25When a child porn distributor was arrested in Boston, the images and videos authorities seized were horrific at best.  Often times the people responsible for the making of these videos and the taking of these pictures are not apprehended.  However, after some great work done by investigators, they were able to arrest Shawn McCormack, 27, for exploitation of a child after viewing a videotape McCormack took of himself raping a baby in 2009, then distributing the video online.

In the video there was a man raping what appeared to be an 11-month old baby boy.  The man in the video did not show his face in the 3 minute and 15 second video.  It was visible that the man had taped the baby’s hands to his legs and taped his mouth shut.  The baby cried throughout the entire video.  Along with the video, authorities found 2 photos of the same baby boy being sexually assaulted, who actually turned out to be 18-months old.

Shawn McCormack

Shawn McCormack

In an attempt to identify the man and the baby, detectives used the TV program and commercials being played on the TV in the background of the hotel room video.  They were able to determine that the assault occurred on March 28, 2009.  They then traced the furniture in the video to furniture that a Bakersfield Best Inn had purchased and traced a curtain pattern to a pattern that matched room 221.  After determining this, authorities were able to determine that Shawn McCormack was the man who rented the room that night.  ***Sincerely applauds detectives.***

Detectives learned that McCormack was staying with a family friend in Bakersfield at the time, and took their baby to the motel just after midnight without the family’s knowledge.  McCormack worked for a telecommunications company out of California and visited the family every six months, with an occasional over night stay.  About 8 months later, on November 6, 2009, the baby’s parents went to check in him at 1:30 AM, and discovered the baby and McCormack were missing.  McCormack returned with the baby wearing only a diaper and was arrested for child endangerment.  This report of the missing baby boy later led detectives to the family, who then confirmed it was their son in the video.

On June 5, 2010, an undercover police officer received a friend request and messages from a GigaTribe user with the alias “toddlers”.  The message included “I have private … my friend’s son I take at nights.  When I visit I take him out late in the night to a hotel.”  Detectives were able to trace the user to a computer IP address with McCormack registered as the internet subscriber.  On June 8, 2010, authorities searched McCormack’s house in Black Forest and found 4,000 photos and 365 videos of child pornography.  Of these pictures and videos, 394 photos and 26 videos were identified as known child victims.  They also discovered a file on McCormack’s computer entitled “My Kids”, which had the photos and videos of the baby he abused in the Bakersfield hotel.

McCormack has been further charged with 3 counts in a superseding indictment for the sexual exploitation of a minor and production of child pornography.  Each count carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years and a maximum of 30 years in prison, a $250,000.00 fine, and a lifetime term of supervised release.  I figure if he spends the rest of his life in jail, hands taped to his legs and bent over, that we might start coming a little closer to achieving justice for these children, we’d at least be playing in the same ball park.  Unfortunately, our society has not realized the injustice we do our children by treating their molesters and abusers with more mercy and kindness than they showed their victims.  Instead we allow them to do obscene things, such as sign plea agreements.  I haven’t been able to find much information, but I have found that McCormack was scheduled in July 2013 to have a change of plea hearing resulting from a plea agreement reached.  As far as what the agreement was, I haven’t found anything, however he was convicted, so is now a convicted child pornographer.  As sickening as it is, McCormack was a part of an extensive child pornography ring investigation, known as ‘Operation Holitna’ which originated in Boston in 2010.  The full extent of this investigation is just massive, so massive that I won’t get into it except where McCormack is involved, unless any of you want to request that I put something together encompassing the entire investigation.

Alright, with that said, there has been a development where McCormack’s name is yet again raised, describing more inhuman atrocities than I thought possible, but I suppose evil and hatred have no limits.  Evidence from McCormack’s case has led authorities to another man, James Joseph Carothers, who has now been charged, and convicted of possessing child pornography.  It turns out that Carothers and McCormack had been communicating through email and trading child pornography.  Think it can’t get worse? – think again.  It turns out that Carothers was actually giving McCormack tips on how to molest children with no more concern than giving tips on how to make the perfect chocolate cake.  It turns out that the two also discussed a fetish Carothers had, a fetish involving his collection of USED baby diapers from garbage dumpsters.  Yeah, you read that right.  These two monsters had actually made plans to meet in Las Vegas to swap stories, photos and videos, and to then carry out their fantasies.

This is one of those cases where I really don’t want to know anymore, however I will continue to update the case as I refuse to turn my head on children being victimized, especially when the excuses for human beings in the case are victimizing HUNDREDS of children on a daily basis.




~ by LTWH on June 22, 2013.


  1. How did the staff at the hotel NOT find it weird a baby being taken into the hotel at midnight.. and taken back out at 2am?? Alarm bells SHOULD have rung?!

  2. Dirty scummy animal an how did that baby’s mother an father not do more !! U wud know if ur baby had been raped disgusting death only cure for him

  3. Sick! The sad thing is is that this ring of child pornographers is so huge they will cover each others asses.

  4. Really is there anything more degraded and sick than these f%#ks?

  5. **UPDATE** This man has been sentenced to life in prison. Any opportunity to harm another little soul has been removed forever, praise God. Prayers for all the littles harmed by Shawn, may they seek and receive the help they need, and may they grow up knowing they are loved.

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