Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs was almost 3 years old when she was ripped from this world.  A beautiful, promising life ended in torture and pain, all inflicted by Kelsey’s mother’s, Raye Dawn Smith, boyfriend, Michael Lee Porter.

Kelsey’s parents were already divorced when the little girl was born.  It is said that the marriage was broken by domestic violence, with Lance Briggs allegedly punching Smith in the stomach causing a miscarriage in 2000.  Smith has said that Lance had given her several black eyes, bruised ribs and has pulled out her hair.  She also alleges that Lance would go around the house breaking the things that were important to her.

She says that Lance also threw her Pomeraniam against a wall and busted her nose in front of friends.  It was after this that Smith says she left Lance and went to live with her parents.  No charges were ever laid in the alleged abuse.

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs and Lance Briggs

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs and Lance Briggs

Kelsey’s father, Lance, did not even know Kelsey was his daughter until she was three months old.  It is easy to see the turmoil that Kelsey was born into.  When Lance found out that Kelsey was his daughter, he and his family were consistently involved in Kelsey’s life and loved the baby girl from the very start.  Lance actually had Kelsey’s name legally changed to include his last name.

In the year before Kelsey was murdered, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services was “closely observing” the little girl.

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

The first 2 years of Kelsey’s life were abuse free.  She was a beautiful little girl who brought a smile to every face.  In January 2005, the abuse began, right at the time when Michael Porter entered the little girl’s life.  Kelsey’s injuries were frequent and severe.  In that one year, Kelsey suffered with a broken collarbone, both legs broken at the same time, and bruises and abrasions all over her little face and body, amongst other injuries.

Workers at the daycare Kelsey attended began to see signs of abuse when Smith and Porter began dating.  Around this time, Kathie Briggs was also grandparent visitation through the courts.  When the workers noticed the bruises that were suddenly on Kelsey, some looking like finger marks, other bruises on her ears, each side began to point fingers at each other.

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs and Raye Dawn Smith

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs and StepMom Ashley

Kelsey was actually tested to see if she had a medical condition that caused her to bruise easily in an effort to explain why the baby girl’s body was so battered.  Medical tests ruled out any medical condition.  The tension between the two families was thick, and communication between the two was shaky at best.

On January 17, 2005, the Oklahoma DHS confirmed child abuse against Smith, after Kelsey was brought to the hospital with a broken collarbone, multiple bruises and abrasions to her lower back, buttocks and thighs.

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

Smith had attempted to explain the injuries away saying that Kelsey fell from her crib.  Kelsey was placed into the care of her paternal grandmother, Kathie Briggs.  Smith was granted supervised visitation, which led to unsupervised visitation.  Smith fully cooperated with the DHS, completing every course and evaluation she needed to in order to regain custody of Kelsey.  The proceedings that followed before placing Kelsey back in Smith’s care were lengthy and troubling.

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs and Lance Briggs

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs and Lance Briggs

Kathie told the judge that each time she had Kelsey, she would undress the little girl and take pictures for documentation, as well as having other witnesses examine Kelsey when she arrived and before she left.

Michael Lee Porter

Michael Lee Porter

It was about this time when Kelsey began to display some disturbing behaviour.  She began self mutilating, counting her bruises and biting and scratching herself.  She would pick at her fingernails and toenails to the point where she was missing one toenail entirely when she died.

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

Judge Craig Key described Kesley’s behaviour in the book he released regarding Kelsey’s case. “Although she was in protective custody, it was apparent that Kelsey wasn’t adjusting to being in the Briggs home. A red flag was raised for me, as a judge, when DHS told me Kelsey’s hair began falling out in clumps while in the care of Kathie Briggs. Kelsey’s hair was falling out to the point that she had a bald spot on the back of her head the size of a baseball. She began self-mutilating by biting her arms, and as clearly stated in Kelsey’s obituary submitted by the Briggs, she was apparently biting the Briggs family as well.

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

Kelsey’s behavior and hair loss during this time were all documented by DHS…Why Kelsey acted differently while in the custody of Kathie Briggs is unclear. Why Kelsey was timid, lethargic, and asleep during almost every DHS visit is also unclear. But what’s clear is the tug-of-war was starting to get to the child both mentally and physically.

In April of 2005, Kelsey was again brought to the hospital, this time with two broken legs.  Medical staff confirmed that both injuries were spiral fractures in different stages of healing and were caused by child abuse.  Kelsey was taken into state care at that time.  When Kelsey was asked if someone hurt her, she replied “Yes”.  When she was asked who hurt her, she would not respond.  She was then asked if she knew what ‘hurt’ meant.  Tiny Kelsey nodded her head yes and pointed to her two broken legs wrapped entirely in casts.

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

Kelsey’s abuse was witnessed by Porter’s 7 year old daughter, who told investigators that her father would abuse Kelsey until the little girl threw up.  She also stated that Porter would be nice to Kelsey when other people were around.

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

I wish the story ended here.  I wish I could tell you that Kesley is healthy and well, but I can’t.  For the first time in a long time, I can say that DHS workers, did everything they could to protect Kelsey, but were overruled by a judge, who ordered that Kelsey be returned to her mother, ignoring the recommendation of DHS to keep the little girl in state care.  The judge stated that Kelsey’s abuser was “unknown” and there for she should be returned.  In my opinion, this judge created the circumstances that led to Kelsey’s murder.

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs and Lance Briggs

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs and Lance Briggs

He played his part in failing Kelsey, and I hope that every day of his life he wakes up and remembers that his ruling, sent a beautiful, innocent, defenceless baby girl to her death at the hands of the man she called ‘Daddy Mike’.

On October 11, 2005, Smith left Kelsey with Porter while she went to pick his 7 year old daughter up from school.  Kelsey was sleeping when Smith left the home, dressed only in a T-Shirt because according to Smith, they were “running out of pull ups”.

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

When Smith arrived home, she found Kelsey being loaded into an ambulance, wearing a pull up.  When Smith began to question Porter as to why she was in a pull up, he told her that he didn’t want people thinking ‘things’ about him.  Kelsey died on the way to the hospital.  Her death was ruled a homicide from blunt force trauma to the abdomen, which indicated that someone punched or kicked the baby girl so hard in the stomach that it killed her.  Kelsey was covered in bruises and had been repeatedly forcefully sexually assaulted.

Michael Lee Porter was charged with sexual assault and first degree murder.  After Kelsey’s death, investigators discovered child pornography on his computer.  In February of 2007, he pled guilty to enabling child abuse and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Raye Dawn Smith

Raye Dawn Smith

Raye Dawn Smith was charged with enabling child abuse.  On July 18, 2007, she was convicted of the charges and sentenced to 27 years in prison.

Every day around the world children are dying as a direct result of child abuse.  Sometimes we forget that each of these children are individual and unique, and each of them added their own little piece of themselves to this world.  They are often only remembered for the abuse they suffered, and yes, that needs to never be forgotten if we hope to change the way our children are protected.

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

So after reading Kelsey’s tragic story, let’s switch gears a little.  Let me introduce to you the Kelsey that shined her light into the lives of so many.

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs stole the hearts of judges at a baby pageant and walked away with the proud title of Miss Personality.  When her daddy, Lance, married her stepmother, Ashley, Kelsey attended the wedding with the big title of Mini-Bride.

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs and Raye Dawn Smith

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs and Raye Dawn Smith

Kelsey’s favorite movies were Brother Bear, Shrek and The Fox and the Hound.  Although Kelsey could not say fox quite right yet, instead it came out sounding like the “F-Word”.  You have to smile hearing that, we’ve all been there when one of our toddlers has no idea that their favorite word is profanity laced.

Kelsey was a fan of cabbage patch dolls, and would twirl her fingers in their hands to help her to go to sleep.

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

She was a very independent little girl, refusing help by saying “No, I do it.”  Kelsey’s favorite foods were pizza and pickles.  She was a very animated little girl that you just can’t help but love.  When something didn’t go the way it was supposed to, she would hit her hand against her forehead and say “Oh man!”.  Kelsey started her phone addiction a little earlier than most girls.  She would have long conversations with her daddy, even if no one was on the other line.  Kelsey loved to be read to, and Grandpa Briggs was always more than happy to oblige his baby girl.

Kelsey was just an average happy little girl who loved playing in water, eating, playing outside and going to the zoo.  She was carefree and confident.  It’s hard to acknowledge that this little girl, who is so like our own children, was beat mercilessly until she couldn’t fight to survive any longer.

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs' Grave

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs’ Grave

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

Kelsey’s story is heart breaking.  This little girl suffered through pain and abuse that most adults could not face.  She was robbed of her life, and there will never be justice for that.  There are a lot of people out there that are making a fight between mother and father more important than honoring Kelsey’s life.  The scream in defense for one side or the other, but you know what they are not screaming for – KELSEY.  When we carry on this fight after Kelsey’s death, when we continue to argue even after everything that can be said and done is said and done, we are only marring Kelsey’s memory with the details of her death.  This is essentially carrying on Kelsey’s abuse into her death.  What’s done is done – we need to now step back, and pay tribute to this incredible little girl.  We need to make sure that when someone speaks Kelsey’s name, the see a smiling little girl full of vitality, not a battered body beaten by abuse.  We need to honor Kelsey, and to remember the good she showered on everyone around when she was with us.

When you say the name Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs, remember this:

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs

Kelsey Shelton Smith-Briggs - Heaven to Home




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  1. I am a 53 year old woman from Northern Ireland. I know our country has it’s troubles but in all my life I have never heard such appalling stories. This little angel Kelsey suffered as stated more than an adult could endure. The fear alone would not let her tell the name of her abuser. The families on both sides should be ashamed of themselves for fighting over Kelsey, instead they should of both just enjoyed the precious moments everyday. I am staying on these sites even if what I have to say means little to some people it means a lot to me. I was sexually abused and physically abused from the age of 8. Fear stopped me from speaking out but my God this has to be looked at more severely than any thing else in this world . I just want the world to know and it has to happen some how. One little step leads to giant leaps. Let us never forget these abused and tortured angels.

  2. I don’t think that there should be any sentencing what so ever! These people should be put to death in the electric chair or hanged by the neck until dead, why should they get a roof over their head, 3 square meals a day, tv, books…etc….. we as the public shouldn’t have to support murderers of children or anyone else, or animals…. if you kill you should be killed… an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth!! Just kill them!!!

    • I agree. I feel the same way about animals too.

      Take care and be safe out there.

    • I absolutely agree they should be executed the moment they are caught harming a chils of any age.

      • Oh how I agree with this one. If jailed, no parole, no time off for good behaviour. No appeals. Hopefully if the state has execution, that will happen quickly. No more exuses.

  3. The photos are not showing up. Must say.. I have tears in my eyes reading these horrendous abuses! Some monsters are not fit to be called “parents”

  4. There are 528 votes for “X amount of years to be suspended WITH EARLY PAROLE!

    If there is that many votes for that, just think of how many are out there who agree with that and didn’t vote. I’m sure the numbers quadrouple.

    528 child raping baby killers voted. How vile.

  5. ….and the devil is out like a roaring lion seeking whom he shall devour. Men (& women) who do this to little children/babies are deciples of the devil. When caught they should be strung up and worse and worse and worse. This little girl – what she went through is unimaginable and no adult with a sound mind to stop it in her life? The mother is a bitch. She didn’t notice or have an inkling of what her child was going through?

  6. God has a place for these devils and it’s hell where the flesh never dies and the soul knows no light but utter darkness and death.
    Matthew 25:40-42
    King James Version (KJV)
    40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

    41 Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye
    cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:

    42 For I was an hungred, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink

    If God punished them for in hell for giving no food or water to a soul then the punishment for those who abuse an innocent child will be their own abuse and hate showered back on them-
    because only they can themselves can give justification for it
    and there will be and never was or is justification for it so they will endure it for all eternity. What can they repent of if they know and feel only evil?
    God is the judge all in short time they will soon repay.

  7. My prayer that when these innocent angel pass on they will have no rememberance. I pray that more light be distributed so that evil has no way of lurking in the darkness and preying on innocent souls, wether they be children, elderly, handicapped or animals. Make the weak and innocent be made strong and evil be seen witnessed and brought to justice and vindicated immediately for what it is before all we can do is mourn the loss.

  8. Any crime, especially sexual ones, should be punished severely. Skinning and tarring is a good option followed by a bath in salt, then lye.

    If they still want to live, then break their legs with a bat. If they still want to live, decapitate them.

    They are below the slimiest of the world and should have no rights to a trial or a lawyer. In fact, any lawyer who volunteers to defend these slugs need the same treatment.

    Kids are our futures and we need to find a way to identify these deviants and eliminate them before they do damage.

  9. Read up on My Granddaughters Case, They slap the person on the Hand,

  10. This has left me so sad and speechless there is no more to say god bless Kelsey and may the sunshine shine on you forever…..

  11. My friend and his 2 son”s are living a violence domestic and child abuse his wife is a military member and no agency want help even he has a lot of evidence nobody want be involved …NOW I CAN UNDERSTAND WHY…..IF THIS LITTLE GIRL LOSS HER LIFE BECAUSE THE NEGLIGENCE OF tHE AGENCY IS POST TO HELP N SAFE CHILDREN’S DONT DO THEIR RIGHT JOB.PLUS ALL THE JUDGE INVOLVED …WHAT I CAN EXPECTED FOR US….???

  12. I don’t think they should be killed. They should live with what they have done.

  13. It’s such a very cruel world we are living in. It makes me want to be with anyone. You don’t know who to trust anymore not even your own blood. How can a parents kill there own child. SICK SICK SICK. Women just open there legs and have fun and get pregnant and get on welfare and then kill there kids. Now a day’s sex has no meaning. Sex now a days it’s like a sport. People just do it. I’m a woman myself, I blame the mother’s for meeting a monster. Then, the boyfriend or the dad rape the child. Women just be with any man who makes them feel good in bed there’s a lot of sign when a man or a woman is evil. WTF wrong with women now a day’s. Adults/ parents who kills a child should not get 26 yrs. In prison. They should be in the death penalty. Remember this people who reads my comment observe a child behavior or see any bruises and if a child is acting not right please do something. A child always tells the truth. Please let’s stop child abuse it hurts me so badly that the mother’s goes along hurting and even raping there own child along with there man. I just don’t f&/^€ng get it. Sometimes I wonder if God will forgive those who rapes and kill there children. To all the little angels who suffered by the hands of a sick human being you will never suffer no more your now in heaven, especially Briana.RIP

  14. my heart goes out to all the children gone too soon, may you rest in peace sweet angels, where you can no longer feel any pain. people like DHS in the USA, and CAS in Ontario don’t care about the children being abused. they only concentrate on taking children from loving families so they can get abused, raped and so on till death, it’s the only way these cold hearted bastards know how to make a buck. visit DHS and CAS are as powerful as god, even if the police know what they are doing is wrong they have they can’t even stop them governmental law that cas has no rules or regulation, they can do as they want. so many bills have tried by the democratic party to make these child killers have rules and regulations, cause isn’t that the reason there suppose to be around to protect the children, where as they do is join the child killers . these cold hearted companies thrive on apprehending children from aboriginal and low income families, cause they know once the family is out of money for legal fees, a legal won’t help, they side with whatever the CAS or DHS worker has written in their reports. hearing stories of how many children, which over 65% of those are from 0-4 years of age. all the heart breaking stories I have watched they will leave me forever broken. I cannot fathom how someone can hurt a innocent child, I have 4 children of my own and I would give my own soul to protect them

  15. The first picture that claims to be Kelsey and her mother, Raye Dawn Smith, (the one where Kelsey is wearing the striped green dress, laying down) is actual Kelsey and her step-mother, Ashley. Just thought you should know. Beautiful tribute to Miss Kelsey.

  16. She is a Beautiful angel playing in God’s beautiful kingdom. God is in control of all wrath. I leave all wrath up to Him. It breaks my heart that this precious child had to face such pain that should NEVER have happened to her. As I type my heart and body fills up with rage. But I know God is in control. And He does not want me to feel anything but love towards this child. He will take care of the rest. Thank you Lord!

  17. I hope this sub-human is receiving the same treatment in jail that he bestowed on Kelsey. RIP angel. Xoxo

  18. This is absolutely disgusting!!!! That Judge should be tried & held accountable for his involvement & should be charged right alongside the bitch & the bastard for “enabling child abuse & murder”. When is this going to stop!!?? Who’s going to teach these judges & child protection systems when they continuously make the wrong decision & lead these children to their brutal death!!?? They need to be held accountable just as much as the abuser! Why is the mother held accountable but, not the judge!? Too many children are being murdered because of judges who don’t have the sense god gave them!! WHY, WHY, WHY are they not being charged!!?? As for the Mom, some people are defending her saying things like, Do you see an abused child in these pics? No, neither did her Mom. REALLY!!?? She was a toddler!! A Mom sees her toddlers naked body several times a day each & every day!!! There is no possible friggin way she did not see bruising on her body & around her genitals!!! No friggin way!!! Kelsey should not have been with any single person in any of those families!!! They’re all dangerous to a small child & should never be allowed to ever have any other children in their care! If a grown woman is being abused (sometimes even a grown man), they have the knowledge & ability to take themselves out of the situation. When a child is being abused, they have no way out on their own! Their only way out is through the involvement of the system. Their little lives completely depend on the system that failed Kelsey & others & got them murdered!!!!! When is this going to end!? When is someone really going to protect the children once & for all!!?? And, Michael, charged with enabling!!!??? WTF!!!??? Again the wonderful work of the legal system! A man who has porn of his 2 year old step daughter & was identified by his own daughter as brutally beating Kelsey until she would throw up, charged with enabling!!!??? ENABLING!!!!???? I would like to enable my baseball bat to smash his friggin head in right after I’ve smashed his genitals in!!!!! What the hell is wrong with this world!!?? DISGUSTING!!!!!

  19. you are beautiful! Give Jesus a hug for me 😘

  20. I think raye new about the abuse of her little girl she needs to be in prison more than 27 years to and also kathie briggs bc Kelsey was in her care when she broke both her legs and DHS even said that was from child abuse 😠👿

  21. Both the breathing sex toy and Mommy Dearest can go free when baby girl Kelsey gets out of the cold grave they put her in…..

  22. my heart goes out to all the children gone too soon, may you rest in peace sweet angels, where you can no longer feel any pain. I just don’t understand why people will hurt their own kids like that, if people are gonna do that they have no rights to have their kids or don’t deserve to have any child. Precious angels don’t deserve to be beaten for no reason. I just can’t stand people who does that it makes me sick to my stomach. Kelsey didn’t do nothing wrong she was only a child and her mom and step dad need to be in jail more then what they have right now. Kelsey is a beautiful little angel and my prayers goes to her whole family. I just can’t imagine hurting my own son or any kid. Your supposed to love your kids not hurt them. People are just so cruel these days. When I found about Kelsey Briggs I sat down and cried because it breaks my heart hearing about a child or baby being beaten to death. Kelsey live on angel in gods kingdom be happy sweet angel. No child that was beaten will never be forgotten not even Kelsey Briggs. R.I.P

  23. For Omaree, a few who came in contact with you, your teachers, tried to save you but were ignored by child protective services, the rest, even the police officers who came when you secretly called 911 and left the phone off the hook so dispatchers could hear the screaming and beating, who saw your frightened face, didn’t, because they were at the end of their shift. So, even when you tried to save yourself, you couldn’t and those who should have protected you from conception, wouldn’t.
    Never given enough to eat, Beaten for years by a series of boyfriends, and the last stepfather, and finally, kicked to death by your mother.
    Through all of this, you remained a sweet boy. A beautiful soul.
    God help us all when we live in a world that ravages the innocents.

  24. I can’t believe, it’ so sad this little girl have to live on this way, I just hope the two monsters pay for what they’ve done.

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  31. I just recently stumbled on this site a day or two ago and have been going through the case files and have only posted a comment on one but I was wondering if this one was on here. Kelsey’s case is the one that got me paying attention. Something about this precious girl woke me up and it was like a slap in the face. I watched probably 40 something videos easily about it and have visited 5 websites on the case. The info about her is pretty spot on and actually learned something. However I noticed like 2 minor errors but they are minute and there is some stuff completely left out that I think is kind of a big deal and giving the big picture of what Kelsey went through and makes a difference to most people I think just because its so appalling. I mean this little princess didn’t stand much of a chance but she kept moving forward putting on smiles and being sweet when 8 out of 10 would be beyond withdrawn they would have their mental and psychical growth become retarded. <—- I don't mean that as derogatory like in reverse but worse. I dont like when it becomes not about kelsey either and the constant finger pointing between families (I dont know anyone from either side) but I do believe Kelseys WHOLE story should be told not have anything swept under the rug. I also believe her story does not end when she passed away. I say that because sentencing on the perpetrators matters and anyone doing anything in her name is a part of her legacy in a way but that is my opinion. Now I am not sure if you have read the transcripts from OCCY reports or even read the autopsy or not but I do have the autopsy and the OCCY reports but im trying to figure out if their OCS reports were ever released because I know they were not wanting them to be. I cant think of the name of OCS but they fired at least 3 or 4 case workers but big deal. Lance sued everyone up and down the line from medical board to OCS and like 3 other agencies i believe winning half some of them I know and losing some. He was also awarded Kelseys entire estate which I have reason to believe thats what kathy briggs was after the entire time. Kathy started a Kelsey foundation taking donations and a judge shut it down and he should have. I dont know if you are aware but think about this after Kelseys death they did find child porn on the hard drive so the exhumed kelseys body and thats when they discovered forcible entry to her private area with bruising and I think it said a tear to hear anus. Makes me boil however it also stated they thought it was from an object forced in her but it could also have been from trauma of being kicked or something else like that. But I find a problem with that because it stated a bruise on the inner wall I believe sorry I read it 3 days ago. In these OCCY reports it has notes taken from what OCS and some others said which is revealing but Kelsey had 6 agencies envoloved in her case and atleast 3 attorneys. One being OJSO, DHS, CWS, and CASA . Listen to this if the Briggs gave a shit why once Mike Porter was charged with sexual assault and child abuse when it came time for his trial did they go to the D.A. and tell him they couldnt bear a long trial dragging out so the suggested giving a plea deal to mike porter which is what the D.A. did and that was for enabling child abuse. UNBELIEVABLE so guess what when Mike Porter gets gets out lets see he got 30 yrs and has to do mandatory I believe 28 yrs give or take a year he does not have to registor as a sex offender and not only that he wont even be known much less as a chilkd murderer WTF. Then the briggs wanted Ray dawn the mother to be charged and go to prison and I agree she needed to be charged with atleast something so D.A. served that up for miss Briggs. She got a wopping 27 years for enabling child abuse I have mixed emotion on the lenght of the sentence but im not going to judge the jury I wasnt there but I do know when they got a change of venue so she could get a fair trial because it had aired on the news 5 days out of 7 for 2 years they moved it down the road 30 miles and not only that being scandalous the judge would not allow a litany of evidence into the court that I believe was craziness. I studied business law for a year and criminal justice for 3 years made straight A's and was given a partial scholarship to South west Texas State for criminology so I can hold my own but im not trying to act like I passed the BAR ok. The judge just showed an unfairness to the point the trial was kind of a shame. The amount of media coverage this case had why in the world would he not sequester the jury. In deliberation the foreman or someone else had newspaper clippings from the over the course of the case WTF. I mean I just dont get what was going on because It had been found out by the ray dawn smith side that after Mike Porter bailed out which he should have had no bail that him and the Briggs began talking via email and then through kathie Briggs daughter over the phone until eventually they had a face to face meeting one night. I am not making this up im dead serious. The briggs were using Mike as a means to their ends which was to send Raye Dawn to prison and I get that but not at the expense of conspiring with the murderer and tormentor of Kelsey that is going to far. Mike was using them to buld a strategy for his defense he was scared of life or death penalty and well it worked for him to he skated of with a 30 yr deal and no strings when hes released. He currently at an unknown location "prison" under a assumed name and put into protective custody. Something stinks to high heaven about this. Im glad Ray dawn got sentenced but obviously the D.A. his conscience was weighing on him because midway through trial he offered a plea deal and im talking a good one lessening her charge if she would admit to spanking Kelsey with a hair brush with a diaper on. she said no. trial resumed she was found guilty and D.A. offered one more time a plea deal just say you spanked her with a brush and she wouldnt do it she said im not admitting to something I did not do I love my baby. I truthfully do not believe she had anything to do with abusing her and neither did police officers or protective services. I do believe she disciplined Kelsey though and she should but discipline is not spanking with a brush if she did that. Where Ray dawn messed up bad is not listening to her daughter. She also was a bit of a ditsy broad but she made big mistake when they orderd kelsey to stay with the briggs but kelsey could visit on weekend with her mom at her place aslong as mike wasnt their well she did anyways thats a no no. She really believed Mike was not abusing her and I fault her tremendously for that and thats why I dont cheer her release from prison, But guess what Ms. Briggs knew Mike was there also. Oh yeah and when Kelseyu in the notes began losing weight refusal to eat, throwing up, losing hair, and having seizsures What else alarm bell needs to go off. Well some more did started having nightmares day and night and night terrors poor baby. Ms. Briggs never told the authorities what lances address was and he never attended the meetings or anything. The Briggs had not seen Kelsey for about 2 months and then they got her for their last weekend visit before she would pass away like a wee later and they said in a letter to OCS she didnt have that spark anymore that she looked bad and wouldnt even look them in the eyes just stared at the ground most of the time. Grandpa said I know she couldnt be scared of us we have not seen her in couple of months she should be excited. uuuuhhhh no she didnt trust them or expect them to protect her I believe their was abuse going on by grandma briggs and documenting it like it happened at ray dawns and money being the motive plus custody but I could be wrong and it was Kelsey just detoriating because she was seperated from her mother. All the agencies report that Kelsey was in love with her mother and that when her mom came for supervised visits she lit up. When grandma and grandpa visited supervised she didnt get excited she actually hid under a jacket and layed down. One time she kept swinging her arms like to hit grandma. other occassion grandma bought her a new toy and she threw it worse she started bopping herself on forehead saying no yall stop it. very strange but theres other things like kathie briggsown addmission that she asked kelsey who hurt her legs and she said kelsey goes daddy mike hurt my head and Kathies reply yeah I wonder what else daddy mikes been doing. Well bitch why didnt you step in. Ray dawn at work with Kelsey was talking with a friend shortly after marrying mike and coworker asked what do you think about mike kelsey and she goes Hes Mean…. Ray dawn said she doesnt like mike because he makes her mind and im sure she is jealous after I married him. that rings true but she should have been way suspicous of him once her daughter said that not writing it off. Bottom Line EVERYBODY failed that poor angel and were so caught up in the dispute between the 2 families that Kelsey fell by the way side for the most part and that douche bag Mike became super jealous of Kelsey and he admitted it to Ray Dawn calling Kelsey "that thing in the back" I dont know why yet but would say thats all ray dawn cared about. When you look how many pictures there are and videos of kelsey ive never seen that many of one child in a 2 1/2 year period and ive seen a lot of kids like that but this is different so she was adored theres no way around it. It does bother me I cant lie when I know the Briggs were after money profitted from her death when ray dawn found guilty they went ballistic they were heard in the hall running down it shouting wooping and hollering but one was over heard saying youre gonna have to split some of that 1.6 million. I dont know if he even ended up getting that much but probably with the book deal and I know one settlement in the amount for wrongful death 650,000 off one agency. Ill Stop ranting I just get caught up in a couple of these cases and this one more then anything because she just should be here today theres no reason for what happened and should have been niped in the but right away. The most disturbinmg thing is Ray dawns mother got custody for time being after Katie briggs lost it and guess what she thrived. She put weight back on had that glow no bruises, no throwing up, no seizures at that time and was getting sleep everyone said she majorily improved to where she was completely herself because it was noted at kathies she was having severe anxiety about being abbandoned by her mother. Im sure staying at her maternal grandmothers im sures ray dawn visited a bunch id assume and shortely after the pulled the plug on that good grief. thats when kelsey started becoming super clingy to Ray dawn and the day care worker that is such a red flag I dont get it. if theres any signs any not even talking 12 in her case you get her outta there and no one sees her but the ones Kelsey says its ok cause she would be able to talk a 100 percent to express everything that happened and then you could deal with it. Kelsey talked a lot but was scared and had a little trouble expressing things i think. so anyways theres a case I dont know if its on here that my #2 disturbing ive never seen anything like this the girl is live here name is Aaliyah Sky Bedwell they have a website htttp:// and a disturbing video on youtube called daddys worm. The father is suspected of sexual abuse and the mother start fighting for her daughter to her astonishment the courts took her away from the mother for awhile she started getting visits again and I know she started recieving finally some help a few yrs ago and it got tied up in court thats all i know i learned of this yesterday so im looking for update to see status. Im just trying to spread the word do what I can and get involved instead of just sitting back. take care

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