Madyson Van Cleave Hook

Madyson Van Cleave Hook

Madyson Van Cleave Hook

Madyson Van Cleave Hook

Madyson Van Cleave Hook was a beautiful little girl.  Sadly, she will never grow into a young lady, instead remaining a little girl forever in our hearts.

Madyson was being babysat by her mother’s, Kayla Hook, boyfriend, Carl Cottee Jr., when emergency responders were called to the home.  When police arrived, they found Madyson not breathing and showing signs of trauma to her body.  The 4 year old was rushed to the hospital where she pronounced dead.  The cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head.

Madyson’s family was initially told that her death was accidental.  They were told that Cottee was giving the little girl a bath when she got dizzy, passed out, and hit her head.  The family quickly learnt that this was a far cry from what really happened to Madyson.  The little girl was covered in bruises and had MULTIPLE skull fractures.

Carl Cottee Jr.

Carl Cottee Jr.

Madyson’s grandmother is especially affected, as she had reported that she believed Madyson was being abuse two short weeks before the little girl was murdered.  She says “It’s horrible I just can’t imagine her going through that pain.  I can hear her saying ‘I love my Nan Nan.’”  According to the grandmother, Madyson had begun talking about being locked in a dresser and being left alone.  Fearful for her granddaughter’s safety, she called and reported the suspected abuse.  CPS was called in to investigate the reports, but nothing ever came of it.

Cottee has been arrested and charged with murder, child neglect and cruelty, and injuries to a child.

Madyson’s family stresses the importance of speaking up and speaking out about child abuse.  It is a tragedy that although Madyson’s family did in fact report the abuse, CPS failed to save the little girl’s life.  That seems to be a statement I am writing a lot these days.  CPS failed to save this little girl’s life.  Wild animals protect their children better than society protects ours.  In the wild, if a baby gorilla was harmed or threatened, not only would its parents intervene immediately to save the baby, but they entire family would intervene.  An entire herd of water buffalo will attack and kill a lion that is a threat to their young.

Madyson Van Cleave Hook

Madyson Van Cleave Hook

How can we call ourselves civilized when we have lost such a large part of humanity?  When did we decide to become so complacent about our children being victimized?  I for one refuse to be a follower and just shrug my shoulders saying stuff happens.  This happens and I will fight to my dying day to change this.  This does not need to happen, people need to stop for a moment in this hectic world and really check their priorities.

Madyson and Haidyn

Madyson and Haidyn

Are we really willing to turn our back on our children, our future?  If you can live with doing nothing while knowing this abuse is taking place, then I feel deeply sad for you.  I can’t live with this.  I can’t sit by and let this continue.  I choose everyday to fight to protect all children.  It’s time more people joined this fight.

I don’t want to see CPS fail another family, another child.  I want answers as to why this was allowed to happen.  I want people held accountable for the results of their inaction.  If CPS won’t protect our children, then fire the whole lot of them and stop wasting money paying the salaries for these people to just sit on their asses.

Madyson Van Cleave Hook

Madyson Van Cleave Hook

A large part of what makes this case SO infuriating, is the simple fact that those who loved and adored Madyson, did the right thing.  They reported the suspected abuse.  They asked for help, and nobody listened.  Madyson is a beautiful little girl, full of love and life.  She brought so much joy to those around her, and it is this that Madyson should be remembered for.  Yes, we need to confront the abuse, and we need to fight for justice, we must do this if we want to save other children from the same fate.  HOWEVER, we can also choose to celebrate Madyson’s life at the same time.  Many of you have been following this organization for years, and for that I thank you, so you all know that I call it as it is.

Madyson and Haiydn

Madyson and Haiydn

I need everyone out there to know that Madyson was LOVED.  She was adored, and spoiled.  She was hugged and kissed, and taken to the beach.  Madyson had an aunt, who just happened to be her age.  The two were like twins, spending endless amounts of time together.  Madyson and Haidyn are the two little girls you see walking hand in hand in the mall, and you stop and smile, knowing that the joy and love they are just radiating is unrivaled, by anyone.  A monster may have taken Madyson’s life, but he can never take her soul, her love, her bonds with her family.  Madyson’s spirit lives on, and the love her family has for her still continues to grow.

Madyson Van Cleave Hook's Grave, showered with love.

Madyson Van Cleave Hook’s Grave, showered with love.

I have had the distinct privilege of getting a small, very small, look into Madyson’s family, and I can say that these folks who are suffering and fighting through this tragedy all while continuing to honor Madyson’s life with class, grace and dignity, are people that I would not hesitate to allow them to take care of my sons for the afternoon.  My boys are my everything, my life starts and ends with them.  I would never put them in a situation where I think a person would even so much as give them a strange look, so I am very picky about who my children meet.  I want my boys to meet this family, to see their love, and play with Haidyn, to go to the beach in Madyson’s memory.

Madmad – you beautiful little angel, keep shining your light baby girl – we can feel you all around.

We will continue to update Madyson’s case as new information becomes available.


MadMad's Sandcastle Tribute

MadMad’s Sandcastle Tribute

Madyson Van Cleave Hook - HEAVEN TO HOME



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  1. i am madysons nana there are no words to describe how much i miss my precious little angel i think about her everyday i am gonna fight 2 speak out 4 madyson my family and i miss her so much justice will be served for our angel all i ask is for prayers 2 give me and my family the strength to fight for her and other children it only takes 1 person and i am that one I Love and miss you so much you r the light 2 keep me fighting !!!!

    • I am so sorry for all that you have been through. We are not going to let Madyson slip by the wayside. We fully support you and are eager to make changes in the way reports of child abuse are handled. To keep Madyson’s case in the forefront I would like to spotlight her case. If this is something you would like to do, please email me at and I will give you all the details we need to do such.
      Our thoughts are with you.

      • i would like 2 right at moment i cant w the case coming up im a fighter and i gaurentee im gonna be heard this should of never happened she should still be on this earth w me please email me in private there is things i cant talk about right now but im gonna keep on goin thank u

  2. thank you

  3. 5 months ago today our precious lil madyson was taken from the whole family not just us…madyson we will seek justice for you and justice will prevail…you are a void in all and everyone who knew you lives….we love you and you will forever be with us in spirit and always in our hearts….also madyson as much as I hate to say it forgive your mom for being so blind…love you always and forever….your missing you so very much everyday pop pop…I miss you

  4. Someone please tell me why the mother of Madyson is using the last name of the guy who tortured and murdered this beautiful little girl? She is a sick and twisted person who should never be allowed to bear any more children!!

    • She has hi mm tatted on her too. Her facebook name is Kayla Cottee. Main pic isbl of him and the killer.

  5. I have no idea right now skeeter and I are only focusing on madyson all the great wonderful times evev though madyson was only with us for 4 yrs we do have a lot of great memories of her and that is why we are focusing on our beautiful granddaughter she is so very missed by all she touched so many lives I just want to Thank everyone all the family and friends for the love and support tracy madysons nana

  6. I have called cps for the last 5 mths about my great niece and great nephew and even police and not a thing has been done and I will sue their buts off if something happens to them babies. I have taken care of them a couple of months here and their and would die for them…how do we get thm to take us serious before something bad happens to of now they are in the care of a registerd sex offender and the cops do nothing.the kids mom is in jail and the dads???

    • Oh Kathy, I am so sorry for the position you are in. I would advise calling CPS daily to make reports, and call your local law enforcement and inquire as to what would need to happen to get them involved. I don’t want to see the system fail you are those precious babies. I would also suggest contacting law enforcement regarding the stipulations on the sex offenders release – if he/she is not allowed near children, the police can go in and remove the kids.

      If you would like to email me privately so that we can go into more detail and I can see what I can do, please don’t hesitate. The email address is

  7. Madyson not a day goes by that I don’t think of you baby girl. You were such a fun, loving ,beautiful little girl . You are so very missed by many.As the time is coming closer to the hearing let your presents be known .You live threw many as this day comes . I know for a fact that your family will voice what needs to be heard . Just give your family the support to get them threw this and fight for what needs to be fought.
    I look at the sky at night looking for your star to twinkle to let us know to keep fighting for you and for all the other children . Baby girl you have a family that is not going to let you down .Keep giving us those twinkles from your star . Love you and miss you dearly !!!!

  8. It is always the live in sex toy with a heartbeat! When are parents finally going to understand that just because a person makes them feel good,doesn’t mean the person cares for their child also? A few dollars for a real babysitter is more than worth a child’s life.


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