Evelynne Deuman

Evelynne Deuman

Just when I start to think that I’ve seen the worst, people like Steven Deuman come around showing me that up until them, life was a bunch of roses.  On August 12, 2011, Deuman murdered his 15 week old daughter, Evelynne Deuman, by suffocating her while orally raping her, lodging a condom in her throat.

Deuman told police that he had gone out for a cigarette and when he returned inside, he found Evelynne lying on the floor unconscious, not breathing, bleeding from the nose, with a used condom in her mouth.  Rather than phone 911, he called Evelynne’s mother, Natasha Maitland, telling her Evelynne wasn’t responsive.  I suppose Deuman actually thought someone would believe the completely ridiculous story that this baby girl, who couldn’t even roll over, much less crawl, somehow made it around the all pillows on her bed, ending up on the floor where she then sucked up that condom like a vacuum.  Before he made that call to Natasha though, shattering her entire world, he sat around for a few hours considering scenarios to explain how Evelynne died.

Deuman finally got around to calling an ambulance for Evelynne, only after Natasha arrived home from work, but it was far too late to save her life.  Natasha and Deuman got in the car and were met on the way to the hospital by emergency responders, who took Evelynne and rushed her to the emergency room.  It wasn’t until after that, that Deuman whispered to Natasha that he had pulled a used condom out of their daughter’s mouth.

Steve Deuman

Steve Deuman

Deuman was charged with first degree murder and aggravated sexual assault.  Due to the murder occurring on Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indian reservation in northern Michigan, the case became a federal case, and also became exempt from sentencing Deuman to the death penalty, unfortunately.

Natasha told law enforcement that Deuman had told her about the condom, when they returned to the residence, the found it beneath a diaper on the floor.  When law enforcement had the condom DNA tested, they found Deuman’s DNA on the inside of the condom, and Evelynne’s DNA on the outside of the condom.  An autopsy was done on Evelynne where it was confirmed that she died due to asphyxiation.

Even worse, it has come out that this is not the first child Deuman sexually abused.  Multiple witnesses found the courage to take the stand at his trial and detail what he had done to them as children.  Regardless of all the evidence against Deuman, his attorney argued that Deuman was a proud father, stating the mobile home where the family shared with 10 other people was an “accident waiting to happen.”  SERIOUSLY???  Deuman continued to call his daughter’s death an accident, saying he did not harm her.  He even went so far as to claim that perhaps his body raped Evelynne while his mind was possessed by an evil spirit.  Deuman took a polygraph exam, which further proved that he was being deceptive about every single thing he said.  After hearing all of the evidence, it took the jury less than 30 minutes to convict Deuman.

  Before Deuman’s sentencing, Evelynne’s mother spoke to the court room.  She told the judge how she had burned and destroyed every last shred of evidence she had of Deuman in her life as she does not want any memory of him.  I can’t blame her.  She stated “If I was asked to describe you, two words stick out – coward and monster.  You are a monster for what you did to Evelynne, that you would do such horrific things to take her life.  I wish I could come up with words to explain how deeply I hurt.  I will never hear her first words, see her first steps.  You are an evil person.”  Deuman was sentenced to two life terms in prison with no chance of parole for raping and murdering Evelynne.  I sure hope the boys in prison with him learn why he is there and give him something to choke on.

I cannot imagine the pain Natasha must be in after losing her daughter in such a horrendous way.  Losing a child is never easy, but this is just a cruel nightmare that continues every day that Natasha wakes up knowing that her daughter died at the hands of a monster.  Evelynne was a beautiful baby girl.  Just by looking at her picture you know that this precious little girl had a beautiful soul.  The world lost out the day that Evelynne was taken from it, but while she was here with us, she graced and lighted up the lives of everyone who knew her.  That is the Evelynne we will always remember, sweet and smiling.



~ by LTWH on March 22, 2013.


  1. Rip little angel fly high Evelynne♥♥♥

  2. When i read things like this it makes my blood boil. I can not belive that people well you cant even call them people there is no word good enough to discribe them. Could ever hurt a child when a child is born they relie on you as a parent to love them keep them safe. It makes me so mad sick to my stomach that there are people like this out in this world. The justice system is far to good to them they should be treat like they have treat the child they have hurt. And us as the public.should be more aware that things like this happen.SPEAK UP step in.

  3. OK, I know this is really beside the point, but: why did he bother to put on a condom to commit this crime? Doesn’t make any sense. It’s not like he was going to get the baby pregnant. Nor could she make any accusations against him that would lead police to swab for DNA. So why the condom?

  4. This is absolutely awful! And poor baby girl. But that picture is MY daughter Cheyenne Rae- a shaken baby SURVIVOR who is alive and well.

    • I really hope that gets fixed 😦

    • amy owensby im sorry to hear about your daughter but that IS a picture of Evelynne Aimee she is my wifes daughter we’ve got this actual pic still on our camera..again im sorry about your daughter but the pic at the top is not her that IS Evelynne Aimeeand if you dont believe me feel free to email her mother at i will be letting her know about this as well……..

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