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Charles E. Baker ~ Bradford County, Florida

Charles E. Baker ~ Bradford County, Florida

In Bradford County, Florida, the sheriff’s office is making the news with their solution to notifying the community about sexual predators that make the county their home.  Sheriff Gordon Smith has developed the program which ensures that each sexual predator in the county, 18 in total, has had a large red notification sign placed in front of their home on public property informing the public that they are a convicted sexual predator.  These signs are customized with the predator’s name, and only cost $10 each.  The Sheriff’s have utilized prisoners to do the work of posting the signs.

Kelvin Hamm Jr. ~ Bradford County, Florida

Kelvin Hamm Jr. ~ Bradford County, Florida

The sheriff’s have a legal duty to notify the communities when a sexual predator moves in, and this is the cheapest, and by far, the best, way to go about these notifications.  The Sheriff’s utilize FaceBook as well, and go door to door when the predator initially moves in, but they saw a gap in the area of continued notification.  Should someone move in after the initial notifications are made, they would have no idea that they are living next door to a convicted rapist.

Robert C. Wheaton ~ Bradford County, Florida

Robert C. Wheaton ~ Bradford County, Florida

Not all sex offenders have signs posted in front of their homes, only the most dangerous, the sexual predators that have been convicted of rape and child molestation.  In Florida, there is a difference between being a sex offender and being a sexual predator.  A sexual predator is someone who’s been convicted of a first degree felony that’s sexual in nature, or multiple second degree felonies that are sexual in nature.

The reflective red signs serve as a very forthright notification in attempts of keeping the community safe and preventing further victims at the hands of these monsters.

Brian Speer ~ Bradford County, Florida

Brian Speer ~ Bradford County, Florida

Sexual predator, Brian Speer, who was convicted of child molestation, now has a large red sign outside his home, told reporters, “I think it’s a lot of bull, I believe than anybody that has a criminal background should have a sign in front of their house if we have one in front of ours.”  My response – don’t be a disgusting loathsome piece of scum and rape people and molest children if you don’t want a sign stating you are exactly what you are – a sexual predator.  Here’s my alternative option, have your sexual organs removed, and we will be happy to exempt you from the sign.  Sounds like a fair trade right?

John Goodman ~ Bradford County, Florida

John Goodman ~ Bradford County, Florida

Not all sex offenders oppose the notification through a permanent sign.  Jeffrey Mitchell of Miramar Beach, Florida, even went so far as to post his own sign in his front yard reading “Sex offender residence until the day I die.”  Mitchell states he did so not to be vilified, but to start a dialogue about the very real situation that society is now facing in the effort to keep our citizens safe.  John Goodman, a convicted sexual predator, spoke out saying “I’ve done learned my lesson.  I don’t do things like that anymore.”.  He has stated that he has no problem with the sign that now stands in front of his home.

Sean L. Sterling ~ Bradford County, Florida

Sean L. Sterling ~ Bradford County, Florida

This method has absolutely raised controversy with some coming forward stating that the sex offenders may face harassment from the community.  As for those of you who want to bitch and cry about the sexual predators’ rights …. here’s what I say.  If it was your child that this monster had raped, would you still be concerned with their rights??  Can you look this man in the eye knowing that he molested a helpless, innocent child, and demand that he be treated fairly??  Do you think he treated his VICTIM fairly?  People do make mistakes, but molesting a child is not a mistake.  It is not an act that can be forgotten, nor an act that we can ever achieve complete justice for the victim.  A sexual predator is someone we know is a threat, and we have the obligation as parents to protect our children from known threats.  To do anything different would be negligence.


Alright folks, so now I have given my very strong opinion on the matter, I want to hear yours.  How do you feel about programs such as this and why?

Take our poll and leave a comment, it is time we began to open discussions about these types of matters.


~ by LTWH on August 18, 2013.


  1. This is by far the best idea I have heard of for notifications. This should be mandatory in all counties in all 50 states.

  2. I love this idea!! Families have a right to know what is living next door or down the street from them.

  3. Today we have enough technology that would let the public know about the sexual predators. The statutes state that what is deemed appropriate. any one can call the sheriff office and ask if there is one located in their neighbor hood. posting a sign brings bad morale and brings the neighborhood value down and no one will want to buy property or rent in the neighbor hood nor even go into bradford county at all. I noticed while in bradford county that they love signs telling people what to do and it seems that they are behaving like new yourk yet in new yourk they do not post sexual offenders and sexual predator signs. They are using the vague law that states whatever is deemed appropriate and its very political . when entering their county there is a sign posted no drug tolerance and with a picture of handcuffs it is alerting me that they have problems. also, being the largest prison in the state it does no good marketing for that county and it draws negative conclusions and negative energy and the city is marked by developers not to expand there. they want to see employment go up and business grow their then they need to present themselves in a better light. The predators are everywhere. Even in m y neighborhood. Its small town and its behaving very prejudice and it really makes the county look bad. Its the same mentaligy as in the past when the so called religous leaders posted an A on a woman committed adultery in the community. If they want to do better in bradford county then they really should find more positive ways to make their community lookgood not bad. The property values will not increase and the county will attract people that will not invest in their community. These are Christians and its really sad.

  4. I am tempted to believe, that all these persons served time in jail for what they did. In legal terms they paid up, in emotional terms they can’t ever pay up. The general assumption seems to be, since their crimes were sexual, that they are likely repeat offenders. If we take a step back and detach ourselves from the viciousness and hideousness of their crimes, would this make sense for convicted thieves and burglars, would it prevent repetition? I am not sure about it, not at all. So I am asking myself, why should it stop repetition in case of sexual predators? Will lifelong humiliation prevent repeat crimes? Will it be a deterrent to future offenders? Shouldn’t we rather offer Christian forgiveness and human dignity, wouldn’t that do a better job than lifelong revenge/punishment for what can’t be undone? I have no good answer to that. I am very concerned to see how overweight the law enforcement officers are. I would expect a high degree of physical fitness in such job.

  5. I believe it is a good idea, because sex offenders nearly never disclose that they are ones and so a lot of times you and your children are in danger and don’t even know it. I have experienced that, because where I live usually does not bother to tell citizens that a registered sex offender has been released from incarceration to live among us. In my town there is a used car lot with affordable prices run by a seemingly nice man and I was looking to buy a car, but before I went on there I was looking at his selection online and ran across a review that shocked and scared me. It said ‘Attention,this business is owned and operated by a convicted and registered Tier III sex offender! It is highly recommended that ALL women and their children STAY FAR AWAY from this place!’ . There was a link attached and low and behold the dealership owner really was a high risk sexual predator! I would gladly pay more taxes for these signs so that I and no one else accidentally comes into contact with sexual predators.

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