John Burbine

John Burbine

John Burbine successfully committed suicide by hanging himself with a sheet in his cell earlier this week.  Correction officers found him during their routine 30 minute checks and cut him down, beginning resuscitation efforts despite Burbine having no pulse.  He was rushed to the hospital where doctors worked to keep him alive as they were intermittently able to restart his heart.  Ten hours after being found at 6:26PM, Burbine was pronounced deceased.  Marian Burbine was allowed to leave house arrest to be with her husband in the hospital during his last hours.

John Burbine

John Burbine

Burbine was scheduled to go to trial in May, a short two months away and the families of his victims could finally see an end to this nightmare.  I can’t imagine the mixed emotions they are now fighting with as they process the news that the man who raped their children committed suicide.  I know I am angry and frustrated.  This man raped and molested hundreds of innocent infants and toddlers, and the families of his victims, will never get the opportunity to see justice for their children.  I understand that there would never be enough justice for what this monster has done, that even the worst we could inflict on him was better than anything he ever did to these children.  However, that understanding doesn’t make me any less angry.

I know that at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how angry I, nor anyone else, we understand that things will not change.  I hope that his victims are able to take a sliver of peace in knowing that this monster can never hurt another child again.  I hope that the families will be able to continue the process of healing.  I personally am going to stay mad for a while yet, because I am a very passionate person and I can’t let things go easily, and yet I know that the day will come to close the file on Burbine, to tuck the photos and case notes away.  When the time comes that I find I can do this, I want to be very clear in saying that while I am closing the case on Burbine, I am not closing the door on his victims.  These children will be with me every moment of every day, and as the grow in love and confidence moving past the horrific offenses committed against them as I truly hope they will, they will still always have me in their corner.  I will be ready to fight for them and do anything I can to ensure that for the remainder of their life’s journey, they are safe.



10Everyday millions of children are entrusted into the care of day care providers.  Parents put their faith in these people that they will protect and nurture their children while they are working to feed their family.  Day homes are quite common, and as a little girl my Mom ran a day home to enable her to be a stay at home Mom while still contributing to the family’s income.  I loved having a day home in my house, I never ran out of people to play with.  My Mom was one of those people that you look at and hope and pray that you can become a quarter of the parent she was.  We had backyard sprinkler parties, Friday pancake lunch days (lucky for me our school was only a block away ensuring I never missed out on oatmeal pancakes), she would bake with the kids, dance around the house for hours on end, she even put money in birthday cakes (before everyone realized this might not be the best idea!), and she ensured the birthday boy or girl always got the loonie.  Amongst running a highly successful day home, she ensured that my sisters and I always had our time and space that was off limits to the other children.  Our rooms were quiet, and clean and a place where we could sneak off to and read or play Barbies without all the other kids messing with our most treasured toys.  On top of that, she always managed to balance on the delicate line that allowed us to be distinguished from the other children and never feel like they were taking away our Mom’s time from us.  She loves children, and treated them all with love and respect and kindness, and she never let us forget that we were her daughters, and that while she cared for these other children, our needs were the first and most important thing in her life.  Growing up my Mom got out of the daycare business to pursue other dreams, but she remained the person that all of our friends referred to, and still do, as Mom.  She cared for a household that consistently had entire sports teams eating her out of house and home, while giggling like the teenage girls we all were.  She watched us grow, took us to every baseball, soccer, volleyball, basketball, rugby and badminton game.  I can’t even tell you how many times my friends wanted to hang out with my Mom instead of going to a movie or the pool hall.  Some called her a care giver, I called her a love spreader.  Throughout all of this, my Dad supported our family, often working long hours, but never failing to be an active part of our lives.  From coaching our baseball teams, to teaching us how to grow watermelon and 7 foot tall sunflowers in the middle of Alberta, to lying on the couch watching TV together, my Dad was always there.  The families of the children my Mom cared for knew my Dad, knew that he was a biologist, and knew the role he played in their children’s lives (setting up a new swing set, helping Mom with cooking the meals, reading us stories), they were always comfortable knowing exactly who was around their children and knowing how their children were cared for.  There was a time when day homes were believed to be safe places to take your children, and for the most part, they still are.  However there are the few that prey on the opportunity to have young, vulnerable children delivered right to them so they can carry out the fantasies of sexually abusing these children.  These day homes are often unregistered, but by being so, they can apply their rates to lower income families who cannot afford to take their children to certified establishments.  These homes are not monitored and the people that work in these homes are not always completely educated on the signs that child is being abused.  Sometimes these homes are being run by those that commit the abuse.  John Burbine was one of those people.

John Burbine

John Burbine

John Burbine, 49, was a registered level one sex offender, the category for offenders considered the least likely to reoffend.  In 1989 Burbine was convicted 3 separate times for indecent assault and battery on a child.  So already, Burbine is known to be a danger to children.  Fast forward to 2005, DCF investigated Burbine on suspicion of sexually abusing a 7 year old boy.  According to the allegations, Burbine on at least 1 occasion had rubbed the children’s genitals while arousing himself.  In 2009, Burbine was again investigated by DCF on suspicion of sexually abusing a 5 year old boy.  The young victim, who was brave enough to speak out about the sexual abuse he endured told authorities Burbine had fondled his genitals on more than one occasion.  It was confirmed that Burbine had been alone with the child for several hours on at least one occasion.  However, both incidents were deemed “not prosecutable”.  I don’t even know what to say about this … all I can think about is how many children would have been saved from this monster had action been taken in the numerous times he was investigated for sexually abusing young children.  And I emphasize YOUNG.  Notice how he only preys on children who don’t have the ability to speak out for themselves and stop the abuse.

Marian Burbine

Marian Burbine

Burbine’s wife, Marian Burbine, admitted to knowing her husband was a level one sex offender, but denies knowing about any of the allegations made against her husband in the past 3 years.  I’m personally not buying that excuse, how could she have not noticed??  Maybe that is how she convinced herself that providing day-care services was a good and safe idea, and go even further as to think that having her sex offender husband help with these young innocent children was an even better idea.  Marian actually began referring families to her husband to have him go into their homes and provide child care, going so far as to assuring the families that Burbine had no legal problems and had no prior convictions.  It took very little time before Burbine was alone with numerous children for hours at a time.  You can also be ensured that the families whom were receiving services from this lovely couple had no knowledge of Burbine’s history. (Level One sex offenders are not registered in public forums at the time, so even if the families had attempted to check on his background, they would have found nothing.)  Even less of a surprise, is that the day care services provided were not registered, which she is now facing charges for along with numerous charges of reckless endangerment of a child.  The couple advertised their child care services on numerous websites, including parenting sites.  They offered a plethora of services, including overnight newborn care, group child care and a summer activities program.  Marian would tell the parents that her husband was there to help her with the children and assured them that he was an “experienced and problem-free” sitter, who would care for the children when she was not present.  All of this created the dream scenario for a child sex offender, and Burbine took full advantage of it.  Burbine has been indicted on over 100 charges, including, forcible rape, posing a nude child, posing a child in sexual conduct, possessing child pornography along with other charges stemming from the sexual abuse of over a dozen infants and toddlers, both boys and girls, ranging in age from 8 days to 3 years old.  He repeatedly raped and abused these children over a two year period before he was finally caught.  Burbine videotaped the attacks and abuse, compiling hundreds of hours of footage.  HUNDREDS OF HOURS.  In the videos Burbine can be heard calling the children’s names and making sexually explicit comments to the infants and toddlers.  Authorities have been able to identify the children depicted in the videos, but believe there are many more victims.  In July of 2012, authorities were made aware of the unlicensed center when DCF received an allegation that Burbine had abused a 2 year old baby girl, whom had been in the Burbine’s care along with her infant sister.  According to the reports, just weeks after being in the Burbine’s care, the little girl “began exhibiting sexualized behavior”.  Burbine was not arrested until September, where he remains held on no bail, the bright side of this, other inmates have learned of the charges against Burbine and have made it very clear that they will exact their own punishment on this sick, poor excuse for a human being if they ever allow him into general population …. I say let them at him.  I can’t imagine the horror the parents of Burbine’s victims are facing, and to add to it all, these parents are having to take their infants and toddlers to be tested for STD’s.  Can you imagine taking your 6 month old to the doctor to be tested for an STD?  Marian was arraigned in early October and was released on bail with the conditions that she must stay at home at night and stay away from children younger than 16.  The couple does not have children of their own.  The investigation into the abuse of the toddler led to search warrants for the coupe’s office and home, where they discovered the horrific extent of the sexual abuse Burbine committed against numerous children repeatedly.  When neighbors of the Burbines learned of the horrific things that were going on right next to them, they were shocked.  One neighbor was exceptionally appalled.  Bob Fahey is a father with 2 children under the age of 2, told authorities that the Burbines had actually offered to watch his children, an offer which he and his wife declined. Fahey went on to say that Burbine just “seemed odd”, and I am sure he and his wife are thankful that they followed their gut instincts when it came to who they will allow to care for their children.

John Burbine

John Burbine

To make matters worse, another neighbor, Brian Evans, came forward to tell police that a few years back, Marian Burbine had actually warned him not to let her husband watch his son.  When she was asked why, she responded saying that “he’s not good with children”.  It sure sounds to me like this woman knew exactly what was happening and did absolute nothing to stop it, instead actually encouraging by allowing it to continue.  As more information comes out, it is looking worse and worse for Marian Burbine.  Marian would often ensure parents that she alone would be taking care of their children, yet Burbine would show up in her place claiming his wife was sick.  In one instance a family found an advertisement the couple had placed on site for parents with twins.  They contacted the couple and when Marian arrived at the interview, she had Burbine with her.  Marian explained to the family that should would be caring for the children, however Burbine would be there to care for the children should an emergency come up.  On the very first night in which Marian was supposed to care for the children, infant baby girls and a boy toddler, Burbine should up at the house claiming that Marian was sick and he would care for the children.  For the following couple of weeks, Burbine continued to show up to watch the children overnight, and sadly, he sexually abused all three children.  Another couple had hired Marian to provide overnight care for their newborn son, and were surprised when Burbine showed up on the first night instead of his wife, and in the following nights he continued to provide care for the baby boy.  Once again, amongst the footage of Burbine sexually abusing children, they found footage of Burbine sexually assaulting the baby boy.

All of the families who had children abused by Burbine have asked the courts to maintain their privacy, and I can’t blame them for that.  This is already a nightmare they are living in, the last thing they need is people knocking on their front door asking them for details on how their children were raped.  If any of the victim’s families are reading this, then we would like you to know that our thoughts are with you at this trying time.

Tragically as more people see the news of Burbine’s arrest, older victims are coming forth to report that Burbine raped them as children as well.  It seems that for every child police know Burbine raped, there are 10 more victims suffering in silence.  One 26-year old young man had the courage to come forward to report that Burbine had raped him as a child which resulted in 2 more charges against Burbine, one count of rape of a child and one count of indecent assault and battery on a child under the age of 14.  Burbine had been providing child care between May 16, 1990, and January 8, 1994, with the earliest assault occurring when the young man was only 5.  My stomach turns when I think of all of this monster’s victims.  I still say let’s put him in general population and let the big men show Burbine what jailhouse justice looks like.

Lawyers for the Burbines have now filed motions to have the child pornography found in the home, removed from evidence.  They are claiming that police did not execute the search warrant properly while prosecutors contend that the evidence was obtained legally. The Burbine’s are set to go to trial sometime in December.  Now this really bothers me, the idea that these monsters could even claim that CHILD PORNOGRAPHY was not found ‘properly’ and so they should not have to answer for possessing it.  ARE YOU FRICKEN KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?  The judge agrees with my opinion and has thrown the motion out.



Recently John Burbine’s lawyer made a proposition in the courts for a plea deal.  He proposed that Burbine be CASTRATED in exchange for a sharply reduced prison sentence of 15 YEARS.  Prosecutors rejected the offer and are continuing to prepare for the upcoming trial where they will seek a life sentence.  I say let’s castrate him and sentence him to life.  That sounds a little better – not enough for justice yet – but a little closer.




~ by LTWH on July 16, 2013.


  1. Is Marian Burbine still held liable now that there will be no conviction or guilty verdict against John Burbine?

  2. This case is a testament to the lack of cheap municipal/community daycare that exist in other countries. All too often it seems like nannies snap and they know they can get away with it as their premises are unsupervised and unmonitored. For all you people with nannies, beware, this could be your child next… Why there is no demand for cheap municipal/community daycares in the US, especially in the Northwest and in California is beyond me. It would create lots of jobs, create safe places for children to be while their parents are at work and eliminate cases like these.

  3. He raped ifants? What are ifants?

    • Infants are a Newborn to 1 yrs of age It actually means unable to speak This Piece of Garbage was especially Sick and its Wife should have to do his sentence now that the Coward has killed itself! I like to think that there is a Special place in Hell for these Sickos as their Poor Defencelessness Victims have been in their own Hell on earth because of them It sickens Me 😦

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