The cage the little girl was kept in.

The cage the little girl was kept in.

When law enforcement responded to a call of a domestic disturbance at a home in Pleasantville, Ohio, they found something much more horrific than they could have ever imagined.  When police entered the home to investigate the disturbance, they found a twin bed, with a dirty, stained mattress with no linens, enclosed with steel mesh, a lock and wire mesh fencing.  Police noted that the home was filthy, and presented great danger to the children living in it, especially with the sad excuse for parents, Russell D Terry and Jamie M Curnell.  It turns out that a 4 year old girl was kept in the cage and tortured.  The two admitted to keeping the girl in the cage for the past three months because she would get up at night.

Russell Terry

Russell Terry

Jamie Curnell

Jamie Curnell

Terry was the one to place the call to law enforcement stating that his girlfriend was mad that he had been out drinking so she put on extension cord around his neck trying to choke him, Curnell accused Terry of throwing things inside the house.  One has to wonder, had these two morons not placed that call that night, how much longer would this beautiful little girl be forced to live like an animal, and how much longer would it take before the 8 month old was forced to live in a cage as well.

The cage where the little girl was kept.

The cage where the little girl was kept.

Terry and Curnell were taken into custody on the scene and were each charged with 10 counts of abduction, 10 counts of kidnapping and 10 counts of endangering children.  They were held on a $500,000.00 bond.  The little girl and her 8 month old brother were placed in the care of family members.

Curnell pled guilty to three counts of child endangering which are third-degree felonies.  Terry also pled guilty to three counts of child endangering.

Despite everything they had done, and the manner in which they treated their children, Terry and Curnell will not spend a day in jail for their convictions.  At their sentencing, the couple told Fairfield County Common Pleas Judge Richard E. Berens, that the 4 year old girl, Alyssa, wandered at night.  They claim that she was found in places such as near the kitchen stove, near the wood burning stove, outside on the swing set, and at one time near Route 188.  They claimed they were only trying to keep Alyssa safe.  Curnell stated “I thought it was my job to protect her.  I know that the way we went about it should have been different.  At the time, we did what we had to do to protect our daughter.  I never thought of it as a cage.”

So the judge sentenced them each to 18 months on one count, to be served consecutively to the 30 months sentenced for each of the other two counts.  However, neither will have to serve any of that time if they complete 5 years of probation.  The final sentence handed down was 180 days in the county jail for each, after credit for time served, it would be 109 days for Curnell and 119 days for Terry, but yet again, the sentence will not be enforced if the two are doing well on probation, continuing counseling and cooperating with county Child Protective Services.

Alyssa and her little brother are currently living with Terry’s uncle and have supervised visits with their parents for 8 hours a week.  CPS is said to be working with Terry and Curnell on a family-reunification plan.

This just makes me sick to my stomach.  I can recognize the need to keep your children safe, especially at night.  I do believe that precautions need to be taken with a child that has wandering tendencies to ensure their safety.  There are plenty of options out there for this.  Safety gates, child proof door knob protectors, dead bolts at the top of all doors leading outside, far out of a child’s reach.  I understand that safety gates and the child proof door knob protectors will eventually be ineffective as your child gets older, but there are other options you can turn to when this happens.  You have the option to purchase a portable alarm that can be affixed to any wall in the home.  Placing one of these in the hall past your child’s door, will ensure that the moment someone passes, the alarm will sound, waking you.  It is not OK to lock your child in a cage with a dirty mattress and no bedding.  That is cruelty and abuse.  Why did they feel it was necessary for Alyssa to be on a cold, dirty mattress?  I wouldn’t keep my dog in a space like that, let alone my children.  I say ENOUGH WITH THE SLAPS ON THE WRIST!!  What kind of message are we sending by not holding parents accountable for this type of behavior??  It makes me sad and frustrated that our society has attached so little value to our children that their mistreatment is ignored, and allowed to continue.  If they had kept a 16 year old in a cage like that in efforts to keep them in the home at night, they would both be sitting in prison right now.  So I ask why are we treating a 4 year old any differently.  PARENTS – YOU CAN NOT PUT YOUR CHILDREN IN CAGES OF ANY SHAPE OR FORM.  It’s time that parents start doing some responsible parenting or have their children removed from their care and placed with someone who can parent responsibly.  It’s not hard to keep your children safe without locking them away like a rabid animal.



~ by LTWH on March 20, 2013.


  1. My grandaughter has sleepwalking terrors and is often found in the night smacking the walls etc and screaming but yet she is a sleep ..her bedroom is safe ..plug socket covers and safety gate, And mummy who gives her a cuddle and gently leads her back to bed where within minutes she settles down and sleeps .. all these kids need is love and guidance and to be kept safe ..there is no way a child should be caged like an animal ..they should never have there babies back no matter what .

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