Tyler Schladweiler

Tyler Schladweiler

Tyler Schladweiler

Date of Birth: February 3, 1999

White Male

Height: 2’9”     Weight: 30 lbs

Hair: Light Brown     Eyes: Brown

Missing: October 9, 2002     From: Lake Havasu City, AZ

Distinguishing Features: Tyler has scars on his abdomen.






Tyler was abducted by his non-custodial mother, Melissa Schladweiler.  A felony warrant was issued for Melissa on October 7, 2003.


Melissa Schladweiler

Melissa Schladweiler

Melissa Schladweiler

Date of Birth: December 27, 1969

White Female

Height: 5’9”     Weight: 160 lbs

Hair: Brown     Eyes: Blue








If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Tyler Schladweiler, please immediately contact the Lake Havasu City Police Department at:



The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children at:




~ by LTWH on March 9, 2013.

15 Responses to “TYLER SCHLADWEILER – FAMILY ABDUCTION October 9, 2002 – UPDATED 04.12.2013”

  1. I know this child. His mum was my teacher. She was an unbelievably lovely lady. All the students loved her. I am posting to let you know that the child is well looked after if it means anything at least. She loves him and looks after him very much.

    I called your authorities but they said they could do nothing.
    He is living happily and safely in Australia.
    God Bless

  2. Glad to hear that he is loved and being taken care of. The sad thing is, is that he has an amazing family here in the states that miss him and love him dearly. Melissa abducted Tyler from him father when he was a little baby. Who know what she has told Tyler about his dad. Our only hope is that soon Tyler will want to know the truth and search for us. We miss him and want him to be a part of our family. We would never try to take him from his mother, but wish she would at least allow him to know his family that loves him.

    • Is the issue that there was a divorce, the mother initially received custody of the very young child,vanished,and the father obtained custody after she left the jurisdiction? Or did the father permit her to go abroad and she didn’t honor the agreed upon visitation? I ask because the mother seems to be living openly overseas without fear as if completely in the right whereas one would think a warrant would have her hiding no matter where she resides. If her whereabouts are known can’t the two families negotiate and come to some sort of mutual understanding for the optimal benefit of the now 16 year old?

  3. I knew Melissa and Tyler in Arizona and she is a great mother. She was initially awarded FULL custody of this sweet boy and then had a decision made by a judge who did not know the full case. She has done what she feels she must to protect not only her son but herself.
    And from what I remember, Melissa only had her family at Tyler’s bedside when he went through many surgeries and health issues…… ( stemming from birth issues- not neglect or abuse)

  4. Hello, and thank you all for this input. We do not judge Melissa as a loving mother, however we just want the opportunity for Tyler’ s dad to meet him and have him as a part of his life. He has loving family with step brothers that would love to meet him. His father is an amazing successful man who has nothing but complete compassion for him. He thinks about him daily and want the best for his son. Please let us know how we could find or contact him. Be assure that we do not want to take him from his mom, but want to know him. Thank you.

    • Just trolling online turns up quite a few hits for the mother as a teacher,primarily in New Zealand around Auckland, working for a “Westlake Girls School”. The best the father could probably do is hire a private investigator and have him or her start there. When my ex ran off with my child I tracked them down to within a city just by searching for him by his chosen profession. Unfortunately similar to what the above commenter experienced, American authorities said they could not interfere. My saving grace was that my children when old enough to decide for themselves chose to see me(in the country they were being held in). I do not know the exact circumstances of this familial situation or why the mother chooses to do as she does,but the child in question just turned 16 by the DOB given,so why doesn’t his searching paternal family attempt to appeal to him directly?

  5. Dear Anonymous,
    The first statement is what is true. She had custody, then fled and now dad has full custody in the states. One would think that Melissa would want her son to know his father. She has made it her life mission to prevent that from happening. As the young boy was growing up, we did not want to tear him away from his mom. We simply want to be a part of his life. All of this is just so sad. 😔

  6. We have been looking for him on social media and not having any luck. We believe that she has changed their last name. We also believe that the mom is not allowing him to have a computer, because typically a child of that age will always Google their own name. We have created a facebook page for him as well. All going to a dead end. All we know is that Interpol informed us that Tyler still resides in Australia. Any help we could get would be so amazing.

    • Have you considered that maybe the mother is remarried and passing off her 2nd husband as the child’s father including use of the surname? I assume by how you talk that the child hasn’t got a clue who his father is and hasn’t seen the United States since he was a baby, so would go along with whatever his mother said.
      By and by, if Interpol can tell you for certain that mother and child are residing in Australia, can’t they also tell you the general vicinity? I know that due to privacy laws they can’t disclose exact information, but a city name isn’t private information. From there,maybe the father could persuade the nearest United States Embassy in Australia to deliver a gift or conduct a welfare check(admittedly from personal experience the agents often don’t want to be bothered even though it’s their job.). The US Embassy has access to resources ordinary citizens don’t. It’s just a matter of getting the workers to do their jobs to the best of their abilities,which is like pulling teeth.

      • I made the original comment back last year about contacting the authorities. Then I just sort of managed to push it from my mind because honestly I went through a period of shock as she was my teacher in NewZealand and I later moved to Australia and from other students I knew she did as well. As internet became popular she seemed to just disappear and must’ve changed her name. Australia is a much bigger place than New Zealand and it must’ve been easier to hide then. At the time I knew her she had her surname and so did the boy. I occasionally still Google her name to see if there’s any update. These situations are just sad. Each knows their own reasons for their choices so I cant judge anyone.

  7. Hi SARA, yes we are pretty sure Melissa has not only changed her last name, but Tyler’s also. He turns 18 in February and we are really wanting to get in touch with him. At this point the decision will be his if he wants to know us and his family in the US. We miss him so much and really want to get to know him. We are again doing a full pursuit to find him and have hired a PI. To this day I am shocked that her employers did not google her when they hired her, as if you do, the child abduction poster still pops right up. The whole situation is just so sad. I especially feel so sad for TYLER. Thanks for posting again. Cherihusby@comcast.net

  8. Disregard the above link and try this one. The missing case number is 971087/1

  9. Tyler is at an age now where he can decide for himself if he wants to meet his U.S. family. But first, he has to know that the exist, that they have never stopped loving him, that they never stopped searching for him, and that they want to get to know him.

    In order to reach out to Tyler and give him that choice, the right to truly make his own decision, he has to have access to the truth. Please, reach out and let Tyler’s family know anything that you might know that could help them contact him. If you know where Tyler is, and don’t feel comfortable telling anyone, then please at least tell Tyler how he can reach his family in the U.S.

    You can send us an email at staffmcm@gmail.com

  10. It’s been awhile since I have posted on this sight. We have gotten a very exciting tip on Melissa’s whereabouts, and even better a connection to TYLER when he was younger. It warms our hearts knowing that Melissa was a very loving mother. I’m hoping she finds it in her heart now that TYLER is 18 to reach out and inform TYLER as well as us that we both are here. We think of you TYLER every single day and hope you are healthy and well and looking forward to your next chapter in life after high school. We love you. Dad.

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