14Felicia and Cody Beemer raped their 13 month old baby girl during what was supposed to be a SUPERVISED visit at Trumbull County Children’s Services.

I’ll give you a minute to wrap your mind around that, because it only gets worse as more comes out.  The extent of horrors uncovered in this case is graphic, disgusting and shocking.

Felicia Beemer has given birth to 4 children, ALL of whom were taken from her immediately after their birth.  Included in these children is Tiffany Sue Banks, who was murdered by her foster mother after being taken from Felicia Beemer.  I have attached Tiffany’s case below.

Felicia and Cody Beemer

Felicia and Cody Beemer

The baby girl’s rape was brought to the attention of law enforcement when the little girl’s aunt, Felicia’s sister, Loretta Allen, found a SIM card from Cody’s phone which contained a video of the two raping the baby girl.  Loretta and her mother immediately called the police and CPS.  As if this wasn’t already enough, that SIM card also contained evidence that Loretta’s 2 year old son was also a victim of these sick monsters.  The little boy was removed from Loretta’s care and placed in state care, considering what had already happened to Tiffany, I can’t say that these children have ever been in a safe situation in their entire lives.  Placing them in state care did shit – a little girl is still dead and another is still raped.  Loretta says “She’s not my sister no more. She’s not a part of my family for what she did.  I want her to go to prison.”

The more law enforcement investigated, the more they found.  532 images of child bestiality to be exact.  Prosecutors have said the couple may face more charges including other children who were victims at the hands of Felicia and Cody Beemer.  The prosecutor’s held true to their word and additionally charged Cody with raping his 18 month old nephew with Felicia, while he was babysitting the baby boy.  They recorded this rape on video as well.

The fact that the rape of the baby girl occurred inside a visitation room at Trumball County Children’s Services, is of great concern.  How could this have been allowed to happen under the watch of an agency that’s supposed to PROTECT children?  The Children’s Services Board acknowledged that they had relaxed the supervised visitation for the Beemers prior to the rape, so caseworkers were only checking in on them in ‘timed intervals’ during the weekly two hour long visits.  Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t ‘timed intervals’ make it easier for these scum to get away with what they were doing.  It is like a huge warning sign to make sure everything looks good at the time the worker checks in, then proceed to rape the girl for the next 20 minutes before someone checks again.

Felicia and Cody Beemer

Felicia and Cody Beemer

Remember I said it only gets worse, well, turns out Cody Beemer is a registered sex offender.  He sexually assaulted a three year old girl when he was a teenager, which the CSB was aware of.  All of this just leads to more questions regarding how he was even allowed in the building with children, or better yet, how he was not in prison already.  As the investigation continued and the negligence of CBS was revealed, CBS executive director, Nick Kerosky, resigned.  Personally I believe he needs to be charged as well.  This man was responsible for overseeing the protection of many children from people who they knew could potentially harm the children, and instead he handed them over to their abusers.  He needs to be held accountable for what happened to this baby girl, largely in part because he didn’t require his staff to follow protocol.  Had the workers been supervising the children as was ORDERED, this baby girl would not be making headlines as a rape victim today.

Initially Felicia and Cody both pled not guilty to the charges they were facing.  However, Cody then changed his mind and pled guilty on charges of rape, gross sexual imposition and four counts of pandering obscenity involving a minor.  He was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 25 years.  Felicia followed suit and pled guilty to raping her daughter and was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison.  Her lawyer stated prosecutors lowered the minimum sentence from 25 years to 15 years after deciding that Felicia – who gave birth to her first child after she herself was raped – was less responsible than Cody was for the baby girl’s rape.  It’s sad that she experienced rape herself, which in my mind, only makes what she has done that much WORSE.  Felicia and Cody Beemer were born monsters, they took pleasure in sexually abusing children, many children at that.  And they ensured that their victim’s would not talk about the abuse, by raping babies who didn’t yet even have the ability to speak out against them and stop what was happening.  They have never shown ANY regard, or expressed any remorse, for the horrific acts they have committed.  Neither should ever see the light of day again.  These two will clearly reoffend as soon as they have the opportunity to, and heck, they can go ahead and continue to procreate more victims as they please when they are not in prison.  How many more children need to be abused, hurt and traumatized before we finally throw away the key?  The abuse that we have evidence of is enough, now only imagine what abuse may have occurred with other children that we have no knowledge of.  It makes my stomach turn.  Enough is enough, no more excuses, we need to put a stop to these people ever having the opportunity to hurt our children.  Leniency should not even be mentioned in a case like this.



Tiffany Sue Banks

Tiffany Sue Banks

Upon doing research on Felicia and Cody Beemer, I learnt that Felicia had a daughter, whom was taken from her after birth, and placed in a foster home.  It was in this home, at the hands of her foster mother, that Tiffany Sue Banks was murdered.

Tiffany’s foster mother, Bonnie Pattinson, claimed to have found Tiffany not breathing after checking on her while she was napping one afternoon.  She states she grabbed Tiffany and ran next door, where neighbors began performing CPR and police were called.  When law enforcement arrived, they found the baby girl unresponsive and covered in bruises and blue marks.  They attempted to get a pulse from Tiffany using a mobile defibrillator, but it was too late to save her life.  It was noted that the marks on Tiffany’s body, were NOT the result of any medical treatment or intervention in an attempt to save Tiffany’s life.

Medical examiners determined the cause of death to be asphyxiation associated with multiple blunt traumatic injuries.

Bonnie Pattison

Bonnie Pattison

Bonnie Pattinson was indicted on charges of murder and felonious assault and issued a $1,000,000.00 bond.  She then had the audacity to ask the judge to let her wait for her trial at home.  The Judge denied the request, but did reduce her bond to $500,000.00.  Pattinson pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter after admitting to causing Tiffany’s death and was sentenced to 9 years in prison.

Tiffany’s father, Thomas Cross, filed a lawsuit against the Trumbull County Children Services Board, commissioners, Trumbull County, Bonnie Pattinson, and two unnamed employees of CSB.  The first count in the lawsuit is for deprivation of civil rights.  Cross states that Trumbull County CSB had his parental rights terminated, despite the fact that he was never notified of the hearing.  He goes on to claim that during supervised visits with Tiffany, he repeatedly voiced concerns to the workers about bruises on Tiffany, and that there was dog hair in her formula, however the agency never responded to his concerns.  Most disturbing of all, CSB had been informed of other harmful acts perpetrated against children in the care of Pattinson, and still failed to act.  The second count of the suit is for the wrongful death of Tiffany and claims CSB showed complete indifference to the baby girl and failed to properly train or supervise Pattinson.  Cross is seeking compensatory damages of more than $100,000.00 as well as punitive damages of $1,000,000.00.


I can’t even begin to say how livid I am and how disgusted I am regarding the actions, or rather inactions, of the Trumbull County Children’s Services Board.  They are just as guilty as the abusers and murderers that surround this tragic case.  It was their duty to keep these children safe, and they repeatedly failed to do so.  They were lazy and unconcerned about the children’s protection.  Furthermore, I have to wonder how many OTHER children have been failed by CBS.  How many more innocent babies were raped?  How many more innocent babies were murdered?  How many more innocent babies continued to suffer abuse at the hands of those meant to protect them?  CBS will never be able to explain the situation well enough to justify everything that happened.  They failed to do the only thing they are there to do.  They have created doubt and mistrust in their ability to protect children, and this only has negative repercussions.  Personally, if I thought a child was being abused, I don’t know that I would trust CBS to handle the matter appropriately and swiftly.  And if people can’t trust CBS to do this, then where are they left to turn?  This is nothing short of negligence and misconduct, and it needs to be handled with an iron fist.  If need be, fire every employee at CBS, and replace them.  If this is what it takes to create a new found trust and sense of hope that the children in this county will no longer be swept aside, then this is exactly what needs to be done.  CBS employees should also face criminal charges, they sat back and let this happen.  If any citizen did what they have done by ignoring abuse and court orders, that person would find themselves incarcerated for failing to help that child.  CBS is not above being investigated, and I can only hope that this is finally a priority in this county.  If this doesn’t stop the complete disregard for children’s lives, then I’m not sure what will.  Citizens would be better off leaving the county to seek aid and justice, than hoping that CBS there would intervene on behalf of a child.

This entire situation is horrific and deplorable.  Nothing can ever turn the wrongs that have been done here into rights.  That time has longed passed.  CBS has failed these children, and no punishment will ever be enough to make up for what these babies suffered through.


Tiffany Sue Banks - Heaven to Home



~ by LTWH on March 22, 2013.


  1. Just wanted to let you know the pictures aren’t showing up in this article

  2. Should be fixed now – sorry for the inconvenience!

  3. These people are disgusting.

    Not to be a nitpicker but I have to point out that you keep writing CBS (like the television network) when it should be CSB. Simple mistake but it could potentially become an issue.

  4. Again, massive failure! People who shouldn’t have children are allowed to have them. People who are assigned and employed to protect children does not but through willful neglect lets children continue to be abused by people assigned to care for them. A foster mother who obviously was unsuitable if this is not the first victim of her wanton neglect and abuse of her charges. As far as I am concerned all these belong in prison, or worse…

  5. Absolutely disgusting! All these kids ever know is pain and abuse. They dont get to know how it feels to be loved until they become adults (if they are lucky enough to survive childhood) and maybe meet a decent man or woman who loves them and thats a HUGE maybe because us broken children dont usually have an easy time adjusting in life and not many people have the patience to wait for us to adjust. I hate the people who were suppose to be helping and protecting these children more than the sick parents who id like to burn alive. It doesn’t take a genius to see the signs of child abuse especially if there are bruses that someone is pointing out to you. They go to college and think it makes them and expert. Im not an expert but i know there shouldnt be dog hair in baby formula and i know what a bruise looks like and what causes it. I know not to leave a sexual predator alone with a child. These stories make me sick. I wish i could save all of these babies. I hope everyone who let this happen suffers the same fate as the children and i hope the same for he parents.

  6. I am a rape victim as well and I have 4 children 17 years, 15 years, 13 years, and 2 1/2 years old, and it will be over my dead bosy before someone will harm my precious babies

  7. speeling typo suppose to be, it will be over my dead body before someone wil harm my precious babies

  8. I would baseball these SICKO’S TO DEATH! A Grand Slam at each Swing and Crack of the Bat.

  9. So sick! Poor babes😢 I don’t care if thier mama was 15 or 12! When I was 15, I didn’t molest my nieces and nephews. I never did
    Gross stuff to a kid! What a lame excuse! If I were in jail with that bitch, I’d kill her!

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