16On September 1, 2008, Reginald Davis went to visit his allegedly newborn daughter and her mother.  Brea Banks, 15, the baby girl’s mother, left the baby with Davis while she went to take a shower.  When she returned to the room, she found blood on the baby girl.  Banks and her mother took the baby to the Forrest City Medical center, along with Davis.  A medical examination done of the infant showed that she had been raped and had a fractured skull.  Medical staff called authorities immediately and Davis was arrested for the rape of his daughter.  The baby girl had to be transferred to the Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock due to the severity of her injuries.

*****WARNING – THE NEXT PARAGRAPH IS GRAPHIC***** – I really hate to address how this baby girl suffered a skull fracture, but in the hopes that this will really show how callous and evil Davis and other baby rapers truly are, I will explain something real quick.  This was explained to me a few years ago by someone reporting on another case of a father raping his infant daughter.  When a grown monster of a man rapes an infant, they will often cover the baby’s mouth to stifle the screams of this poor angel.  When the disgusting excuse of a human climaxes, they tend to push down on the baby’s head, fracturing their skull.  In the cases I have investigated and reported on, every infant that was raped also suffered a fractured skull.  I need to go be sick now.

Reginald Davis

Reginald Davis

When Davis was questioned, he first gave conflicting stories to detectives, before admitting to being responsible for the infant’s injuries.  However, he did not admit to raping the child.  Instead, he claimed that the baby received her injuries after he ‘accidently’ dropped her, and ‘accidently’ penetrated her.  ACCIDENTLY???????  How the hell does he explain this being an ‘accident’???  It was an accident that he undressed the child?  It was an accident that he removed his pants?  It was an accident that he put his dick in this baby girl???  It gets worse.  Davis then claimed that another man sexually assaulted his daughter.  He wants people to believe that during the average 30 minutes it may have taken the mother to shower, another man came into the home and raped the baby girl, while Davis stood by and did nothing to stop it, then left?  Excuse me while I go get sick again.

Much to my horror, a few months ago Circuit Judge L.T. Simes II ordered that the charges against Davis be dropped over lack of a speedy trial, stating “the Court has lost jurisdiction to proceed in the case.”  Davis had been in custody from the date he was arrested until March 2, 2013, when he was ordered to be released.  Prosecutors argued that there had been numerous continuances requested by the defense, including mental evaluations.  Davis’ attorney, Jennifer Collins, stated that there were 803 days that passed aside from the time it took for the mental evaluations to be completed which count toward a speedy trial.  Prosecutors explained there were delays because of errors in the evaluation in which it appeared that the doctors were contradicting themselves, and claimed that time spent correcting the evaluation should not be held against the prosecution.

The case seems to have fallen apart since the incident, with surrounding circumstances that deputy Prosecutor Chris Morledge describes as ‘bizarre’.  The state’s two key witnesses, the baby girl’s mother and grandmother, stated they wanted to ‘drop the whole thing’.  During testimony the baby girl’s mother, Banks, said that at one time she believed Davis was the father of her child, but doesn’t believe that now.  She went on to further state that she still believed Davis raped her daughter, but wanted to drop it because “I want it behind me.  She’s doing ok now.”  For some reason, no DNA testing was done in the case so it has not been determined if Davis is actually the father of the baby girl he raped.  (Not that that really even matters at this point.)

This case is surrounded by so many disturbing details that I can’t even begin to count them.  Davis’ IQ has come up as a bone of contention, with it being a low 59, however, professionals have determined him fit to stand trial, which means that he understands the charges brought against him, and is aware that what he has done is wrong.  Excusing what Davis has done because he isn’t the smartest cookie in the box is offensive, and in my opinion, extremely irresponsible.  Regardless of everything, the fact remains that an 8-day old baby girl was RAPED.  That won’t change, and cannot be explained away, justified, or excused.  This baby girl has not received justice for the horrific act that was committed upon her.  Her own family doesn’t even want to seek justice for her, and that is not OK.  Her mother and grandmother want to brush this aside, they want to just let this monster walk away as though nothing ever happened.  She has been forgotten, and pushed aside, and that is the most tragic detail in this case.  We as a society need to stop excusing monsters like Davis.  We need to do more for our children, and we need to start demanding that the ones that victimize our children are dealt with in an equal manner with which they treated a child.




~ by LTWH on June 18, 2013.


  1. this story is so disgusting….the judge shud be charged for letting thjs god awful disgusting creature out of jail and not trying him…. I hope someone does to this man what needs to be done,and I mean killed!!

  2. Sorry…was not meant to like it.:(

  3. 528 baby rapers voted here. How vile.

  4. The dirty rotten, filthy, animal’s, they have no right to breathe the same air as all us normal people. They want slicing like they do with pig’s, then hang them upside down to drain their life’s blood….filthy twisted disgusting pigs.

  5. I have four daughters if that was to happen to one of them I would EXPECT justice too be served .. I wouldn’t just wanna ” put it in the past ” how ridiculous does that sound … that mother should have that child taken from her and forced to do parenting classes … Shame on all 3 of them my heart goes out too this innocent baby …

  6. I’m against the death penalty, or at least I thought I was? Now I know I’m not, but death would be too easy for this sick sob – torture him, maim him and let him starve to death. and for the mother, she should never ever had a child – doesn’t matter that she was only fifteen – a mother’s instinct is to protect her child. The mother failed and the grandmother did too. What kind of people are these dim wits? Throw the mother, grandmother and the judicial system in a deep hole and bury them….evidently the whole bunch were brain damage. May the innocent child be put in a home that is safe and has the love she will need to survive this awful trauma.

  7. I doubt seriously (even if it meant that I would be sentenced to life in prison or death) that the person that would do this criminal act to my child would live until the day they were tried. I would not be able to restrain myself from murdering them myself.

  8. Take him to the middle of town and slowly torture him while everyone watches … then let every one that wants to torture him also…. the judge needs to be done the same way! ! SICK.PERVERTED…GOOD FOR NOTHING… LIW DOWN PIECES OF SCUM.. NOT FIT TO BREATHE THE SAME AIR AS THAT BEAUTIFUL HELPLESS LIL ANGEL… WISH I COULD HAVE HIM AND THE JUDGE FOR ABOUT AN HOUR….SHOW THEM WHAT TORTURE REALLY IS!!!

  9. Since there wasn’t an option for my choice of sentencing I picked that they should endure the same crime that was committed on the child(ren), however, I believe that they and those who are complicit to the crime committed should receive NOTHING LESS than the DEATH PENALTY for their actions!!

  10. horiable people that do this to kids
    down right evil

  11. If someone sees this piece of trash out on the streets and blows him to hell they should NOT be charged because the firearm ACCIDENTALLY discharged in his direction!!!!

  12. Yes I am angry, at the actions on behalf of all involved, if as a nation our top reporters can follow the antics and lives of entertainers my question is when did they become so lax and greedy that they fail truly as top reporters per se? I’m on the net daily and had it not been for the truly soulful reporters whom I deem the true reporters I may never have heard of this story at all! The system has become just as sorry and lax as this group themselves., mother and grandmother alike! The mother states she’s alright now, she’ll never be alright, one day she’ll hear about this and the fact that at least two of the people who were supposed to fight for her did nothing, hopefully this will leave her in one piece and not destroy her! Her mother was only 15 yes, but with that hard a life comes a growing up quickly, survival instinct! The rest of the irresponsible parties unleashed an animal on the world so cruel in nature to have asked him for an explanation in the first place was preposterous at best! Until this beast is caught, he will continue to molest I have to say a prayer for myself for what I am about to state., I will pass this on to every where I blog, I hope it catches the eyes of a GROUP who has not heard about him until now, I hope they drag him in a dark alley and repeatedly rape him until he can no longer speak and leave him, simply on the premise of what he’s done! Every time I see a picture of a child in any type of an abused state or hear of one, it sets off something deep inside my core and this is no different. Get those old archaic laws and put them into revision its been time and for all the reporters who dropped the ball on this one because of politics, its time to retire!

  13. There is no god people, these animals are a waste of skin.

  14. As always give to him the same mercy given the victim NONE. Hopefully someone on the street will make him feel as he did this poor child.


    • That’s wonderful news but there’s still no justice for the baby.

    • He isn’t dead look at the picture a different guy or you relative to him or something. This guy is very a live and living it up go to facebook

      • I wish I could put up his facebook profile type in reginald davis lake Forrest arkansas and it going to come up .

      • Hey dumbass it is him you silly idiot. Get over it

  16. OK I’m sorry but are you fuckin kidding me! I’ve read so many stories on countless cases of abuse, murder, rape, you name it. And I’m always shocked. But if I found out my baby was so much as flicked in the forehead, let alone done this to, that guy would still be chained in my basement right now, waiting for his dick to be done cooking while watching, because I’m about to feed it to him. But of course I would of had to get some thread and a big needle to sew up the wound first cause we don’t want him bleeding to death and dying early. He’d miss the second and third course. Ball one and two. Then for after dinner mabe a nice game of let’s see how far this baseball bat can fit up your ass. OK that’s day one. Day two ……

  17. It was easy the judge to allow him to walk away because the most purple that travel to countries like Cambodia to have sex with babies are our doctors judges lawyers etc … I really hope someone put a bullet in his head. Her mother is the worse all she dare bout is herself dirty ho not even knowing who he her father was … Disgusting. Hope she’d stop breeding

  18. I wouldn’t even allow the creep pictured above to walk my dog across the street never mind be anywhere near my child especially NOT unsupervised! Really being a grown man he should have already been in jail for raping the baby’s underage mother. 14 or 15 year olds are minors who cannot consent to any sexual acts according to US Laws.

  19. I have 3 daughter, 1 Granddaughter and 3 Nieces, if anyone did that to one of them they would not have to wait for a Judge to sentence them, I would be Judge, Jury and Executioner, and I would sleep perfectly well at night.

  20. Funny how fast they process cannabis

  21. All child abusers deserve the death penalty, a child whi us abused at any age will NEVER be whe again, years of therapy, medications, foster homes etc. This wlrld needs to protect and cherish our most precious resource our children. Laws and law makers, judges need to start putting victims first and offenders to death!!!!!!!!

  22. I once had an atrium and wanted a vanilla orchid. So I searched the Internet for a distributor and came across a child pornography site (year 2001) I called the police immediately. Swift action was taken, questions asked. Fast forward 2016 I once again was searching for a plant distributor and the same thing happens. I call the police no questions are asked other than if I had downloaded the content. They DIDN’T CARE AND DIDN’T DO A DAMN THING, NOTHING! This second time was worse. I was not raped, beaten, or assaulted in anyway. I feel so helpless. I’ve cried myself to sleep for months now. I can’t let my children out of my sight. I check on them in their sleep. I see a therapist and I cry. I came across this site looking for an update on a child abuse case and I see this. I’ve given most of my plant collection away. Why prey on the most vulnerable? How can these “things” be let to live? They aren’t monsters or even creatures they are the dregs of disease! I see this and want to know how these “things” are free and we call ourselves civilized? Even beasts protect their young with their lives! Animals kill what threaten their young! I pray these diseases of humanity are seen for what they are and disposed of slowly, painfully and allowed to live and have these tortures revisited on them over and over!

    • If you come across such a website again immediately report it to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s CyberTipline. That is the best thing that you can do.

  23. Once you know the worst in the worsts mind you can only mourn and grieve for the good shells left in there wake . I was raped by my brother at a very young age not as young as this little baby ( im so sorry for her long jurny she has ahead ) mine my family ignored it just went away i ran around with every male i could get my hands on untell i fell in love at 19 two kids at toe no dad .He stepped in was a grate dad we had a ruff love life because for what ever reason when he would try to wake me up as hubbys do i would try to swing at him and alot of the times i would ignore his advances . I was taking a shower one day and i saw it all like a movie him holding my head into our mom and dads bed him pushing agents me and into me killing my one and only virginity for ever wich then explained my first time me feeling nothing . After that flooding flash back i spent years just dealing with someone ealses mess that was mine now . I went threw it all and the anger very went away . The only thing i have to say about this baby is dont waist your life trying to understand why because there is no good awnser in the hearts and minds of the useless sick people . This letter goes to the soon to be woman that will some day know the hallow feeling of knowing you are not alone in this F@#÷$d up mess but so wishing no one ealse ever had to hurt like you hurt . Im sorry for your loss .

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