Little Boy's Infection

Little Boy’s Infection

Keishian Bowen was charged for failing to obtain medical treatment for her 3 year old son after the little boy was forced to undergo reconstructive surgery in order to fix the decayed flesh in his nose which was destroyed by a neglected infection.

Bowen originally had brought her son to see the doctor when the infection first developed.  The doctor prescribed the little boy antibiotics and instructed her to return for a follow up treatment, which she never did.  The infection was allowed to fester to the point where it ate away at the little boy’s septum, then spreading to other parts of his body requiring him to undergo reconstructive surgery.

Little Boy's Infection

Little Boy’s Infection

If the little boy suffering the infection wasn’t already bad enough, he was also determined to be malnourished by medical staff.  Medical records showed that he had LOST 6 pounds over the course of the summer.  Had the little boy’s own grandmother not called in a tip to a child services agency, who knows how much more damage this monster would have allowed the infection to do to the little boy.  The worker ordered Bowen to take her son and his younger brother for medical attention within 24 hours, which is required by law.  Instead of taking the boys for medical attention, Bowen fled with them.  A case worker eventually caught up with them, but it was not in time to stop the boy’s infection from becoming so severe.  Medical staff also found the younger brother to be malnourished at that time.

Keishian Bowen

Keishian Bowen

Why would a mother let this happen you ask, well it turns out that Bowen was more concerned with using drugs and getting her fix, than taking the time to care for her son.  Bowen flat out admitted that her priority when she had money, was obtaining her drugs, and if she had anything left over, she’d buy a little bit of food for the kids.

Police were called into investigate the suspected abuse and neglect and charged Keishian Bowen with two child abuse felony charges.  She is being held on a $50,000.00 bond.  Both boys are now in the custody of a foster family.

Little Boy's Infection Spread To His Head

Little Boy’s Infection Spread To His Head

I can’t imagine the pain that little boy must have been in.  Nasal infections are uncomfortable and persistent.  The longer they last, the more painful they become.  This little boy would have been in obvious distress, and I just can’t understand how a mother, even the sad excuse that Bowen is, could have let this happen to her child.  I remember running my boys to the doctor every time they tugged at their ears when they were little, worried to death that they had an infection and were in danger of dying a painful death because of their infection (Overreaction much?), only to have my doctor smile patiently and reassure me that there was nothing wrong and the boys would live full happy lives.

Keishian Bowen

Keishian Bowen

Not all parents react as dramatically as I did as a new mother, but all GOOD parents do react.  The obvious thing to do is to have our children looked at by a doctor and give them their antibiotics when needed, regardless of how loud they scream when forced to swallow that horrible thick, banana smelling concoction the pharmacist mixes up. I tasted some of that crap once because I felt that if I am going to force my children to drink it, I should at least know what it tasted like.  My 4 year old nearly died from laughing when he saw my face as I put a little of that medicine on my tongue.  It is AWFUL, but it is effective.  I can sincerely say, as most parents can, that by forcing our children to endure the horror of swallowing 5mg of that medication, we saved them the pain of having to undergo reconstructive surgery.  Any child in the amount of pain that this little boy was in would be begging for that terrible tasting medicine.

Parents have the responsibility to assess their child’s medical needs, and they are then charged with attending to them appropriately.  Most parents will go to a doctor when they suspect their child has an infection, and this was no case of a suspected infection.  This was an obvious infection to anyone with eyes.  How long do you think this monster would allow an infection she had to go untreated.  Would she see fit to wait through the pain until reconstructive surgery was necessary.  I didn’t think so.




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