WARNING – This post contains autopsy photos of Alissa.


Alissa Geurnsey

Alissa Geurnsey

November 2, 2007, was the day this world was graced with baby Alissa Guernsey.  For the short time we had her, she brought joy and love to so many.  This beautiful little girl was a miracle to be treasured, and for most of her life, she was cherished.  Sadly though, the final 110 days of her life, were anything but joyous or loving.

In November of 2008, Alissa’s father, Michael Guernsey, was killed in a tragic car accident.

Alissa Guernsey

Alissa Guernsey

Alissa’s mother, Kelli Sprunger, was devastated and racked with grief and severe depression.  She began to have trouble providing for the children.  In December of 2008, Child Protective Services removed Alissa and her two older brothers from the mother’s care.  The children were then placed with Kelli’s cousin, Christy Shaffer.  Shaffer already has 4 children, and she was not an approved foster parent, and yet Kelli’s children were still placed in her home.  For 110 days, Shaffer tortured and beat Alissa until March 28, 2009, when Alissa left this world after her body could take no more abuse.

Alissa Guernsey

Alissa Guernsey

Alissa Guernsey

Alissa Guernsey

Almost immediately after being placed in Shaffer’s home, Alissa begun to have unexplained bruising and hair loss.  In the 110 days that Alissa was in Shaffer’s care, she was taken to a doctor 15 times.  This doctor reported suspected abuse.

Shaffer had begun to cancel visits between Alissa and Kelli, claiming that Alissa was sick, but allowed Kelli visits with her two sons.  Kelli, who became concerned for her children’s well being, contacted CPS, yet CPS did nothing.

Kelli’s instincts were right, her baby girl was in grave danger.

Alissa Guernsey

Alissa Guernsey

Alissa was pushed if she was not moving fast enough, shoved over if she was in the way, pinched repeatedly, kicked, slapped, burnt with cigarettes, she would be grabbed by her hair and have her head smashed into any hard source nearby.  Shaffer tried to blame the abuse and Alissa’s injuries on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and was born as a meth/crack baby, which she then stated caused Alissa’s ‘clumsiness’.  This monster is not only cruel, but stupid to boot.  Doctor and tox screen reports taken when Alissa was born showed that she was a normal, very healthy baby girl.

The fatal blow that killed Alissa was inflicted while Shaffer was driving to McDonalds with a car full of kids one afternoon.  As Alissa sat in her car seat, Shaffer grab her by the hair and smashed the baby girl’s head into her car seat.

Alissa Guernsey

Alissa Guernsey

The beating continued until Alissa lost consciousness and lapsed into a coma.  Alissa’s brothers were in the back seat and watched their aunt murder their baby sister.  With Alissa’s now lifeless body strapped into her car seat, Shaffer continued about, renting a movie and ordering happy meals for the rest of the children.  She then drove home and got the rest of the kids inside and eating.  Finally Shaffer returned to the car to retrieve Alissa.  She callously brought her niece’s dead body into the home and waited for hours before calling her brother, who is an EMT.  The brother rushed to the home and found Alissa, already cold to the touch, not breathing and with no heartbeat.  He then called 911 and began CPR.  Emergency personal and a team of doctors tried for 45 minutes to revive Alissa, but it was far too late, Alissa had passed away hours before.

Alissa Guernsey

Alissa Guernsey

Alissa’s autopsy revealed all of the horrific injuries she suffered with in silence.  Alissa’s cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head, but that is only where it began.  Bruises and lacerations covered Alissa’s body and face, her hair had been ripped out.  She suffered from multiple deep mouth lacerations gouged into open sores.  Alissa also suffered broken elbow, and a growth plate displacement.  Her internal injuries were excessive and brutal.

It’s hard to imagine how things could become any worse, any more devastating, but they did.  Shaffer pled guilty to a single charge of neglect of a dependant and was sentenced to 10 years in prison with all but 4 years suspended and 6 years of probation.  With good behaviour, Shaffer could be out in 2 years.  This sentence did not even come close to justice, however this sentence was not carried out.

Christy Shaffer

Christy Shaffer

Instead, Shaffer spent 77 days in prison.  77 days in exchange for Alissa’s 110 days of torture and finally her murder.  77 days.  It has been reported that Shaffer’s father, Kerry Sprunger, just happened to be friends with the judge, J.Scott VanDerbeck, that presided over Shaffer’s trial.  It turns out that that is not the only personal relationship that seems to have clouded over justice for Alissa.  Not only were the judge and Shaffer’s father friends, but they were also friends with the prosecutor, Jeff Wible, and the doctor, John Egli, who essentially watched Alissa die a slow painful death, never once doing anything to save her (Let’s not forget that as a doctor, he is also a MANDATORY REPORTER.”.

Alissa Guernsey

Alissa Guernsey

Judge VanDerbeck told Christy Shaffer at her sentencing, that she could come back in 60 – 90 days for a possible modification of her sentence.  Shaffer did just that, and Judge VanDerbeck modified her sentence, releasing her after only 77 days, never giving a thought to the dead little girl that this was supposed to be about.  Shaffer spent 6 months on home detention, and had 3 years probation.  No one protected Alissa, but they are now protecting her murderer.  It makes me sick, and I hope I live to see the day when all 4 of these men are behind bars for misconduct.  What has this world come to where a situation like this is allowed to happen and ignored??

Prosecutor Jeff Wible

Prosecutor Jeff Wible

Alissa was a happy little girl, full of curiosity and joy.  Christy Shaffer stole that innocence from Alissa.  It only took Shaffer 110 days to change everything about who Alissa was.  Alissa became scared and withdrawn.  The girl that once smiled and played with everyone and anyone, was now living her life in fear, never understanding what she did to be hurt so badly.  This baby girl was too little to speak out and ask for help.  She was trapped in a world that was now filled with hate and evil.

Alissa Guernsey

Alissa Guernsey

Alissa Guernsey

Alissa Guernsey

Alissa Guernsey

Alissa Guernsey

Alissa’s body has been laid to rest by those that love her.  However, this is only the beginning.  Alissa’s story has only just begun.  Her murderer is out walking free, no justice was ever served.  We are now Alissa’s voice.  We need to demand change, and we need to demand that those responsible for letting her murderer get off without so much as a slap to the wrist,

Christy Schaffer

Christy Schaffer

are held accountable and charged for the disgusting display of callous disregard for a 15 month old baby girl’s life.

If I could have my way, pictures of Alissa’s lifeless body covered in bruises and sores would cover the walls of their homes like wallpaper, so that every single day, every where they looked, Alissa will be there, reminding them of what they let a murderer get away with, simply because they played golf with the murderer’s father.

Alissa Guernsey's Grave

Alissa Guernsey’s Grave

Alissa Guernsey

Alissa Guernsey

UPDATE 11.30.2013

Christy Schaffer November 2013 Drug Related Arrest

Christy Schaffer November 2013 Drug Related Arrest

Christy Schaffer has once again found herself in a court room, this time though she is answering to drug charges, not the murder of Alissa Guernsey.  Schaffer was arrested in early November on two drug related charges after she was discovered to be in the possession of methamphetamine, a direct violation of the probation she is serving for murdering Alissa.  However the madness does not stop there.  It turns out that Shaffer allegedly allowed methamphetamine to be cooked in her garage.  When Schaffer was urine tested, they found traces of meth in her system, which can lead to her probation being revoked.

When Schaffer appeared in court for an initial hearing, she told the judge that she needed a public defender.  The public defender who was assigned to Schaffer’s case, actually went before a judge and made a request to be removed from the case citing a conflict of interest.  A new public defender will be issued before her next hearing on December 20, 2013.  Schaffer will be held on a $15,000 total cash bond for both charges.

Christy Schaffer - Alissa Guernsey

Christy Schaffer – Alissa Guernsey

I suppose I should be ecstatic that Schaffer is back in jail, but to be perfectly honest, it only makes me feel like we failed Alissa that much more.  Schaffer will face more jail time for her drug charges than she did for murdering Alissa, and how can I call that justice?  Yes, I am happy to see her in cuffs, but unfortunately I am not happy to see that is has no relation to Alissa’s horrific death.  I want Schaffer to have to face what she did to Alissa, and to be held accountable for the murder of a beautiful baby girl.  I’ll take the drug charges and hope she is sentenced to the maximum term, after all it is something.  However I will never say that this is justice for Alissa – because it is not.  Which means my family, that our job here is not done.  We have still not seen justice done for a tiny little girl with a big bright smile, and we need to stay the course.  We need to keep our lights blazing, and our voices strong and loud – we need to continue our fight for Alissa, we need to continue to seek true justice for this little girl.


UPDATE 04.14.2014

Christy Schaffer

Christy Schaffer

Christy Schaffer’s bond has been revoked.  Judge Wallace terminated Schaffer’s probation a few days ago and has sent her back to prison to serve her full sentence, but it seems like a hollow win.  Schaffer is charged with two class D felonies, possession of methamphetamine and maintaining a common nuisance.  That common nuisance just happened to be a meth lab in full swing in her garage run by two men who were also arrested on drug charges.  So here’s the thing that made my head explode into a million pieces – when Schaffer was arrested, her children were removed from her home.  HOW THE HELL DID SHE STILL HAVE ANY CHILD IN HER CARE AFTER MURDERING ALISSA??????????

Alissa Guernsey

Alissa Guernsey

Kelli Sprunger

Kelli Sprunger

I can’t help but continuing to go back to the joke of a judge, VanDerbeck.  Do you know that when he was sentencing Schaffer, he actually chastised Kelli Sprunger blaming her in part for Alissa’s death??!!  The arrogance is sickening.  Don’t get me wrong, did Kelli make some poor choices … absolutely, but to blame her for her daughter’s murder, it’s unacceptable.  This family was wracked with a tragedy most will never understand, and Kelli did the best she could while fighting severe depression and grief, she trusted Schaffer to love her children while she got the help she needed to get her children back, not dumped them on her to beat and abuse at will.  Albeit Sprunger does have a history of drug abuse that started before Alissa was born.  After Alissa’s father died, Kelli spiraled back down into drug addiction which was the cause for the children being placed with Schaffer.

Alissa Geurnsey

Alissa Geurnsey

I can’t feel anything but disdain for Schaffer, there is no excuse, EVER, for hurting a child.  To do what Schaffer did to Alissa requires no humanity or conscience.  Kelli still has lawsuits pending against Schaffer, her husband and the doctor that failed to report Alissa’s abuse.

VanDerbeck then went on to speak of how highly he thought of Schaffer’s father before handing this monster a get out of jail free card.  When all of this became public, VanDerbeck was no longer able to hide the slimy piece of crap that he is and he recused himself, but you can bet he made himself look like an ass one more time with his comments.  In the order announcing his recusal he stated:

“In this case an inflamed atmosphere has been created by people unconnected to this case.  When a judge, in a community plagued with methamphetamine use, attempts to resolve a dispute involving drug use, family problems, the tragic death of an infant, and conflicting accounts of who is to blame — the rule of law provides guidance for justice.  When an enflamed atmosphere follows, based on a fictional account of circumstantial evidence, that places unsupported blame on the innocent, and the judge, not the facts that were presented at hearing, becomes the central focus, it is a sad day for justice in America.” 

Alissa Guernsey

Alissa Guernsey

VanDerbeck the coward, cited “possible intimidating behaviour by members of the public” as a reason for recusing himself.  All of those letters calling for action against VanDerbeck and the reopening of the case, and peaceful protest sure can intimidate a person hunh?  We know the truth though, he is scared that everyone sees him for what he is now, that he has no more power to misuse and feed his grandiose self worth and narcissistic behavior.

VanDerbeck appointed DeKalb Superior Court Judge Kevin P. Wallace as special judge.  So here’s the thing, I want to scream having to say this, but Schaffer is protected under the double jeopardy laws meaning she cannot face any more charges regarding Alissa’s murder.  HOWEVER – what Judge Wallace CAN do is review the role VanDerbeck played in the case and sentencing, including his decision to modify Schaffer’s prison time.

Judge Kevin P. Wallace

Judge Kevin P. Wallace

Jeff Wible

Jeff Wible

We also can’t forget Jeff Wible, the prosecutor that failed miserably at obtaining ANY justice for Alissa.  A reporter from Fox55 News who wanted to cover Alissa’s case, contacted Wible who stated he will NOT reopen the case ‘because no one in Indiana cares about it.’  Wible claimed that he never made the comment and was simply playing ‘phone tag’ with the reporter.  And yet Wible has made statements to the effect that no one in Indiana cares previously.  He actually told a reporter for the Tribune, that of the letters he received regarding Alissa’s case, none came from Indiana.

Alissa Guernsey and her father, Mike Guernsey

Alissa Guernsey and her father, Mike Guernsey

I have to ask myself, what kind of person would even make that statement?  How can he trivialize Alissa’s death by insinuating that no one in Indiana cares, and that because of that, this should just be swept under the rug and forgotten?  Why would he even make a statement like that, and how is it relevant to the truth and justice?  Alissa was murdered, do those that are fighting to get her justice, to do right by her, have to live in Indiana to be heard?

Alissa's Army honoring Alissa on her birthday at her grave.

Alissa’s Army honoring Alissa on her birthday at her grave.

Now, while I will not ignore Wible’s actions during Schaffer’s trial, he did step up to the plate during Schaffer’s hearing resulting in her bond revocation, countering statements made by Schaffer’s attorney.  He objected to Schaffer’s attorney’s comment that Schaffer was using drugs to cope with depression and anxiety.  When Schaffer’s attorney made comments about Alissa, stating that she suffered significant injury to her body, Wible spoke for Alissa saying “her injuries were not significant, they were catastrophic!”   I’m sceptical of Wible, but he may redeem himself … only time will tell.

Alissa's Army honoring Alissa on her birthday at the LaGrange County Courthouse.

Alissa’s Army honoring Alissa on her birthday at the LaGrange County Courthouse.

Alright, let’s end this update with a ray of light shining through.  Alissa is gone, we can’t change that, but we can fight for her, remember her, honor her and love her, even when no one in her family will.  For you familiar with the case, you have all heard of Alissa’s Army, a group started on Facebook by folks just like us that were outraged at what happened to Alissa and how her murderer was treated.  Alissa’s Army is not related to Alissa in any way, but they have still become her family.  Celebrating her birthday by visiting her grave, bringing balloons, flowers and stuffed animals to cover Alissa’s final resting place.  They also celebrated Alissa’s birthday at the LaGrange County Courthouse.  There too balloons, flowers and stuffed animals lined the walk, with signs demanding Justice for Alissa.  Cupcakes were shared and Alissa’s memory was honored in a beautiful way, and I would personally like to thank the members of Alissa’s Army for all they have done for Alissa and in Alissa’s name.  You my friends, are the true heroes the world needs, you are changing lives, you are an army that would make anyone proud to stand behind you.


Alissa Guernsey Heaven and Home Flier



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  31. Okay, As a father of two grown boys I don’t understand, nor do I even want to try to understand the evil in this woman’s mind and heart.
    I can’t even pretend to imagine what this little girl went through and the person who did this, should either get life without chance of parole or death which I think would be too good for her.
    This whole article just blows my mind and like the author of the article I completely outraged.
    All that being said what bothers me is much as what’s in the article, is what’s not in the article. If I’m reading the article correctly she was never charged with murder, she was charged with neglect of a dependent. That being said double jeopardy does not apply. There is also no mention of a special prosecutor, or reporting the judge and the district attorney to the Bar Association for judicial review and having their law practices yanked from them at the very least. There is no mention of bringing it to the state Supreme Court and a federal Supreme Court if necessary. All these avenues of been exhausted than it truly is a sad day for American Justice.
    One more thing another ugly sad and harsh truth is she’s American and she’s white.

  32. Christy Shaffer was not Alissa’s aunt
    . She wad Alissa’s second cousin

  33. I wanted to share with everyone here something that may help in some tiny way. I believe, based on intense study of near-death experiences after having had two of my own, that everyone will endure what they’ve put others through on earth (good, bad and everything else) as part of the crossing over experience. Meaning the b___h that did this WILL ENDURE what she put this precious baby through. As will everyone else who has abused a child, or adult. It may be little consolation. But I’ve also found reading about near-death experiences to be very comforting to me, when I think of those who I love who have died. Death is not the end, death is truly going back home to heaven. A place so amazing and wonderful that there are no words to accurately describe it. If you feel so inclined, you may wish to check out NDE heaven accounts for comfort during the pain.

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  36. …..this sort of judicial nepotism could never happen under Scottish/European law. The State of Indiana and the rest of the USA seriously needs to review it’s hierarchical judicial procedures to ensure this kind of rubbish never enters a courtroom again. I hate the Judge and his cohorts just as much as the junkie scum who murdered this baby. They are the ones who set up the plea bargains and ultimately let her murderer walk away after little more than three months in prison…….they also fit the bill as misguided monsters! They should be made to answer to and pay for their part in this complete travesty of justice. Had it been Alissa’s grandfather who hung out with the judge, that witch would be serving 20+ years for sure! I wish you all the best in securing justice in some form for this baby girl. Love and light from Scotland xxx

  37. Just heard of this story recently…
    Feel very bad for this mother who lost her husband very suddenly and then her child not long afterwards.
    What the hell was wrong with the doctor who examined this child several times before she died? What the hell is wrong with the prosecutor who agreed to this ridiculous sentence. What is wrong with this judge
    Are they all nuts in Indiana or something, I really don’t get it at all. Feel awful for the poor child, the murderer should be put in the electric chair.
    This story reminds me of Sylvia Likkens murder which I believe happened in Indiana as well.

  38. Vanderbeck is at it again. He continues to employ Colleen Tracy, a circuit court reporter who has admitted stealing court documents that precluded a LaGrange County jail inmate from having his pleading heard in court. The inmate? He is the father of Colleen Tracy’s grandchild. She has also stolen his paternity pleadings that kept him from being heard in a timely manner. The investigation continues into her wrongdoing and what the judge’s involvement is. But the same sick cast of characters are running the circus in Lagrange Court house. Will this crap ever end????

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  43. People who abuse or bully r just plain LOSERS!!!!!! RIP Alissa and Amanda Todd

  44. Judging by her recent photos, I’d say the meth is dealing her some much needed justice. She’s aged 40 years. And crack takes no prisoners. Hopefully, it will remove her from the planet.

  45. I cried reading this and seeing those photos of that beautiful baby girl, bruised, bleeding, and dead. As an attorney I am absolutely horrified at the lack of justice for this young girl. The judge should have recused himself from this case as he clearly had a conflict of interest. At the very least, the prosecutor should have filed a Motion for Recusal. I hate reading these stories and seeing these pictures but I am currently trying to strengthen myself through exposure so that I can volunteer as a Guardian ad Litem and be able to effectively compartmentalize the abuses I will be privy to so as to become a zealous advocate for children in need. I would suggest that others become Guardians ad Litem–it is a volunteer program and you are trained by the Courts. You do not need any special degree or education. DCF and CPS are constantly overwhelmed and overstaffed. You can be an active advocate for children in need!

  46. I was under the impression that the monster was only charged with neglect?? After re-opening the case, the judge should be able to charge her for homicide, taking double-jeopardy out of the equation. This woman is disgusting and the judicial system continues to amaze and disappoint me. We need to be a voice for these children. Thank God no one leaves this earth without paying for what they did in one form or another. May this beautiful baby rest in the presence of angels for all of eternity!

  47. Christy was not Alissa’s aunt. Christy and Kelly are cousins which makes her Alissa’s second cousin, not her aunt. RIP sweet baby girl. My thoughts are with Kelly.

  48. Just a possible theory; if Kelli was abusing drugs and Christy was abusing children, maybe their family has an abusive history. I guess it’s not entirely their fault; maybe it’s just the way they were raised.
    But I agree, this is very sad…Rest in peace Alissa. She should not have been treated this way; nobody should be going through this, yet they still are. I hope everything is okay with Alissa’s family (i.e. I hope there are no further cycles of abuse)
    Pray for one day the Earth will be the way God has been expecting it to be.

  49. I am very saddened by this. I hurt for her after reading this. Christy needs to be beaten the hell out of, just as she did to this sweet innocent loving little gift. Alissa did not deserve this. No child does. I think its a bunch of BS that in towns like that everyone knows people in high places and can get away with it,. I lived in a small town of Metropolis Illinois, and a murder SIMULAR to this happened right around the corner from my house. A lady took her kids out late at night, had them pick out a base ball bat. She brought it home and beat the kids to death with it, and the one who didn’t die she put in a tub and drowned him. This is a sick sick world and I will never understand this place. Alissa is in a better place now, healed from all of her injuries and pain, but that poor child did not deserve it. I feel for all who loved this child. It really breaks my heart. Im a father of a 3 yr old and I cant begin to tell you what I would do to the person or persons who did ANYTHING to my girl.

  50. What a house of horrors it must have been for the poor baby.
    Saw some pics of the internal injuries of her sweet mouth. Looks mighty suspicious? Something that a penis could have inflicted? I guess if Alissa was a Kennedy a different result may have been concluded.

  51. Forgive me but that poor baby should have been LEFT HOME with her mama! These cases number in the hundreds if not thousands where CPS takes children away from their parents,usually single mothers without resources to fight back,and places them in an even worse situation. The baby’s mother was depressed and had every right to be since her man had just gotten killed but that don’t mean she was going to do anything to harm her children. I was a depressed single mother with few resources once and my little girl is still very much alive to be in university at age 20. I did what I had to do to insure she was fed and went to school well groomed in clean clothes daily. Then I would get back in bed and cry! The whole town this baby lived in with her mother sounds corrupt as Hell. Took her away from her mama for trivial reasons,gave her to somebody who shouldn’t have been walking a dog across the street unsupervised let alone caring for children,didn’t let her mama see her,did nothing despite the baby beginning to look like a human punching bag,and then wasted tax payers money on a phony show trial. What was her excuse for banging the baby’s head into the car seat that day anyway? She didn’t want to buy a Happy Meal for the baby too?! The whole thing is so obviously shady that I have no words to describe it. If I were this baby’s mother the woman better move FAR away from me because I would be out for blood!

  52. I’m mortified. This woman should get the death penalty

    • Why give her such quick/easy relief???? She needs to face up the evil that has been done to the child first! Then… She can do… Whatever…

  53. We care Alissa. Your short life meant something good, and you are loved by many.

  54. What is the update now on this case? To say that no one cares is a lie, there are people like myself and others who are mothers who want to see justice. Also, there were other children in the home? What condition are they in? Why was nothing said by them and to whom?

  55. Today is your death anniversary .. Sweet baby Alissa .. Let me say I love you deeply and I will honor your short life lived and will carry you in my heart as long as I live and I will continue to pray for your beautiful soul.. until one day hopefully we meet ..!!!!
    I got to know about your shocking story just a few days back and I have cried in pain for you since then.. Heart broken..
    No child deserved to be abused , tortured or killed .. They are angels and should be protected loved and cared with joy..
    The justice needs to be served for this poor girl and hope this case brought back and heard by a new panel in court..
    If any one knows what happened to this case and rest of children who were in this murderer’s care please update and I appreciate that.
    After seeing this page I know that Alissa you are loved by many of us and you continue to live in our hearts..

    I wish I could do some thing .. I tried to create a voice for this loved baby girl over the fb and I join fb group call ” Alissa’s Army ”
    May God Bless and protect her ..!!!!

  56. There is no catharsis.

  57. This story haunts me. How anyone could be so brutal to an innocent angel is beyond my comprehension. Death is too good for the monster who committed this heinous act and also for those who did nothing to stop it and those who let her free to be around other children. Surely, there is a special place in hell for all who dishonor this angel just as there is a special place in Heaven for innocents. Baby Alissa is truly in a better place. I pray for those who loved her and cherish her memory. May peace be with you and Alyssa.

  58. This is by far the sadest thing I have ever read.. i would give anything to see shaffter walking down the street you guys don’t even know what I would do to that lady. Rip baby alissa I hope this family and this beautiful baby girl get justice..

  59. This is so sad ……Rest in peace baby girl….. she was so beautiful and we will all miss her we all live u Alissa💚

  60. I’s so sad that we still live in a world where these horrible things are happening. How to make those “people” to understand what they did and then become an empathic human being. If they understood, they would live a long burning life like in hell. That would be enough.

  61. I will love to know whats been going on lately and if there anything new about thisbhorrible story i been following this story for years we love u baby alissa

    • Christy Shaffer has been in jail for the past year on a probation violation. BAC4J supporters wrote to the Judge and requested that she get the maximum jail time allowed by law and he gave it to her. She got 6 years!

  62. Dear God! This is horrendous, how can it be true? The only thing that heals my heart is that this little angel is in heaven, with her dad. Rip, sweet girl!

  63. what happened to Alissa is very sad. No child should ever have to go through what she went through. what happened after her death is even worse. shows how our justice system really works. thats why i hate politic !

  64. I have just read the Alissa story and it was the first time I have ever heard about it. I felt so down and sad after finding out that Christy got away with murdering a little girl, an infant and the worst part of this entire happening is that she had children of her own, children that she nurtured and cared for and gave her motherly love to since their birth, but why could she not share a bit of that love with Alissa. I have read a lot of stories about abused children in the last few hours and honestly I do not know what the reason is, but when i read Alissa’s story my eyes just filled with tears. How can someone who is a mother herself just murder someone else’s child in cold blood, how does she live? or breathe?. Why is she allowed to live and breathe in this world which she did’nt have a hand in making, but she took a life away, she took away Alissa’s life that was given to her. Alissa can no longer breathe in this world, her life was taken before it could evn really begin. I cannot explain the amount of anger that i have towards Christy and honestly although the bible teaches us not to judge i am really sorry, but have to admit that i am judging her and will keep judging her till the day she is taken from this earth. I feel really sad for Alissa and won’t be able to get the horrible pictures that I saw of her lying on that hospital bed lifeless out of my mind, i wish i could have helped her in some way, she was really a beautiful baby girl and wish that the justice system could give harsher punishments to people like her. they are all devils and dont deserve children. Many woman struggle to have children and they are busy torturing them……I have so many things on my mind that I want and really need to say because i am completely disatisfied with the outcome of Alissa’s death, but I wont be able to fit them in one paragraph, so what I will say is that I am with the Alissa army and will fight with them till christy gets what she deserves and that is a life behind bars!!!

  65. Funny that she mentioned FAS because that’s what I thought Schaffer had at first until seeing her mugshots. She’s got the high nose, thin upper lip and a phylum that isn’t clear in most of her photos. It’s possible to have FAS and have a normal or at least higher than expected IQ if the person is a twin, so I assumed that was her situation and she was a mentally ill person who was projecting because Alissa didn’t have any of the facial characteristics associated with FAS.

    Nope: Girlfriend’s just someone with self-esteem issues who feels powerful when she hurts kids and doesn’t have the mental capacity to make up halfway reasonable-sounding excuses when she gets caught. She was too stupid to realize that her claims could be proven wrong with little effort because medical records are a thing these days and have been for well over a century now. What a dumbass. I hope she enjoys the constant cycle of meth and unbearable meth withdrawal she has ahead of her.

  66. I just wish I was brave enough to set up or take part in some kind of post judicial leniency community action group called maybe ‘Pitchforks & torches’ or ‘Ropes & Stools’

    • You can actually go to protest this Judge in the next few days! The Indiana Judicial Conference will be held in French Lick Indiana on September 14, 15, and 16th. Army members have shown up previously to protest Judge Vanderbeck during the judicial conference at the Omni Hotel in down town Indianapolis. Confidential law enforcement sources and Judges (who recognize what a piece of shit Judge Vanderbeck is) have befriended Alissa’s Army, and we appreciate their “off the record” correspondence, tips, and information. Judge Vanderbeck must be reminded that we have not forgotten the precious baby girl who suffered 110 days of abuse, while he sentenced Christy Shaffer to just 77 days in jail. Do not be afraid to exercise your constitutional rights, or your second amendment rights.

  67. I don’t fault the mother at all, she wasn’t in her right state of mind. She had no controll over the situations that took place. She did reach out to CPS and they failed her and her babies. You have to blame the system for putting her in that mad house. Rest Peacefully Alissa!!!

  68. Something is odd with this story. I find it very difficult to believe that the EMT’s would try to perform CPR on a child that had been dead “for hours” like reported in this story. According to this article, Alissa died in the car seat while the automobile was mobile.

    Livor mortis doesn’t take long to start and is apparent to the trained human eye lilke EMT’s which means they absolutly would not start any efforts to revive as they would know death has, in fact, occured. Max livor mortis is apprx 10 hours later but an EMT is trained so they would know the very early stages of LM.

    This article states that the EMT brother came over, Alissa was “cold to the touch” yet he immedietly started CPR efforts knowing that the very least, algor mortis has started, which to him, also an EMT, would be a clear indication of death. This doesn’t make any type of sense.

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