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Jamie Thornton Age Progressed to 28 Years Old

Jamie Thornton Age Progressed to 28 Years Old

Jamie Thornton

Jamie Thornton

Jamie Thornton

Date of Birth: November 12, 1984

White Male

Height: 3’2”     Weight: 30 lbs

Hair: Brown     Eyes: Brown

Missing: October 4, 1986     From: Pittsburgh, PA

Distinguishing Features:  Jamie has a birthmark on his RIGHT thigh.


Jamie was last seen playing with his 5 year old cousin in his front yard near Chartiers Creek.  At the time the creek was swollen rain and had risen to 6 feet higher than normal.  Authorities believe he may have fallen in and drowned, the current sweeping his body away.  His body has never been recovered.  There has been speculation that Jamie is alive and well, living in the New Jersey area.  There is nothing to substantiate these speculations however.

Jamie’s mother, Gloria Steffens, wants desperately to find Jamie, but there is a piece of her that is afraid of what it could mean if he’s found.  In March of 2011, Gloria became the first ever parent to provide her DNA to Pittsburgh police as part of a national project to link family members with the remains of lost relatives.  Detectives in the missing person squad will use free DNA kits provided by the University of North Texas to collect mouth swab samples from close relatives of missing people, then send them to researchers who will analyze the samples and enter them into a national database.  The database will compare the families DNA to remains found throughout the country.  The program had its first successful match when the remains of an 11 year old boy who went missing in 1994 was matched to family members’ DNA.  Even so, there are families that do not want to submit their DNA, because they do not want to find their child is deceased.  There are others that say they need to know either way.  Ultimately, what Gloria wants most is closure.  She wants her son home, even if it is to finally lay baby Jamie to rest.


If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Jamie Thornton, please immediately contact the Pittsburgh Police Department at:



The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children at:




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