4A maintenance worker for Loma Vista Apartments in North Las Vegas made a horrific discovery while performing a routine maintenance check inside the apartment of 36 year old Laketha Moore.  When the worker entered the apartment, he immediately noticed a belt connecting the bathroom and bedroom doors.  When he removed the belt and entered the bedroom, he found Moore’s 4 year old daughter, tied to a bed surrounded in filth, beaten and starving.  The little girl was suffering from numerous injuries, including a black eye, cuts on her nose and cheek, and a bruised rib cage, back and ankles.  Her hair was matted and she confided to authorities that she was hungry because “Mommy ties me up all the time.”

A neighbor of Moore’s told police that she hadn’t seen the little girl in a couple of months and Moore had told her that her daughter had gone to live with her grandmother in California.  When police located Moore, she confessed to abandoning her daughter saying she did so regularly to go to work or church.  She stated that she locked her daughter up for 10 to 12 hours a day.  Moore claimed that the reason she tied her daughter up was because the little girl would ransack their home otherwise.  She defended herself by saying that she would leave her daughter with a little food and water and placed a plastic bin beside the bed so the little girl would have somewhere to go to the bathroom.  Why didn’t she say this first?  That definitely makes it all OK.  Really, what did this kid have to complain about, right?!

Laketha Moore

Laketha Moore

When Moore was questioned about why the little girl was starving, she explained that her daughter was a picky eater and “probably wouldn’t eat the food anyway”, referring to the variety of food stocked in the kitchen.  That makes even more sense than tying her to the bed!  Why bother wasting good food on a picky eater, especially one that would rather starve than eat a carrot or two.  What the hell is wrong with this woman?!?  My oldest son was a picky eater when he was younger which prompted many a night of you don`t get anything else to eat until you have eaten your supper, but despite his stubbornness, he would crack after an hour or two and eat his chicken and pasta with salad ….. even if he only ate it to get to that bowl of pudding waiting for him in the fridge.  A CHILD WON`T LET THEMSELVES STARVE BECAUSE THEY ARE PICKY!!

If all of this wasn’t sickening enough, Moore was able to provide a reasonable explanation for the injuries found on the little girl.  Moore had no problem telling authorities that she routinely beat her daughter with a belt, striking her anywhere the belt landed, until the little girl blacked out.  What I wouldn’t give for 5 minutes alone with this idiot and a belt.

Laketha Moore

Laketha Moore

Moore was arrested and was charged with 2 counts of child abuse and 31 counts of child neglect, one charge for each day she left her daughter alone.  If you ask me she’s getting off FAR too easy.  Moore was held on a $620,000.00 bail.

To top it all off, Moore has a history of child abuse.  In June of 2003, court records show that she was charged in Los Angeles with child endangerment and two counts of inflicting cruel or inhuman corporal punishment.  There is no word as to who was the victim of her abuse.

The little girl was taken into protective care after being treated for minor injuries at the University Medical Center in Las Vegas.

We will continue to follow this case and post updates as they become available.




~ by LTWH on July 7, 2013.

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