UPDATE:  March 19, 2014

Sharon Glass

Sharon Glass

Sharon Glass’ trial is now over, although the details of the trial will continue to sicken me for years to come.  Throughout Glass’ trial, she did her best to point the finger at everyone but herself, and to express the belief that taking care of the little boy, referred to as Corey in trial footage, was the responsibility of Marshall, therefore she should not be held responsible for Corey’s condition.  Glass also went on to make comments claiming that Marshall actually hid the boy’s physical condition from her.  “Mike always had him wear bulky sweatshirts, hood things and sweat pants.” Glass stated.  Glass, knowing no lows and expressing no remorse, actually claimed that Marshall abused her as well, making her a victim right alongside with Corey.  She stated “I strongly believed he was going to kill me, that I was his true love and he didn’t want anyone else to have me.”  This monster somehow believed that she had experienced the same fear, terror, hopelessness and pain as the young man she forced to wear diapers and starved until every bone in his body was visible.

Corey Immediately After He Was Rescued

Corey Immediately After He Was Rescued

Glass said she kept to her own half of the house and hardly ever saw Corey.  Nothing Glass said was believable, and that was before Corey even took the stand.  When Corey was showing the world his phenomenal courage to testify against his abusers, he made it very clear as to the abuse he suffered and all of those who were involved.  Corey told the jury of how he was forced to eat toothpaste to stay alive while locked in Glass’ bathroom shower.  Corey also recounted a specific conversation with his father that left jurors stunned and disgusted.

“Sometimes my dad would say, ‘You look like an Ethiopian.’  And I’m like, ‘Well, I’m on the diet of an Ethiopian,'” said Corey. “I need a certain amount of calories and nutrients, and I’m not getting very much of that,” Corey continued. “And he kept on saying, ‘I have no pity for you.'”

Sharon Glass

Sharon Glass

Sharon’s Glass’ trial came to a close with a resounding verdict of guilty on all 7 charges.  Sharon Glass was sentenced to 40 years in prison, and considering that she is 50 years old, there is a good chance that she will die there, a fate still too good for you.  Glass pleaded for mercy (mercy that she never showed Corey), tearfully claiming to be a good person, a Sunday school teacher and claimed she was deserving of forgiveness.  “I failed.  I tried so hard, but the abuse that I suffered and the fear that I went through stole my courage, and I couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t make the right decision” she stated.  Judge David Dugan described the entire case as “pure evil.”  He stated, “This was cold.  This was calculated, and this was evil.”  Sharon Glass is vile and disgusting, and I for one think she has gotten off lightly.  She should be forced to eat toothpaste to just barely survive, to feel everything that Corey felt.

Michael Marshall

Michael Marshall

Michael Marshall has signed and accepted a plea agreement, pleading no contest to 8 charges of child abuse, torture and false imprisonment, for the starvation, neglect and torture of his then 12 year old son.  Marshall will serve a minimum 20 to 30 years in prison, his sentencing scheduled for April.  When Marshall entered his plea, he attempted to give an explanation for everything that had happened to Corey.  “We weren’t trying to hurt him.  We were trying to help him and went the wrong way about it.  We were trying to get him to be a good boy, basically.”

This case is horrific.  I am still amazed that Corey ever survived the torture and starvation, he is an incredibly strong young man.  Corey and his siblings are now living with a wonderful family, and Corey is going about being a regular teenage boy.  When he returns home after school, he walks into a home that is safe, filled with love, and stocked with more food than he could ever need.  He goes to bed with a full tummy, and he falls asleep, stretched out, on a warm bed piled with blankets and pillows.  Every morning when Corey wakes up, he can look around and smile as he realizes that living in this home, with these wonderful people is not a dream, it is his reality.  Corey is an inspiration, and I look forward to seeing the many great things this young man will do in his lifetime.



13It is a sad reality that there are monsters out there in society that attach little value to the lives of innocent children.  Because of this reality our society has formed a system that is meant to intervene in situations in which children are being harmed and or are in danger.  CPS.  A phrase known by people around the world.  While the exact title differs from country to country, the bottom line remains the same.  CPS : Child Protective Services.  So what happens when CPS fails to do the job it was created for?  What happens to these children that are simply forgotten or pushed to the side?

Here’s the story of what happened to one little boy.

On March 15, 2012, a woman walked into the Titusville Police Department and reported to officers that her boyfriend had gone to the home of a friend’s and witnessed a disturbing sight, a 12 year old boy locked in a bathroom.  Detectives went to the home to investigate, and when they arrived, what they found was horrific and sickening.

Michael Marshall and Sharon Glass

Michael Marshall and Sharon Glass

The emaciated boy was found laying in his bathroom, suffering from gross neglect, malnourishment and dehydration, weighing only 40 pounds on his 4’4” body frame.  He had been routinely strapped to his bed with zip ties, forcing him to sleep in a standing position, locked in the bathroom for weeks at a time with little to nothing to eat, and caged inside his bedroom closet.  To stop the boy from crying, a dirty sock was duct taped in his mouth.

When the questions began to be raised about why this boy was subject to such torturous treatment, law enforcement was given the answer that is becoming an all too often occurrence these days.  The little boy had ‘stolen’ food and was being punished.

Let’s take a quick stop for me to climb up on my soap box, first of all, I don’t know what ‘stealing’ food means to these two pathetic excuses for parents, but I can only reference to my personal experience as a mother.  With three growing boys, food is hard to keep stocked long enough to get through an after school raid.  Those little buggers will go grab a granola bar and an apple without even asking if they could take it.  How dare they?  It’s not like I kept the house stocked with food for my children to eat so they can grow into healthy, strong young men, capable of feeding themselves.  Don’t get me wrong here, requiring a toddler to ask for a snack is safe parenting, let’s face it, every mother cuts those grapes into quarters while their mind runs through what a whole grape would do lodged in their young child’s throat (even though we know this is a vast overreaction!).  However, passed the phase where our children have learned to chew, and then somehow learned how to inhale a full pizza in under 10 minutes, we calm down.  We let our children grab a snack in between meals, and every night when they fall asleep, we feel good knowing that they have a belly full of food.  Of course there will be times when a child does take food when they should not and they need to be held accountable for that.  My youngest son is a tornado, and he has ninja skills that can make it impossible to detect him getting into trouble before it’s too late.  The Halloween candy incident of ’08 is a testament to his abilities.  He snuck into the pantry, closed the door and proceeded to eat as much candy as he could before I realized what he was doing.  I guess you could call that stealing food, and of course he needed to be punished.  He got 10 minutes in the naughty chair and no Halloween candy for a week.  With that, the problem was resolved, and the ensuing tummy ache was nature’s way of reminding my son that he really shouldn’t do that again.  Children will do things like this, and we may get frustrated, but we love them.  We love the surprises they bring us every day, good and bad, we even go so far as to cherish these surprises.  As a mother, my heart breaks for this little boy, and also as a mother, my anger for what was discovered next, hit an all time high.

Michael Marshall

Michael Marshall

CPS had failed to save this little boy on numerous occasions in the past.  CPS had been called to the home to investigate a case of hazardous material at the family’s home, and simply closed the case when the hazardous waste was cleaned up.  There is no mention as to what the hazardous waste was.  Immediately after this visit, the boy was removed from school and “went unnoticed for so long” according to a CPS Spokesperson.  Went unnoticed … that’s the god damn understatement of their life.  The abuse did not start the day that CPS investigated hazardous material, it started long before then when school officials reported injuries the little boy was coming to school with to the authorities.  The teachers at South Lake Elementary School which the boy attended were distraught as they repeatedly called the Department for Children and Families, trying to get help for the boy … trying to save his life.

Sharon Glass

Sharon Glass

It gets worse folks.  The little boy was not only removed from the school in an attempt to hide the abuse, he was removed from school because his father was angry that the boy was receiving EXTRA FOOD at school. Ronda Rochon, a teacher whom taught the little boy, says  “We tried, and we tried, and we begged” CPS officials to intervene on behalf of this little boy that was clearly being abused.  Ronda went on to say that “I honestly thought the next call I got about him was that he would be dead.”  Tragically, Ronda is not the only one who shared this thought.  Tony Glass, Sharon Glass’ ex husband, says he called CPS 12 times to express his concern for his children who were with their mother, saying they were always dirty and had head lice.  He called so many times concerned for his children’s welfare – CPS TOLD HIM TO STOP CALLING.  Yeah, let that sink in a moment.  It is becoming clear that this boy didn’t just fall through the cracks, he was shoved through them.  Calls upon calls were made by many people, and not once did CPS intervene, not ONCE.

The 12 year old boy, was not the only child victim of abuse and torture in the home.  A 10-year old girl living in the home, confided to law enforcement officers that should would often get locked in the closet with the boy and be forced to act as his captor.  A 15-year old boy in the house also showed signs of neglect.

While police were still at the home, Marshall and Glass arrived.  The two confessed to caging and punishing the boy by withholding food.  The punishment was being doled out after the young boy was caught stealing food while it was being denied from him due to a previous punishment. Michael Marshall and Sharon Glass, were arrested and each charged with three counts of aggravated child abuse and 3 counts of child neglect.

Police removed the boy and the two other children in the house and immediately brought them to the hospital, were this young man continued to shock the medical staff by his appearance.  Staff said he “resembled images of concentration camp survivors”.  The boy and both of his siblings were then taken into custody.  The 12 year old boy has gained 10 pounds since he was saved that day.  He has a long road ahead, but this young man that clearly is a fighter, surely will come out on top.  I think it is best said by Rochon:  “We’re not going to let him slip through again.  We’re going to hang on as tight as we can to him.”  The boy is living with his grandparents, who had previously stayed away from the family and where therefore unaware of what was happening to their grandson.  This young man now has a home were the food is plentiful, and the love unconditional, and while nothing can be done to erase what happened to him and the parts of his childhood that he lost, there is hope in knowing that the memories he makes from this point forward will only be ones filled with love, hope and promise.



UPDATE: January 9, 2014

Sharon Glass on Trial

Sharon Glass on Trial

Sharon Glass’ trial is currently underway, and the once little boy she beat and starved, is now a young man who had enough courage to take the stand and testify against his abuser.  The young man talked to jurors, telling them how the abuse initially began, all over an accusation that he had taken an iPod.  After that, he says, if anything ever went missing, or wrong for that matter, he was blamed and ‘punished’ for it.  Truth is he was more than ‘punished’ – he was tortured.  While the young man was on the stand, Glass could barely bother to even look at him, as the prosecutor asked the young man what he was fed.

Victim: “Um, noodles, like macaroni noodles.”

Prosecutor: “Did Sharon ever bring you food?”

Victim: “No, cause she said it was my dad’s responsibility.”

Prosecutor: “Do either Sharon or Mike talk to you while you’re in the closet?”

Victim: “Not unless they were trying to tell me to be quiet, basically, because I was crying.”

The Young Man Takes The Stand

The Young Man Takes The Stand

The jurors were shown pictures of the food that was taken from the home, the abundance of food, none of which were ever given to the young man.  When the young man was finally rescued from this hell hole, he weighed a mere 40 pounds and was what police can only be describe as looking like a skeleton.

Officials are now taking a closer look into the many, MANY, calls made to DCF to report the abuse the young man was being forced to endure, and trying to determine just HOW this could have happened.  HOW this went as far as it did, despite all those around the young man doing the right thing, and each REPEATEDLY reporting the abuse and the young man’s deterioration.

We will continue to keep you all updated as the trial proceeds.  Michael Marsh will be going to trial in the following month, and we will keep you up to date as information is released in his trial as well.




~ by LTWH on March 11, 2013.


  1. Florida CPS told me the same thing when I called to report that my 5 year old is being forced to wear peed-in clothes, my kids are being denied food 18 hours at a time, and one of my children got a skull fracture from their dad. They said they’ll “monitor” the situation and they won’t intervene until one of them is killed.

    • I live in Nebraska and have regularly called CPS on my son and his longtime girlfriend in Florida, including about the mistreatment of my own younger children when I was dumb enough to let them stay a summer down there. I have been told to stop calling, but every time I tell those lazy b*stards that if they don’t do their job and something happens to my kids/grandkids I’ll sue till I own the place.

      In 2006 this compelled them to make contact and compel my oldest son to give my children whom I had sole custody of back to me within 72 hours. My little boy had a huge bruise on his shoulder, one under his eye, and hadn’t even had a haircut or his hair washed for that matter for weeks. My little girl who had asthma and autism had severe untreated bronchial irritation from them smoking reefer in her face , and had started banging her head on the verge of a nervous breakdown. If I had done those things to my children here in Nebraska, I’d have went to jail I was assured

      In 2008 this compelled them to investigate my oldest grandson’s facial scratches and untreated digestive disorder which made him look scary skinny and not thrive after I called no less than 4 times and sent pictures. Custody was given to the girlfriend’s aunt and he’s still there 10 years later, because I made it perfectly clear that if CPS gave him back to an unhealthy environment and something bad happened to him, their great grandkids are going to need lawyers.

      You CANNOT back down. Document the situation if you can. Call CPS every day of the week if you have to. Make them do their damn jobs!!!

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