LOGAN BOWMAN ~ ENDANGERED MISSING February 15, 1997 ~ USMCC000463LTWH ~ UPDATED 10.21.2013


Lights For Logan Bowman Flier


Logan Bowman Age Progressed to 16 Years Old

Logan Bowman Age Progressed to 16 Years Old

Logan Bowman

Logan Bowman

Logan Bowman

Date of Birth: February 15, 1997

White Male

Height: 3’2”     Weight: 30 lbs

Hair: Blonde     Eyes: Blue

Missing: January 7, 2003     From: Galax, VA

Distinguishing Features: Logan had a healing fracture in his LEFT arm at the time of his disappearance, his teeth were decayed and he had fresh burns to his feet, legs, buttocks and genitals.


Logan’s disappearance is a troubling one, and adds to a growing list of yet another child not reported missing by their parents.  The last time Logan was seen was on January 7, 2003, and yet his mother, Cynthia Lee Davis, failed to report him as missing until January 23, 2013.  Davis only called the police after Logan’s biological father, Alvin Wayne Bowman, threatened to call police himself, but then attempted to claim that she though Logan was with Bowman all along.  Logan’s father had seen the little boy over Christmas, and when Davis refused to allow him to see Logan for his following weekend visitations, claiming he was sick, Alvin gave Davis the ultimatum.  It only gets worse from here.  Davis and her boyfriend, Dennis “Danny” Schermerhorn, failed to seek medical treatment for Logan after an “accidental” scalding with hot water, causing burns to his feet, legs, buttocks, and genitals.  They state that Logan was burnt in the bathtub after he woke up in the middle of the night and took a bath, however anyone with an IQ above that of a potato can clearly see that this was no accident, and was not caused by Logan himself.  After Logan was reported missing, his teachers began to come forward stating that they noticed bruising on Logan in December, but never bothered to report their concerns, which they need to be held accountable for.  Teachers are mandatory reporters, meaning they must report any suspicions of child abuse or they could face charges themselves in connection with the case.  Had reports been made, Logan may very well still be with us, alive and safe, but instead, the little boy is now presumed to be deceased.

One month after Logan’s disappearance, his mother and Schermerhorn, were arrested and charged with two counts each of child neglect for failing to obtain medical treatment for Logan’s burns, and then failing to report the little boy as missing.  In July of 2003, their charges were upgraded to felony murder.  In an effort to save her own ass, Davis struck a plea deal with prosecutors in exchange for her testimony against Schermerhorn.  Davis was sentenced to fifteen years in prison and twenty years of probation.  She claimed that after Logan sustained his burns, she wanted to take Logan to the hospital, but Schermerhorn told her to calm herself down first.  She states that she then fell asleep and when she awoke, Logan was missing.  I’m going to stop here for a second to put in my unsolicited opinion.  Everyone knows I have three beautiful, amazing little boys.  When my middle son was two years old we built a home with a gorgeous fireplace in our living room.  At the time we asked the manufacturer if the glass on the fireplace would heat up enough to cause serious harm if touched.  We were assured it would not.  So we happily used our fireplace often, not being too concerned about the boys playing around it.  One afternoon we were getting ready to head out, I had shut the fireplace off about 30 minutes earlier, when I saw my two year old place his hands on the glass.  Now my middle son has an extremely high tolerance to pain, so high in fact that we had him assessed by pediatricians to ensure he did not have a medical condition causing this.  It takes a lot for him to cry, and about five minutes after touching the fireplace, he began to cry.  I cuddled him and tried to calm him, buckling him into his car seat.  By the time we were 10 minutes away from home, he had begun to cry harder, so, I unbuckled and climbed into the back of the van to take his mittens off to recheck his hands, much to my horror, little blisters had begun to show.  We immediately went to the emergency room with him, me crying just as much as my baby boy and he was treated for the burns.  After a shot of codeine, some burn cream and bandages, he was acting like absolutely nothing happened.  Luckily the burns were not bad, and after a couple days of have his hands wrapped with burn cream applied he was healed up, you would never know he had been burnt.  Now, as a mother that has witnessed their child receive burns (as minor as they really were) – there is NO WAY I would ever be able to fall asleep without getting him medical attention.  As it was I couldn’t fall asleep unless I was in his room with my hand on his back, just in case he woke up and was in pain, I would be there.  Not that Davis’ crap can be believed, but any mother, any PARENT, would immediately be able to tell you that there is no way they could ever ‘calm down’ until their child was taken care of.  Alright, my rant is done … for now.

Back to Davis, she further stated to police that Schermerhorn had told her he had taken Logan to his mother, who was a nurse, but Logan was never seen again.  Schermerhorn told a similar story, just reversing the roles.  He claimed that it was Davis who left with Logan and returned home without him.  He went on to further say that he believed Davis had sold Logan.

The drama surrounding these poor excuses for human beings only escalated after Logan disappeared.  Schermerhorn was convicted of assaulting Davis four days after Logan went missing and was sentenced to a year in prison.  Davis claimed that

In May of 2004, the murder charge and one charge of child neglect against Schermerhorn were dismissed.  Why?  Well, it was because Davis’ testimony was self serving and inconsistent resulting in a judge ruling that there was not enough evidence to support the charges.  Davis has told FIVE separate stories since her son disappeared, and had even made claims that she believes Logan was still alive.  Schermerhorn was convicted on the remaining child neglect charge and was sentenced to a year in prison.  Davis claimed that Schermerhorn hit her on the head with a flashlight and choked her after she became upset about her missing son, and insisted that they go look for him.  As is the case in Logan’s disappearance, Schermerhorn told a reversed story to authorities, stating that it was Davis who attacked him after he asked her about Logan’s disappearance.

Alvin is holding out hope that there may be a chance that Logan is still alive.  “As long as they don’t show you a body, you’ve got to keep it in the back of your mind that he is still alive.”  Alvin recalls how is son came into this world, premature, weighing only 3 lbs and 15 ounces at birth.  He would hold Logan, who he calls his miracle baby, in the palm of his hand and had to dress him in clothes from Cabbage Patch dolls.

Logan’s body has never been recovered, but that does not mean that finding him is not a priority.  We need to bring this little boy home, and lay him to rest in a peace that he never knew while here on this earth.  We need to bring Logan home.


If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Logan Bowman, please immediately contact the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office at:



The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children at:





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