Baby Fox

Baby Fox

Travis Fox, 24,  is now 2 for 2.  He fathered two baby boys, and murdered both before they were 8 months old.  How you ask?  Fox’s first son, Travis II, died in September of 2011 when he was 6 months old.  Fox admitted to drinking tequila and tossing the baby boy on a chair.  When an autopsy was performed on Travis II, the results were inconclusive, which resulted in Fox being under investigation for what a probable cause affidavit calls a suspicious death, leaving Fox free to father his second son, William.

Travis and Tiffany Fox with William or Travis II

Travis and Tiffany Fox with William or Travis II

18 months after Travis II was murdered, his little brother, William, 7 months, met the same fate.  William was brought to the hospital where he was pronounced deceased.  The doctors found the baby’s injuries to be suspicious and Fox was quick to admit to his role in his son’s death.  He confessed to investigators that he shook his son violently for 30 – 45 seconds because William was ‘fussing’.  Fox then demonstrated the shaking for police which they can only describe as violent and horrific.

Travis Fox

Travis Fox

How many times do I need to say that when a child cries, hurting them will not stop the crying????  A diaper change, a bottle, some cuddling, a warm bath – these are all great methods to not only stop a baby from fussing, but keep the baby alive.  Apparently, Fox claims he was angry and tired because he had been up for two days with no sleep.  He admitted to drinking 5 beers before murdering William.  After confessing to William’s murder, Fox confessed to having murdered Travis II in the exact same fashion, as police already suspected.

Tiffany Fox

Tiffany Fox

Fox’s pastor has stated that he had reached out to help Travis with his drug addiction and anger issues, after Travis II passed away and he became suspicious that Fox was responsible.  In a strange sequence of events, the Washington County Deputy Coroner who did the autopsy on Travis II, recognized the family name when William was brought to the coroner’s and he called investigators to report what he knew.  This phone call is what led investigators to bring Fox in for questioning, when he confessed to both murders.

Travis and Tiffany Fox

Travis and Tiffany Fox

So where was Mom when this happened.  Tiffany Fox, who was the mother to both baby boys, stated that she never suspected her husband in her sons’ deaths, and now wants nothing to do with him.  The worst part – she is pregnant with Fox’s twins.

Fox, who was also on probation for residential burglary and other property crimes, is facing two counts of first-degree murder, and is being held without bond.  His trial was set to begin in June of 2013 but was delayed after the public offenders declared a conflict of interest.  The jury trial, to be
held in Washington County Circuit Court, is now set to begin on December 2,
2013.  We will keep you posted as
information is released.


In a bit of a surprising move, Travis Fox pled guilty to two counts of first degree murder, on for each William and Travis II.  After pleading guilty, Fox was sentenced to two life sentences with no chance of parole.  By pleading guilty, Fox avoided being sentenced to the death penalty.  This is another one of those cases where I still feel justice has not been done, yet I know that we have done the absolute most the courts will allow, and that is in itself a small victory.  In truth, justice is impossible to fully achieve in a conviction alone.  I think that along with a maximum sentence, the next thing we can do is to celebrate these baby boys’ lives.  William and Travis II will never be forgotten, and that is a small slice of justice.  I hope these angels are resting now, and I am sure that they are grateful to all those who fought for them.


William and Travis II Fox - Heaven to Home


~ by LTWH on July 16, 2013.


  1. hope he rots and so should the mother

  2. Why is this guy still able to have children?

  3. I think this sick bastard needs to be locked away and throw away the key. I hope whatever happens to him in jail is worth him killing two innocent babies. We all know that’sone thing ppl in jail can’t stand as far as the mom she knew cuz of the first baby come on

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