Johnathan Ramsey

Johnathan Ramsey

Johnathan Ramsey lived a life that was full of suffering, pain and isolation.  The story of Johnathan’s life began to unravel the day he was reported missing by his grandfather in March of 2012.  Johnathan, he told police, had not been seen in over 9 MONTHS.  Johnathan’s biological mother, Judy Williams, who lives in New Mexico, has stated that she too was unable to get a hold of her son for months and months. She said, in her last conversation with him, that he “sounded so sad.”  Judy said he told her that he couldn’t tell her what was wrong because he was afraid he would get in trouble.  Johnathan was never heard from again.  The boy’s family continued trying to reach Johnathan but were given a plethora of excuses as to why the young boy could not talk or visit by Aaron and Elizabeth Ramsey.  The family grew increasingly concerned as time passed, and sadly, it turns out that there was a good reason for concern.

Judy Williams

Judy Williams

When authorities went to Johnathan’s home, it did not take long before the little boy’s father, Aaron Ramsey, and stepmother, Elizabeth Ramsey, began talking.  When police questioned the two as to where Johnathan was, they admitted to locking Johnathan in his bedroom and starving him.  Aaron claims to have done this because he alleges that Johnathan had violent episodes and had punched his stepmother in the stomach, causing her to miscarry triplets.  There is no evidence that Elizabeth was actually ever pregnant.  They claim that it was then that they began to systematically starve him, giving him ‘military rations’ of bread and mineral water.

Johnathan Ramsey

Johnathan Ramsey

Johnathan suffered a long and painful death over months as his body began to turn on itself, breaking down his muscles, leaving him too weak to even walk.  Aaron also claimed to have seen Johnathan eat his own feces because he was so hungry.  Johnathan went from a lively 90 pound boy, to a mere 60 pound shadow of what he once was, before his little body gave out.  Aaron says one day in August, he found his son unresponsive on the floor of his bedroom.  He said he then wrapped Johnathan’s body in a sleeping bag and stuffed it with drier sheets in an effort to mask the smell.  He then claimed he moved his son’s body several times, and eventually out into the woods.  After weeks of searching for Johnathan’s remains, they located his body in an abandoned storm shelter.

Aaron and Elizabeth Ramsey

Aaron and Elizabeth Ramsey

Aaron and Elizabeth Ramsey were arrested and charged with first degree felony injury to a child and held on $500,000.00 bond each, awaiting trial.

Johnathan Ramsey

Johnathan Ramsey

Johnathan’s remains were cremated, and are now kept in his grandparent’s home.  They had planned to spread his remains around a rosebush they planted in his memory, but couldn’t bring themselves to do it just yet.  The one who has taken the loss of Johnathan the hardest though, is his 9 year old brother, Eric.  Eric lives with his mother in New Mexico and had had little contact with his father, Aaron Ramsey.  Eric is a little boy, a little boy who lost his big brother, and lost him at the hands of their father, and because of this, he has lost a piece of his childhood.

Johnathan Ramsey

Johnathan Ramsey

I have three boys, and they love each other more than anything.  Do they fight? Yup.  Do they tease each other?  Yup.  Do they stand up for each other when one of them is in need, HELL YES.  When my youngest son was a year old, he caught a bug and had a ridiculously high fever of 104’.  He was restless and achy, and nothing helped.  I cuddled him walking around the house, just hoping I could rock him to sleep so he could get some much needed rest.  My two older sons, 2 and 4, were watching a movie and when I walked into the living room, my youngest reached out for his big brother and started crying.  My oldest looked at me with those big eyes and said, let me hold him Mommy.  So I placed my baby in his arms, and watched what I call the miracle of sibling love occur.  My youngest stopped crying, turned his head into his brothers shoulder, and fell asleep.  My oldest son held his little brother for 6 hours on the couch, rubbing his head, talking gently to him, while my middle son made sure they had everything they needed, retrieving the baby’s blanket, feeding the baby a bottle while my oldest held him, and bringing juice and snacks to my oldest son that had committed to not moving until his brother’s fever broke.  I sat on the couch that afternoon, watching my sons, and what I witnessed was the highest and purest form of love, compassion, and loyalty.  Tears still come to my eyes when I remember that moment, 3 little boys cuddled up on the couch, sippy cups and bottles tucked by their sides, transformers making a home under a blanket tent, and the sweet, gentle reassurance that they would forever have two best friends that they call brother.  I can’t imagine how hard it would be to lose your brother, your best friend, at such a young age.  My heart breaks for Eric.  When Aaron Ramsey took Johnathan’s life, he took many other lives as well, everyone who ever knew and loved Johnathan had a piece of them stolen that day.

Johnathan Ramsey

Johnathan Ramsey

It seems that Johnathan never really had a chance with his sadistic father, however, despite everything this little boy endured, the beauty of his soul is still apparent.  Just looking into his eyes, you see a gentle strength, a wisdom beyond his years.  Losing Johnathan was devastating for his family, however, they have committed to leaving a legacy in Johnathan’s name, working with search and rescue groups and raising money for these organizations.  While this will never bring Johnathan back, it will keep his memory alive, and the hope that the tragic loss of this beautiful boy, may help to save another child.

Aaron Ramsey was eventually convicted of murdering his son, Johnathan.  It took jurors less than an hour to find him guilty and sentence him to life in prison.  I don’t think he deserves life in prison, but I can only hope that his fellow inmates will learn that Aaron starved his son, and pay him a little jailhouse justice.  Elizabeth Ramsey is set to go to trial, also facing murder charges for her part in the death of Johnathan.  I am sure her trial and conviction will proceed pretty much the same as Aaron Ramsey’s.  We will continue to update the case as any new information becomes available.


Johnathan Ramsey - Heaven to Home



~ by LTWH on March 16, 2013.


  1. WTF is wrong with this mother, that she didn’t report suspected abuse? If your child calls and sounds horribly depressed, and says they can’t tell you what’s wrong because they’ll get in trouble…wouldn’t you be concerned?

    I don’t have kids, but if I did, and my child said something so disturbing, you can damn well believe I’d do something about it. I’d drive all night, non-stop, to get to him and check on him.

    But then, I’m not a stupid b**** like this woman apparently is.

  2. What happened to Elizabeth ramsey?

  3. i was literally crying with shaking lips while reading this. 😦 😦

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