UPDATE 03.25.2015


Angelo and V

I know most of you remember Valentino, the little boy who was left at the site of a car accident to die by his father – but let me quickly refresh your memories.

Angelo was responsible for a single vehicle car accident that left his truck flipped over a retaining wall 10 feet above the highway.  Valentino was inside the truck strapped into his car seat, which Angelo cut him from, causing V to fall the 10 feet head first onto the pavement, leaving him fatally injured.  Instead of tending to his son, Angelo RAN from the scene, leaving Valentino to die alone.  Witnesses to the accident acted quickly which allowed Valentino to remain alive for 8 days with his Mom, Nancy Snyder, holding vigil by his side before passing away.

Angelo remained on the run for 48 hours before being detained, long enough for any alcohol in his system to pass through undetected.  While there is no absolute evidence that Angelo was under the influence, I believe there is enough circumstantial evidence to point directly to it.  Such as the cooler of beer found in the truck, or the 5 previous DUI’s he caught, or maybe the fact that while he was on the run he spent a good deal of time on POF, the well known dating site, and FaceBook.  He also spoke with friends about going to Mexico, saying he couldn’t ‘deal with it’.  Then he took the time to consult a homeless man about living on the street, saying again, he couldn’t face his family.  And he blames every moment of this on shock and ‘PTSD’ – a condition with which he has never even come close to being medically diagnosed with.  While Angelo was on the run, he did receive the news that Valentino was in fact still alive and in the hospital – however he never once even attempted to visit his son.



On Monday of last week, Valentino’s Mom, Nancy, testified in court at Angelo’s trial, again facing the man responsible for the death of her son.  As she left the court room, with the tears running down her face, Angelo looked her in the eyes and bowed his head.  An act that feigns a remorse which would make one believe that the death of his son would bring about a reality of his careless and reckless behaviour.  How I wish this was true.  Since Valentino’s death, Angelo, has again been arrested, this time, for his 6th DUI.  SIXTH.  Not even the death of his little boy was enough to stop him from so callously disregarding the safety of others.  How many more people does he need to injure or kill before we no longer accept this behaviour??

This latest DUI cannot be used during trial as it is still going through the court system.  However, just because it can’t be brought up in trial, doesn’t mean we need to stay silent about it.  Staying silent while watching this train wreck continue is robbing V from any justice.  Nothing will ever make V’s death any better, nothing – but we can still use it to stop the same thing from happening to another living soul.

Angelo’s trial for Valentino’s death ended Monday with a guilty verdict for felony hit and run, and a not guilty verdict for felony child abuse.  Sentencing is scheduled for April 11, 2015 and the Judge ordered Angelo be held without bail, calling him a menace.  Angelo is facing a maximum of 7 years in prison, only 3 years more than how old Valentino was when he passed.

Since sharing Valentino’s story, Nancy has become my closest friend, I know V made sure we found each other.  Valentino was taken far too young, and Nancy faced what no mother should ever face, laying their child to rest.  We, as Moms, we are supposed to go first, we are not supposed to outlive our children.

Luke getting a kiss from his big brother, Valentino.

Luke getting a kiss from his big brother, Valentino.

These past 2 years have been long and difficult as Nancy awaited the trial of the man she shared a beautiful, perfect son with.  Emotions have run high and every day still feels like the day Valentino passed.  His physical presence is sorely missed, leaving a wound that can never truly heal entirely.  But Valentino is here with us in spirit, of that we have no doubt.  The little boy that lit up a room still shines his light on this world, sometimes through the baby brother he handed to his Mom after arriving in heaven, sometimes in the subtlest of signs that bring a soft smile to your face and sometimes in an enormous act of love and hope that make the darkest of days possible to navigate.  Valentino left his footprints on this world, giving a gift that can never be matched – the gift of life for each recipient who received one of V’s organs.  Valentino changed this world, he made it a better place, a brighter place.  He reminded all of us to enjoy every moment, to sing at the top of your lungs and dance around the kitchen.  Reminded us that sometimes you need to drop everything and head to the beach, that we only have today and we need live each day with no regrets.  He reminds us that small moments are often the ones that mean the most.  In 4 short years, V taught us more than most will know in a lifetime, and for that we are forever grateful, forever honoring V by appreciating every moment as it comes.

There is nothing we wouldn’t give to have V back.  However, even through the grief, pain and tears, we can seek comfort in knowing that Valentino never knew anything but love in his life.  He was never let down, never had his heart broken, he was never disappointed.  He smiled with abandon, with no fear of this big world around him.  He spent his 4 short years with us with nothing but confidence and compassion and the knowledge that he could not possibly be loved more than how much his Mom loved him.  He never knew hunger, loneliness, or rejection.  He laid his head down every night on a soft pillow, covered with warm blankets, and his Mom’s kiss on the cheek.  Valentino saw nothing but the beauty this world has to offer, he knew nothing but the good.

V will be missed every moment of every day, and he will always hold a piece of our hearts.  We will forever honor and celebrate V’s life, we will remember his smile and contagious laugh.  We will remember V for all the gifts he gave to every one of us.

This is how we will remember V … smiling, laughing and lighting up our lives with love and wonder.  This is the Valentino that can never be taken from us.





Valentino Fabiani Arroyo

Valentino Fabiani

 40 year old Angelo Fabiani Arroyo has topped my disgusting excuse for a parent list today.  Why you ask?  Well because, on June 2, 2013, this POS did a hit and run, and left one thing back at the crash site … his 4 year old son, Valentino Fabiani.  Arroyo claims that he left his little boy because he believed the boy was dead.  Time for me to rage – HOW DEMENTED CAN A PERSON BE TO THINK THAT WAS A VIABLE EXCUSE???!!!!!  There is no way in hell that a REAL parent would EVER leave their child at the site of a car accident NO MATTER WHAT condition they were in.  In fact, a REAL parent, would attempt CPR while calling 911 in an effort to save their child’s life.

Let’s go back a little here to what caused the accident.  While driving on a San Diego freeway, Arroyo lost control of his 2004 Nissan Titan, which was hauling a small water craft trailer, and hit a guardrail and palm tree leaving the vehicle up on its passanger side on top of a concrete retaining wall.  Valentino was partially ejected from the truck, and witnesses claim to have seen the boy hanging out of the truck.

Arroyo's Truck After The Collision

Arroyo’s Truck After The Collision

Arroyo then proceeded to unbuckle his son’s car seat, causing the little boy to fall 10 feet onto the concrete sidewalk.  This would be when Arroyo states he thought the little boy was dead, and he took off. Great parenting instincts right?!  Don’t take my word for it, take Arroyo’s – “Just seeing him laying there like that.  I froze.  I thought he was dead.  I thought I killed him.  I just started walking.  I didn’t want to hear the ambulances.  I didn’t want to see the people.”  Arroyo actually walked home from the crash scene, a 10 mile trip, and claims to have consulted a homeless person for advice on living on the street because he feared he would never be able to look family members in the eye.  This guy just gets better and better, doesn’t he.  How come I can never find a catch like that?

Valentino Fabiani Arroyo

Valentino Fabiani

Valentino, that perfect little angel was taken to the hospital with severe injuries, and sadly, passed away only days after, his little body unable to recover from the damage it received.  Valentino’s mother, Nancy Snyder, issued this statement regarding her son’s death:
“I am deeply saddened that Valentino has passed away from injuries sustained in the auto accident. My precious angel Valentino will forever live on in the memory of those who were blessed to have met him or know him. At this time the family is asking for time to grieve and in lieu of flowers and gifts, donations can be made to Valentino’s Memorial Fund: 425127631 (Chase), or Valentino Fabiani Memorial Fund.”

Angelo Fabiani Arroyo

Angelo Fabiani Arroyo

Nancy had been at home waiting for Arroyo to return Valentino to her care after a weekend visitation, when she learned of the crash.  She rushed to the hospital and stayed vigil at her son’s side until his death.  Snyder has kept pretty quiet during this ordeal, which I completely understand.  It can be hard to mourn a loss when people are always asking you to relive it.

Arroyo was arrested two days after the accident in Imperial Beach.  He was charged with hit and run causing serious injury and child endangerment, and was held on a bail of $150,000.00.  It turns out that Arroyo was already on probation for drunk driving conviction.  He just gets more and more responsible, doesn’t he?.  If Arroyo is convicted he can face 7 years in prison, a real bad joke if you ask me.  Valentino deserves more justice than that.

Valentino Fabiani Arroyo

Valentino Fabiani

Arroyo managed to post bail and was released with a pending court date in October, 2013.  And no surprise to me, Arroyo has now missed that court date and a no-bail warrant has been issued for his arrest.  OK, maybe I’m simple minded, but the guy ran from an accident leaving his 4 year old son bleeding and dying on the concrete, and a judge thought that he wouldn’t run if he was let out on bail????  Hasn’t he already proven that he is a coward that will always run to avoid facing the consequences of his actions, regardless of the cost?  Prior to this no show, Arroyo’s trial date had been sent for March 17, 2014, but obviously that date will change depending on when they can track Arroyo down and bring him in once again.

Angelo Fabiani Arroyo

Angelo Fabiani Arroyo

I would like to see how they are going to address the possibility that Arroyo was intoxicated when the accident occurred, which then raises the question of pressing murder charges.  It seems like there will be absolutely NO justice for Valentino simply because Arroyo successfully avoided law enforcement until any possible alcohol in his system has passed through leaving the police no option to assess his state when he caused the accident.  I just don’t see how child endangerment is the worst he will face for causing the accident, and then causing his son to fall 10 FEET onto the concrete, and high tailing it out of there without attempting to give his son any type of medical aid.  I know there are people out there claiming “oh he’s a great father”, “oh he must of hit his head” and “oh he didn’t know what he was doing”, and for those people – You are delusional idiots.  He got into an accident, then released his son from his car seat causing the 10 foot drop onto concrete and then he took off, he wasn’t confused, he was trying to save his own ass.  This is NOT a tragic accident, it is a disgusting display of a completely callous mentality that he had no care for saving his son’s life.

This case comes down to one thing, a beautiful little boy no longer walks this world due to tragic circumstances he could not control, and which he should have been protected from.  Valentino is why we need to fight, and ensure that we keep his face out there.  I am grateful that Valentino was able to pass on with his mother and those who love him by his side, instead of on that cold concrete where he was left.  Although his time here with us was short, he will forever remain in our hearts, and his foot prints on this world will never fade.

Valentino baby, we will do the best we can do for you.  You have your wings now, so fly baby, we’ll never stop loving you.




JULY 16, 2014

Yesterday I posted Valentino Fabiani’s case as our child abuse spotlight case of the week.  What happened to Valentio is horrific, and for it to have happened at the hands of his father, it is just almost too much to take.  For those that haven’t read his case, Valentino was left at the scene of a car accident, an accident caused solely by his father, who first unbuckled his son from his car seat causing Valentino to fall 10 feet onto the concrete below before taking off, leaving Valentino there to die.  Here’s the link for the full story:


I have had the bittersweet pleasure of getting to know Valentino’s Mom, Nancy.  She is a wonderful, kind and compassionate woman, and while I wish I had never met her under these circumstances, I am grateful to have her in my life and to welcome her as a member of the Lighting Their Way Home family.  I asked Nancy if she would introduce herself to everyone here, and she happily did so.

“I am Nancy Snyder, Valentino Fabiani’s Mom.  This last year has literally been a living hell…I miss my son so much the pain is beyond belief….he was taken from me by the hand of his own father, and his father has zero remorse. Every day is so hard because everywhere I go people ask “where is your little man?” and I have to say “heaven”. Every smell, sound and taste reminds me of him, we did everything together. He loved his Lego’s, thought that his red Chuck’s made him run faster than any other kid, he loved Jack Sparrow and always told me that I was the best “cooker”!! He loved to eat and his favorite foods were ceviche and broccoli…amazing really for a boy of 4 years old!!! There is never a minute of the day that I don’t think of him, my heart is not whole now that he isn’t here.

Valentino, mommy misses you and loves you more than you will ever know, and I can’t wait to see you again, in Heaven!!!

LTWH I cannot thank you enough for sharing my son’s story and letting people know my thoughts, this is a true nightmare but knowing that you are here and walking along side me makes all the difference in the world!! Thank you LTWH from the bottom of my heart!!”

In the coming weeks we will be getting deeper into Valentino’s case and speaking more with Nancy about everything that has happened since that fateful day.  We will also be paying tribute to Valentino, and remembering him not in death, but rather celebrating his life.  So stay tuned family, this story is FAR from over.

I want to officially welcome Nancy to the family, feel free to comment and leave a message for Nancy – your support means the world to her, and it is time that we stand and make sure she never feels alone again.  If there is any family that can wrap her in love, and fight for her and Valentino, it is the Lighting Their Way Home family.

Welcome to the family Nancy!


Valentino Fabiani Arroyo - Heaven to Home



~ by LTWH on October 30, 2013.


  1. Hi every one, here every person is sharing such familiarity,
    thus it’s good to read this website, and I used
    to go to see this blog every day.

  2. Knew somebody something similar happened to about 10-12 years ago. Her ex took her 2 children then 8&9 years old for a visitation driving not only drunk but also high on drugs, pressing over 100 mph on icy roads. He ended up hitting a patch of black ice,sliding off the road,and down an embankment into a frozen creek. PERFECT STRANGERS who had seen him spin out slid down the embankment to offer assistance and very fortunate they did,because though the children were badly injured and in danger of drowning, the dad was doing NOTHING to save them! He was too impaired to feel pain and escaped largely unscathed. While the good samaritans were calling 911 and trying to get the children out lf the vehicle before it became totally submerged, he was busy trying to climb back up on to the highway. It occured to onlookers to intervene and prevent his departure until law enforcement arrived, but overall he escaped prosecution,because he was issued a passport and fled back to his native country while out on bail despite the embassy having been previously notified he had been charged with at least 1 and potentially 2 counts of Vehicular Homicide pending on whether or not his little boy also passed way. As you might have guessed the 2nd child DID die when his mother finally removed life support,but by then the father had already fled. He remains at large till this very day….

  3. Thank you for sharing Benita! It’s a nightmare. If you have the name of the father, I would like to write up that case as well. Bring as much attention as we can to the reality of these nightmares that no one wants to acknowledge.

  4. I’m a reporter with 10News. We would like to talk to Nancy about the verdict. Please call me at 6197084997

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