eastern European man brings his children with this kind of mother in Eastern Europe is to gain sole custody and avoid paying alimony by American laws. Otherwise the father allows his children to enjoy a very good standard of living and maintains them where they have equal access to interact with both parents in a relaxed and stable arrangement. In the scenario you give, if the relocation was jointly planned and Isabella’s mother really was supposed to come to Romania permanently, but later reneged, then the logical course of action, in the best interests of the children would seem to be to return with Isabella to the United States to sort the matter out there. The existence of a felony warrant for Isabella’s father almost certainly suggests that her residency in Romania is not valid, international courts acting on petition(Hague Treaty) ordered her return to the United States by a certain date, and accusations against her mother not substantiated. Any way the situation is spun it is unlawful.

  7. Please stop feeding the internet troll, Cristian Saileanu, commentators. The fact of the matter is that Isabella was kidnapped from the United States to Romania by her father, her father has been criminally charged with kidnapping her, and she is in Europe against her mother’s wishes and court orders granting her mother custody of her and her younger sister. It is bad enough that the Saileanu family has brainwashed and conspired to keep Isabella away from her mother for nearly 15 years without people who know nothing about the situation weighing in. The fact that Cristian’s last name is Saileanu should tell you that what he says is NOT to be trusted!

  8. Stop feeding the trolls who believe this man’s story. The long and the short of it is Isabella is not with her mother who is her rightful custodial parent. The father is the one who has kept Isabella from her mother.
    Nobody who’s in their right mind, M or F, would go to Eastern Europe knowing the state that the country is in.
    This man is a felon who has a felony warrant against him not the mother.

  9. a troll? do you even understand the word? I AM A CONCERNED GRANDFATHER, one who pleaded with an irresponsible mother NOT TO ABANDON her daughter! Tammy renee Dechert-Mata is now feeling sorry for what she did… But she still refuses to do what’s right: admit her guilt and ask forgiveness. That’s how she could be forgotten, not by continuing to lie…

    • The facts remain that the United States had jurisdiction in the matter since Isabella’s mother never acquiesced to Romania having jurisdiction or Isabella having Romanian citizenship. The law has sided with Isabella’s American mother, ruled Isabella’s retention outside of the United States in Romania to be in violation of her mother’s custody rights, ordered Isabella’s father to return her to her mother in Texas multiple times during and following divorce proceedings held in Texas, and Isabella’s father has vindictively kept her in Romania for 15 years knowing very well an American woman did not stand a chance as punishment for the marriage breakdown. You have repeatedly insisted across the internet that Isabella’s mother is a neglectful mother and unfaithful floozie who ruined the marriage and then abandoned Isabella in Romania after agreeing to allow Isabella to travel there, however the authorities do not get involved and felony warrants certainly are not issued for ruses and revenge. In order for there to be a court case and police involvement, a crime MUST be committed. Once again the law is on the side of Isabella’s American mother rather than her Romanian father and his family, therefore the former was wronged and the latter are international fugitives who chose to flee rather than work out any issues in the proper jurisdiction i.e. the United States. Child protection is taken very seriously in California, yet no concerns were ever raised there regarding Isabella’s wellbeing, though you members of the Salieanu family have an excellent handle on English and seems fairly Americanized. This woman will probably never be able to have a civil conversation with her unlawfully retained and brainwashed older daughter and the relationship between Isabella and her younger sister S. will most likely never be repaired either. That gives you great joy doesn’t it, Cristian? I have never seen a more selfish, shameless, and self-righteous troll in all my life!

      • oh, no, “g”… there is no joy in what i write and in what i feel, only a sadness akin to dispair… You are probably one of the “architects” of this separation… Tammy Renee SUGGESTED NUMEROUS TIMES the “One chid, one parent” solution!!! She then disappered with Sofia! My son RETURNED TO THE USA to find them and take them to Romania, but could not find them… The departure to Romania was planned because tammy renee was having an affiar with her boss, and such a departure was thought to separate the two lovers and give the marriage and two two girls a chance of living together… i am telling you again: the only way for Tammy Renee to be forgiven by all of us is for her TO ADMIT HER MISTAKES and to ask forgiveness. No amount of lying will suffice! As long as this decadent mother does not recognize that she planned all that separation she will have no peace in her own mind… Also, i know that the two sisters will meet and get back together again…

    • Again Cristian, it all boils down to the simple fact that the law is on the side of Isabella’s American mother, who has always been her custodial parent, while their exists a felony kidnapping warrant for Isabella’s Romanian father, who is retaining her outside of the United States in direct violation of valid court orders. Thanks to the largely ineffective Hague Treaty the custody orders were never enforced, however that does not make Isabella any less abducted to Romania. There’s not a shred of evidence to support your wild claims of abandonment. American authorities would not spend tax payer money simply to help a scorned woman get revenge on her foreign national ex-husband for going off to a new country to start a new family after their marriage ended. The government doesn’t involved in baby daddy drama. I have no clue why xenophobic and misogynistic foreigners insist that American authorities place American mothers on a pedestal, jump through hoops to appease, and are at the beck and call. In reality many foreign national men abuse their American wives and then do everything possible to prevent them going to live happily and safely in the United States, with American government doing nothing to protect the women’s basic rights to her children.

  10. I wonder if Isabella, if she still remembers any English that is, ever reads the drama about her life on the internet, or if she’s being deliberately kept isolated in Romania. I wonder if her younger sister is aware of the war between their mother and paternal family that has kept the two sisters apart for 15 years. If what “Cristian Saileanu” says is to be trusted then Isabella has grown up with 4 younger siblings calling another woman mom in an intact family while her younger sister has enjoyed the life of an only child albeit raised by a single mother in a broken home. It will be very difficult for the two sisters to overcome their radically different perspectives and reconnect, probably impossible to be perfectly honest, because as someone who was also raised as an only child I cannot imagine suddenly being intruded upon by 5 siblings, half-siblings or full siblings does not matter. Most likely there will never be a real reconciliation which is perhaps the greatest tragedy of all.

    • 1. isabella is fluent in English, so much so that SHE HAS WRITTEN A NOVEL at the age of 15… She also speaks perfect greek and perfect romanian… Any (normal) mother would have wanted to see such a daughter… But not tammy renee…
      2. yes, isabella has grown with another woman that she calls mother. She has done it by default… I remember that one summer, though, she met a girl on the beach in Corfu, and when i came close to them i heard that they were playing “sisters”… i told Tammy renee this story, trying to make her see the light, but she shrugged it all off…
      3, being part of a large family is an incredible experience… not a shortcoming!
      4. i agree with you that the possible absence of reconciliation would be a real tragedy. I do hope from the bottom of my heart that the young sisters will have more sense that the adults… I can tell you that isabella – who is now 18 – is actively planning to go and see her sister…
      5. i cannot repeat enough the fact that Tammy renee, probably in a fit of remorse, has made all these up, and has repeated them ad nauseam, until she believed them herself….

      • Not that it is any of my business, but isn’t it only setting Isabella up for more heartbreak to encourage her to attempt to see her younger sister, who still resides with their mother, in the United States? If the mother never cared enough to come to visit Isabella in Romania and more importantly to bring her younger sister to see her or even speak on the phone and Skype in 15 years, then it unlikely that she will appreciate having Isabella show up on her doorstep. Undoubtedly the mother will be very worried about what Isabella and more importantly the rest of the estranged Saileanu family, will tell her younger daughter about the drama and 15 years of separation, which will corrupt the mind of the perfectly controlled and trained younger daughter. Isabella, with this sort of selfish and unconcerned mother along with the supposedly xenophobic maternal family, will not find acceptance a warm welcome in the United States, if that is what she still wishes for.

  11. While I don’t know much of anything about this case I did come across a very interesting court record online that sheds a lot of light on this case. The court record is in French, but I despite being a native English speaker, know and understand French very well. According to this court record, in which Radu Saileanu aka Isabella’s father sued the ECHR regarding his divorce proceedings in Romania. The court record states clearly that Isabella’s mother indeed granted permission for her then husband to fly with Isabella to Romania in September 2001 and establish a residence there, in which the whole family would reside following a short trip to Texas with the couple’s younger daughter, however very soon after the departure to Europe, Isabella’s mother abruptly changed her mind instead moving herself and the younger daughter back to Texas with the maternal grandparents. Divorce proceedings were subsequently begun in both Romania and Texas. Far from hiding Isabella in Romania, it is documented that Radu indeed informed both American and Romanian authorities of Isabella’s whereabouts in Romania along with enrolling her in a Romanian school, and he even permitted social workers from the US Embassy to come to his home to do a health and welfare check on Isabella. It should be noted that if Isabella had not been a Romanian Citizen and entered Romania illegally then her father would not have been able to establish a residence for her, which would force him to pay for her education and healthcare if he could enroll her at all that is. Isabella’s mother did in fact open Hague case demanding her return to the United States a couple of months after the arrival in Romania, however Isabella’s mother also abruptly WITHDREW HER PETITION FROM ROMANIAN COURTS BEFORE THE MATTER COULD BE RESOLVED!!! Texas courts later awarded Isabella’s mother Sole Custody of both daughters and most likely this is when she reported Isabella to authorities as kidnapped/endangered missing, because as in another well known international dispute involving a dual American/Romanian Citizen child Stefan Barbat, Romanian courts did not accept the American custody orders and believed Isabella’s American mother should come to Romania to sort the matter out. American custody orders do not automatically trump Romanian courts and proper legal procedures must be followed, which is why hundreds of police officers immediately launched a nationwide search to locate Stefan and prevent 3 Americans from extrajudically enforcing a foreign court order on behalf of his US resident father, who refused to use proper procedures to see his child. Likewise Isabella’s mother also evidently did not feel compelled to respect local laws and follow proper procedures to see her daughter while simultaneously insisting in American courts and children’s aid group that Isabella is a hostage in Romania deliberately being unlawfully concealed. Most women, American or not, would be overjoyed to be welcomed to come see her child by her foreign national ex and in-laws, very glad to spend time with and be a part of her child’s life. Even the likes of selfish and vindictive American actress Kelly Rutherford manages to put her entitled prideful attitude away in order to go visit her dual citizen children in Europe paid for by her German ex-husband. It is mindboggling that Isabella’s mother refused every opportunity to see and be a part of her daughter’s life for 15 years while playing the victim and deliberately withholding information in order to gain sympathy. Ink does not lie and the smoking gun is that Isabella’s mother consented for Isabella to move to Romania with her father in September 2001 and has not seen her since. What a loving mother!

    • asha, thank you for keeping an open mind on this case! While tammy renee had not been remarried, we made her an offer of living in Romania OR IN ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN EUROPE – We offered her paid rent, food, schooling (taxes, etc at the university of her choice!) AND A SERVANT ro take care of the house… ONLY TO HAVE THE TWO DAUGHTERS LIVE SIDE BY SIDE!
      Tammy renee Dechert Mata refused. Her justification? “If i come to Romania you will pay a gypsy to kill me!”
      Good lord!

      • There are sides to every story and always feel it is best to have both sides of the story rather than automatically believing that the American party has told the 100% Gospel Truth. It is a fact that most people only share the details that makes them look like the wronged victim. However most Americans do not read a word past “American” before demonizing the other side. Isabella’s mother gained sympathy from Americans in the United States, because only her side is known, but I don’t think that will work with Isabella who knows more sides and is not as easily manipulated.

  12. Nobdoy has to encourage Isabella to go and see her sister! It is her fervent wish to so do! And, yes, i can understand how Tammy Renee Dechert Mata might be worried… I know that she has tried to brainwash Sofia… How would that child will feel when she finds out the truth is anybody’s guess. But the two sisters have a whle life ahead of them, and ONLY A MAD MAN (OR WOMAN!) CAN TRY TO STOP THEM FROM SEEING AND LOVING EACH OTHER… I fervently wish to see those two young women maybe going to the same school, maybe studying to be doctors, who knows???? The time for Tammy Renee’s tricks and shenenigans IS OVER!

    • I agree with Asha. Isabella’s younger sister is not yet 18 years old herself, therefore she remains under her mother’s sole authority and control, which means Isabella won’t be meeting her sister any time soon, because their mother will not allow it. While Isabella knows one version of the story and truth due to her upbringing, her younger sister knows a completely different truth and will be very hesitant to believe any conflicting messages she receives about their mother from Isabella or other strange relatives she does not know. The claws of their mother are firmly embedded into her younger sister’s psyche and the sister will believe whatever their mother has told her about why Isabella is in Romania and why their Romanian father has abandoned her to fate in the United States, yet has remarried and started a brand new family in Romania. Unless Isabella agrees to renounce Romania as well as her father and all of his family and support the mother’s story that she was indeed abducted to Romania, then there will no sort of reconciliation of the two sisters. Call it madness or “one-parent/one-child” if you wish, but it is a fact you yourself have repeatedly reiterated, that Sofia is the center of their mother’s universe, the much beloved and wanted daughter. To Hades with Isabella, but it is only over their mother’s dead body that Sofia will be exposed to radically different perspectives on the familial situation and turned against her. Isabella should be prepared for disappointment and rejection, encouraged to get on with her life in Europe and wait until some relative reaches out to her from the United States. That is the only way to know if she is truly wanted around by anyone in the United States BEFORE she just ups and travels to a country she doesn’t remember, on nothing more than a wing and a prayer, hoping to be well received.

      • andy, are you sure you understand the laws of the USA? at the age of 16, sofia has a right, A RIGHT to decide who she wants to see! No court can stop her anymore…
        To Hades with Isabella???? Is this the best you can say to one of your relatives??? To a child abandoned?
        i suppose you must be wally dechert, the architect of this separation!!! And you send your granddaughter to hell????
        What kind of beast are you???
        Say what you wish, the TWO SISTERS WILL SEE EACH OTHER.
        The grip on Sofia is gone!

      • I am sorry I ever opened my mouth to shed light on the unreported opposing side. How the parents ever got involved with one another despite having families that hate the ground the other walks on is beyond me, but it was obviously a match made in Purgatory. This case has so much animosity and drama that it deserves its’ own reality show!

  13. Ah hah, it makes perfect sense now! The Saileanu family is originally Greek not Romanian and in these circumstances it is not a mystery why they spirited Isabella off to Europe and why they speak so negatively of her American mother. Every time an American woman gets involved with a Greek man the man is always very controlling, his whole family blames the woman for divorce and insists on keeping possession of her children, and before long she loses her children completely when her ex aided&abetted by family flees with them to Europe forcing her to play by their rules in defiance of all law. The destination country is usually Greece obviously, occasionally Cyprus or Turkey, though Romania is not out of the equation either. In all cases, it ends the same, an American mother powerless and at the mercy of manipulative in-laws who insist “Do exactly what we say or you’ll never see your child again!” As Cristian Saileanu repeatedly insists, the only way Isabella’s American mother would have been allowed to know or spend time with Isabella was if she agreed to drop everything and move to a foreign country where she has no real legal rights and does not know a soul except for her husband and his relatives, who so obviously hate her. No woman, white or black or yellow, with the common sense that God gave a rock would agree to such an unfavorable situation. If refusing to move to a foreign country with hostile in-laws equates to abandoning a child then I would like to know what these people would call a strung out prostitute who deliberately leaves her toddler on the curb like some stray mutt. If Isabella hates her mother for the former and believes herself abandoned then she is either brainwashed or delusional, conveniently forgetting that regardless of if ever her mother came to Romania, her father and grandparents could have easily arranged phone or webcam contact in all these years. They did not because they, as again always happens in cases involving Greek men, did not want Isabella to be seen or raised by her American mother in any way. I hope that Isabella’s misguided hostility and resentment does not rub off on her younger sister. There would be nothing worse than having two American born children who hate their own American mother.

    • “michel”, you are obviously one of the Decherts, a delusional space cadet and a patented liar…
      I’ll tell you again!
      Tammy Renee Dechert Mata has been repeatedly invited to come see her daughter, in a place of her choice, on condition she brings the second daughter, Sofia, along.
      But Tammy Renee Dechert Mata never showed any interest in seeing her daughter. EVER!
      She did have ONE MOMENT OF TRUTH in my car, as she realized that her action (abandining her daughter) would have horrible consequences. She began sobbing and asked me, “What would Isabella think of me? What would she think of me?”
      I know that Tammy Renee is now sorry for what she has done! I know she loses sleep over her inconceivable actions, especailly now that her lies would come to light!
      SHE COULD BE FORGOTTEN, BUT HOW CAN SHE EXPECT forgiveness when she does not FIRST accept her mistaakes?????
      Is Tammy Renee dreaming that she could retain her crime and still be forgotten?

    • greek men? weren’t we labeled gypsies? romanian? east europen? garbage? Make up your mind already!

      • Well you did say that Isabella speaks perfect Greek in addition to Romanian and has spent time in Corfu, which is in Greece not Romania, so it makes sense to assume that somehow the Saileanu family must be Greek or else Isabella would have no use to know Greek. Given Romania’s history it makes much more sense that Romanian school children would learn a 2nd or 3rd language like German, Hungarian, or even Russian which means Isabella must have learned Greek at home. You have never clarified the origin and citizenship of your family or Isabella’s, therefore the public does not know what ties you possess and where all Isabella has been in the past 15 years since she left the United States. After all Isabella’s father had a permission letter from her mother authorizing him to take her out of the United States and nothing mandating that they had to go to Romania and stay there, which most likely allowed her mother to subsequently claim he was on the run in Europe with her and have him criminally charged for kidnapping. Again a very complicated and convoluted situation that leaves a lot of room for accussations and speculation

    • Michel, while I do not know why C.S. insists that Isabella’s American mother should be “forgotten” whatever he means, but I do know that Isabella did indeed travel to Romania with her father in 2001 and has had an established residence there in Romania for the past 15 years. Isabella’s father is a Romanian Citizen and by default, the child of a Romanian Citizen becomes Romanian at birth, whether the American parent agrees or not, therefore Isabella is as much Romanian as American(think she would be allowed to stay and live if she was not?). Isabella speaks Greek and has spent time on Corfu, although once again her place of habitual residence is Romania, because her paternal grandfather C.S. was born in Romania to Greek parents assumedly due to the Greek Civil War, therefore has ties to Greece. While Isabella’s father for obvious reasons ie the felony warrant issued by American authorities cannot set one foot out of Romanian territory with or without Isabella on pain of arrest, both Romania and Greece are a part of the EU, therefore there would not be any legality preventing Isabella from holidaying on Corfu with paternal relatives. Children are like sponges and learn languages with amazing ease.

  14. What it boils down to is Isabella’s Romanian father divorced her American mother in Romanian courts, probably behind the woman’s back, while Isabella was with him in Romania in 2001 and has since remarried to a Romanian woman. Isabella was barely 3 years old when her father took her to Romania and cannot possibly remember she has an American mother, therefore she calls her Romanian stepmother “Mama”, which would make any mother, American or not, disinterested and disheartened. Even if Isabella’s American mother was invited to visit her in Europe, what sane woman would want to go, knowing that some other woman has replaced her and her child no longer remembers life with her? Say what you like, but no woman I know, regardless of ethnicity or nationality, would be able to withstand watching some other broad playing “Happy Home” with HER baby! I don’t care how much I missed my child and cried at night…..I would never be able to accept or look at my child the same way if I was in the same shoes. She probably DID want to see her little girl and more importantly wanted her back to the United States in her arms away from the ‘Mommy Substitute’, or else she wouldn’t have filed a Hague, but a mother’s heart and sanity can only take so much before she wonders if it perhaps it is not better to just walk away and wish her child a good life abroad. Walking away is not the same as abandoning your child, but rather a gesture of surrender, Mr.Saileanu. If you love your granddaughter and Isabella really has lived a nice life in Romania for all of these years, then you have no reasons to continue to disparage her American mother. Let sleeping dogs lie for the sake of both Isabella and her American raised sister, who might very well stumble upon all of this hatred and venom being spewed against her mother on the internet.

    • “Mary”
      your assumptions are, on the whole, wrong.
      I never, never, NEVER disparaged Tammy Renee in front of Isabella. How stupid would that be? I’m only answering tammy renee’s baseless accusations against my son and against myself.
      i also insist that – in the interest of both sisters – tammy renee should accept her guilt and move on… You cannot make peace by continuing to lie. Fifteen years have passed since she abandoned her daughter. The meeting between the two sisters IS NOW OUT OF HER HANDS.
      Don’t you thin that this would be a good moment to make peace?

      • Then why don’t you keep quiet,Mr. Saileanu, and allow the mother and two daughters to just get on with the difficult process of reconnecting? It is for her and her daughters to work out how and if there will be a meeting in the United States sometime in the future. You are again minimizing the mother’s roles concerning her children. You are not helping matters anymore than other commentators either, as well as there remains one fact that you cannot deny that is not a mere baseless accusation. Your son has been criminally charged in the United States with keeping Isabella in Romania in defiance of an American court judgement and has a warrant on file for his arrest. That alone makes your family look extremely guilty, but that is not the concern or problem of Isabella or her younger sister. They do not need and most likely to not want people arguing the details of their lives on the internet as you should know and understand, Grandfather Saileanu. Notice their mother not has posted one single comment on any website and we would know if she had since you have given us her full name. Only you with your one sided argument. Let sleeping dogs lie already!

  15. i am writing in RESPONSE OF THE FALSE ACCUSATIONS POSTED HERE!!!!! by tammy renee Dechert Mata! Stop pretending that you are strangers to this whole drama. I know that you are members of the Dechert family, you, who orchestrated this horror!
    I am writing and i will continue to write because Tammy Renee REFUSES to allow the two sisters to get together…
    I somehow understand her: she is afraid that the truth will come to light…
    Where will she hide then????
    where will you all, pack of wolves, hide when the truth hits the fan????
    Can your family say the same???

  16. Regardless of who’s at fault it may be best for the two sisters to meet each other when the younger one is at least twenty years old which means that Isabella would have to wait a few years. While it is understandable that Isabella would want to meet her younger sister there is so much bad blood between the two families that it would be best for both sister to wait until their twenties to meet each other when they would have more maturity. I wish both families the best.

  17. no, no, it would be best for the two sisters to meet when they are 50 years old… Are you kidding me?

    • 20 NOT 50 years old!

    • What I am saying that it would be best for the two sisters to wait and meet each other when the younger one is legally an adult which in the United States is 18 years old. Yes Isabella would have to wait a few years to meet her sister but it would be much better that way.

  18. you are a peice of turd, a lying piece of turd, an your time is comig…

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