11Bradley Kyle Eddleman, 23, is currently behind bars after he threw his newborn baby girl, Riley, across a room with such force that he fractured her skull.  The baby girl was rushed to the hospital by the baby’s mother (Eddleman’s wife), where medical personnel noted finger impressions and bruising all over that tiny baby’s body.  Doctors found bruising covering the baby’s back, knee and lower leg.  Only time will tell if Riley will suffer permanent disabilities from her injuries.

As we all know, this is the part where the ridiculous stories begin spewing from these monsters’ mouths.  Eddleman settled on his first story, claiming that the tiny baby girl slipped out of his arms and hit her head on the handle of her car seat.  Clearly that car seat was made of cement and fought back … WTF?

Bradley Kyle Eddleman

Bradley Kyle Eddleman

As it always does, the truth finally came out after Eddleman realized no one with a single brain cell would believe that absurd excuse.  It was then that he admitted to police that he was angry the infant wouldn’t stop crying, so he decided to throw Riley 8 – 10 feet across the family’s living room, where she hit her head on a wooden couch frame and went limp.  Eddleman says he was scared after the attack, but saw that she was breathing and moving, so he just let her lay there, suffering in agony, rather than bringing the baby girl to the hospital.  When his wife, the Riley’s mother, returned home from work, she heard the baby crying and noticed swelling on her head.  For some reason beyond my ability to understand, the little girl’s mother also decided to wait to take the baby to the hospital when her POS husband began expressing worry over going to jail.  After Eddleman left to go visit a friend, the mother called a relative, who is a registered nurse, and told her to take Riley to the hospital immediately.  I have to interject here and say that it would not take a medical professional to determine that baby girl was seriously injured and needed medical treatment ASAP.  A monkey would see that, so why this mother needed to be told to go to the hospital is beyond me.

9 hours after Eddleman threw Riley across the room like a rag doll, her parents finally took her to the hospital.  The baby was then airlifted by helicopter to Riley Hospital in critical condition.  Riley was treated at the hospital for a few days before being released into the custody of her mother.  I am not sure why this mother was allowed to have her daughter back, after she failed to protect the baby girl, and failed to get medical treatment for Riley as soon as possible, but I can only hope that she will ensure nothing like this ever happens to her child again.

Eddleman was arrested on preliminary charges of battery resulting in serious bodily injury and neglect of a dependent.  He was then charged with one count of aggravated battery and one count of child neglect.

9I feel like a broken record saying the same thing over and over and over.  I might as well say it one more time … WHEN A BABY IS CRYING, CHANGE THEM, FEED THEM, CUDDLE THEM – BUT FOR GOD’S SAKES DON’T HURT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!  Common sense dictates that even the smallest minds would come to this logical decision.  If you were crying, would getting a beating make you stop??  I say lock this piece of trash up, let the inmates make him their bitch, and then throw him across a room every time he cries for the rest of his pathetic life.

Most men that I know look at newborn babies like they are a piece of glass just waiting to be broke.  Their first experiences with infants can be rather comical for that infant’s mother, and often is endearing and heartwarming.  They are handed this perfect little baby and they all do the same thing, they hold their arms out in front of their chest and hold that baby as tight as they dare for fear of crushing the baby to dust.  Then they stand perfectly still and smile like idiots never taking their eyes off of that perfect little human being in front of them.  It doesn’t take long for them to get comfortable with holding the newborn child, and it quickly becomes second nature to them.  They realize that the baby is not as fragile as they thought and they relax, most of them quickly come to the realization that if they lay down on the couch with the new love of their life curled up sleeping their chest, that their wife will let them nap all day long without so much as a word, instead choosing to take pictures of the two asleep from every angle possible.  They begin to understand that their little baby can’t move much for a while, so the fear of the baby squirming out of their arms subsides and they develop their own ways of holding their child with confidence.

What Eddleman did to Riley is horrific, I will never understand a parent’s (and I use that word very loosely) sudden decision to hurt an already crying baby.  New parents are learning along the way, yes, and they aren’t perfect, but they do begin developing their ways of caring for their child and protecting the child from any harm.  So how a monster like this was granted the privilege of being Riley’s father, is beyond me.

Bradley Kyle Eddleman pleaded guilty to charges of battery resulting in bodily injury and neglect of a dependent, and was sentenced to 9 years in prison for what he did to his defenseless daughter.




~ by LTWH on May 1, 2013.


  1. Both parents are stupid idiots who deserve no children. Remove their reproductive organs and take them to a deserted island. WTF is wrong with the world???

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