Meet Jonathan and Sarah Adleta and their two children.  They look like a happy family, Sarah staying home with the children, while Jonathan, a training officer, is deployed in Afghanistan.  Jonathan, a decorated marine, received the Purple Heart during his service.

It looks like the all American dream.

Jonathan and Sarah Adleta with their children.

Jonathan and Sarah Adleta with their children.

Looks can be deceiving.

Sarah and Jonathan Adleta

Sarah and Jonathan Adleta

In October of 2008, Sarah discovered that she was pregnant with her and Jonathan’s first child.  A beautiful baby to bring more joy and happiness into their lives.  At least that’s what normal parents think about when they discover they have been blessed with the miracle of having a child.  The Adleta’s had very different hopes of what their children would bring into their lives.  When Sarah told Jonathan of the news, Jonathan told Sarah that he would only marry her, if she consented to allow him to have “daddy-daughter sex”, with their unborn child.  Sarah agreed, also so she could have “mommy-son sex” when they had a son, which they did a few years later.  The Adletas discussed their fantasy of incestuous sex acts, long before Sarah even became pregnant with their first child.


The abuse began as soon as the little girl was born in March of 2009.  Sarah and Jonathan married the following year.  Two years later, their son was born.  The Adleta’s marriage didn’t last long and they divorced in 2011, which one would hope would bring an end to the abuse.  The divorce did NOT end the children’s nightmare.  Even while the Adletas were living states apart, Sarah would perform sex acts on her daughter over Skype with Jonathan, and would send him photos and videos of her sexually abusing children. Jonathan was not the only scum she shared these videos and photos with.

Aaron Dixon

Aaron Dixon

Sarah was also sending the vial images and videos to Aaron Dixon, a known pedophile in North Carolina.  It was through Dixon that the Adletas were discovered.  As part of the investigation into Dixon, authorities ceased his computers, and when those computers were searched, authorities found the Adletas, or rather, all of the images and videos of Sarah sexually abusing her children which she had shared with Dixon.  Dixon is facing charges of first and second degree sexual offense of a child, two first degree rape of a child, and two charges of exploitation of a minor, all unrelated to the Adleta case.

When agents met with Sarah to see what she had to say about the sexual abuse she forced innocent babies to endure, she came out and admitted that a year prior she had begun to send Dixon nude photos of herself and her 4 year old daughter.  She then progressed to performing sex acts on multiple children, including her little girl, all while streaming the videos live on Skype so Dixon could watch.  When Adleta was not streaming the videos live, she was taking photos of the sexual acts with children and sending them to Dixon via her cell phone and email.  The revealing of the abuse was nauseating, and authorities were horrified when they realized that was only the tip of the iceberg.

Sarah Adleta

Sarah Adleta

As authorities began to investigate Sarah, they uncovered vast amounts of homemade pornography, with many including Sarah herself, so not only is Sarah demented, twisted, evil, revolting, she’s also STUPID.  I am thankful for her stupidity because by placing her full face in the pictures and videos, she can’t say “I swear, I didn’t do it.  Those are somewhere else’s.  I don’t know where they come from.  I would never hurt a child.” Etc, etc, etc, you get my point.

After the news broke, one of Sarah’s neighbors spoke about how important it is to trust your gut.  As a mother, you have instincts, FOLLOW THEM.  Cheney Mills, who was shocked to hear what Sarah had been doing, has said that Sarah would volunteer to babysit her children, but she always felt something just wasn’t right.  “I feel so good I went with my gut and never let her watch my kids.” Ms. Mills stated.

As investigators found more evidence, they expanded the investigation to include Sarah’s ex-husband, Jonathan.  Sarah revealed that she also shared the images and videos with Jonathan, and the Adletas were in fact the starters of this child pornography ring which bred babies specifically to have more victims to abuse.  Sarah stated that Jonathan is addicted to child pornography, and she actually sent him the explicit photos while he was deployed in Afghanistan.  It was then that it was revealed that Sarah and Jonathan had their children to create victims.  The abuse was continuous, even after the divorce, and actually expanded to include new children.

Samantha Bryant

Samantha Bryant

Jonathan began dating Samantha Jo Bryant, whom he met on a dating website.  She also happened to have a 4 year old daughter and 3 year old son.  Samantha gave Jonathan permission to molest and rape her daughter, while she took photos of the acts.  Bryant also performed sexual acts on her own daughter as Jonathan watched.

In December 2012, Sarah took the children to Jonathan’s home in Oklahoma, which he shared with Bryant and her two children.  During this little ‘vacation’, Jonathan abused his daughter in a bedroom while Sarah watched.  Sarah testified at Jonathan’s trial, stating that as she watched, she noted the little girl “seemed very resistant, and appeared upset”.  Jonathan told Sarah to find another man to have sex with their daughter so that the little girl would not be “freaking out” during the future abuse situations which these two had planned.  That folks, is how Aaron Dixon plays into this mess.  Sarah was looking for him to condition her daughter to accept being raped, so that she would not struggle when Jonathan raped her.

Sarah Adleta and one of her children.

Sarah Adleta and one of her children.

After a life of horror, abuse and rape, the children were finally placed in protective custody.  Tragically, what was revealed in the little girl’s behavior was just another testament to the abuse she endured.  Cherilyn Rowland Petrie, a mental health counselor, said that the little girl’s severely disturbing sexual behavior was so horrific, that they were forced to remove the little girl from the foster home where she had been placed after her parents’ arrest.  Professionals went on to state that the little 4 year old girl, had the developmental level of an 18 month old child and was not potty trained.  She was also malnourished.

So, now we are four heinous excuses for humans deep.  Dixon, Sarah, Jonathan and Bryant.

Bryant was charged and found guilty on two counts of lewd molestation and has been sentenced to one 15 year prison term, and one 30 year prison term, which will be consecutive.  Personally, I think she got off easy with 45 years.

Jonathan Adleta

Jonathan Adleta

Jonathan Adleta was convicted of two child-sex charges.  During Jonathan’s trial, the jury was drawn a clear picture of the abuse that had occurred.  Many were horrified, disturbed and appalled at the details of this case.  Jonathan now faces a potential 10 years to life in prison.  His sentencing is scheduled for December 2013, and you can bet your ass that we will keep you updated!

When Sarah went to trial she attempted to claim that she was manipulated by Jonathan into abusing the children.  Sarah was convicted of 2 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor.  She also stated that she loved Jonathan and needed financial support, and this was why she consented to allowing her children to be sexually abused and exploited.  For this, she received the proverbial bitch slap when her father, Leonard Lippy, made an emotional plea at Sarah’s sentencing, begging the judge to give his daughter the maximum sentence, stating that “justice is needed”.

Sarah Adleta

Sarah Adleta

Sarah’s defense attorney, James Smith, was hoping for a sentence of 27 years on each account to run concurrently rather than consecutively as part of a plea deal.  They stated that Sarah had testified against Jonathan, helping to convict him.  Judge Roy Dalton Jr. is a man after my own heart.  He stated that the facts of this case were so ‘egregious’ that he decided to sentence her to 27 years in prison for each of the two counts, to be run consecutively.  Sarah is lucky that a 54 year sentence in prison is all she got.

While the Judge in this case is sentencing these pieces trash to the maximum sentences he can, justice will never truly be reached.  I for one sure hope that all of the inmates in the prisons where these pigs will be serving their time, are made aware of exactly what it is that they have done.  Let the inmates hand out a little jailhouse justice.



UPDATE: 01.08.2014

Jonathan Adleta

Jonathan Adleta

Jonathan Adleta has now been sentenced.  Adleta was facing as little as five years on his charges, and although he did not get what he deserves, he got the best our justice system can hand out.  Adleta was instead sentenced to two life sentences.  Judge Roy B. Dalton Jr. once again ensured that justice was handed out, and that these monsters were put away, where they will never be able to harm another child again.  During sentencing, Judge Dalton stated that Adleta was guilty of the “destruction and scarring of his own children”.  He also stated that he chose two life sentences to run consecutively partially because he believed that Adleta would reoffend if ever released back into society.  After Adleta’s defense attorney asked for leniency, pointing to his client’s military service, Judge Dalton shut him down, stating that what Adleta had done brought “dishonor to the Marine Corps.”  OO-RAH!

Sarah Adleta with daughter Katelyn and parents Leonard and Barbara Lippy

Sarah Adleta with daughter Katelyn and parents Leonard and Barbara Lippy

Another person in attendance at the sentencing, was Leonard Lippy, Adleta’s ex-father in law – the very same man who asked Judge Dalton to give his daughter, Sarah Adleta, the maximum sentence as “justice was needed”.  Lippy, who has my respect and admiration for his persistence in standing up to see that his grandchildren received justice, asked Judge Dalton to “make sure he (Adleta) never touches another child.”  Once the sentencing hearing was over, this loving grandfather said that he was satisfied with the sentence, but heartbroken at what had happened to his family, to his grandchildren.  Lippy has not had any contact with his grandchildren who are now being placed up for adoption – “He gets time, but it didn’t bring my family back.”

A little note for Judge Dalton;

Everyone here at Lighting Their Way Home would like to thank and applaud you for seeing that justice was served to the fullest of your ability.  Your refusal to allow these monsters to get away with the heinous crimes they have committed, and your refusal to allow them the opportunity to reoffend is refreshing and encouraging.  In this fight against child abuse, we are often left questioning how our judicial system can care so little and attach no value to the lives of our children, failing them repeatedly.  It is validating and inspiring to know that we have officials such as yourself who are willing to do whatever is necessary to protect our children, and to hold those who victimize them accountable.  Thank you for the passion and dedication to justice in which you run your court room.  You have all of our respect.

~~The Lighting Their Way Home Family




~ by LTWH on November 2, 2013.


  1. I feel for those little ones it disgust me how they were tortured and raped what is wrong w our world my hearts goes out to all the little ones involved I hope allthe adults involved will get what they deserve

  2. kill. them. KILL THOSE SICK TWISTED WASTES OF SPACE!!! they don’t deserve to live, and we need to stop funding homes for them like prison. found guilty without a doubt? perfect, hang them. shoot them. I honestly don’t care, but it should be a damn law!!!!!

  3. Those children are not ruined for life. With long term sensitive love and care they can eventually move on and should be encouraged to do so. As for a 54 year prison sentence, what she has done to her children is vile. No question of that. But, in most western democracies such a sentence would be quickly overturned on appeal as being ‘unduly crushing’. USA is out of step with the rest of the democratic world. The notion of reform and correction rather than retributive punishment seems alien to so many Americans. I am saddened by so many hateful comments.

    • Are you a parent? If you are I feel sorry for your children. These monsters conceived children for the sole purpose of molesting them. It wasn’t a ‘A baby would bring so much joy to our family’, it was ‘A We can have ‘daddy-daughter sex’ and ‘mommy-son sex’ (this is what the Adleta’s called it) to abuse every single day starting the day they are born and get away with it, because we can isolate our children and there will be no one to suspect any abuse.” You are putting a price tag on these children’s heads – Shame on you. Nobody said they were ruined for life – but they will forever face tragic struggles as they get older and older. They live everyday with the knowledge of what happened to them. Tell me how the little girl will explain this to her boyfriend.

      I truly hope you don’t have children. A parent loves their child so much that it hurts. We want to protect them, keep them safe, and there is nothing we wouldn’t endure to ensure we achieve this. Life in prison is not even enough to call justice, these disgusting excuses for human beings deserve to endure what these children endured at their hands.

      What if this was your daughter? YOUR daughter’s naked photos in the hand of pedophiles who are sexually pleasuring themselves to your daughter’s face. YOUR daughter that was forced to lie on a bed as a man spread her legs, and thrust his penis in there, cause your daughter to scream out in pain as her vagina begins to tear and bleed. YOUR daughter begging for help while her FATHER’s sweaty body was moving on top of her while her MOTHER took photos, photos which this man went to Afghanistan and received a purple heart, ALL WHILE he was masturbating to the photos of his daughter’s rape. YOUR daughter that was forced to put her father’s penis in her mouth, gagging and crying. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL? Would you want her rapists to be allowed out of jail, well, EVER. Would you be concerned with not punishing them too much, with giving them rights? Can you truly say that when they forfeited your daughter’s innocence, they should still not have to forfeit their rights? OR would 54 years seem like a slap on the wrist for raping your daughter?

      It is folks like you that are resisting change in our systems, and preventing society to reform the laws and sentencing guidelines on how we hand innocent children being raped and abused. The children need our help, their attackers and rapists do not.

      • *clap clap clap* very well said! No matter how much I try, I still cannot comprehend how these people read such horrific and disgusting crimes and still have the nerve to say things such ad “oh the victim will be alright, they just need to be strong”, “i am saddened by the hateful comments towards the perpetrators” “the perpetrators need a correction, not a punishment” like really? How hypocrite Can these people get? Like you said, what if it was them or their daughter or sister or brother or son in the place of the victim, I wonder how they would feel? Would they still be “saddened” by the hateful comments people are giving to the perpetrators? Ughh! Sorry for the rant… This just makes me so maadd!


        It’s the quote I use on every single child abuse case.

        “Justice will never be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” Benjamin Franklin

        Each of these babies that are tortured, raped, neglected, all those terrible things, they deserve to have someone fight for them. Each of the children in the cases I cover, I consider them as my own. How angry, hurt, devastated I would be if someone laid a finger on my son, I take that drive and outrage and react in the same way as I would for my sons, for ANY child who has been victimized.

        The moment you hurt a child – you forfeit all of your rights – and even in my opinion the right to your life.

        My final question for all of you out there who want to ‘correct’ these monsters is this:


        I don’t think there will be any responses to this comment, because I don’t think any REAL parent, would ever answer yes. So if you believe in rehabilitation but won’t let your child interact with this monster, WHY IS IT OK FOR OTHER CHILDREN IN YOUR OPINION, WHEN IT IS A RISK YOU WOULDN’T TAKE WITH YOUR CHILD.

      • Nadine, it’s extreamly obvious your a great mother. I admire that 110%. I’ll tell you this way, in my opinion, I’m a father of 5 little girls, and anyone and I mean anyone does anything to my princesses I’ll happly go to to jail for life for taking them out. I see it like this I’m a parent, I work damn hard to make sure my girls have everything and anything they need to grow up strong, happy and independent girls. And here is a total stranger to make their lives a living hell after I busted my ass to make sure they were all safe, never hungry, thursty, always had shoes for their feet, cloths on to wear etc. I’m sorry, but whoever it is I’m hunting and hunting proadly for my justice to them. I wouldn’t give two rats ass what anyone thinks or says about it. Their my girls, my little princesses that I busted my back to raise the right way and become loyal, trustworthy ladies in society. The hell with the judges, police, anyone I’m going to get justice my way.

        What the hell I’m I suppose to tell their mother.
        (oh sorry but the person that hurt our little girl is getting off easy.) Hell no, she’ll know what i’m getting ready to do once I walk out the door I’m out for blood.

        PS: to all the parents out there that are truly parents, take care of your kids and do all you can while alive. Its our job to make this earth a better place for all our children.

      • Thank you Peter. I completely agree with you. You hurt my son, you sleep with one eye open because I am coming for you. When did society forget that it is a parent’s job to protect their children? What happened to keeping our babies safe???? When I was in Kindergarten I took a bus to school. There was an older boy on the bus that bullied me pretty bad (I don’t remember this next part) but one day I came home with shoe prints on my shirt after he had pushed me down and stepped on me. The next morning my Dad (The most amazing, wonderful, stoic man I have ever known and will ever know), he got on that school bus with me. He sat down next to the bully and I don’t know what he quietly said to that ass, but I do know that when we got to school and got off the bus, my Dad kissed me, told me he loved me and sent me on my way with a hug. That bully, never even looked at me again. My Dad made it very clear to the bully that he would ride that bus everyday if he needed to – THAT my friend, is what a parent SHOULD do. If you are not willing to do this for your child, don’t have one. A child should grow up safe, loved, encouraged and empowered, they don’t deserve the horrible things we allow to happen to them.

    • this is a comment that a child abuser would say…..i’ve worked with many…

      • i was referring to the comment from ‘martin’

      • It sure seems like that to me. Only another monster could attempt to minimize what has happened to these innocent children.

    • “The notion of reform and correction rather than retributive punishment seems alien to so many Americans.” The American prison system was built to be “retributive punishment”. It’s not rehabilitation. It was built to be rehabilitation. It was built because criminals do not deserve and cannot function among the rest of society. Unfortunately, the punishment that these people should endure has turned into a vacation get-away. Quit being a bleeding heart and realize that these people are going to get what’s coming to them.

    • You obviously have no idea what these kids have gone through or you are just as sick as the people who did this. I was raped by a friend I trusted when I was 14 yrs old and to this day ten years later I still have issues with it. I am now married and my husband has had to learn there are certain things that can’t happen in our personal life to keep me from having flash backs and becoming upset. I can only imagine the horror of it being your own parents that are suppose to love and protect you and at an age that they are all you know. The trauma and fear and not being able to trust will never go away, ever.

  4. Okay you say that these people need to be corrected not punished. There have been multiple studies done all over the world that prove, A child predator like these I cant even think of a word fitting to them so I will use Sick Disgusting Nasty Perverted Garbage, Can NOT BE FIXED. It is something wrong in their brains. They were borne this way and they dont see a problem with it. You cant FIX something you do not understand. They are FUCKED UP plane and simple (excuse my language). So it is people like you that make convicting people like the Adleta’s such a hassle. And yes I agree people like this are just taking up space and air in this word and once convicted and had their day in court they should be put to death in a way fitting of their crime. They began hurting these babies the day they were borne. That little girl and her brother were hurt both sexually and emotionally by the very people who are suppose to love her and her brother more then life its self. So your GOD DAMN right There are hateful comments on this. Look how the country reacted to the Casey Anthony case. Her daughter was murdered. But these people put their children through torture for years. This little girl doesn’t know how to be strong. She only knows to be rapped, And hurt but her family. So how dare you sit there and say that she will get over it and be alright. Have you ever been victimized by some one you loved. By some one who was suppose to protect you? If you had then you would be the last person to say be nice to the predators who rap their children. So maybe you should take a GOOD LONG look in the mirror and ask your self who should change their views!!!!! Sorry about the language and the rant. Just makes my blood boil when things like this happens. As if our children aren’t in enough danger as it is by people like this. But for a parent to do it to their own child or children. I will never understand!! It brings tears to my eyes!!

  5. I find Sarah’s father’s “maximum sentence” comment interesting. Doesn’t her behavior make you wonder if she was sexually abused by a parent(s)? Not that it would excuse what she did – there is NO excuse. But usually, when someone sexually abuses their children, it’s because they learned it when it was done to them. Incest is typically generational. By asking for her to receive a “maximum sentence”, does it put all the focus on her, and leave her dear old dad out of the limelight? There is no “justice” that can equate to the harm she and her x-husband have inflicted on innocent children, so I’m not advocating for her to receive a lesser sentence. Just hoping that the prosecutors dig deep, and look under all the rocks to find some of the answers to the questions about “how could they?!”

    • Shannon, perhaps the father considered his daughter’s behaviour to be so wrong and so unforgiveable that unless she got the maximum sentence there would be no justice for his grandchildren?

    • I would have requested the same thing if I was in her father’s situation. All parents with kids who commit vile crimes should be like her father, there are so many who makes excuses for their evil spawn’s behaviour and refuses to see them for what they really are.

      If the baby rapist had been sexually abused by her father, she no doubt would have tried to use it as a defense.

  6. Que história horrível. A raça humana não tem mais o que inventar. Como uns loucos desses concebem filhos só pra abusar sexualmente? Não tenho nem palavras pra descrever tanto horror.

  7. This bitch ruined little kids lives.. They will never live a normal life. I had a friend say to me recently, that i must be the only girl he knows that has not been sexually abused as a child. He was right.. i know so many women that were sexually abused in there child hood.. I seen it many times come out with tears every time they drink alcohol for some strange reason the memories flow back for them later on in there adult life… My best friend was sexually abused by her brother as a small child and yet she thinks he’s the greatest guy ever. Personally i want to kill him… for it. My preyers go out to all the poor lil victims of child abuse.. I will prey my heart out for this sick shit to stop.. I think anyone that harms a poor lil child should be hung in the village square for everyone to see asa example to others. That will surley scare alot people out of hurting lil children… In Australia pedo’s only get like 18 months jail.. I believe in a eye for a eye.. I tell u this if i ever meet any child abuses i kill u right there on the spot put u fuckers out of your misery….. My heart has broken todayover reading some of these stories.. Honestly !!!!!!

  8. Surley there has to be some place these kids can ring and dob in the abuses but how dose a child under 5 do that.. Mayb it could be complusery to take your kids for a doctor check up in the first five yearsonce a month or house calls. There has to be something someone can doto stop our kids from getting hurt.

  9. Just sickening, Get a boyfriend to have sex with every night, not your own daughter nasty trash.

  10. I do not believe in capital punishment, I have always thought is was somewhat an easy way out for criminals. However, in this case – they should be killed and shown the same tortured fate as they forced upon others. I have never been so disgusted and my heart goes out to those poor innocent victims. Truly a dark day for humanity, it is frightening to gain a glimpse, into the world evil living amongst us.

  11. Nadine, it’s not “ceased his computers”, but “seized his computers” !!

  12. This is what makes me sick!! Mothers who get involved with sex offenders and know that this man is registered!! I’m dealing with a case of this in my own family. I have an older sister who has a beautiful red haired baby girl that she has thrown over for a baby rapist!! When my sister first met this man there was something about him that raised and eyebrow with me and i couldn’t quite put my finger on what “it” was . Then someone who knew this man and his family informed me he just got out of prison for the Aggrevated sexual assault of his 4yr. Old neice!! I got online and sure as shit there he was! I almost threw up!! I brought this to my mother and sisters attention, my mother was horrified. My sisters reaction? “Oh he told me about that he said he was “FRAMED”. Framed?? Framed my ass!! My sister is believing the lies this freak is telling her!! I even called C.P.S. on her the only reason the agent didn’t take my niece is because my sister lives with our mother. The agent has made my mother guardian of the baby to keep my sister from bringing her child around this man. According to the agent it is legal for a mother to date a sex offender as long as she does not bring him around her children. Well, that solves everything!! BUT what in the hell is to keep her from doing so?? My mother?? My mother is 60yrs. Old with very bad knees and artheritis and a bad back, if my sister were to knock my mother down and run off with the baby how long would it before she was able to call the police? This thing is causing tension in my mothers home I go over there and spend as much time as I am able between working and raising my two younger children myself my 18yrs. Old daughter moved in with my mother to help out and to keep watch of my sister in case she does somthing stupid. This guy has dumped my sister and when we thought he was gone for good , my sister gets back with the creep!! I told my mother I am tired of this and Im seeking custody of the baby. I told my mother that my sister has made her decision to have a relationship with this man no matter who pays the price or whom atleast of all her daughter is at risk of being hurt. This man is classified as moderate risk. Definition? Meaning that he will participate in counciling but will not complete counciling. Does not seek out victims but if the opportunity were right he will offend again. He is a lifetime registered offender and is on porole.

  13. Oh, those poor babies. I feel so bad for them!

  14. The justice system should also hand down a forced hysterectomy for Sarah and Jonathan the pedophile should get a forced vasectomy so they can never have the privelege to reproduce or breed to abuse again!

  15. I was scared to read this as I knew what was coming and I was right. What sick twisted mother would agree to letting her husband have Daddy/Daughter sex and think that this is ok and normal? As for Martin V thinking that she was dealt harsh justice, think about what these poor little angels went through in there first few years of life. Instead of getting love, respect and safety from there parents they were put through a life of abuse and right from when they were born. I doubt your a parent as no one who is that isn’t evil wouldn’t find this vile and sickening. I think society needs to let these evil twisted F#*#S get the punishment they deserve with a little jail house justice! We all know that people in prison who murder steal or for drugs all hate criminals that abuse children as this is just one crime you should never commit let alone on your own children!
    All I can say is I hope that all the children involved can find some peace and try to heal there souls as best as they can. You may be able to grow up strong but you never truly forget what you went through and I hope these animals never get out as they would simply find new victims or have more children to abuse. I have to applaud the judge on handing down the highest sentence that he could for these depraved wasted space of human beings!

  16. These bastards are sick as hell

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