16This case is one that will haunt me for the rest of my life.  It’s tragic enough that this little 6 year old was raped, but to be raped by her 11 year brother and her 7 year old cousin is beyond horrific.  Then when the baby girl tells her mom, Maria Marquez, what happened, the mother tells her NOT TO TELL ANYONE.  In fact Marquez also failed to take her daughter to the hospital.  Marquez claims that she handled the situation by confronting her son, who told her that it was the 7 year old cousin that had raped the 6 year old girl.  I guess that was all the explanation this woman needed to carry on with life as normal, pretending nothing ever happened.

The day after the little girl was raped, her big sister heard the little girl and the 11 year old boy arguing while she was getting ready for work.  When she asked the two what they were arguing about, the 11 year old boy stated that the day before, their cousin pulled his pants down along with the girl’s pants and “touched her with his penis but did not penetrate.”  The boy claimed he told the cousin to leave, but the cousin returned shortly afterwards and was now going around school “telling kids what we did.”  The older sister, shocked and horrified immediately called their mother to tell her what happened, and listened in disbelief as Marquez told her that she was aware of the situation.  The older sister couldn’t understand why Marquez had not reported the incident and made the report herself.

Maria Marquez

Maria Marquez

When a DHS worker spoke with the little girl about what happened, she told the lady that she was in her bedroom doing homework when her brother and a 7 year old cousin told her to pull her pants off.  The little girl said that after her pants were off, both of the boys “put their things in her and it hurt.”  After receiving the report from the DHS worker, police went to the home where the assault occurred.  After interviewing the 11 year old boy, police arrested him and charged him with rape in the first degree.  The boy was taken to a juvenile detention center.

The little girl was taken to the hospital and then place in protective custody.

As for our mother of the year, Marquez, she was also arrested and charged with failure to report child abuse.  Marquez was escorted off to jail.

This case bothers me for a million reasons, but here are a few of the big ones:

  • Don’t mistake this first concern as me not holding the 11 year old accountable.  I do need to question what even made him think to rape his little sister.  At that age, he is far more sexualized than he should be, and the reason children are sexualized at an early age, is often because they themselves have been abused.  So I have to question what happened to this boy that led to this?  Was he himself molested?  As for the 7 year old cousin, he may very well have been coached by the 11 year old boy – and if so that opens another can of worms.  That results in another child that the 11 year old has abused, resulting in the 7 year old raping the 6 year old girl.
  • The second one is the mother, and I use that term loosely.  I understand the confusion and devastation a parent in this position may be feeling.  However, as hard as this is, any responsible parent would report what happened and seek help for her daughter AND her son.  Which kind of leads me back to the first point, that the 11 year old was most likely abused himself.  The mother’s callous and careless attitude would definitely show that she probably wouldn’t even notice if her son was molested.  She clearly does not parent, and pays little attention to her children, so I can imagine she isn’t too concerned about who she brings in their lives.
  • The first two points lead me to my third.  Let’s just say for arguments sake that she was aware of any abuse her son was experiencing.  Do you really think she would have reported that??  If she did know, I would bet my last dollar that she told him the same thing she told her daughter, don’t tell anyone.  So that leads me to what this woman is charged with.  I can hope that investigators will dig into this a little and uncover the full story, and when they do, this woman needs to be charged for EVERY time she failed to protect her children.  I would also raise the argument that by ignoring the abuse, she became an abuser as well, and needs to be charged as such.

Having said all of that, what this boy did, is absolutely not excusable.  He needs to be held responsible and more importantly needs to face the consequences.  Even if he was abused, it is not OK to hurt another.  This boy, he needs therapy, and LOTS of it.  This little girl was not only her brother and cousin’s victim, but her mother’s.  I for one am just grateful that the older sister reported the abuse.  I imagine it wasn’t easy considering it was affecting EVERY member of her family, but she stood up for her little sister and protected her.  So Ma’am, thank you for doing the right thing, for stopping this before it could go any further.

I am having trouble finding any follow up to the initial breaking story, but I will continue to search.  There is no mention of what has been done with the 7 year old cousin, but when I get this information I will update you all.




~ by LTWH on October 29, 2013.

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