7For all the single moms and dads out there, I think we can all agree that the most difficult part of being in the dating game, is finding someone worthy enough to meet the most important people in our lives.  Let’s be honest, it takes a lot to impress us and the ones with the bottom line, are our kids.  Channing Tatum could walk into my house professing his undying love for me, while riding an unicorn with a monkey wearing a tuxedo made of bacon, and if my children did not like him or felt uncomfortable around him, he would be gone in a matter of seconds.  For most of us, allowing someone in to meet our children is well thought out, and takes time to come to the decision to allow our children to possibly invest a great deal in this person emotionally.  We want to make sure that the person we bring home is kind and generous, is someone that we can trust to protect our children, and someone that we feel will be sticking around for a long time.  We refuse to accept anything less than our version of perfection when allowing someone to come into our children’s lives and potentially playing such a big role in their future. Sadly though … this is not always the case.

A 2 year old boy in Polk County Florida, is facing the possibility of losing his vision in his right eye, after his mother’s boyfriend mercilessly beat him, while his mother stood by.  Let’s start a little before the beating occurred.  David “Bread” Sinnett, 32, somehow managed to catch the eye of Arlene Tilson, 29.  It didn’t take long for the two to start playing house with Tilson’s toddler son stuck right in the middle.  Now, Sinnett is quite the catch.  No girl can resist a good criminal record, and it would appear that Sinnett has dipped into every part of the criminal scene, so here’s a look at that rap sheet.

2005: Aggravated Assault (original charge –Attempted 2nd Degree Murder, downgraded to Aggravated Assault) – guilty/convicted

2005: Possession of a Weapon by a Convicted Felon – guilty/convicted

2003: Resisting Arrest – guilty/ convicted

2003: Possession of a Weapon by a Convicted Felon – guilty/convicted

2003: Resisting Arrest – guilty/convicted

2003: Possession of Marijuana WITS (with intent to sell) – guilty/convicted; Resisting Arrest -guilty/convicted

2000: Disorderly Conduct – guilty/convicted

1998: Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon – guilty/convicted

1998: Carrying a Concealed Weapon -guilty/convicted

1998: Possession of Marijuana – guilty/convicted

1997: Burglary – guilty/convicted

The icing on the cake here, is Sinnett’s “Hustla” tattoo on his stomach, which he got while serving time in a federal prison.  He is also the proud owner of a tattoo of Florida on his left arm. (??? Weird ???).

David L. Sinnett

David L. Sinnett

According to many of Tilson’s relatives, Sinnett was always “messing with” the young boy.  His cruelty hit an all time high on the day that he beat the little boy with a hanger, and other various objects.  Doctors reported that the little boy was brought into the ER with multiple injuries which appeared to have developed over time.  One attending physician, Dr. Blind, stated that the boy’s injuries indicate multiple beatings.  Among other serious injuries, the little boy suffered a broken bone between his nose and eye, which could leave him blind in his right eye.  He was covered with contusions and welts all over his body.  The story only gets more tragic as it unfolds.  Tilson, the woman who was supposed to be protecting her little boy, admitted to being present when Sinnett began beating her son with a hanger.  She told investigators that the beating started after Sinnett became angry with the little boy when he was unable to pronounce his sister’s name correctly … did I also mention that the little boy suffers from a speech impediment?  Sinnett told authorities that he does get angry when the little boy doesn’t say words correctly because he feels the little boy doesn’t try.  He admitted to hitting the child in the back for this reason.  Tilson claims that after the beating began, she left the room because she just couldn’t watch it occur.  How about stepping in there mom, and beating the crap out that monster with a hanger yourself.  If some man ever though he could even slap one of my sons on the hand, he would end up dumped on the side of some road, sans testicles.

Sinnett fully admitted to investigators that he hit the boy with a hanger.  He claimed to strike the boy because he was too close to an electrical outlet and that the other injuries were a likely result of the toddler falling off a skateboard, regardless of the fact that authorities and medical staff could clearly tell his injuries were nowhere near consistent with a fall off a skateboard.  My sons have fallen off some pretty crazy things, skateboards included, yet each of them have never sustained anything past a bruise and small scrape, let alone broken bones.  When children are little their bones are softer than ours, they have to be to allow the child to pass through the birth canal (Sorry for that image), which as a result actually makes it quite difficult to break their bones.  A great deal of force is required, far more force that any fall of a skateboard could induce.

Arlene Tilson was charged with child neglect and contributing to the delinquency of a minor for failing to intervene when she witnessed her toddler son being beat.  Her bail was set at $26,000.00.  “We want to send a clear message that we will arrest anyone who harms a child, or stands there and watches someone harm a child. It is unthinkable to me how anyone could allow a child to be abused by this violent man, and then not even take the child to the hospital or report the abuse to authorities.” stated Sheriff Grady Judd.

Sinnett’s mother and sister have spoken out stating that there is never an excuse to harm a child … BUT … they would hope people would at least understand that Sinnett is severely mentally ill.  If there is one thing I have learned in my time, it is that any statement before the word BUT, is made for the benefit of others, and the statement following the BUT is how the person truly feels.  They say that Sinnett cannot afford the $400 per month to pay for medication he badly needed.  They claim he is an absolute different person when he’s on his medication, someone who is kind and rational.  Hear those tiny violins, I say that is complete CRAP. There is no excuse EVER for someone to hit a child, and ESPECIALLY no excuse for other adults being aware of the situation and not stopping it.  To go as far as to defend a child abuser, regardless of the excuse, is just as bad as hitting that child yourself.  Not to mention the fact that if Sinnett is truly as mentally ill as they claim, he needs to be in a facility where he is not able to hurt other people, especially children.  By their own admittance they have essentially declared Sinnett is a ticking time bomb that can explode at any moment.  The family claims that Sinnett is bipolar and suffers from paranoid schizophrenia.  They also claim that he has had a long standing history of drug use of methamphetamines, marijuana and at times heroin, and has for the most part lived on the streets.  Sinnett has spent more time incarcerated and in boot camps than he has spent free. (How did someone not snatch this guy up before now?!  What a catch!)  In the weeks before he beat the 2 year old boy, his family claims he began to have nonsensical outbursts and tirades, and STILL not one person sought to keep any children in his path safe.  NO ONE DID A THING.  They sat back and waited while this little boy endured horrific abuse at the hands of a man that his own family states they know he is not fit to be around a child.

This next fact, is the fact that horrifies me the most, it turns out the little boy was not brought to the hospital by anyone who knew him.  State CPS workers received an anonymous call where someone claimed to have seen a PICTURE of Sinnett beating and choking the boy, and removed the boy from the home, bringing him to the hospital, when they went to investigate and discovered the abuse.  I have to ask how much longer this little boy would have been beat until one day his little body couldn’t endure anymore and shut down.  It seems that this little boy was facing a death sentence until CPS came along.  I have to take a minute here to acknowledge the fact that in this case, CPS workers reacted quickly and in my opinion, saved the toddler’s life.  Everyone knows I am the first person who will criticize CPS when they have not done their jobs, however when they do, as these workers did, I will be the first to applaud them and thank them for being diligent about protecting our children.  CPS also removed the remaining children from the home and has placed them all in state care.

Sinnett was arrested on a charge of aggravated child abuse for the severe beating of the toddler and faces a sentence of 30 years in prison if convicted.  His bond was set at $175,000.00.




~ by LTWH on March 17, 2013.


  1. What you said make complete sense about channing tatum riding a unicorn with a monkey, but if youre daughter did not like him he would have to go. I laughed you mentioned him because he is pretty cool actor and I went to high school with his wife. She was a senior and I was a freshmen so I didnt get to know her that well, but she was very pretty and popular. I digress my parents divorced when I was just a year old and she began dating her boss eventually marrying him. My mother had custody of me of course even though my father tried fighting it. So in living with my mom it had its ups and severe downs. To make a long story short he was very wealthy we began flying in a helicopter to our ranch on the weekends and he bought me a pony and a horse and also took me on a toy shopping spree. I do remember everything. I believe I was 4 at this time but cracks began to show he never treated me bad though. However the stock market crash of the late 80’s hurt a lot of people and he had millions in it. Money sure does funny things to people I swear. I’ve seen it all when it comes to changing people and its always negatively, but my mom started being kind of cold in a sense basically not putting me first she was stressed out like he was and I sort of suffered for it. Luckily Thats when I started spending a lot more time with my father and eventually moving in with him when I was about to turn 6 but not before shit hit the fan at my mothers and they began to physically take it out on each other. I mean drop dead drag out fights right in front of me. I have to say my mother was tough. She didnt take any crap he would pop off and go to grab his keys to take off to the bar and well he wasnt getting out the door without getting punched in the jaw. I was always scared he might snap one day and shoot her from being tired of getting pummeled by my mom. Moving on living with my father changed my life in the sense I was more happy and became the center of attention and also spoiled rotten. Still I was a good kid that did not get into trouble. By the time I was in Jr High 6th grade so I was 12 my father felt like he was not getting any younger and was wanting to settle down again and felt like I was old enough that it would not effect me getting married again as long as I gave my blessings. I was used to him dating women all the time but it never interfered with my life because he never brought them home he would stay out or I stayed with my grandmother for the night. So he finally introduced me to the woman he had been dating on and off for couple years and had known for probably 6 years at least because they worked together. So I met her and we began doing things like taking a trip and what not and after a year of this he asked what I thought about him getting married and I said why are you asking me if she makes you happy go for it. He said he didnt want to marry her if I did not like her because she would move in. I said I dont care I dont have any problem with her and my gradmother approved as well so they tied the knot and she moved in and I remeber she had brought in a huge box with all these pictures of her and her family and my dad told her no no no youre not gonna just come in here and start posting pictures on top of things and the wall of people my son has never met we have pictures and until time is right they are not coming down. I just so happened to walk by their bedroom and could not help over hearing this and I popped my head in and was like whats the big deal she lives here now and I wouldnt want to live somewhere I can not put up some pictures of my family thats kind of rude. He was like well ok never mind I said anything and she thought that was very sweet. I dont recall this happening it doesnt surprise me though. Well on to my point of this whole story. It was not to long probably like about a year or so later that her true colors began to show. For the record she never touched me and she never emotionally abused me which would of been kind of hard because I was 13 by then but that did not stop her from turning into a BITCH. Im not talking about I asked for something and she told me no. Im talking about walking into the kitchen from getting done eating dinner and go to put my plate into the dish washer while she was doing dishes and I stood there for like 10 seconds waiting for her to stop for a second when she would go to grab more dishes from the sink so that way I didnt get in her way and she just yells well are you going to put it in or what. It was loud and sarcastic leaving me going wtf. My father heard this from the living room and I walked in there and he said what happened I told him exactly and he went in there I dont know what was said but he came back in and said dont worry about it you didnt do anything. Im like uh yeah no shit but I didnt say anything. Little things like this and just other stuff being rude or belittle something I would say. Eventually as I got older I distanced myself and thats a long story what happens but Ive been battling her till this day and im 35. So its a false sense of security to think you can get to know someone and them treat you great and you finally take them around youre child and they approve to and once they are in the real person begins to unfold. Just beware wolves come in sheeps clothing.

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